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Fats and the brain


How many times have you heard that fats are bad? You will gain weight? You will increase your risk of diseases? We need to clarify this.

Yes, some fats are bad and unhealthy those are the trans fats which are the fats that are used by food chains and processed foods. Vegetables or seed oils are also unhealthy and toxic for our body and brain. So this are the fats you need to avoid but saturated fats and unsaturated fats have been involved is so many myths and lies, to keep it simple here those two types of fats won´t make you fat and are not unhealthy (if you want to learn more about fats click this link).

Our body needs health fats and our brain needs healthy fats too. As we´ve seen on the last post a diet high in carbohydrates that keeps insulin high for long periods of time leads to insulin resistant and this impacts our brain, it´s not only that unhealthy fats and carbohydrates deplete our body from nutrients they also create so many problems by depleting our brain from energy.

You may have heard of MCTs oils, Omega 3s, EPA and DHA, this are all healthy oils that our brain needs to function properly. Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats, fat is important for brain cell membranes, our brain uses certain fats especially DHA to build cell membranes and EPA is key for mood. Healthy fats are necessary so that our brain works properly, if our brain works properly we are able to concentrate on what we´re doing perform as best as possible, make better decisions.

MCT oils are medium chain triglycerides that have many health benefits including your brain. It is extracted from coconut oil and some dairy options also contain this type of oils. This type of oil is one of the best options for weight loss along with Omega 3 too. MCT is an alternative source of energy which can be used by the brain more effectively than glucose, while carbohydrates can create a lot of negative impacts on our body MCT do not go through the same process as carbohydrates, it´s easily absorbed and used.

When we follow a high carbohydrate diet and we keep insulin levels high for long periods of time our body becomes insulin resistant and our brain too becomes insulin resistant so MCTs are an alternative fuel that our brain can use effectively in the form of ketones, this is why ketogenic diets have become so popular to treat diabetes, Autism, Alzheimer’s not only Epilepsy. There are studies people with Alzheimer´s who were given MCTs improved short-term cognition and symptoms.

We´ve mentioned in other post that our body needs essential proteins called amino-acids and essential fats called fatty-acids and that reason why they are essential is because our body cannot produce or creates this essential nutrients so we need to get them through our diet. We need to eat foods that contain those nutrients, in this case healthy fats can be found in foods like fish, chia seeds, coconut oils, walnuts, avocadoes but most of us are deficient of this crucial nutrients and we consume a lot of food that our body doesn´t need like carbohydrates. There´s not an essential carbohydrate.

Making sure that we follow a diet that gives our body and brain the nutrients it needs is key to maintain optimal health and it will also help us lose weight and maintain optimal body composition. Eliminating or avoiding as much as possible foods that cause problems like sugars, trans fats and unhealthy seed oils is also important. Once you have your diet design you can add supplements based on what´s missing for example, if you don´t like fish you can take Omega 3, if you´re vegan r vegetarian you need supplements that give you all the nutrients you may be deficient.

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