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Harmonize Fitness

Chronic metabolic diseases. Why you need to prioritize health!


Some of us are really worried about obesity and overweight, some people who deal with their weight don´t even consider how this can lead to greater problems and the long-term issues this can cause to their health.

Chronic metabolic diseases like obesity, overweight, diabetes, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, strokes, heart diseases have been increasing in the past years at a high speed. Some of them do not seem to be too serious but they can lead to greater diseases and health problems.

The cause of some of this problem is our unhealthy lifestyles, eating unhealthy foods which is poor nutrition, lack of sleep, not physical activity and high levels of stress. This leads to obesity and overweight which leads to bigger health issues.

Your body does so many different things every second even when you sleep which is a crucial part, with your unhealthy lifestyle all systems and hormones in your body get out of balance, your body can´t function properly and this leads to health problems.

Chronic metabolic diseases or metabolic syndrome is related to insulin resistance and the inability of your body use energy effectively and it stores it as fat. It has also been related to inflammation in the body which causes some health problems.

Metabolic diseases can be prevented by making some changes to your lifestyle, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle based on bad habits it will lead to many problems but if you develop good healthy habits which lead to a healthy lifestyle you can prevent some of those problems.

Following a healthy nutrition program is key, you need to make sure that your diet is based on whole, healthy foods, and avoid junk, processed and fast food, exercising 30 minutes per day, reducing stress or finding ways to cope with stressful situations and getting enough good quality sleep every night.

There´s not a secret here and nothing is new, it´s possible to prevent as many diseases as possible if you take care of yourself, taking some time of each day to focus on yourself gives you a lot of benefits not only for that day but in the long run.

We´ve overcomplicated things and this has led to confusion and so many lies and myths, if we stick to the basics, we keep everything simple and effective we get the best results, old school is still the best way, at least for me. There´s no reason to overcomplicate things it just gives us more excuses to not act because it´s too complicated, trust the simple and basic stuff just give it time. It took us years to be where we are now, it will take time to get to where we want.

It´s not about wanting to lose weight as fast as possible it is about getting in shape and sustain it, it is about health and preventing diseases. Start today by changing your eating habits, stop eating junk, processed and fast food and choose whole, healthy ingredients, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, meats, poultry, oats, beans. Eat meals cooked or prepared with fresh ingredients, then start doing 30 minutes of exercise and improve the quality of your sleep. Small changes every day make a huge difference.

The best steps we can take today to start changing our life are:

– do some physical activity for 30 minutes.- We´ve talked about 10 to 15 minute walks and body weight exercises on other posts.

 – Learn to cook and start cooking as many healthy dishes as possible, you can include desserts if they are healthy (there are so many recipes for desserts prepared with healthy ingredients),

– do some breathing exercises before you go to sleep.- it will help you lower stress and improve quality of sleep

This are 3 simple steps you can take today, choose one of them and star making it a part of your life, once you are comfortable with it add another one and then the last one. These 3 steps will have a big impact on your life.

Follow these steps for a couple of weeks and let us know how you feel by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter.

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