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Harmonize Fitness

Do everything as best as you can

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We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others, we spend too much time watching what others are doing in most cases just to criticize, we spend time paying attention to our outside world instead of paying attention to us.

We all have different talents and abilities and we´re all at different levels, when we compare ourselves or our work to others we´re not considering their level or talent we just focus on the result and this makes us feel like failure, like we´re not good enough. Every time we spend comparing ourselves or watching what others are doing we´re just wasting valuable time, we can spend that time on improving our skill and learning new ones to get better.

When we focus on doing everything as best as we can every single day we feel happy and satisfied, we know that if we do something over and over we will get better.

When we pay attention to what is going around us, what other people are doing or saying we´re focusing on what we can´t control, when we focus on what we´re doing and where we can improve we´re focusing on what we can control.

The best thing we can do is focus on what we can control and aim to do everything we do as best as we can. We need to realize that we can´t be successful at many things at a time so we need to work on one or two activities of projects and become the best at them, we can all become the best at what we do if we put the hard work and time needed so we need to focus and work on mastering our stuff, improving and learning new skills every single day.

We cannot waste time paying attention to external factors that we can´t control and that can break us  emotionally and mentally which is what happens with critiques and haters.

It´s not about comparing what we do, our work and project with somebody else’s work it´s about our work and how we feel about it, there are some simple questions we can ask ourselves to know if we did our best or not:

1. Did I give my all?

2. Could I have done better?

3. Am I proud of the results?

Most of us strive for perfection and for some of us this is a huge mistake that can bring us down by not feeling good enough, we need to strive for excellence, what´s the best work we can do. We need to keep in mind that if it´s our first time doing something the result may not be great compared to someone who has done it several times but with time and practice our results will improve so we need to measure our work or result based on our actual knowledge and skill.

More often than not we are capable of accomplishing amazing results but we sell ourselves short, we don´t give it our all we know deep inside that we could have done better and many times when we do not get the results we wanted is a lack of effort and not a lack of knowledge, practice or skills.

From now on we need to make the commitment to do everything we do as best as we can and our goal is to strive for the best work or results we want based on our knowledge and skills but using them to our full potential and give our all always.

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