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Food addiction is real


For the past years our relationship with food has changed for the worse leading to different diseases and putting at risk our mental and emotional health. Food addiction is real and it´s making us sick.

Many of the health problems we´re seeing today mentally and physical are caused by food addiction especially sugar addiction the good news is that many of this health problems can be prevented.

The reason why sugar creates addiction is because every time you eat sugar blood glucose raises and insulin also raises to bring blood sugar down, this process leads to cravings and sugar also releases dopamine which is the feel good hormone before eating a meal, snack or dessert your get a sense of anticipation, you know it´s going to be good because you love that food and when you eat it you get that positive feeling, you feel good thanks to dopamine. Every time you eat you´re looking for that same feeling but if you eat the same amount you won´t get the same level of sensation or feeling so you need more and more.

We need to mention that processed foods not only contain sugar, they also contain more ingredients to make sure the products taste delicious and it creates addiction so that you can´t stop eating it.

Now there´s a huge problem, the reason I call this food addiction is that this not only happens with sweet foods like candies, sweets, chocolate, fruit; it also happens with carbohydrates like bread, cereal, pasta because they turn into glucose in your body. This is why when you want to stop the food addiction you need to stop eating all carbohydrates for a period of time and it´s hard because you´ll get all the withdraw symptoms of addiction.

When insulin is high it will make you store fat and it will make it almost impossible to burn fat so if your goal is to lose weight then you need to keep insulin low and the way to achieve that is by reducing sugar. When you eat sugar on a regular basis which is what most of us do, we eat sugar every couple hours because that´s what we´ve told then this leads to chronic elevated blood sugar and insulin which leads to diabetes, obesity, fatty liver and other chronic diseases. Sugar also depletes the body from nutrients and our body needs to nutrients to function properly so there are many reasons to eliminate processed sugar from our diet and keep carbohydrates low.

The huge problem is that sugar is in almost everything, so many processed foods have sugar so it´s not only candies, sweets or fruit juice, also chips, chocolates, bread, pasta.

The ways to find out if you are addicted to sugar is by answering the questions below:

1.- Do you find yourself thinking about food all the time? Especially your favorite snack or dessert?

2.- When you feel stressed, sad, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious you go for some unhealthy food to eat?

3.- Have you hidden your favorite snacks from friends or family?

4.- Have you ever thought about stop eating some of those foods because you´re probably eating too much?

5.- Have you ever use your favorite meal, snack or dessert as a motivation to finish some activity? When I finish this activity I will have a donut, pizza, cake, cupcake, etc?

If you answered yes to this questions then you are addicted to sugar and food so you need to start making some changes and when you start making those changes you´ll go throw a period of withdraw were you´ll feel anxious, you may have headaches, insomnia.

Here are some steps you can follow to stop that sugar and food addiction:

1.- Accept that you are addicted to food and that it´s within your control to make a change.

2.- Be aware of all the products and foods that contain sugar, this includes bread, pasta, cereal, fruit

3.- Make sure that you´re eating enough to feel satiated and full by eating healthy fats and protein

4.- Find something you love doing to release dopamine and make you feel good (eating unhealthy foods is not part of this)

I´ve never liked the word “diet” because it automatically sends a message to your brain that you´ll be eliminating foods, desserts and snacks you love for a certain period of time and this increases your cravings making it harder to stay on track and the worst part of this is that it´s not something you need to follow for a certain period of time, it´s for the rest of your life and it´s not eliminating foods, it´s about changing unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones. When you want to stop your food addiction you need to find healthy ingredients you can use to replace the unhealthy ones, this is what we´re going to talk about on future posts so make sure you´re following us on social media.

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