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How lack of sleep affects our performance

21 Sleep and performance

We´ve seen before that sleep is a critical part of health, physical and mental but most of us stay late night watching Netflix, even when we can see some of the negative symptoms of lack of sleep the next day we can manage it but our performance and focus throughout the day won´t be as great as it could be.

If you are an athlete you may know by now the importance of enough good quality sleep every night and you know that lack of sleep of poor quality sleep really affects your performance at the practice but for people like me who are not athletes and are only interested on looking as great as possible and living an amazing life, then our performance will be measure at school or the office. Lack of sleep affects our performance and productivity in all activities throughout the day, here are some ways:

1.- Stops creativity and innovative thinking

2.- We tend to forget information whether it´s something we need to learn or something we need to do.

3.- It´s harder to focus and pay attention to the task we´re working on.

4.- Our reaction or response time is slower.

If we want to live a successful life we need to perform at peak in everything we do every day, we don´t have to be an athlete to focus on improving the quality of our sleep. When we´re working for success we need to be able to focus on what we´re doing and find ways to be more effective and efficient, we need to be able to make the best decisions for our business, job or life, we need to be able to think creatively, to come with new ideas, being innovative is key to stay relevant.

It´s not only about how you feel after a night of poor sleep, it´s about the results we accomplish, what we get done and how we do what we need to do, it´s about doing our best in everything and working as hard as we can but this efforts gets compromised with just one night of poor sleep or not enough sleep.

There´s no way we can perform great, stay focused, be creative and make the best decisions if our body and mind didn´t get enough sleep and didn´t recover properly. Now when it comes to health we need to prioritize our health and well-being, lack of sleep gets the body out of balance and this makes our body more susceptible to injuries and illness, if this occurs constantly health problems in both physically and mentally and injuries get worse impacting our performance more and more each night of poor sleep.

One night of bad sleep has immediate consequences on our performance and results for the next day, if we make this lack of sleep a bad habit the negative consequences carry on to our health. Sleep is key to live a successful life, our body needs adequate amount of rest each night to recover and heal, all hormones, systems and the internal clock of our body needs to be in balance to maintain a healthy body, reduce the risk of injuries and illness and to perform at peak every day on everything we do.

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