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Harmonize Fitness
Fitness goals

How fitness goals can change our lives.

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If we can change our body physically, what else can we do? To achieve any fitness goal we need discipline, and consistent hard work. It´s not about doing one workout or having a healthy meal once a week, it´s following a healthy nutrition and workout program over and over and over until we reach our goal and if we don´t have the right habits that´s what makes the journey harder but the reward amazing.

Most of us don´t have a healthy lifestyle and many of us don´t want to make some changes to it until we feel or know that something´s wrong. For many of us setting a fitness goal which the most common is weight loss is life changing.

The reason why we set a weight loss goal may be health or insecurities, but if we just think about as weight loss the chances of maintaining our weight loss results are minimum, but if we think about it as improving body composition and a life change then the results will be amazing and we are able to maintain them and keep improving.

If we set any fitness goal the right way especially when we begin our journey it will change our life, mastering fitness is the most complicated goal because we need to develop new habits which are going to replace the bad ones and that takes effort and time, every time we want to change something in our lives we need to make different choices and every time we make that new choice our mind will try to pull us back to our old habits with excuses and reasons why we can´t or why is not a good idea so we need to make a conscious effort to take action upon that new choice until it becomes a habit.

If eating healthy and exercising are not part of our lifestyle it will be hard, we go through so much physically, emotionally and mentally but those new habits will last forever and that´s what make it effortless and easy for us to maintain our results and once we achieve our desired weight we may want to gain muscle, gain strength, improve performance, etc.

When we achieve our first fitness goal our confidence increases and it leads to more accomplishments and success. If want to achieve a goal or live a successful life we need to believe in ourselves and what we do, we need that confidence and when we achieve our desired weight and get in shape we love the way we look and the way we feel and that alone increase confidence plus we believe in ourselves, we know that if we could get in shape and go through all the roller coaster of emotions then we can accomplish a lot more.

We all have the potential of achieving amazing things in our lives but most of us lack self-confidence, we have fears and doubts that pull us back along with a wrong mindset and limiting beliefs; those are the reason why we stay in the same place.

When we set a fitness goal we need to develop healthy habits that lead to a much better life and develop the right mindset, one that keep us going when things get though. When we reach our goal we get the amazing physique we set as a goal and with that we gain confidence but also at that point we have develop good habits and the right mindset to achieve many other projects, from this point on we need to keep that momentum going.

Our fitness journey is meant to help us become a better person, through developing new good habits and the right mindset we´re becoming the person that we need to be to achieve our goal and once we get there, the habits and mindset that we need to be successful and maintain those results and successful life are now installed, and now we believe more in ourselves and what we do, we have more confidence then, we keep setting bigger goals. Goals that keep us improving, learning and growing and we share those experiences by helping someone else, the best reward in life is to see someone else succeeding, the more people we help the better we feel.

We changed our life and now it´s time for us to continue growing and helping someone change their lives.

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