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How food impacts sleep


One of the biggest problems for most of us that affects the quality of sleep and our weight is food. Do you love late night snacks? Do you love eating something before going to bed?

If your answer is yes which I think so, you are not alone. I used to love those late night snacks and for some time I chose ice cream which you may love too but what we eat, when we eat and how much we eat all have an impact on the quality and quantity of sleep.

The first point I´m going to mention is that you don´t want to go to bed hungry and you don´t want to go to bed full.

I mentioned before that food is fuel and information for our body, if we want our body to function and perform as best as possible we need to give it the information it needs, the nutrients it needs. Your gut is connected is connected to your brain and the immune system so everything we eat has a huge impact. Unhealthy highly processed foods increase stress on your body because your body doesn´t know what to do with them, the moment it ends with digestion there´s nothing it can use to function properly and all that foods end up being toxins and the amount of time it took your body to digest it is just a waste of time and energy.

I´ve also talked about the circadian rhythm, the internal clock in your body and how you need to make sure that you keep that internal clock in sync so that melatonin is secreted at the right time to fall asleep an get high quality sleep and when you wake up you feel rested. This clock is also important during the day to keep you awake and it also helps with the digesting process. Your body and brain know that at night in darkness it´s time to repair, recover, grow and get rid of toxins, during day and light hours it´s time to digest and stay alert.

For all this reasons I don´t recommend eating right before going to bed, when you go to sleep you want to make sure that your body is not working on digesting food because it has other jobs to do, if you go to sleep after having a meal your body will be digesting all that food and it won´t be working on repairing, growing and getting rid of toxins. You may have some trouble to fall asleep and you may not get a good night sleep. But you can´t go to bed hungry because it will also be hard for you to fall asleep.

Since sleep is important for optimal health you want to make sure that you get enough high quality every night and what you eat has an impact on the quality and quantity of sleep, what you eat, how much you eat and the time are all important. Having a schedule or a daily routine is a better way to call it will make it easier for you to improve sleep so here are some steps you can take:

1.- Have your last meal 3 hours before going to bed. This way you make sure that your body is not working on digesting food and it´s ready to sleep.

2.- Try the 80% rule. Do not eat until you are full, eat until you feel 80% full this gives your body enough time to digest food without work overload.

3.- Prioritize whole, healthy foods. You want to make sure that your body can work properly on digesting food that it can use the nutrients and information from the food properly.

This steps are simple to follow but will give you great results, food and sleep are crucial for maintaining optimal health and making it easier to lose weight and maintain a great physique but, you may not be able to get the 7 to 8 hours recommended so you need to make sure that you got other healthy tools you can use to make sure that the amount of sleep you get every night is the best quality possible. These 3 steps help you with that.

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