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Every time we fail we can get back up


How many times have you failed and lost track completely thinking you can´t get back and continue through the program?

We´ve all failed but whether we get back on track or not depends of how we see the situation, in most cases we can all get back on track and continue. The reason I said in most cases is because there will be times that some external factor or situation gets in the way and is impossible for us to continue in that moment. We need to have in mind that there are things out of our control and we need to learn how to accept those times and adapt, we need to focus and work on what we can control and based on that get the best results possible.

From now on we´ll talk about situations that we can control and in this cases there will be so many times that we fall but getting back depends of our mentality, are we strong enough to accept that failure, learn from it and continue? or we will let that failure break us?

For any goal we set and any project we begin we need to keep in mind that we will fail at a certain point because there´s no way we can get prepared for everything we´re going to face in our journey, we can avoid some mistakes by learning from people who had done what we want to do but we need to make our own mistakes.

There´s a reason why successful people say that falling is not failing unless we don´t get back up, we all fall but not everyone will get back up and continue working as hard as possible, when someone falls and stays there because of fear or any excuse then that´s failing and when we´re in that situation it´s more likely that we´ll stay there, when someone falls and get back up they can find new ways to adjust the plan and continue and some successful people will be willing to help them because they know they will continue and they will work hard.

The people around us can make every failure a lot harder or easier, if we´re surrounded by the right people they will help us get back again which will make that failure easier and some of them can help us see our mistakes so we that we can learn from them, when we´re surrounded by the wrong people instead of helping us they will make sure that we stay down there.

Every time we fall and stay down there we lose confidence, that believe in ourselves lowers, the strength we need mentally need to be develop so that we can get up every time but if we set out mind right and we think about the chances, the possibilities and the entire situation we realize that it´s better to get up and continue if we really want to be successful we know we most continue otherwise if we stay down we settle for mediocrity and average but there´s too many of it right now and that´s not what we want. The journey is though, we know that but at the end of day we will feel proud of what we achieved and that believe and confidence in ourselves increases taking us to higher levels.

When we decide to give up when we fail we stay where we are but all the time we´ve spent working on that goal will go to waste, when we set a goal we plan to achieve it, deep inside we really want to get it but it´s hard to go through all the pain, sacrifices and failure. We are all capable of achieving our goals our mind is the one that will pull us back, when we go to the gym on train we´re working our mind the same way we´re working our body, how hard can we go? how fast can we go? can we do one more set? the answer will depend of how strong we are mentally.

Any road to our goals are full of challenges but if we fall and stay there we will be in the same mediocrity level as everybody else and we´re not meant for that so don´t let any challenge of failure keep you down there, always get up and continue working even hearder.

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