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Food and inflammation


How many times have you find out this year that someone close to you, a family or friend or maybe someone you know a classmate or coworker was diagnosed with a chronic disease like Parkinson, Alzheimer´s, Cancer?

Nowadays we´re dealing with so many different chronic diseases to which there´s no real cure so the best step we can take is develop healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle that can help us prevent as many of this diseases as possible.

We know that nutrition is key, food is not only fuel for our body, it´s information everything we eat sends a signal to our body and that signal can be positive or negative. There´s researching showing that inflammation plays a key role on our health.

Even when inflammation is good, too much of it or chronic inflammation has a negative impact on our body and health. Inflammation helps our body heal wounds, this type of inflammation is good, it is helpful and we need it but when we follow an unhealthy lifestyle that includes lack or poor quality sleep, chronic stress, lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet all this leads to inflammation and when this happens over and over which is how we live it leads to chronic inflammation this is very harmful for our body and cause health problems like insulin resistance, diabetes, and things get worse with diseases like heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer´s, Parkinson, Cancer.

What we eat impacts our gut microbiome (we´re going to talk about this in future posts) every food choice we make has an effect on our body, we know that unhealthy foods are not good for us but it ends there we don´t ask ourselves what´s happening with the food we eat.

Unhealthy foods like highly refined and processed foods, fast foods that are high in sugars and carbohydrates, vegetable oils, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, and many other added ingredients create inflammation. Our body and brain need specific nutrients for overall health, we won´t get into detail in this post (we will do as we keep sharing this posts with you) but our body and brain needs healthy fats, fiber, protein and micronutrients the problem is we´re eating too much of the wrong foods.

There are so many processes going on in our body every second and every choice we make has an impact, positive or negative depending on our choice healthy or unhealthy respectively. Since inflammation is linked to chronic diseases and since there´s no treatment we need to focus on prevent them and for this we need to focus on lowering inflammation on our body. When I say lowering inflammation I mean the harmful type of inflammation which is the one causing problems.

We can start making healthy choices today to start living a better life and improve our health, here are some steps you can take today:

1.- Avoid unhealthy foods.- We all know which ones, sweets, junk, highly processed and refined foods, fast foods. With this we want to avoid refined and processed foods loaded with sugars, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, vegetable oils, added ingredients, etc.

2.- Choose whole foods, focus on consuming healthy fats, fiber and protein.

3.- Lower carbohydrates when possible.

This are 3 simple steps to start changing eating habits but there´s a lot we can do. Our health most be our priority if we want to live an amazing life, we all have the right to enjoy our life as much as possible and live a happy and fulfilled life, this is only possible when we are healthy and lean so that we can focus on our purpose. We will continue sharing information, simple and effective steps you can take to improve your life but at the end it´s up to you to use this information and apply it.

If you want the best for the people around you, for your closest friends and family you need to take time to work on yourself, if you feel great you´ll have the energy to share amazing times and moments with the people you love and care and you can lead by example.

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