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Harmonize Fitness

How breathing helps lower stress


You may have heard is before and even done it, when you feel stressed, anxious, angry, irritated count to 10, 50, count to 100, 1 million, count backwards, how far have you get? does this has helped you reduce stress or anger?

For some people this technique help but not for all of us, with all the stress and pressure going on in our lives every day we had forgotten how to breathe, we don´t take time to relax our body and muscles, to calm our mind, take some time for ourselves because we don´t have time. We´re always in a hurry to get to work or school, to get back home, to finish homework or answer all the emails.

Taking time for ourselves will increase our productivity, performance of focus during the day in all our activities, it can also help us improve sleep which will have more benefits for our day and this time can be as simple as taking 10 minutes to breathe.

It doesn´t matter if we had a bad day or a great day if we take 10 minutes before going to bed to breathe it will send a signal to our body that everything is OK, that it can stop any “fight or flight” response and calm and relax, this start changing how our body works and it will starts function a lot better.

Breathing sends a lot of different signals to our brain and body and most of the time we´re breathing fast and this fast paced breathing which is the result of our fast paced life tells our brain that we´re under a dangerous situation, if we slow our breathing our brain knows that things are going good, the pace at which we breathe and how deeply we breathe are signs for our brain.

Breathing help us reduce pain, lower stress, depression, anxiety, it help us relax our body and calm our mind. So many benefits for our health both physical and mental and for our life can be obtain just by doing breathing exercises.

Slow and deep breathes are the way to do it, there are so many different types of breathing exercises and we´re not going to get in any of them in this post (we´ll see the best ones in a future post) the reason is because we first need to know and belief that how we breathe has a huge impact on our health.

We also need to understand why we breathe and I think we all know it, we take in oxygen while we inhale and that oxygen goes through all our body and we exhale carbon dioxide. We won´t get deep here in future posts we´ll be talking more about the process. Some of the benefits of good breathing are:

1. Reduce stress, anxiety

2. Improves the delivery of oxygen through the body, muscles, cells

3. Improves sleep

4. Improves focus and mental clarity

5. Helps us make better choices

If there´s one easy and effective tool you can start developing as habit today that will have a huge impact on all areas of life it´s breathing, you can start with 5 minutes of slow and deep breathes, if you do this right before going to bed it will help you fall asleep faster and can even improve the quality of your sleep which will have more positive impacts on the day to follow.

Try it today.

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