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How to lose weight at home!


For some of us staying at home is hard while for introverts is just what they need but, we can all use and take advantage of the situation and develop some healthy habits that will carry on for the rest of our lives. Those healthy habits will help us maintain optimal health, lose weight, get in shape and maintain a lean physique while enjoying life.

You may have followed different weight loss programs wanting to lose weight, I´m sure you´ve worked so hard but for any reason you didn´t get the results you were expecting or you were not able to maintain those results. Let me tell you something, it´s not your fault, the fitness industry do not mention the truth about weight loss and they sell you fast, quick and easy results that do not focus on what matters and are actually not thinking about your health and the food industry makes it harder for you by selling you tones of unhealthy, highly processed foods.

Improving your health and getting in amazing shape doesn´t need to be that difficult, you don´t need to follow strict low-calorie diets and spend hours in the gym. It´s simple and you can enjoy life, so what we´re going to do is use this time in a productive way, I´ll share with you some tips and steps you can take to improve your health and lose weight, on this post we´re going to talk about food and exercise only to keep it simple and short but remember that the 5 principles of fitness are important so may want to read other posts from our site to learn how your sleep, stress and your mindset also play an important role.


You do not need to go to a gym to have a great workout and build and amazing physique, our goal is to improve body composition, you want to gain lean muscle mass and lose body fat so that you get a great looking body. You need to get stronger through resistance exercises and add some cardio to burn fat and maintain a low percentage of body fat, when you combine both you also get all the benefits for overall health.

Resistance is resistance, it can come from barbells, dumbbells or other equipment but it can also come from your own bodyweight you only need to make every exercise challenging to trigger strength and muscle growth. With bodyweight exercises you can start with the most basic movements like wall push ups, knee push ups and build to a more challenging level like one arm push ups or one arm push ups with feet elevated.

You need to add some cardiovascular activity to help you burn fat a little faster, since you can´t get out of your home you can do some jump rope, dancing, kickboxing. Find an activity you can do at home and that you enjoy, if you have an elliptical or bicycle use it.

Here is a workout program that you can do or use as a guide:

Workout A – Lower body Workout B – Upper body
Squats – pistol squats 6 – 8 reps Pull ups – One are pull ups 6– 8 reps
Step ups 6 – 8 reps Push ups – One arm push ups 6 – 8 reps
One leg deadlift 6 – 8 reps Pike push ups – Handstand push ups 6 – 8 reps
Glute bridges 10 reps Chin ups – One are chin ups 6 – 8 reps
Knee ups – Leg raises 10 – 12 reps Dips – Weighted dips 6 – 8 reps
Calf raises 10 – 12 reps Back bridges

Squat is the simple version and pistol squat is a harder version of the same exercise, push ups is the basic level but you can go easier like knee push ups or more challenging like one arm push ups, do the one the matches your level. Do 3 to 4 sets of each exercise.

Do workout A on Monday, then workout B on Tuesday, on Wednesday do some cardio activity at home, on Thursday workout A and Friday workout B, on Saturday and Sunday do some cardio activity again. For cardio try to keep the workouts around 20 minutes long of moderate intensity.


Food is an important part of any weight loss program but during this time we need to keep it simple, our body needs protein, healthy fats and fiber so you´ll be focusing on those foods that also keep you full for longer and if you want to take it to another level you can try intermittent fasting which gives you so many benefits for overall health.

This is what I recommend, you can have 3 meals per day, or if you want to try intermittent fasting then having 2 meals a day in and 8 hour period is the best option, you can have breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, you got to decide what works best for you 😊. If you want to learn more about intermittent fasting click here.

I´m sure you´ve gone to a store in the last days and you found some items or products completely sold out. In situations like the one we´re living most people tend to buy a lot of unhealthy, highly processed products this is good for one reason, if you focus on health and nutrition you can still find some groceries available. You need to be aware of what you buy and how much, consider that this is global so think about other people and try to buy what you need and maybe a little more so that we all get what we need.

Here´s a list of the foods you can buy:

Nuts, sedes, nut butters, meats (beaf, chicken, fish, salmon) stock on your refrigerator or freezer, eggs, yogurt, nut milks, almond and coconut flour, frozen vegetables and frozen fruits, olive oil, coconut oil, spices, sea salt, dark chocolate (al least 70% cacao), oats, rice, legumes, canned fish like tuna*, some processed meats*, water, coffee, tea.

Consider that there are some products that last longer than others, you can buy some fresh veggies and fruits for the first days. Also consider that some processed foods contain sugars, unhealthy fats, vegetable oils and other unhealthy ingredients so look for the ones that contain less of this unhealthy stuff.

Now, you need to be creative and mix and match all the ingredients, if you only have 2 meals a day you don´t need to think about food 5 times a day or 3 times and 2 snacks, having 2 meals a day will lower your stress, if you are not use to intermittent fasting you can have 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner but try to skip the snacks.

Drink water and make sure you stay hydrated; you can have coffee and tea just avoid them at noon especially coffee because it can impact negatively your sleep.

This guide will help you start your fitness journey and make some changes to your habits that will help you improve your health and lose weight. In future posts I´ll share with you how you can still have your favorite foods and snacks so don´t forget to follow us on social media and you can also leave all your comments and questions on our Facebook and Twitter account.

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How to exercise during Holidays!

27 How to train during Holidays

For many of us Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are some of the most amazing days of the year, full of joy and amazing moments with the people we love, our family and friends and of course a lot food but many guys or girls get stressed out and anxious because it seems almost impossible to stay lean.

Exercise is highly important to build the physique you want, the first thing I want to make clear and my biggest advice for this season is: do not try to lose weight, don´t set a weight lose goal from October to January, it´s almost impossible to achieve it so don´t even think about it, what you can do is focus on maintaining your physique or take those months to your advantage and use them to gain some muscle mass.

Considering this you have two options, the first is to maintain, if you set this as your goal you can do 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio training and the last day as rest. Here you may need to pay more attention at what you eat during those days, on the days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year you can eat whatever you want as much as you want, the other days I recommend you get back to your maintenance calories and macros which will be less than Holidays so that you don´t gain weight.

If you want to gain muscle mass you can do 5 or 6 days of resistance training and the days left cardio, on resistance days you´ll be working on high frequency hitting each muscle group twice per week, here you can eat a little more every day, just little and eat whatever you want as much as you want on Holidays.

This two options are considering you have access to a gym or you can continue training and following a normal workout program but if you can´t train as normal on this days the best option is to maintain, if you can do some exercise which I recommend you can use bodyweight exercises, you can focus on getting stronger on each of them to get to the advance version or you can use them in circuits which will give you a more cardio workout based on strength, both options are amazing.

Doing some type of cardio exercise is a great way to get in shape and keep the habit of exercising every day, you can keep it short by doing HIIT, or you can do 20 to 3 minutes of steady state, sprinting, running, jump rope or burpes are a great option.

If you are one of those guys or girls who doesn´t enjoy exercising and it was hard for you to develop the habit of working out you don´t want to pass more than 4 or 5 days without working out because you will get back to your old habits, the more days you skip the workouts the harder it is to get on track.

Resistance training need to be the base of your workout programs, it doesn´t matter the goal or the season and every time you are training focus on what you are doing, give your all and work hard, earn those Holiday meals by working hard in the gym and making every single rep and set count.

During this season you can be more discipline on your workouts, sleep, mindset and stress and have a lot more freedom with your nutrition, sleep may be harder some days if you like parties and go to bed late but try to get good quality sleep every night and lower your levels of stress by enjoying the time and being in the present moment, live in the present, live the moment and stay positive, keep positive thoughts in your mind.

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The benefits of yoga


Have you ever do yoga? Do you hate, like it or love it?

There are those who love yoga and those who hate it. It´s amazing how though and challenging it can get and we cannot deny that it will give us an amazing workout.

Yoga is not my preferred type of exercise but I can´t deny that it has amazing benefits, I´ve practiced it for some months and I realized that the slow paced workouts and holding a pose for a number of seconds is not what I love to do in terms of exercise, it is though and challenging the part I liked about it was improving balance and how I need to be concentrated on what I do to maintain the pose, even when I love and prefer to lift weights and cardio I take one day a week to do yoga.

It´s true that yoga helps us improve flexibility, mobility and posture but the ones that make it an amazing exercise option is for improving balance and reducing mental health problems.

The mind-body connections when we are doing any pose needs to be at point, we need to be really focused and center on what we are doing otherwise we´ll lose balance and fall off the pose we also need to get strong so that we can sustain our body weight in any pose and hold it.

Yoga workouts include meditation and breathing techniques that go hand in hand with the pose we are working on, all this combined encourage relaxation which is incredibly helpful to reduce stress it also helps to reduce depression, anxiety and improve mental health, the way yoga combines breathing, meditation and poses by creating harmony is what our bodies need to relax, calm down and stay in the present moment.

Yoga is not the same as stretching or calisthenics, even when we can use some of the exercises or poses from yoga as stretch exercises what gives yoga its plus is the breathing techniques, we can be stretching but if we don´t know how to breathe through the poses we´ll only be stretching, with yoga we learn to breathe and meditate, we are focused on our body, how our mind, body and soul connect is amazing you get in touch with ourselves in a very deep level.

Yoga is a great way to get lean for people who doesn´t want to lift weight and do intense or long sessions of cardio and it´s also low impact, it is perfect for people who love a physical activity that is more calming but that increases strength so that they can looked lean and toned without getting bulky. This is why it´s so popular among girls. and women.

I don´t know about any other type of exercise that combines physical activity with breathing techniques and meditation as a way to calm the mind and body, to relax us and lower stress while exercising. One way to improve anxiety and depression is to focus on yourself and to stay in the present moment not letting your mind wandering in the future or the past, yoga does this amazingly apart from breathing techniques and meditation during the workouts we need to be fully focus and present to maintain balance and hold the poses when we harmonize your body, mind, breathing, emotions is when we can start healing ourselves.

With all this, our blood pressure lowers, it keep systems of our body like nervous system, immune system healthy, the hormones on our body are in balance, etc. so love it or hate it, it has amazing benefits not only to get in shape but for overall health. When our body is in synergy meaning when everything is connected and working in harmony at the same time is when amazing things happen.

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The problem with refined and processed foods


Different diets come out and become viral, some guys try them while other critique them claiming they´re unhealthy, but millions of people consume high amounts of sugar per day and it seems to be the least of the matter.

Obesity and overweight is increasing and with that diseases like diabetes are raising too. I believe the cause of this problems is our lifestyle and one of them is the amount of unhealthy food we eat which has a lot of sugar. Sugar is everywhere even when it´s not listed as sugar in the ingredients, we´ll find it under names like dextrose or sucrose. Other ingredients like high fructose corn syrup is also harmful and is in so many products. The amount of sugar contained in foods is so high and I´m not only talking about sweets or junk food, even in energetic drinks, cereals or healthy bars.

When we eat foods high in sugar and trans fats we´ll want to continue eating more of them because they are empty calories, there are no nutrients and there´s no way to stop our brain of thinking or sending signals that we are hungry until we give it the nutrients it needs.

This is what happens when we eat sugar, insulin is the hormone that regulates sugar by getting glucose out of the bloodstream to the cells, when we consume sugar the glucose in the bloodstream goes up and insulin goes up to regulate it and bring it down, over time our body gets tired and don´t know exactly what to do and the result is low blood sugar, this is the first step to diabetes, many people are on this level and don´t know it, our body sends  signals like cravings specially for sweets, everything we eat has an effect on our health and mood.

The spike on highly processed foods with hidden sugar is creating an obesity epidemic in many countries, around 30% to 40% of kids in some countries are overweight or have obesity and diabetes as they grow older the risk increases, diseases get worse in some cases causing death in some of them. The amounts of sugar consumed per day goes between 25 to 30 teaspoons a day sometimes even 35 teaspoons, that´s a lot considering that our bodies don´t need it.

I believe we can prevent some diseases and lower obesity and overweight by changing our lifestyle and developing healthy habits, just by changing our nutrition the benefits are amazing, it´s not about reducing calories, it´s about what we eat and the impact it has on our body and health.

As I´ve said before, this high amounts of sugar in our diets with the high amounts of unhealthy fats plus the chemicals or ingredients added to those foods are the cause of many diseases and create a vicious cycle that is so hard to stop.

The goal is to avoid as much as possible all unhealthy food, avoid sweets, junk, processed, refined and fast food and stick with real, whole fresh food, just by doing this the results in how we feel and how we look will be amazing.

There´s no reason to try to follow a very restrictive diet like low carbohydrate, ketogenic or any other if we still eat junk or fast food, once we eliminate or avoid this foods then we can start adjusting our nutrition program to make it better for each of us.

If we want to live healthier and happier and help all the people around us we need to change our nutrition program and eat healthy foods, this is the first step, reducing sugar is a most, sugar is the cause of many diseases now a days, but it´s hard to do it. We´ve been consuming sugar for almost all our life so when we start to eliminate it from our diet our mind will trick us making us think that we need it, it´s like giving up any other addiction.

Even if we´re not following any famous diet like ketogenic or high protein, vegetarian, etc; when we eliminate or avoid as much as possible sweets, junk, processed and fast food from our nutrition we´ll start living healthier, the results will come. There are some healthy carbohydrates we can eat which I´ll explain in other post, but for now, and to keep things simple we just need to know and understand that processed sugar is bad so we need to eliminate it from our nutrition program for our health and fitness goals, the best way to do it is by avoiding sweets, junk, processed and fast foods.

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Do what´s right!

6_foto tree goals

How many times have you choose doing something bad just to gain some advantage over someone? how many times have you made decisions based only on what you want for yourself on that precise moment without thinking on how will you affect someone else?

Most of us are very selfish we only think of the benefit we can get for us and how we can get instant pleasure without thinking of how those decisions affect someone else and the negative impact they have on the long run.

Have you asked yourself how your life would be if you start being more kind?

If we are unkind and treat people bad that´s what we get in return, we get what we give so if we treat people with respect, attention, if we´re kind with them they will treat us the same way, we can´t expect to be treated with respect if we´re disrespectful, and this also include how we respond or comment on emails or social media. It´s so easy to be rude and disrespectful while hiding behind a screen but the impact of our words can harm others.

Nowadays we´re so immerse in social media that we forget to be kind with the people around us, we´re more interested on getting likes and followers on social media because deep inside we want attention, we want to feel part of group or a community, some or looking for their 5 minutes of fame without realizing that we can be part of the community we live in if we take some time to do some good and this can be listening to the people beside us, it may be a family member or friend, just by listening to him or her we can make them feel important, they feel good and so do we.

Kindness has benefits for our health, it starts with feeling good with ourselves and increasing happiness, it also improves relationships and improves our health physical and mental. It´s been said that the ones who make any act of kindness or help others in any way get more benefits than the ones who got help. In other words, the ones who give get more benefits than those who receive.

Nowadays we are so use to criticizing making fun of someone, complaining, blaming everything we do and everything we say has an impact on others, how we make people feel will last a life time if we make anyone feel bad they will stay with that bad impression of us but if we make them feel good that memory will last forever.

If being kind and doing good feels like a lot then we can start by not doing harm, one simple step we can take today is stop criticizing and making fun of people, stop making everyone around feel bad and also people we don´t know by writing emails and comments that can harm someone. We´re all going through our own hell and we don´t know when someone need an uplifting word so the least we can do is make them feel worse, if we don´t have something good to say it´s better to remain silence and avoid negative comments.

Once we master this step we can take the next one which is finding ways to help those around us, something as simple as listening to someone close to us like a family member or friend and listen with the intention to understand them and support them in any way possible and not listening to answer and argue can have a huge impact.

We don´t need to do huge things, with small acts of kindness that will make other people feel good we also get the benefits, it´s about doing good. We need more stories of kindness and if we want that type of change we need to start by making any small random act of kindness every day and make it a habit.

How are you going to start today?

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Exercise according to your goals


Even when all workouts can be simple we need to make sure that each workout we create follows the best training variables and techniques for our current goal.

It´s not the same to exercise for fat loss and muscle growth, or endurance and power or explosiveness. Even when the basics are the same we need to make some changes and adjustments to our programs to best fit our goals.

Our primary goal is to improve body composition so we need to follow a program that help us lose fat and then one that help us gain lean muscle mass but we also want our physique to be useful so we want to improve over performance and include some functional training.

By changing our program according to our goals we also add variety which keeps our workouts fun, challenging and different. If we follow the same workout and routines for a long time we´ll get to a point where it is boring and our body adapts, it literally learns the routine it knows the sequences of exercises and splits which decreases the effectiveness of the program.

We can work on 2 or 3 goals on the same program for example we can create a program that helps us increase our strength and also that helps us gain muscle, we can create a program that helps us increase power and explosiveness. We can create a plan that help us lose fat while increasing endurance or maintaining strength.

If we want to focus on 2 goals at the same time we need to make sure that the goals we choose can work together, one of the best ways to do it is choose a goal to improve our physique and one goal to improve performance, for example we can choose between fat, loss, maintenance or muscle growth (this are the 3 fitness goals to improve physique) and choose between explosiveness, strength, power, speed (this are some examples of fitness goals to improve performance).

There are some goals that work a lot better together like fat loss and strength because strength help us maintain muscle as we lose fat, with maintenance almost all performance goals apply.

The way to make changes and adjustments and to create the best workout program is by considering all training variables and techniques (will talk about each of them on future posts) they are the ones that will make each program look different, we can get a lot done in just 60 minutes but we can use those same 60 minutes in different ways.

Since resistance training is the best type of training we use it as the base of all fitness programs, we can use weight lifting to achieve almost all goals but if this is not your preferred for of exercise you can do what you like most in this case our recommendation will be to focus on exercises or sports that use all muscles of the body.

Every goal has to be treated with the importance it deserves and we need to make sure that the program we follow applies the best techniques to deliver the results we want, otherwise we will be wasting time and this can´t happen. As you´ll see in the next posts we´ll talk about all training variables and techniques and with all the information things can get a little complex in the beginning so if you don´t want to waste time you can follow some of the programs we designed for you based on the information we share with you in this site and we consider the 5 principles of fitness, everything is explained there and all you have to do is get up and work.

You can start today any of the programs and they´re just the beginning of a new life.

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Why lowering carbohydrates is a good idea


Have you tried to go for 30 days without sugar? if you did what where your results?

Eliminating sugar from our diets is the most difficult thing to do, we´ve been eating it for so long that we´ve become addicted to it, thinking about it it´s amazing how we can become addicted to something our body doesn´t need, we see the negative impact and how it affect us but we can´t eliminate it, breaking addictions is hard.

It´s clear that we´re eating a lot more sugar than our body needs, health papers and organizations recommend that 45 to 65 percent of our daily calorie intake per day come from carbohydrates, others recommend 25 grams to 35 grams of sugar per day, this numbers varies according to gender, age, weight, lifestyle, physical activity, it can goes to 50 grams per day max. If we do the math and calculate our calorie intake then fit our macro ratios to get around 50% of calories from carbohydrates the number exceed the 50 grams recommended in some papers (there´s a lot of information out there and this is why we get confused and don´t know what´s true).  We don´t need to do any math to know that we´re consuming a lot more carbohydrates than what we need, many of us consume a lot of unhealthy foods every day.

We all know that we need to eliminate refined sugars from our diet and that´s the first step which is hard, avoiding them as much as possible is our goal, we don´t need all those sweets, cereal boxes, box juices, chips, donuts, cake, etc; those highly processed and fast foods we can have them on special occasions or as cheat meals (if you like or need cheat meals) with this we keep complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, rice, corn tortilla, quinoa, amaranth, potatoes.

Once we get use to avoiding unhealthy foods we can adjust our diet and this adjustment will go according the type of diet you want or need to follow, if you don´t need a restrictive diet like vegan, ketogenic, etc; you can follow a more balanced diet, for this you can have 0.5 to 1 gram of carbs per pound of bodyweight from complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, amaranth, rice.

As I´ve said before just by eliminating unhealthy foods we´ll reduce sugar intake, we may need to reduce complex carbohydrates because we need to make sure that we´re getting enough proteins and healthy fats, some of us who are already following a more healthy diet eat too much complex carbs and not enough proteins and fats, our body needs both of them, it needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates for fiber, vitamins and minerals and most of them are found on veggies and fruit but our body also needs essential amino acids and fatty acids, and natural food sources of proteins and fats also have nutrients.

We don´t need to make our nutrition program complicated we just need to know which foods are healthy and the best options for us and develop the habit of making healthy choices but knowing that we still have the freedom to eat a donut or a piece of cake on special occasions, it´s about knowing what´s best for us what help us feel our best, look our best and keep us more productive.

Sugar and carbohydrates are related to increase the risk of chronic diseases, everything we eat has an impact on our body and all those sugars and simple carbohydrates don´t do any good for us but they create problems on our gut, increase inflammation, cause insulin resistance and things can get worse with problems like diabetes, and chronic diseases. Carbohydrates also cause damage to our brain so when we lower it´s consumption our brain works better and we see a positive effect on memory, we remember more information, we are able to remain focused and concentrated on what we´re doing, etc. It´s not new that we´re eating too much of the wrong foods so the best step we can take is reduce sugar and carbohydrates from our diet to give space to healthy foods like healthy fats and proteins which are crucial for our body if we want to be healthy.

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Do not let fear stop you


How many time have you given up a project because of fear? it can be fear if failing, fear of achieving it and losing everything, fear of the unknown, fear of being rejected or fear of what everyone is going to say and think of you.

Fear is the number one blocker, it paralyze us. We are all capable of achieving great things in life and live to our full potential but the reason why we don´t take the first step that will gives us momentum is fear now, there´s something I want to make clear, everyone feels fear even successful people, the only difference is how each of us react to that fear.

If we think about it as excitement and all the signs of our body like our heart rate increasing and hand sweating if we think about them as our body getting ready to go all in then our results will be completely different we´re starting with a positive attitude and that positivity makes it easier for us to  get through any challenge, learn what we need to and apply in the best way possible, we also find solutions to problems faster and we can stay concentrated on the project, all this increases productivity which leads to better results.

We can´t let feat keeps us stuck where we are and living a comfortable life, setting goals and working on new projects is what makes us grow, going through exiting journeys and challenges is what makes life interesting, if we don´t get up and start doing something that takes us out of our comfort zone we´re not living.

Fear is an illusion, it is created in our mind but our brain is so powerful that it sends us physical signs and those thoughts of fear combined with the signs paralyze us, some of us don´t even take the first step and others take that first step but when fear increases we give up.

What if we think about fear as a sign that we´re still alive? that we got everything we need to work in a new goal? and what if we take the physical signs of fear and anxiety and think about them as excitement and our body getting ready for that new journey?

As we´ve seen before, our mindset is everything just by changing our thoughts and reframing any situation we can go from a negative outlook to a positive one which will have a impact on our journey and end results.

We can take that fear and make it work for us, we can think about it as a fire inside us that keeps us pushing forward and wanting more, the tricky and hard part is controlling our thoughts and emotions we´ve been living in fear most of our lives and we´ve let it take control of us so the moment we start working on taking control it will try to pull us back.

When you set a goal or think about starting a new project do you stop for a couple of minutes to try to understand where the fear comes from? our fear goes according to the size of our goal, if it´s a small goal fear will be small but if it´s a bigger goal we feel more fear because there are more risks but have you also take a moment to think about the amazing projects or goals you can achieve if you just block that fear and go all in with your project?

Just thinking about the amazing projects and goals we can achieve is a huge motivation to help us take the first step which is the hardest, once we start working and we get momentum we just need to keep that momentum going.

We can´t let fear stop us, so what we can do is start working on small projects and goals that make us feel fear but one that we can control and as we keep getting comfortable with our new reaction to it by thinking of excitement we can set bigger goals and projects, by increasing them slowly we make sure that we´re working on our mindset gradually which is key to change our thoughts.

Is there a project or goal that you want to achieve but you give up because of fear? start working on it today, share it on the comments section below and if there´s a way we can help you let us know.

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The role of genetics

3_foto completo

I´ve heard so many times that someone don´t have good genetics, they don´t have the genetics to get that type physique they want, they don´t have good genetics and that´s why they´re overweight, etc.

This is just an excuse.

Yes, genetics do are an important factor and play an important role on how easy it is for us to gain muscle, to lose weight, to stay lean and type of physique we achieve or how we look physically, if we compare athletes we´ll see that their bodies all look different and yes this is in part because they all train different according to the sport they practice but if we look at bodybuilders we´ll also see some difference and if we hear interviews they´ll talk about how they need to work a muscle group more than other to get an aesthetic physique. One of them may need to work more the shoulders while other may need to work more the arms specially biceps or triceps, other may need to focus more on one specific muscle of the legs.

Genetics can also have an impact on metabolism, hormones, body fat distribution but this is not the only aspect that comes into play when we talk about weight loss and body composition, other factors as our lifestyle and epigenetics (we´ll talk about this is a future post) play an important role too.

Even when genetics play an important role on how hard or easy it is for each of us to get the type of physique we want it doesn´t mean that we can take that as an excuse for not working out and getting in shape which is what happens to many of us. It´s so easy to say “I don´t have the genetics” this way we avoid all the pain and hard work.

It doesn´t matter if we have the genetics or not, if we´re willing to work as hard as possible and we are persistent we will get the results we want. It all depends of each of us, self-discipline and commitment are more important than having good genetics.

Genetics determine how we look physically without doing any physical activity and also how our body responds to exercise, this is the reason why if we follow the same workout program we won´t get the same results, if we follow the Ultimate Fat Loss Program or The Ultimate Muscle Growth program we will all get results but those results will vary, for some of is easier to lose fat than to others so even when we´re all going to lose fat some will lose more than others and some of us may even gain some muscle at the same time while others were just able to maintain muscle mass. With the muscle growth program is the same, we´ll all going to gain muscle but some of us we´ll gain more muscle than others, some of us could even stay leaner while other gain a little more fat.

What we need to do is know our body, this is why we need to try different tools and training techniques and strategies until we find out which ones work better for us and then we create a program based on those strategies that work for us.

Is more important what we do and don´t do every single day than our genetics, our lifestyle is what determines our results, how we feel and how we look, we can all follow a healthy nutrition program, we can all do 45 minutes of exercise each day but we prefer to go out with friends, to binge on Netflix, to stay on bed than to get up and do what we need to do.

We can make a lot of excuses but they will keep where we are right now and if we want other results we need to stop making excuses and get to work.

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What is the best diet?


How many hours have you spend trying to find the best diet?

Many of us spend too much time searching for the best diet to achieve our fitness goal, and just a couple of weeks or days after we start following one we find another so we don´t stay long enough with one diet to actually see how our body responds.

The truth is that there´s not a best diet for all of us, not a single diet will work the same and will give the same results to 2 or more people, we´re all different so we need to find what works best for us.

Even when the basics of nutrition apply to all of us we still need to make some adjustments to create our own nutrition program.

The first things to consider is to focus on eating whole, fresh foods and eliminate or avoid unhealthy foods like sweets, junk, processed, refined and fast foods is the first step. Once we feel comfortable and we´ve develop the habit of eating healthy whole foods we can start making some adjustments to make our nutrition program better.

The second step is to decide which type of diet or which macronutrient ratio works best for us, we may want to follow a more balanced diet between proteins, fats and carbohydrates or we may want to follow a low carbohydrate high protein or we may want a ketogenic diet, for this we need to make the adjustments necessary and set macro ratios according to our diet.

For a keotgenic diet fats can go from 70% to 75% with 10% to 5% of carbohydrates and the rest of protein, or we can follow a modified keto where we can have 60% fats 30% protein and 10% carbohydrates.

We also need to listen to our body and be aware of how it responds and how we feel with everything we eat, for some of us our body can´t digest or use properly some foods including healthy foods, for example some people can´t digest properly foods like cauliflower which can cause bloating or other side effects or some people can get allergic response to some foods like dairy so we need to pay attention to this and avoid them. There are so many food options available from where we can choose from for each of the 3 macronutrients.

If we consider the function of each macronutrient the best diet is one that focuses on real, fresh ingredients and avoid all unhealthy foods (sweets, junk, processed and fast foods) if we want to go to a more restrictive diet then a ketogenic or modified keto. One that is high in healthy fats, with the right amount of fiber, moderate protein and low carbohydrates. This type of diet will help to lose fat and maintain a healthy weight if this is our goal.

It´s all about finding the best macro ratio for each of us, the one to which our body responds better and that we feel great and also being aware and finding the foods that make us feel great then we can find ways to cook those healthy foods in ways that make them taste amazing.

We need to make sure that the diet or nutrition program is one that we can follow for long periods of time, this includes going out with friends or family, going on vacations or a job meeting or trip, someone cook for us or we cook our own meals. We need to consider all this and think about if we´re going to be able to maintain it in the long run and realize that we can still have our favorite meals, dishes or cheat meals every now and then (if there´s a way to prepare our favorite meal and dessert we can enjoy it a lot more).

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