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Do you really need resistance exercise?


If you´ve tried to lose weight before I´m sure you´ve looked for programs or advice to find out the best way to do it and most of the focus on cardio so you started exercising doing some form of cardio like walking, running, aerobics and even when doing physical activity every day is key you do need to add some resistance exercises.

I know you don´t want to lift weight or do any type of resistance exercises because you don´t want to get huge, you don´t want to get big muscles and look like bodybuilder. I promise that this won´t happen, there are so many points that need to be working together in order to get a huge amount of muscle mass and you´ll get to a limit if you do it natural. You get to a point where you need drugs and steroids which I don´t recommend.

On the post about the benefits of resistance exercise we talked about why they are important (click here to read that post). There are 2 reasons why you need resistance exercises and those reasons are:

1.- Maintain muscle mass

2.- Maintaining strength

These 2 reasons are related, when you do resistance exercises the goal is to improve your strength, to get stronger so that you send the right signal and stimuli to your body to maintain muscle mass. Being strong and having enough lean muscle mass is key to maintain optimal health and reduce the risk of injuries. As we get older we start losing muscle mass and strength so you need to make sure that you stay strong and maintain as much muscle mass as possible (you don´t need to get big) so that you reduce the risk of injuries by maintaining healthy muscle tissue and joints.

Strength has also been related to longevity, there are anti-aging benefits to lifting weights. Strength helps you build muscle, makes it easier for you to burn fat and it´s easier to stay lean and maintain a healthy looking body, when you like the way you look and you feel great then confidence increases, all this helps you achieve bigger projects and live a better life.

When it comes to muscle and strength the old saying is true “use it or lose it”. When we´re young we are able to do so many physical stuff and as we get older we start losing all the strength, flexibility, mobility and this loss is the result of our lack of physical activity. The human body is design for physical activity to keep moving but nowadays there are so many ways we can avoid that physical movements. Things like elevators, cars, washing machines, tv, social media, e-commerce. Even when technology and all those inventions are great they´ve made us lazy.

As I´ve mentioned in other posts you don´t need to spend hours training at the gym doing so many different exercises. You can get a great workout in 30 to 45 minutes for you resistance training 4 days a week and you just need to be more active outside the gym.

For resistance workouts you can focus on bodyweight and compound movements, if your goal is only to lose weight once and for all, to maintain a healthy weight and optimal health you don´t need to complicate things, just keep it simple and stick to the basics, for this bodyweight and compound movements are all you need. The goal is first to learn the basics of each movement and learn proper form, then your goal is to get stronger on each exercise. We´ll talk on future posts about this.

For cardio I need to say that I hate to call it cardio because we don´t need to schedule one hour of our day, every day to do any type of cardio, what you need is to find ways to be more active throughout the day. For most of us is almost impossible to schedule a 30 or 45 minute for cardio plus another 30 or 45 minute for resistance training, but we can schedule 45 minutes 4 days a week for resistance training and we all have 10 to 15 minutes every morning and after dinner to go for a walk.

We´ll keep sharing information with you and some simple steps and tips you can follow to increase physical activity and develop healthy habits. If there´s something in particular you want to know leave a comment on Twitter.

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