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Harmonize Fitness

Exercise variables that help you achieve your goals


Have you asked yourself if the workout you are following is the best for your goals?

There´s no reason to spend hours at the gym working as hard as we can if the workout we´re following does not goes according to our goal or if it´s just not right which is what happen with most weight loss programs and we end giving up feeling discourage. We need to exercise and work hard, there´s no doubt about it but we need to make sure that our work will give us the result we want, we need to work hard and smart. This is why we need to understand the basics and that include learning about training variables.

In the last posts we´ve been talking about bodyweight, compound and isolation exercises and I´ve mentioned some variables we need to adjust our workouts according to our goals so it´s time to start looking at those variables.

I´ve you´ve been following me for a while you know that I like to keep things simple and there´s no exception, we´re going to start looking at more complex information but I´ll keep it as simple as possible so that you can understand it and use it. Even when it´s a lot of information you´ll see that it´s not that complicated and you don´t need to learn it all in one day, you can come back as much as you want to re-read the posts.

The training variables I´ve been referring are: rep ranges, frequency, volume, periodization, progressive overload, intensity, variation and recovery. I´ll write a post for each variable so that we can go deeper.

Each variable is highly important and we need to consider each when creating any workout program according to our goals. It´s not the same to gain lean muscle than to lose fat or just maintain our weight, the basics for all goals can be the same but you need to adjust each variable which are the ones that are going to make our workouts look different.

All fitness programs use all or some of this variables, the more variables we use the more complex things can get until we understand all of them and get some experience but the most effective our workouts will be.

All resistance workouts are based on this variables, how we manipulate them depends of our goal, we need to consider all of them for each workout program, if we go high frequency, with high volume and not enough recovery we can over train. All of them work together to help us achieve the best results but we need to know how to make them work together.

Have you ever asked yourself why can´t I do the same workout every day? Or why some programs change routines every week while others change them every month? why in some programs we have more rest days than in others? why some programs last 1 month while others last 3 months? The answers to all this questions is that it depend of the goal and from there the fitness trainers who create the programs adjust the variables needed to give you results.

In most cases we won´t see fitness trainers, fitness experts or gurus in the gym talking about all this variables, some of them may use  them without knowing, others may know the basics but none of them will explain the reason why they took one variable and manipulate it a certain way.

With the next posts we´ll be able to know how to adjust each variable, in what rep range we need to work for better results, how much volume and frequency is needed, how to use periodization in a way that is simple  to apply, how to use progressive overload if we´re working at home with limited equipment, how to measure results and much more.

If you are new to training you may be overwhelmed with all the information to come but it may be all you need, if you are more advanced or want to take your training to a higher level you may want to learn about advance techniques and how to use which we´re going to see after we finish training variables.

The whole idea is to give you all the information you need so that you can create your own workout programs and achieve any fitness goal. If you don´t want to design your own workouts you can download the ones we´ve created based on all the information we share but still it´s good for you to know and understand how each of them is design so if you want to make some changes and adjust it you´re free to do it.

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