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Do you suffer from insomnia?


At some point inf our lives we all go through difficult situations and this difficult situation lead to trouble with sleep, so many people is diagnosed with insomnia and there are a lot more who don´t know they have it.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it harder for you to fall asleep and to stay asleep. You wake up in the middle of the night and you can´t fall asleep again and in the morning you feel tired. You´re not satisfied with the quality of your sleep and you know there´s something wrong, with time this affects your health, work and relationships.

All of us experience this at some point in our lives, we´re going through a difficult situation maybe we got fired from our job, we didn´t pass the exam, someone close to us is diagnosed with a chronic or immune disease, someone we love passed away. This situations can cause insomnia for a period of time, depending of the traumatic event or situation it can last from a week, a couple of weeks or even a month, in most cases this short-term insomnia will start to improve in a couple of weeks or a months, but in some cases it can keep going for months, 3 t 4 months or more which is chronic insomnia.

Acute insomnia which is short-term has a negative impact on our day and life, chronic insomnia leads to more problems. Here are some symptoms you can look for to find out if you have insomnia:

1.- It´s hard to fall asleep

2.- You wake up during the night

3.- You can´t stay asleep

4.- You feel tired when you wake up

5.- You can´t remain focused and concentrated on the task at hand

6.- It´s hard to finish any activity

7.- You are anxious

There are different causes that can lead to insomnia and stress is one of them, most of us experience insomnia thanks to stress, as I mentioned before if you got fired from your job, or if you failed the exam, if you´re worried because of finances, if someone got diagnosed with a chronic or immune diseases, if someone you love passed away all this situations increase stress, depression, anxiety and they cause insomnia. If we know or if we have an idea of what is causing it then we can work on it, if you know it´s because you are stressed then lowering stress is a good strategy. Doing some breathing exercises can be beneficial to help you lower stress, calm and relax your body and brain which will help you get better sleep.

Poor sleep habits or routine can also lead to insomnia, if you spend hours at night watching tv or Netflix or sitting in front of a computer or your phone and you turn them off right before going to bed or once you´re on bed it will be harder to fall asleep and get high quality sleep. The temperature of your room, light and noise also play an important role, if it´s too hot you´ll find it difficult to fall asleep and you can have nightmares and wake up in the middle of the night. Your diet is also important, if you eat a big meal right before going to bed your body will be working on digesting all that food and it can be harder for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you eat foods that cause bloating or inflammation it can also have an impact on the quality of your sleep.

The first step is to realize that you´re suffering from insomnia or any sleep disorder and find what is causing it, for many people changing habits and routines that lead to a healthy lifestyle is beneficial, avoiding big meals 3 hours before going to bed helps and breathing exercises once you are on bed are also a great tool.

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