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Harmonize Fitness

How failures make us lose confidence


We all have some dreams and goals we want to achieve, one day we wake up really motivated to start working on that goal, we write down not in the best way possible and a couple of weeks or months later we fail. We´re so depressed, we feel like failure, like not deserving anything, we feel worthless.

This may have happened to you once or twice, the moment you set a goal, start working on it, but suddenly you fail you lose confidence in yourself. It´s not that you´re unworthy or uncapable, it´s just that you didn´t set your goal the right way.

For some reason we´re not taught how to set goals properly, nowadays you can find so many people talking about goals, but none of them show us how to set goals properly and this is the reason why we feel like failure and why we lose confidence in ourselves even when all of us are capable of achieving really amazing things in life.

Most of us have loss confidence on ourselves, we believe we´re not capable of achieving big goals, the reason for this is because in the past we´ve set some goals, we decided to work on a project, to make some changes to our health and life, we write our New Years Resolution but we keep failing over and over, we weren´t able to achieve any of those goals, we didn´t finish the project and we didn´t make the changes we needed to improve our health and life.

Since we´re starting with the wrong mindset and attitude by having loss all confidence in ourselves if we set big goals it´s almost clear that we´re going to fail and every failure is a small step backwards that lead to us losing a lot more confidence and believing that we´re really not capable of achieving something worth it. The more you set big goals and fail the more confidence you lose. Every time this happens you feel worthless and uncapable and you´ll get to a point where you don´t want to set goal or start any project.

What you need to do here is to start increasing your self-confidence by setting small goals you can actually achieve, even if they seem really minor. For example if you want to lose weight and you need to lose a big amount of weight you can start by getting your sneackers and gym clothing ready the night before (considering you´re exercising in the morning) and setting the alarm clock, the next morning when the alarm clock sounds get up immediately, do not press the snooze button, just get up, put your gym clothes and go for a short walk. Just by getting up when the alarm sounds, putting on your gym clothes and going for a short walk even if they are 5 minutes that´s a huge win. If you want to make it even smaller start by getting up when your alarm sounds without pressing the snooze button, for some that´s a huge win.

You can also set a goal as increasing your daily physical activity, the way to do this can be by standing up during phone calls, going for a walk after lunch or dinner. This are the best ways to increase physical activity by adding steps, walking is a great cardio activity especially if you can do it outside and get sun light. You can also do some bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, crunches, you can do 5 of each in the morning or at night when you´re back at home from school or work.

For your diet, if you eat several times a day meaning you have 3 or 4 big meals and then some snacks you can start by eliminating some of those snacks, or maybe trying some type of time restrictive eating, you can also swap unhealthy foods for healthy ones, if you like unhealthy snacks like chips, chocolates, cookies or candies you can change those options for nuts or seeds.

Everything you do in your day matters, even the small activities so starting small is the best way, think about small habits or routines, or small activities you can change or add to your day that will lead to your bigger goal. Going for small walks is a great way to start and also changing unhealthy foods for healthy ones.

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