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How negativity affects our life

21 How negativity affects our life

Do you have been through a time in your life when something goes wrong and that single situation seems to be the beginning of a negative cycle? You woke up one day and all of a sudden it seems like if that day was destined to be the worst day of your life, everything that could go wrong hoes wrong and in some cases this continues for days.

We´ve all been through this situation and from my experience and what I´ve seen it´s a cycle created by negativity in our lives. One negative situation, the first thing that go wrong on our day changes our energy and get us in a negative cycle of thoughts, possibly angry, irritated, in a bad mood and this low energy and vibration brings more negative situations to us which creates a negative cycle that can continue for days.

It is true that we create our life through our believes, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions so if spend most of our time with negative people, in negative environments, watching or reading negative information and we keep our mind focus on all that negativity that surrounds and we think of what we don´t want the problem is not only for that day or the week to come, that brings more negativity for months and years.

Many people spend too much time blaming someone else and complaining about their circumstances, this will only brings more of those circumstances so that they have something to complain about, many people talk about how much weight they want to lose or how hard it is to get money so they´ll continue wanting to lose weight and it will continue to be hard to get money.

Nowadays we´re surrounded by too much negativity all around the world so it´s not a surprise that more and more negative stuff happens in different countries, negativity is contagious the same way as positivity but it´s not only about seeing the positive in everything.

The problem is that we were programmed to think, belief and act this way, when we were babies and as we grow older we learnt from our environment and the people around us, family, friends, school and their believes, their thoughts, the way they talked was programmed in our subconscious this is why in most families every generation looks almost the same and live the same way.

If we continue following this thoughts and believes that create a negative life we will continue living negative situations because that the frequency or vibration we are in and it will continue until we decide to break that cycle and that´s though. To change those negative believes, thoughts, emotions, the way you talk and how you act we need to be conscious of them and in the beginning is as if we´re telling lies to ourselves, dealing with this is really hard and we also need to know how to cope with the people around us whom will start telling to us how crazy or idiots we are.

When we want to get different results we need to make different choices and that´s so hard to do and knowing that most people won´t support you makes everything harder if you´re looking to be accepted, you need to understand that most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone and stay the way they´re at so if you want to get to another level do what you need to do.

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