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Signs of stress on your body

Signs of stress on your body

I like to spend some time watching people when I´m out in the mall, at a restaurant or any other public space, I also like to listen to people close to me, I´m interested in them as much as I´m interested in you. What I see is that most of us are dealing with too much stress in our lives, we have some symptoms but we don´t know they are related to chronic stress.

Here are some of the signs you need to be aware of:

1.- Acne.- This is a big one for me, when I was in school and in one of my jobs I was really stressed out for almost everything, all the amount of work and projects, meetings, the teachers, the boss, the classmates and coworkers.

2.- Sleep problems.- When you are dealing with any situation that is so stressful you´ll find it harder to fall asleep, the quality of sleep will be bad and you don´t get enough sleep.

3.- Headaches.- High levels of stress can cause headaches, migraines and pain in the neck and shoulders.

4.- Mental issues.- Depression and anxiety are related to stressful situations, even when mental problems can be triggered by many factors, people who are dealing with them can get worse with stress.

5.- Muscle tension.- Have you ever felt your body and muscles so tense and the next day you feel like all your body hurts, this is caused by stress.

6.- Digestive issues.- In some of us when we´re under stress and time after it we can have some digestive issue like constipation, feeling bloated or diarrhea.

7.- Changes in mood.- Feeling angry, easily irritated, frustrated, overwhelmed are emotional signs of stress.

This are some of the most common signs of symptoms of stress in our body and most of us do not know and we do not pay attention to our body. When you become aware of this you can take action immediately and I´m not talking about taking an aspirin, I´m talking about taking some time for yourselves, even a few minutes to breathe and meditate can have a positive effect and lower the symptoms.

Being aware means that we need to pay attention and listen to our body and try to find out what causes a certain problem so that we can avoid it in the future. It takes time to learn to be aware and to listen to your body, we´re always focused on what´s happening outside of us and we rarely focus on how we feel inside until something´s wrong.

Also most of the times we treat the symptoms and not the cause, we´ve been used to this and whit this system we´re only lowering or eliminating the symptom which can gives us some relief for a short period of time but in the long run things just get worst causing more damage to our body.

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How exercise helps lower stress

How exercise helps lower stress

We all feel stress at some points in our lives, it´s normal what makes the difference is for how long you are under stress, our body can handle stress for short periods of time and it´s actually beneficial but when it´s constant like chronic stress which is how we live nowadays the consequences are terrible.

Each of us handle the effects of stress in different ways, some of those ways can be healthy and some of them are unhealthy, some people choose Tv, social media, alcohol, smoke or comfort food which are really bad options, one healthy option that improves stress a lot is physical activity.

Is not new that exercise and physical activity reduces stress, it´s actually the best tool you can use to lower the stress from your day, working out is great for our body, heart and mind and to give you a fast respond to why it is amazing is because it release endorphins that make you feel good.

I know that there are some of you who don´t like to workout and may thinking that is are all lies, here´s what happens. When you start doing exercise after a long period of time without any physical activity it will be hard and it is harder if you don´t like what you are doing. You are out of shape and exercise feel so hard and you need to put a lot of effort to finish the workouts but with time you get in better shape, the exercise don´t feel as hard and your self-confidence increases which makes everything easier.

The goal is to develop the habit of working out at least 30 minutes a day and do some activity you like doing, once you find that activity and develop the habit you´ll see how great you feel after your workout.

Here is a simple explanation of how exercise reduces stress. Stress increases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, this hormones keep you in a fight or flight state this is why you feel your heart rate up, you are ready in case you need to run. Exercise reduces those 2 hormones and releases endorphins that make you feel good this is why you feel so positive and optimistic after your workouts.

The benefits of exercise for lowering stress are short term, right after a workout you feel great and even during your workout you feel motivated and excited, you´ll see a more positive attitude and you´ll find yourself in a more positive mood but you want his to be part of your life so you need to be consistent and do some type of physical activity every day.

If your only goals with exercise is to reduce stress cardio training or aerobic exercises are the way to go, even taking a walk in the park can help a lot, bicycle, jump rope, swimming are also great options, kickboxing and boxing have become popular the benefits are amazing. The key is to find the activity that you love or at least like and the one you can have fun with.

If you are looking for a type of exercise that can help you reduce tensions in the muscles and that can calm your mind yoga is great, you need to be really present and focus on what you are doing on each exercise, the breathing techniques help you clear your mind and the exercises help you reduce tension and stress, all this combination makes it a great way to lower stress and focus on the present moment.

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How stress an diseases are related

stress and diseases

Our lifestyles are the cause of many health problems nowadays, physical and mental and stress is the one causing more damage to us. High levels of stress raise cortisol and it blocks functions in our body this is the reason why we get sick, we can see it when we live very stressful situations, at that moment we feel anxious, we feel our heart rate up and when it´s over it only takes some time for any disease to appear.

This are some diseases highly related to stress:

1.- Headaches.- Most headaches are caused by stress, have you ever stop stopped for a moment to think what caused that headache, a couple of hours before you lived a highly stressful situation or you may have a lot of things to do or you have a problem that you need to solve right now and suddenly the headache appears.

2.- Obesity.- Stress cause cortisol to raise and this causes our body to store fat specially in the belly.

3.- Diabetes.- One of the causes of diabetes is insulin which in most cases is triggered by unhealthy diets but when people with insulin problems and diabetes have high levels of stress their glucose levels raise which causes more problems.

4.- Mental problems.- Depression and anxiety are connected to chronic stress which can come from school or our jobs, how people treat us and how we respond can worsen the problem.

5.- Lack of sleep.- Insomnia, taking too much fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, not getting enough sleep they can all be caused by stress. If we have so many worries in our lives our body is tense and our mind is creating all kind of negative thoughts.

6.- Pain in the body.- If you ever had back or beck pain and you don´t know why it may be stress the one who caused it, tensions and stress increase inflammation and if you spend most time of your day sitting in the same position it limits your movements.

This are 6 of the most common and short term diseases that we all have suffered, this is where all begins and sadly it all can get worse including heart diseases, strokes, shorter lifespan.

We need to reduce stress in our lives and one of the ways to do it is by avoiding stressful environments the problem is that when those environments are places like school or your job is not that easy to avoid them, what we need to do in this case is find ways to manage and reduce that stress so that is doesn´t affect us that much and learn how to respond in some situation will be of help.

Lowering and managing stress is one of the hardest things to do but once you know how to do it you will have more control in any situations over your reactions and emotions.

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Meditation as a tool to reduce stress

10 Meditation as a tool to reduce stress

Sit straight and take a deep breath…, focus on your breath…, breathe in…, breathe out…, breathe deeply and slowly.

You may have heard or read a lot of meditation exercises as the one I mentioned, it can be just plain as simple as just breathing deeply and slowly which are actually focused on breathing techniques to calm your mind or they can get a lot more complex. Meditation is a tool to help you manage stress, specially chronic stress which is the negative one and have a lot of negative effects for your health.

There´s no way to avoid stress, it´s something normal and common that occur to all of us, while acute stress can be helpful and in some cases necessary chronic stress has negative consequences in our lives which we are seeing a lot more nowadays. Knowing how to manage stress how you can lower it down when you are in tough situations help you react better and make better choices.

We all talk about health and fitness and we workout every day or at least 5 days to stay healthy and while this is a great way to keep our body healthy we also need to train our mind and make sure it stay focused on what we want and avoid all negative thoughts, the way you can train your mind is with meditation.

Meditation has a lot of benefits for your health, physical and mental. It reduces tension, anxiety, worry, fear and thanks to this it helps you lower stress. It also helps you reduce and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions, focus on the present moment so that you can enjoy more every single moment you spend with friends and family, it keeps you calm and patience helping you think and have more control over stressful situations.

If you think about the mind-body connection and how being harmony is key to creating the life you want to live you´ll agree with me that you need to know how to keep everything working together and in harmony. Meditation is one of the ways to do it.

It has been practice for thousands of years in almost all countries and religions knowing that our thoughts play a really important part of the life we´re living. The fast pace times we´re living right now and considering that most of us spend most of our lives with chronic stress meditation is the best tool you can use to lower stress, stay calm and focused on positive things.

Negative thoughts keep our mind focused on the worst things that could happen to us in any situation so one way you can use meditation to lower stress is by eliminating negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

One of the reasons why it has become a go-to for many people is because you need nothing to do it and it can be done anywhere. If you don´t like to do it laying down or sitting in some Yoga positions you can do it by taking a walk. You can schedule 10 minutes of your day to meditate or you can do it whenever you are in a difficult situation, all it takes is a couple of minutes to lower your heart beat, reduce tension and stay calm and relax.

Taking everything personal and giving more attention and priority to things that are not that important also increases stress, we spend too much time focusing our attention in things we can´t do anything about and things that are not that important. Meditation helps you focus your energy and attention on things that do matter while taking all the other stuff out of the way, when this happens you are able to think better and get better results and what´s more important for you without over thinking and staying in a more positive attitude.

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How reducing social media can help you reduce stress

09 How reducing social media can reduce stress

Even when I consider social media to be a great tool to connect with people all around the world it can be the biggest distraction for some of us.

Social media has become like a drug and the way it mess with your brain cause mental problems, it has become the biggest distraction and is highly related to stress.

How much time of your day do you spend on social media? You may go to Facebook to say happy birthday to a friend or family and you stay glued to the news feed when you realized one hour has passed. They are a big distraction and the biggest reason why you can´t get things done.

Social media is a great way to stay connect with people all around the world and it´s an amazing tool to share ideas the problem comes when it is overused which is what happens nowadays. We spend so much time on social media that we forget to give the attention needed to the people around us.

Relationships are highly important in our lives and they have changed completely with social media. It has become our way to deal with stress, every time we feel down, sad, depressed, anxious we take our phone and share a picture of us with filter to get likes because getting likes and comments make us feel good but if we don´t receive the many likes or comments in the next few seconds we start to freak out thinking nobody likes us, we´re not cool enough, there´s something wrong with us.

The reason we share pictures or videos in social media is to gain attention, we´re all looking for attention and to feel accepted, so the moment we share something and we don´t get the attention we were looking for we get anxious. We start looking for reasons why we didn´t get the attention so we compare ourselves with other accounts which make us feel like we are not good enough. This creates a lot of pressure and stress by trying to please everyone else and not being yourself. Here we need to understand that we can´t compare ourselves with anyone else because they´ve not been through what we´ve been through and also realize that many post on social media are photoshopped or use filters so they are not sharing with us their reality.

Companies and even guys all over any social media show you what they want you to see, not their reality so you think that their lives are amazing which in most cases is not true. So you start feeling worthless, that feeling of not being worth enough and not deserving everything you want in life cause anxiety and depression so if you are dealing with real problems in your life and you turn to social media to get attention it will only make the problem worse.

Also most of us use social media to share our thoughts about certain product, service, company, politics and specially to criticize, blame or talk bad about something that went wrong in our day. This creates and endless stream of stress. As you go through your feed you´ll see that a lot of the information is negative, negative news and negative information sell more because it creates fear. People tend to talk about negative stuff more than about positive stuff but seeing all this negative things keep you on a negative state of mind which brings negativity to your life.

Social media is connecting us with people far from us but it´s disconnecting us from the ones in front of us. There´s nothing wrong with social media if you use it the right way and if you have control.

Now, what you can do is very simple, reduce the time you spend in social media the way you can do this is by giving you tasks with time frames, if you have an important task to do set a goal for yourself to not get into any social media until you finish it or if it´s too long then don´t use social media for one hour. When you start any activity, the more time you can remain focused on it the better results you will get and the faster you´ll get it done, depending on the activity you may need to take a couple of minutes of rests, it can be around every 60 or 90 minutes of work and focus and take 5 to 15 minutes of rest or small distractions you can control.

The best option and what works great for many people is to set specific hours of the day for social media and don´t take more than 10 minutes in all of them, you can take 30 minutes of your day and divide those into 10 minutes in the morning and 20 at night or 10 in the morning, 10 at lunch and 10 at dinner.

When you reduce time on social media you have more time to actually focus on your day, your activities and live your life without paying too much attention to what others are doing. Don´t try to please everyone else just be you and don´t compare yourself to anyone else, we all have our own stories so make your story the best it can be.

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How our jobs are making us sick

24 How our lifestyle is making it harder

We´ve all heard that we need to get a 9 to 5 job and live for the pay check until we retire. For most of us this jobs are creating so may health problems.

Doing something you don´t like is stress, if you have a 9 to5 job and you don´t like what you do you´re living with stress plus the stress that comes from dealing with coworkers, your boss and a lot of work you need to do. That job is not only making you fat but also killing you and the reason is not that you spend most of the time in a desk job and you´ve become more sedentary (yes it´s part of some the pounds you´ve gained but not all). Stress is what´s causing most of the problems.

What I´ve seen is that most people is so worried on being fired that they spend most of their time thinking and focused on all the job they haven´t finished, the meetings, the problems with coworkers, their bosses never like what they do so they never have time for themselves.

The truth is your company or the place you work is not interested in you or your health, they´re interested in the money and numbers. This creates fear and worry in all employees which create terrible work environments. Those 9 to 5 jobs are long hours of high demanding effort that make us feel overwhelmed. 

If the environment you work in is toxic, negative and stressful this is what creates most of the problems, you may be doing something you don´t like but you like the place where you work, you feel comfortable with what you do, the relationship with your boss and coworkers is great so you are actually doing great. Even if you don´t like what you do or you would prefer to do something different you still wake up every morning excited to get to your job because you like the environment. If you like what you do but the your coworkers are always making fun of you, you´re being bullied, the relation with your boss is terrible it seems that he hates everything you do you are under too much stress even if you like what you do. If you like what you do and you like the place where you work then you are in paradise. It´s so hard to find a job that you actually love doing and that you love the work place and environment, where you have great relation with your boss and coworkers.

If you have so much things to do you´re focused the entire day on your job even when you are out of the office you are still thinking on all the things you need to get done, it´s like if you were a prisoner, you arrive on time and don´t go out for lunch you even work double shift, your boss watch every move, and don´t forget the time you spend to go from your home to your job and back again every single day.

If it´s not enough all the stress caused every day at the office you get home and you are worried about how you´re going to make it through the next pay check or the fear of being fired cause lack of sleep which increase cravings for unhealthy foods, you can´t focus on the task at hand, you´re not motivated, etc. And what most of us do? We give in to stress, since we were kids we´ve seen our moms, dads and almost every one living like this so we think it´s normal and that´s how we´re meant to live.

We know from other posts about the effects stress have on health by triggering certain hormones and neurotransmitters. Now this is how sitting in a desk job is also a problem, most of us have unhealthy habits so if your coworkers have bad eating habits chances are you´ll follow their lead so you go and grab something from the vending machine and if you have time for lunch you may get fast or processed food, if you don´t have time you´ll stick with the vending machine. So yes you are more sedentary, you spend most of your time sitting, when you need to go to another floor you take the elevator and you eat almost unhealthy food. Even when this is a problem if you can manage stress you´ll be able to react in a more positive way in your day and you can start changing this negative habits for good ones.

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How stress and junk food cravings are related

07 stress and junk food

Have you ever wonder why is it harder for you to avoid sweets, junk and foods high in sugar when you are stressed out? You are not alone, this happens to almost all of us but don´t freak out there are some tools you can use to reduce this cravings.

Most of the times when you have cravings specially for sweets and highly process foods full of sugar you are stressed out and it´s hard to control them and a couple minutes later you´re done with the entire bag of cookies or chocolate that was in front of you. You feel great for a couple of hours but then before you realize it you have cravings again, this is a vicious cycle and it´s tough to stop it.

We´ve seen in posts before that stress increases cortisol and reduces neurotransmitters that make you feel good like serotonin. When you eat junk and processed foods full of sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals the contrary occurs, this foods reduces cortisol and triggers the neurotransmitters in your brain that make you feel good. This is why when you eat them and sometime after you feel good but hours later you feel down again, stressed out, anxious and you have cravings again. This is just part of the problem.

When you are under stress your body needs energy in case you need to run (the fight-or-flight response) this can increase your hunger and stress triggers a hormone called ghrelin which control your appetite so you will have cravings specially for foods high in sugar which are the best source of fast energy that your body “needs” in that moment. Finally, stress also affects sleep, a lack of good quality sleep also increase cravings and makes it almost impossible to avoid unhealthy foods.

So if you think about it what our body is doing is what it is supposed to be doing, it is reacting to stress so it needs to be ready to save you, it needs a lot more energy so you have cravings for unhealthy foods and it stops unnecessary systems in your body. The problem is that we have a constant flow of stress day in and day out.

Most of us live with chornic stress and some of the ways we use to deal with it is by smoking, drinking, comfort food and social media which causes a lot more problems. We´ve all have difficult times in life and on a daily basis we need to deal with the teacher that don´t understand us, the kids that spend most time bullying us, the boss that hate us and never likes our job, coworkers who make our job harder, all the work and projects we need to finish, the bad relation we have we family or friends and our financial situations but the way we deal with all this is what makes all the difference.

Now, there´s another problem, every time you eat highly processed foods full of sugars, fats and chemicals the reward and pleasure center of your brain is triggered so you feel great for a period of time and sometime later this same foods make you feel depressed, anxious and you may feel guilty for eating them, you may get anxious and angry for not being able to avoid them which creates more stress.

This are some tools you can use to lower stress and keep cravings in check. Exercise is my go to, it has a lot of benefits but related to lowering stress it triggers endorphins that make you feel good and improve mood, this is why you may don´t want to hit the gym but after you´re done with your workout you feel great.

Another way to stop cravings is to keep hunger in check, if you eat highly processed foods full of sugar and chemicals you tend to be hungry most of the time, having meals high in simple carbohydrates and low in fats won´t keep you full for a long period of time so what you can do is increase healthy fats in your meals, avocado is a great option and use olive oil to cook. Also add foods high in fiber, this will keep you satiated for a longer period of time and it will reduce cravings.

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How stress and hormones are related

05 stress and hormones

The effects of stress can be very damaging in our entire body and it has a direct impact in your hormones making it harder for you to achieve any fitness goal and causing health problems.

When it comes to health, fitness, looking for programs or strategies you can follow to live a better life I haven´t seen someone giving the right attention to stress. For weight loss nutrition and exercise are always the key, for health problems it´s very common to look at the symptoms and go from there, we need to go deeper and find the cause in most cases our lifestyle is the cause of many diseases and stress plays a big part.

What happens when you are in an stressful situation or any moment that can be consider dangerous your body activates the “fight-or-flight” response which means that your hypothalamus located in your brain starts a series of functions to help you survive that situation, it sends signals that triggers cortisol and andrenaline. Adrenaline increases your heart rate and energy, cortisol increases sugar in the bloodstream.

When you are stressed out your body stops certain functions in your body to deal with that stress, your body needs a lot of energy in those moments, that energy comes in the form of glucose or carbohydrates which are the fastest form of energy so by stopping certain unnecessary functions your body makes sure that is has all the energy it needs but you are more prone to get sick and when this is sustain for a long period of time diseases start to appear.  Along with the functions your body stops it also blocks some neurotransmitters like serotonin which makes you feel good.

With chronic stress the “fight-or-flight” response keeps going and never stops while the functions on your body that are stopped remain that way, this is when health and mental problems begin. With chronic stress which is what most of suffer some functions and systems of our body remain turned off which makes us prone to diseases.

If cortisol levels remain high for long periods of time which is what happens with chronic stress, mental health problems like depression, anxiety and even suicide increases because it affects certain areas of your brain that control mood. When you are stressed out you may get angry more often and you tend to be more aggressive.

Since cortisol increases blood sugar if it remains high for long periods of time it may cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Being insulin resistant means that your body is not able to use carbohydrates efficiently so your body will store them as fat in your belly.

For people with diabetes it is harder to maintain blood glucose levels under control, even watching a terror movie or getting in a roller coaster can make glucose to get out of control. When you are experiencing emotions like fear, anxiety, tension, anger your body is reacting to an stressful situation. This is the result of your body releasing adrenaline and cortisol your body use glucose for energy but in people with diabetes their bodies can´t convert that glucose into energy so it stays in the bloodstream causing blood glucose to raise for a prolonged period of time.

So it´s not only about losing weight it´s about health, our lifestyle is killing us people in the industry focus on symptoms and treat symptoms but if we focus on the cause everything changes. Chronic stress is one of those causes and combined with bad habits create an unhealthy lifestyle. Everything we share in this website are tools to help you develop good habits and live a better life based on a healthy lifestyle.

Talking about hormones can get very complex and it´s impossible to get deeper in just one post so I´ll be sharing with you more information in separated posts trying to keep it as simple as possible, our goal with this website is that you understand how things work and give you tools or strategies you can start using today.

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How stress impacts our fitness results

04 how stress impact our fitness result

The negative effects or stress impact all areas or our lives and also our fitness goals making it almost impossible to get lean and stay lean.

We´ve seen that stress has a lot of negative effects on health, physical and mental but I´ve seen people who still don´t consider its impact on fitness, they´re doing “everything” right and for some reason they just can´t lose weight and keep it off.

You may be following a healthy nutrition program with the right macro nutrient ratios and calories to give your body nutrients, energy and sustain your weight loss goal; you are doing resistance workouts 4 days a week and the other 3 cardio; your mindset is right you are focused on your goal by using tools like meditation and visualization but you are not sleeping enough or your sleep is not good quality and you don´t even think stress is important so you don´t work on managing it.

Or they find it difficult to make the right choices at every meal, they don´t have the motivation to workout out, they´re not sleeping well and it´s almost impossible to follow any fitness program.

Weight loss has a lot to do with hormones, we need to manipulate certain hormones in a good way to help us achieve our goals. There are two hormones that are important; insulin and cortisol. Insulin is the fat making hormone and cortisol is the stress hormone if this two hormones are high you won´t lose weight.

Since cortisol is the stress hormone this means that every time you get stressed your body releases cortisol to keep you safe but if stress has become part of your life it means that cortisol is high so your body is not working properly because it turned off some functions to deal with daily stressful situations. Some symptoms are feeling tired, overwhelmed, unmotivated and it causes headaches, digestive problems, inflammation but the way it stops your weight loss is the connection it has with insulin.

Our body cannot handle stress for long periods of time so if you have chronic stress, if you live the kind of life that most people do which is wake up, go to your 9 to 5 job and get back or you go to school but in both cases you are dealing with stressful situations then your body is triggering cortisol all those times to deal with those situations which increases insulin.

If insulin is high your body won´t use stored fat for energy and it´s not efficient using carbohydrates either so almost all carbohydrates are going to get stored as fat, when cortisol is high your body uses sugar or carbohydrates for energy which are a more efficient source of energy instead of using fat. This makes it so hard for you to lose weight and stay lean.

The effects stress has on hormones is just one way it impacts your results, there are negative consequences you will face on your workouts like a lack of concentration; have you heard about mind-muscle connection? every time you workout you need to be focused on what you are doing and when you are stressed your mind keeps wandering on other unrelated stuff so you won´t be training with the intensity needed and in some cases it may cause injuries. Another point to consider is that it slows the recovery process, right after you finish your workout your body starts to recover and the more stressed you are the more time it will take for your body to recover.

In some of the posts I´ve written about fat loss I mentioned that the hardest part of any fat loss program is managing stress if you don´t find ways to lower it you won´t get the results you want. You may have a lot of willpower and you stick to the nutrition and workout program or you won´t be able to stick to it.

Stress affects negatively your sleep and it creates cravings specially for sweets and refined carbohydrates,  you tend to be in a bad mood which keeps you away from the mindset you need to be, all this creates a negative cycle and you need to be really patient and take one step at a time to start changing habits and adopt tools that help you lower stress and stay more calm and relax in tough times so that you can think and make the right choices.

Now, even when stress can impact negatively your fitness goals specially if you are working really hard to lose fat and at some level for gaining lean muscle mass, exercise is a great way to manage stress.

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How to manage stress

06 How to manage stress

Stress is one of the causes of a many health and mental problems we´re dealing nowadays, since most of our time we´re dealing with stressful situations and it´s become part of our life we need to know how to manage and lower it.

In school, job, family, neighbors, traffic, sleep there are always situation that can be highly stressful, in some cases we´re so use to them that we´ve learnt to live with chronic stress and we think it´s normal.

Many diseases nowadays are related to high levels of stress for a long period of time or what´s called chronic stress so considering that in many cases it can be hard to avoid those situations we need to learn how to react or handle them and how to manage stress to avoid most negative effects on our health physically and mentally.

Knowing where stress come from makes it easier for you to manage it, if you can avoid certain people or environments that are not only stressful but also negative . In some cases it will be easy to identify what caused stress; losing your job, problems at school, being bullied, relationship problems with family or a loved one, a break up, losing someone. This are all events that trigger stress and are easy to recognize. Daily stress can be caused by working too hard, dealing with a boss and coworkers that don´t seem to care about you, being bullied at school, traffic from home to your job or school and back again, not having enough time to do what you need to do, financial problems. We´ve learned to live with this daily stress and we think it´s normal but it´s not, we need to know how to manage it.

One way to manage stress is with meditation, every morning when you wake take some time to meditate, 5 minutes is enough if you like it you can do it for 20 or 30 minutes. If you want to keep it simple you can find a place where no one will disturb you, sit straight and close your eyes. Start breathing deeply, breath in…breath out… focus on your breath, now focus your attention on every muscle of your body and relax them from your feet all the way up. Let go all negative emotions, thoughts and feelings, all worries and fears and focus on your goals, who do you want to be? what do you want to achieve and imagine yourself getting over any obstacle. Now visualize yourself being who you want to be and feel that emotion as strong as possible. Now focus on your breath once again and slowly open your eyes. This is the end of a small and simple meditation, everyone has its own way to meditate so you´ll need to find out what works for you.

Another way to manage stress is to stop trying to please everyone and don´t care about what people say and think of you, we spend so many time thinking about what people say and think of us that we don´t enjoy what we´re doing, we also spend too much time trying to please everyone just to feel accepted that we lose sense of who we are. All this puts pressure on ourselves that end in stress.

Another great way to manage stress is with exercise, any type of physical activity will help you lower stress. Exercise improves mood, lower symptoms of depression and anxiety and it can help you sleep. It also increase the production of endorphins which make you feel good. This is why you finish your workout you feel great, with more confidence and it´s easier to stay focus and in a positive attitude the rest of your day.

Another way to manage stress is following a healthy nutrition program, what you eat also affect your mood so if you are stressed out and you eat junk and processed foods you will feel worse, instead focus on eating meals cooked with real, fresh ingredients. This way you are able to eat almost any dish and you are giving nutrients to your body without all the excess sugar and chemicals.

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