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Harmonize Fitness

Change your mindset and reframe the situation

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How many times have you asked yourself or try to avoid stress in your life?

I´ve done it a few times before until I decided to use it to achieve my goals, it´s the best change I´ve done because it requires to change our mindset and beliefs towards stress and it´s going against what most people thinks.

When we want to make stress works for us we first need to understand the different types of stress (which you can learn by clicking here), then we need to understand the difference between stress and pressure (you can learn about it here) because many of us tend to consider pressure as stress which is wrong and then we need to change our beliefs and mindset towards them.

Even when we have heard that stress is bad for us, it´s making us sick and it can kill us (I used to think the same) that is not true. Yes, chronic stress has a negative impact in our lives and health but not every situation is stress and not all stressful situations are actually stress, most of them are pressure.

Being under pressure is a catalyst that can lead to stress and anxiety or it can lead to a successful result. Pressure is an important part of our lives, we need it to learn, to grow, to get stronger, to gain knowledge and if we avoid it thinking it´s bad for us then we get stuck in all areas of our life. We all need to go through challenges which include discomfort, pain, struggle, fear, boredom or how most of us call them, pressure and stress. We need to have the right mindset and beliefs if we want to make the most out of pressure so here are some steps we can follow to make that shift in our mindset:

1. Realize that not all stress is bad

2. Understand the difference between stress and pressure

3. Identify stress and pressure in every situation

4. Accept that pressure is an important part of life to grow and learn

5. Realize that we can use the energy of pressure as an impulse to focus and concentrate on our project

Instead of thinking of every situation as negative or stressful and instead of thinking of the worst results or outcomes we need to reframe the situation following this steps:

1. Think of all the positive results or outcomes

2. Think of the sweaty hands and hear rate up as signs that our body is getting ready and excited to start working on the project.

If we listen or watch interviews of champions we´ll see that all of them get the same physical responses as us when they go through a competition, they feel their heart rate increasing, their palms sweating, they get anxious the difference is that they´ve learned to think about them as excitement and being anxious in a positive way to start the competition.

How we see any situation and how we react in all situations make all the difference, the hard part is that we´ve been said for so many years that stress is bad and we´ve let our body get highly stressed in a negative way that now the responses are unconscious, it takes effort and awareness every time we find ourselves under pressure to remind us to think of it as excitement and get ready to act.

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