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Change is part of life


The more we resist to change the more we stop living, life pass us by and we accomplish nothing.

Life is all about change, the problem is how we see that change. I agree that change is not always easy, there are some situations in  which we are really excited for it but there are occasions where we don´t want it at all but realizing that it´s needed and accepting that it´s hard but we can deal with it the whole process becomes easier.

We all need to have some stability in life and feeling comfortable in a certain way, if you prefer to stay in your comfort zone then when a change occurs it will be harder for you to get through it, for someone who likes some excitement in their life then when some change occurs it will be easier for them to cope with the situation.

One of the biggest reasons we don´t like change is because of fear, fear of the future, fear of the unknown, we don´t know what´s going to happen and our mind goes to negative thoughts which is what it´s supposed to do to keep us safe but that fear and those negative thoughts can end paralyzing us and make the situation harder.

Other reason why change can be difficult is because we are tied to our past and we´re so tied to what we´re living now and we don´t want to let go. If we combine these 2 scenarios, being attached and fear of the future then change becomes the worst experience.

You need to let go of your past so that something better can come into your life, letting go doesn´t mean forgetting, it means that you can take all the memories, experiences, and everything you learn with you and accepting that it is hard to leave some things behind 

Change is part of life we need to change, to grow, to get better, to improve. Every new challenge we aspire to conquer, every new goal we set for ourselves requires a different version of us. This means that to achieve a new goal, to conquer a new challenge there are some set of skills and knowledge that we need to learn. You can´t achieve a bigger goal with the same skills you already have so as you learn more skills, get more knowledge and wisdom you become a new version of yourself, one that is more equipped to conquer that new challenge and that bigger goal.

Change means progress, every time a change presents in your life it means you are ready to move, to get to the next level, to learn new skills and grow. It may look hard today but when you look back 3 or 5 years later you´ll be surprised by how much progressed you´ve made. Sometimes we need some changes and challenges so that we can realize how much we can accomplish and how far we can get.

Whether you like it or not changes will happen anyway, sometimes you´ll be more prepared for them so the best thing you can do is how you see them and how you respond. Change is inevitable.

One of the best things you can do whether you are going through your best life possible or one of the worst moments of your life is realize and accept that change is part of life so whatever you are living right now won´t last forever. If you´re living an incredible life then enjoy it as much as possible, if you´re going through difficult times remember that it´s not forever and develop an optimistic mindset.

If you think that the best way to live is a life full of excitement, possibilities and experiences then you´ll see all changes with optimism and you may go through a lot more changes throughout your life. Life is a journey and it´s like a roller coaster with ups and downs and turns and that´s what makes life exciting.

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