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How companies make it harder to lose weight


If you´ve ever asked yourself why you can´t lose weight? why you can´t keep that weight off? or why is it so hard to lose weight and sustain the results then you need to continue reading.

There are different factors that come into play when we want to lose weight and each of them makes everything harder for us. It´s not our fault and it´s not as easy as “eat less – move more”.

Fat loss is simple but not easy, and no one seems to pay attention to the most important element we need to have in place to achieve our goal, our habits and mindset.

The best way to start our weight loss journey is by realizing that it´s a lifestyle change, we need to develop good habits that are going to make it effortless to sustain our results. One of the habits is to make healthier food choices and here is the biggest problem, even when all of us know which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy we may be making the wrong choices one after another without knowing why we are not able to make the right choice for at least one time.

The reason is because companies are making it harder and almost impossible for us to make the right choice, food is everywhere and most of the options are unhealthy, sweets, junk, processed and fast food, food we can grab and go, that is convenient and cheaper so if we´re surrounded with this unhealthy foods at every moment it´s not surprise that we keep eating it.

Other reason why is the chemicals on those processed foods turn on the reward center on our brain so every time we eat them we feel good and we get addicted to that feeling, every time we feel down, depressed, stressed or angry we grab some unhealthy foods to make us feel better and if we add to this that some chemicals added to them are used to enhance flavors, make food taste better and also create addiction it´s harder to avoid them. Research shows that this foods create addiction the same way alcohol and cigarettes do.

Companies want to sell so they create amazing marketing campaigns to make us think that we are buying healthier products when it´s not that truth and they keep making packages and portions bigger. Also our relationship with food has changed, have you notice that when you´re bored, tired, feeling down, alone or watching tv you go for something to eat, which most of those times is unhealthy? This is a constant trigger of the feel good hormone and a habit we´ve created over time.

When we start making healthier choices we´re dealing with 2 problems, one the highly addictive sugars and chemicals on products that our brain will be asking for as cravings and then making a different choice.

The first days or weeks when we start avoiding this unhealthy foods it´ll be like hell, our brain wants those foods so we´ll have cravings and we can have anxiety, looking for a way to substitute unhealthy foods for healthy options that could make us feel good and activate the reward center is good option but it´s hard to do, we can have some almonds or nuts which are great for our brain.

The hardest part is dealing with our mind, every time we make a different choice we´re getting out of our comfort zone and our brain hates to be uncomfortable so it will work hard to get us back to our old choices.

What we can do here is, every time we make a healthier choice that´s going to be a new habit we need to stop listening to our mind, don´t pay attention just get up and do it. Thoughts like: you´re too tired, those cookies are cheaper, start tomorrow, you don´t have time today and any other you can think of which are just making you procrastinate stop them. Stop them right now don´t listen to them and continue with your new choice.

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