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How can stress be good?

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We know that there´s good stress and there´s bad stress and in our last post we talked about the differences between stress and pressure which is key to know how to respond on every situation.

Acute stress is good, and we need it, stress is good when it helps us grow and get stronger. When we go to the gym and follow our resistance training workout, we give a stimulus to the muscle to grow, this stimulus is a form of stress and our body needs that stress to change this is one example of good stress.

Some people consider pressure as a type of stress and for good reasons but pressure is something we´ve all been through and it can help us achieve our best results, for some of us pressure is a type of stress that is good for us.

When we go through acute stress or include some stress in our life in the right proportion it can be beneficial for our brain, body and health, it helps us improve performance, productivity, focus leading to better results. Taking challenges increases stress but if we take the right challenges that stress helps us reach our goals by keeping us motivated and focused on what we need to do so our productivity increases. If we take small daily challenges, then stress is beneficial because it will help us accomplish our tasks.

The reason why we´re able to concentrate and focus is because stress increases cortisol and also chemicals like epinephrine, we feel our heart rate increasing and also blood pressure, this is how our body responds to keep us aware to the situation so that we can act quickly and be safe so all this help us get completely focused and concentrated.

All the process that our body goes through when we´re dealing with a stressful situation has a positive impact on our body and health when it´s in small quantities, some research shows the low levels of stress or acute stress can improve or fortify the immune system.

Taking challenges that will create some stress is a way to keep life interesting some of use love challenges because they bring something new to our life and we see that stress as a way to get out of our comfort zone but, some people prefer to stay in that comfort zone, they prefer to stay on that known place and taking any challenge can lead to chronic stress which can have a negative impact.

Good stress which helps us grow comes from doing what we love, this means that we know our purpose and we work on it and even when we need to face challenges and struggles we´re actually loving all the journey and we are able to visualize the end result which keeps us motivated. When we start working on our purpose, we know it won´t be easy but we also know that it´ll be worth it.

When we have a goal or we´re working on a project that excite us the stress we´ll get from facing challenges has a positive impact because we see those challenges as part of the journey, this type of mindset is what help us keep moving forward and see every challenge from another perspective, a more positive one.

Finding our purpose and working on it gives us a sense of fulfillment and this fulfillment is what makes life meaningful, the more we work on our purpose the more fulfilled and accomplished we feel. When we feel fulfilled, we see challenges as opportunities to grow and have a bigger impact, we can see ourselves pass those challenges and as we see our work having a positive impact we get more motivated to continue.

This is why it´s so important to find our purpose and find ways to pursue it, I know that this is hard for some of us since we need to work to pay bills and support our family but, if you can work on your purpose on your spare time the positive impact you get from that time will show when you´re at school or the office.

If you have a 9 to 5 job or you´re in college what you can do is take some time for yourself to find your purpose read the find your purpose post to learn more and follow the steps. Also find strategies to help you reduce daily stress from work or school like breathing and visualizing and as Ellen DeGeneres says be kind, being kind improves our mood and lowers stress.

What you can do today is if you´re working in a project that keeps you stressed out think about it as a challenge, take that whole project and divided into small activities you need to do and focus on one activity at a time and whenever you see someone having a hard time be kind and help them.

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