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How negative people increase stress


We´ve all been around negative people and maybe for some reason we end up feeling tired, angry, stressed and more negative.

Negative people spend a lot of time blaming everyone else for their situations and bad luck, they´re always complaining about everything that goes wrong in their lives, they criticize, blame and complain. Almost everything they do is negative, their perspective of life in general is negative which attracts more negative situations to their life so that they have something to complain.

Spending time with negative or toxic people have an impact on our health and life. We know that stress lowers our immune system so when we´re with negative people we can get angry,

If we are aware of our thoughts and emotions, we can actually feel how they change, we go from positive thoughts and uplifting emotions to negative thoughts and lower emotions. This can also alter our mood, our performance and productivity. Have you ever wondered why after spending some time with negative and toxic people you feel tired, you don´t feel like finishing what you were doing, like you need a break? We can see all this in the short term but the effects and impact on the long run.

When you spend time with negative and toxic people that get you angry and keep you in a negative mindset leads to chronic stress which is the type of stress that is bad and cause disease.

In most cases negative and toxic people spend most of the time worrying, blaming and playing the victim mentality, they see all situations from a negative perspective which leads to depression and anxiety. Being worried about what could happen and letting your mind create all negative scenarios keeps you closed minded, you are not able to find solutions to those situations that could be consider as challenges to help you grow. If we listen to this type of people we will start thinking and acting like them.

If we pay attention to how they live we can see that they have a very negative life or what can be considered mediocre of average, they blame, complain and worry of everything that happens to them so more negative situations keep happening to them so that they have something to talk about that goes according to their thoughts and emotions.

When you´re working on improving your mindset, when you want to get rid of the negative thoughts, believes and start developing a positive and optimistic mindset you need to realize that everything you see, hear and say has an impact on your mind. Negative and toxic people tend to talk about everything that´s going on wrong in their lives, they like to verbalize all their negativity and everything you say out loud has a greater impact than just thinking about it.

What you can do is first be aware of how you speak and what you say when you´re with someone else, if you find yourself talking about negative situations or just thinking about it from a negative perspective start changing it by finding something positive and mention it out loud. Some of them will look at you like what´s going on with you? Don´t you see all this negative stuff going on? But you just continue talking about the positive stuff.

Try to avoid this negative and toxic people as much as possible but, if you can´t because they´re classmates, teachers, friends, family realize that their perspective and view of life is not the same as yours, that´s their opinion. You don´t need to agree with all of them in everything they say. And more importantly, do not let their negative comments get into your mind.

Negative people in most cases don´t like to see other people succeeding, that´s one of the reasons why they´re stuck in an average level. When you talk about big ideas, innovation, big plans and what you´re doing to improve your life they will laugh at you, they won´t support you and they´ll even try to stop you or pull you down. You need to be really aware of whom you share your ideas with and also be mentally strong to not let any negative comment offend you.

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