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Everything we eat impacts our brain.


We all love food, at least most of us but how many times have you asked yourself how everything you´re eating affects your brain? We do know that diet is a crucial part for maintaining optimal health and a healthy weight, we´ve all heard that to lose weight we need to eat less, but whether you´re losing weight or not, every single food choice impacts your brain positively or negatively.

Even when you do need to eat less and move more to lose weight and it´s possible to get to your desire weight eating unhealthy foods it´s not healthy and there are many reasons why, one of those is the impact that food has on your brain. You can eat less junk food, do some exercise and you´ll lose weight but your hormones will be out of balance and this causes health problems, one of those hormones is insulin, too much insulin for long periods of time lead to health problems like insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity and it also affects your brain.

So many people is worried about their physical health, and they´re making changes to their habits and routines focusing on diet and exercise, but most people don´t talk about mental health and our levels of energy, how we feel, our mood are all impacted by what we eat even the symptoms of mental issues like anxiety, depression, ADD, PTSD can get worse or improve just by our food choices. Dementia, Alzheimer´s, Parkinson can also improve or get worse by our food choices. Some experts like to talk about Alzheimer´s as type 3 diabetes and they make a huge emphasis on how food can slow the disease and improve the symptoms.

We know that most of us follow a diet high in unhealthy foods, most of what we eat is highly processed and refined foods full of added sugar, unhealthy seed oils and chemicals that are toxic for our body, we eat too much sugar and it depletes our body from nutrients and we´re not eating enough of what our body needs. In the case of our brain too much carbohydrates simple or complex have a negative impact, if the brain becomes insulin resistant which is the result of high levels of insulin for a long period of time, when this happens insulin is not only affecting your body, it´s now also affecting your brain so following a diet that lowers insulin and increases ketones is beneficial for the brain.

Alcohol and smoking also impacts our brain negatively, so if we put everything together our unhealthy diet very high on sugars and unhealthy oils plus alcohol and cigarettes and not enough nutrients it´s not a surprise that we´re seeing mental health problems increase and they just keep getting worse.

The brain needs certain nutrients like MCTs and Omega 3 but most of us are deficient on this, coconut oil, fish, chia seeds are great options for healthy fats our brain needs. Unhealthy foods will deplete your body and brain from nutrients and will also cause damage.

If your brain is not working properly and efficiently it will have an impact on your life, if you don´t feel great, if your energy levels are not high, if you´re not able to concentrate, if your performance is not as best as it could then everything you do will be affected, you´re not making the best of every moment because your brain is not able to work properly.

Supplements play a huge role here, but before you consider taking supplements first you need to improve your diet, if your diet is not as healthy your body won´t be able to absorb and use the nutrients from supplements in an effective way. So get your diet right first and then add supplements as needed.

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