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Harmonize Fitness

How getting obsessed with calories affects negatively your progress


The obsessivenes of weight loss is creating a lot of confusion and mixed emotions in people who really want to make a change in their lives.  A friend of mine started to follow a program where she needs to be counting points of everything she eats. Every food has been assigned a number and according to those numbers you get your total but the way this numbers are assigned are not the best option.

Counting calories or points is not a sustainable way to get in your best shape sooner or later you get too obsessed with it that it can lead to mental problems or you give up and this is not the way to go in  nutrition.

It´s far more important to focus on macronutrients than to focus on calories, even when the points system take into account macros it´s still not the best way to do it or the right approach specially for people who are obese or overweight and need to play close attention on how each macro impacts their hormones. This is what matters most, the impact each macronutrient has on your hormones and your body to get in your best shape and sustain it.

Counting calories help you get them in track so that you don´t eat more than you need but the amount of calories you need can be achieve with different macro ratios and each of this macro ratios will have a different effect on your hormones and body, in some it can be a lot harder for you to lose fat while other can make it easier for you.

Counting points also help you keep track of the foods you eat and how much so that you don´t eat more but the numbers assigned to each group may not be designed with the best macro ratio to help you achieve your goal in the most effective way.

To be really clear it´s impossible to be 100% accurate when counting calories or points even if you use apps to help you track. You can use them as a guide but don´t try to be perfect. It´s not about perfection, it´s about progress, making one good decision and then another and then another over and over until those good decisions become habits.

In some people the facts of tracking calories and points get them stressed out which instead of helping them lose weight and eat healthy just increase their stress levels making it harder to lose weight thanks to the stress hormones.

This systems of counting calories and point are all based on the food pyramid we all know and it´s not right, it´s not the best option to lose fat and to live healthy so at certain points you hit a plateau or in other words, you stop losing weight and you don´t even know why, if you are following the exercise routine and you are counting each calorie you´re supposed to be losing weight consistently right?

Not necessarily if you are sending the wrong messages to your hormones through food they will only respond to those messages so you won´t get the results you want.

In some cases you can create a negative relationship with food that can lead to starving or overeating or some eating disorders. All this affects negatively your mindset creating physical and mental problems, especially in people who are obese or overweight since they are already dealing with a roller coaster of emotions.

The goal is to make everything as simple as possible with steps that are simple to follow so that you feel confident and see results every week.

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