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Develop insane concentration


Being able to remain focus and develop concentration on what we´re doing is one of the keys to success.

For how long can you stay concentrated on what you´re doing? how many times do you get distracted from what you are doing with a phone call, or social media notification?

Nowadays concentration is almost impossible, we are overloaded with information and distractions and this makes it harder for us to stay concentrated on one activity for long periods of time, we pay attention to more stuff for shorter periods of time.

Research says that our attention span has decreased in the past years, the average attention span is 8 seconds, you may have heard this. We get distracted so easily and this is a huge problem if we want to succeed in life.

Short attention span and not being able to achieve insane concentration on what we´re doing have some negative effects which are:

– poor performance,

– low productivity,

– not finishing things,

– missing important information

Being able to develop insane concentration is key if we want to be successful, it doesn´t matter if we have a 9 to 5 job or if we want to start our own business or do our own thing. We need to be able to concentrate and focus on what we´re doing so that we end activities and projects and to learn new skills that help us get to a higher level.

We spend a lot of our time on social media, e-mail, searching the internet, doing and thinking about stuff that is unrelated to the activity we´re supposed to be working on. All this time we waste doing and thinking other stuff is done automatically, we don´t really think about it we´ve become so use to checking our email every half an hour and social media every 5 minutes, we are so busy all day but we´re not productive.

Developing insane concentration has a lot to do with living in the present, being here now. Being fully present in the activity we´re doing right now, really thinking and focusing on what we´re doing and not letting our mind wander on past or future events. When we can get emerged on the activity or task at hand that´s when we perform at our best and productivity increases and by doing this every day the results in a couple of weeks are outstanding.

But how do we develop insane concentration with so many distractions? one way to do it is to avoid distractions, close all social media sessions and also e-mail, turn off your phone or at least turn off all notifications, close all tabs and documents that you don´t need on your computer and just keep open the ones you need and work on one task or one activity for 45 to 60 minutes. The goal is to remove temptation as much as possible.

The first couple of days it´s hard, we´re addicted to all this technology and we feel that if we´re not checking them every 5 minutes we lose something but once we start reducing the time we spend on them we realize that we´re not losing anything and we´re being more productive.

Take one activity that you need to do and set a goal time to finish, give yourself one hour to focus and concentrate on that activity with no interruptions and see how much you get done in that hour.

We need to be in total control of our mind because it´s the one that start wandering first on stuff unrelated so every time we realize that our mind has gone to other stuff bring it back to the activity at hand, every time you catch yourself checking your email or social media every couple of minutes close the session and continue with the project or activity you are working on.

It takes time and discipline to develop concentration but it´s one of those habits that will give you amazing results by increasing performance and productivity, when you realize how much you can accomplish just by being fully present and concentrated on the activity in front of you you´ll get motivated to start working on bigger projects.

Try the exercise we mentioned in the last paragraphs, choose an activity you need to get done and work on it for at least 45 minutes, let us know how easy or difficult it was to stay focused and concentrated on that activity and not letting any distraction in by leaving a comment on our Twitter and Facebook account.

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