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Harmonize Fitness

Eat less – move more, the worst advice I can give you


Watching and reading interviews of fitness trainers and experts of the industry and their advice is always the same “it´s so easy to lose weight, you just need to eat less and move more”. I´m looking at thousands and thousands of reviews of commercial weight loss programs that use this advice, I´m also reading and watching videos of people who participate on TV shows and their answer is almost always the same, it´s hard to stick to the program, and it´s impossible to keep the weight off.

We´ve all listened the famous advice of eat less and move more, even people dealing with their weight know it the problem is that this advice is not completely right. From my point of view if you are obese or overweight and you ask me for one advice and I give you the one we already know it would be disrespectful from me. If you´ve tried this advice before and fail I will only make you feel worst.

If you´re overweight or obese and you´ve tried this advice and fail it´s not your fault, there are several things going on that are making you fail. Even when the famous advice has something right there are more stuff that comes into play that you need to consider. If you follow only that advice you´ll fail because your body don´t work the same as in a lean person. Your metabolism is slow and you are insulin resistant and this is just one part.

The way food affects your brain and body have a huge impact on how able you are to stay on track or give up. The problem with weight loss is not only physical, it´s mental, emotional and psychological. All unhealthy food creates a vicious cycle that is so similar to how smoking and alcohol affects your brain, it triggers certain parts of your brain and it becomes an addiction this is why it´s so difficult to stop eating them and to make healthy choices even when you know you are making the wrong choices.

All this unhealthy foods make you feel tired, lazy, low energy, without motivation and it´s a big reason why you don´t feel like working out. It becomes a vicious cycle, being obese or overweight following an unhealthy nutrition program without exercising leads to more of this negative habits, and this not only cause problems physically. I know you´ve felt lost, sad, depressed wanting to make a change but not knowing where to start.

With all this things going on it´s impossible that you can eat less and move more, physically, mentally and emotionally you won´t be able to handle it plus you need to think about improving insulin and metabolism.

Instead of thinking about eating less and moving more just take it one step at a time and start by changing your eating habits by making healthier choices, don´t think about eating less think about how you can substitute an unhealthy meal or snack. Consider that the moment you start making healthier choices you´ll be avoiding processed foods and your mind will fight you back, do not listen to all the excuses this is why you are substituting unhealthy for healthy so that you don´t feel deprive.

Once you get use to eating meals cooked with real, fresh ingredients you can make more adjustments to your diet like reducing carbohydrates, when you are insulin resistant your body can´t use carb efficiently this is one of the reasons why the “eat less – move more” advice won´t work for most people, we need to improve insulin in order for you to lose fat.

You also need to focus on resistance training which means lifting weights, this will help you maintain and gain muscle mass which improves your metabolism and add some cardio to help you lose fat faster. If you take the advice of move more and you start doing cardio exercise and no resistance you´ll lose muscle which makes the problem worse this is why most people are not able to sustain their results.

Getting in shape can get a little complex and it´s not only about eating less and moving more, so many things come into play and you need to understand them, information like how your hormones work and how they respond to food, training, sleep, stress and mindset which are the 5 principles of fitness is important. Once you understand this stuff it will be simple for you to achieve your goals.

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