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An easy way to reduce stress

20 An easy way to reduce stress

Finding ways to reduce stress will help us be more productive throughout our day which leads to better results and accomplish our goals faster. We all need to realize that we´re living a fast paced world where everything in instantaneous, we want results immediately and everyone is watching our moves, social media can be really dangerous when we talk about stress.

The more tools we can use to lower and avoid stress the better we´re going to live. The points we´re going to see in this post are easier said than done but once you apply them you´ll see that you feel a lot better and that you left a lot weight behind.

1.- Realize that you can´t control everything

2.- Don´t focus on what you can´t control

3.- Focus on the things you can control

Realizing and accepting that many things in our life are out of our control, in many cases we can´t avoid them, I focus on this because we paid too much attention and focus to stuff like traffic, the weather, natural disasters, other people thoughts and actions, the economy of your country, prices going up.

We spend too much time thinking about this and other stuff that we can´t control, it´s not in our hands and the only thing it does is increase our stress, it keep us preoccupied and worried so knowing and accepting that there´s nothing we can do about it will take so much pressure from our lives.

Some of us want to be in total control of people and situations thinking at the more control we have over everything the better the results and the less chances of making mistakes but this is impossible, even when many of those situations are going to impact your life the only thing you can do is accept that they´re out of your control and if they are going to have an impact in your life find ways to make them work for you.

If you are the kind of guy who still keeps thinking that there´s something you need to do about those situations you can find ways to avoid them, for example with traffic you can get 10 minutes earlier to avoid some of that traffic.

With weather and natural disasters there´s nothing we can do, we can´t prevent them the only thing that help is knowing what to do during and after the event is what´s going to help us.

Letting go of the things we can´t control reduce our worries, anxieties and responsibilities. The best thing we can do is focus on what we can control, there´s always something we can control and something we can do to live the way we want to live. If there´s something you can´t control but that will affect you in any way find out what you can do to use that to your favor or what can you do so that it doesn´t affect you  in a negative way.

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How we react to stressful situations is key

19 How we react to situations is key

We all live stressful situations, sometimes life gets though and the only thing we can do is figure out how to get through those moments in a way that help us grow and with the best positive outcome, for this to be positive the way we react is key.

In negative situations if we react to them negatively it can lead to anxiety and depression not only stress, we are all living under pressure and with chronic stress and negative environments make everything worse. We never know when we´re going to be in a completely negative and hard situation so we need to know what to do to keep us in the present moment and be able to figure out strategies that can help us get the best result.

When we are under stress we tend to react to the situation which only makes the problem worse and we make terrible decisions. In many cases things end the worst way possible and the  cause of that is the way we reacted to the situation, our mind is amazing at helping us create the worst case scenarios so we get anxious, at those moments we can´t think clearly and the choices we make are based on anxiety, stress and fear when we let those emotions control our decisions we make the worst.

We need to learn to control how we react or how we respond to those situations and we also need to control our emotions, the problem is that this goes on in our subconscious, is a habit, we don´t stop to think what is the best way to react it only happens but we change this by taking control.

The first thing we need to do is stay calm in the middle of negativity, stress, chaos, it may not be possible to walk away from it so you need to know how to calm your mind and body.

Here are some techniques you can use:

1.- Breathing techniques.- When we are in a stress full situation our heart rate increases, adrenaline increases, we are more alert. Stop for a moment and take some deep breathes to calm down, focus on your breathe and take your mind to the present moment, to this for a couple of minutes and then make decisions.

2.- Think positively.- Don´t let your mind start creating all kind of negative outcomes, instead take control of your mind and think of every positive outcome you can imagine and figure out ways to achieve those outcomes.

3.- Take time.- Do not make decisions when you are living though times, if you can take a couple of hours before you decide, in those hours meditate or do some breathing exercises, physical activity also helps.

Controlling the way you respond takes time, and you won´t be able to change it from one day to another, you need to start with small steps every day, we all get angry or annoyed even with small situations we live every single day while driving, in the supermarket. When you are in any situation that stress you just stop and take a deep breath, don´t make the issue bigger than it actually is.

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How positivity lowers stress

18 How positivity lowers stress

It´s normal nowadays to spend most of our time focusing on negativity, almost all news are negative, in school and our jobs we pay more attention to the negative than the positive, this is because we are programmed to survive so our brains are more interested on that information so find ways to keep us alive but this create a cycle of negative thoughts and negative self-talk which increases stress in our lives.

All of us have lived some amazing moments full of positivity, have you ever wonder how everything gets better at least for a period of time? When we are in a positive state we attract more positive stuff to our lives, we are enjoying the moment and our mind is completely present.

I think you already know how negative thinking and negative self-talk increases stress. We´ve all been in negative situations and we´ve all lived moments of stress and in those moments our brain starts creating an unlimited chain of negative thoughts with everything that could go wrong and in just a couple of minutes we are more stressed out and anxious thanks to the situation and our negative and pessimistic thoughts made it worst.

Positive thinking doesn´t means that you keep repeating positive affirmations or that you try to ignore any negative situation you are in, what positivity means is that you see and focus on the positive aspects of every situation, even in the worst situations you try to find out a positive outlook.

Our thoughts have an impact on our health so if we want t olive a better life we need to start thinking more positively and see the positive in every situation, some health benefits of living a positive life are:

1.- Lower stress.- When we focus on the positive Outlook we reduce our anxiety and we start thinking on positive results and ways we can solve the issue, we´re focused on what could go right and find ways to make those right results.

2.- Lower anxiety.- When we focus on the positive side web ring our brain to the present moment, we are aware of what´s going on and we look for ways to get the best positive result so our brain stop creating negative results.

3.- Lower depression.- In most cases our brain create negative future results based on past experiences, when we focus on a positive result we stop our brain from taking information from the past and focus on getting the best positive result.

4.- Physical health and well-being.- When we live and focus in the positive we are raising our frequency and vibration which makes us feel more alive and help us make better choices through the day that keep us healthy, we find it easier to eat healthy meals, we have more energy and motivation to exercise.

Positivity is a lifestyle, you need to make positivity part of your life by keeping positive thoughts the entire day and making sure that your self-talk is positive. Being kind with everyone around you is also part of a positive lifestyle, practicing gratitude every day will also keep you in that positive state.

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How trying to please everyone increases stress

17 How trying to please everyone increases stress

I see it every single day, most of us try to please everyone around us as a way to fit in but we´re only hiding ourselves, we´re locking our potential and the key that brings to life our uniqueness.

We are all looking for attention, for approval and to feel loved, to feel cared this is normal but when we really on this too much the consequences can impact our health physically and mentally. Some of us lean too much on the opinions of others and we want desperately everyone around to like us and this is when trying to please everyone becomes a huge problem.

We are all different, we are all unique and when we look for someone else´s approval to fit in our real selves die piece by piece.

Looking for approval and attention from everyone around can come from insecurities and they can take blame for others even when others hurt them. Low confidence, low self-esteem and insecurities are often the trigger for trying to please others, the need of attention, approval and the feeling of belonging becomes their priority without realizing that first you need to love yourself, take care of yourself first

Trying to please everyone every time increases stress and anxiety because we are so worried about fitting in, about what others are going to say about us, we keep thinking on saying and doing the right thing, you are so focused on being someone else, someone who fits in a certain group that you forget to be yourself.

There some things that happen when you please everyone and one of them is that you become easily manipulative, when people notice that they can take advantage of you they will take advantage of you and the reason why you accept, say yes or agree to what they´re asking is because you know they´re going to let you in and be part of a group.

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to always be worried about what to say and what to do so that you can fit in and the others accept you, you try to say what they want to hear for the most part but people sense this, when people find out that you are telling them what they want to hear and you are not being true or honest you are seen as less trustworthy so people stop trusting you.

When you try to please everyone at some point you will fail, it´s impossible to please everyone, we can´t make every single person around us like us, once you understand this it will be easier to accept yourself and be you.

In most cases people respect others when they´re being true, when they are congruent and when they are confident, this doesn´t mean that everyone will like you but by being yourself you´ll find the ones who like you and love you for who you are, you win trust and respect from them and you feel a lot more free.

People how are overweight or obese deal with this a lot but it can happen to any, if you are dealing with this the first thing you need to do is stop looking for approval and attention, stop pleasing everyone and make a commitment to work on yourself, take care of yourself first and start making some changes to your lifestyle to help you increase your confidence and self-esteem and lower your insecurities.

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How relationships increase stress

16 How relationships increase stress

All of us need to deal at some points in our lives with toxic people, people that make us feel bad, people who spend most of their time blaming others for their circumstances, criticizing and complaining. If we don´t know how to control our emotions this people will increase our stress.

Socializing with people that affect you emotionally in a negative way have a negative impact on our health, if we are worried and we need to think about what to say to the guy who are talking with because if we say the wrong things the other person will create a whole conflict that could end

We all need other people in our lives, everything is based on relationships, we may need them as a mentor, as clients, team members, they may be our coworkers, teachers, bosses or classmates so we need to understand people and know how to deal with them so that when we know that someone is negative or toxic we know how to handle it the right way so that it doesn´t affect us.

How many times have you fought with someone when it was just a misunderstanding? that fight could have been avoided, how many times have you avoided someone because he or she criticized you, made fun of you or bullied you? this can have very negative impacts in some cases leading to depression, anxiety and even suicide.

How many times when you were stressed or anxious you over eat, binge and take food as your way out because you didn´t have someone you can count on, someone you trust enough to talk too?

We all need to feel safe in the environment we´re at, if it´s at school we need to feel safe, we need to know that the people around (classmates and teachers) are there to support us, to help us grow and to lead our path. If it´s at word we need to feel safe, we need to feel that our job matters, that we´re making a difference.

If at school we´re worrying about what others are going to say of us, trying to go unnoticed so no one make fun of us, if at work we spend most of the time worried of being fired and we know that the boss is more interested on the numbers than on the people this will increase our stress. When we´re living with moments like this every day our body is in a constant alert phase.

We also need to have someone we can count on on those though moments of life, we need to have someone we can talk to, saying what we feel and what we think to others knowing that they won´t judge us in any way relief stress from our body.

When talking about goals there are some steps we can all take to avoid misunderstandings and fights that can lead to bigger problems:

1.- If you know that someone is not going to support you with your goal do not tell them.

2.- When someone tell you that you won´t achieve your goal for any reason, do not take their comments personal.

3.- If you know someone who spends most of their time blaming, criticizing and complaining avoid them.

4.- Whenever you are in  a social environment positive or negative try to understand people, try to figure out why they think the way they think and why they react the way they do.

In most cases what people say to you and how they react is the result of what they´ve lived, it doesn´t mean that you are wrong, is a reflection of themselves so the best thing to do is to not get emotionally attached to the comments and do not take them personal, when you are able to do this the negative comments won´t affect you as much.

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How breathing can help us lower stress

15 Breathing technique to reduce stress

Nowadays we´re living in a fast paced world, we can have a lot of things just by come clicks from our cell phone or computer, we change the channel in the tv with a control remote without the need to stand up and we can actually have control of our house with a control remote or with an app on our smart phone.

We are running all day to arrive on time to work or school, to finish all the projects, we have meals on the go, we don´t have good quality sleep and with all this going on we need to stop for a moment and take some time for ourselves.

Breathing is a tool that can give us amazing benefits instantly, breathing cleans and balance our entire body, it releases tensions from our body and muscles and takes us to a calm and relax state. Here are some benefits of breathing:

1.- Cleans our body.- When we breathe deeply all systems of our body get in balance and start working properly and it helps our body get rid of toxins that are causing problems.

2.- Oxygen improves.- Breathing deeply relax our body and this helps oxygen moves through every cell of our body including our brain.

3.- Your mood improves.- Breathing techniques releases endorphins that make us feel good so we feel more positive.

4.- Release tension.- It helps release tension from our muscles.

5.- Improves our systems.- When we´re breathing deeply oxygen flows throughout our body which enriches all cells and help the entire systems absorb nutrients.

6.- Improves focus and concentration.- Since oxygen flows a lot better throughout or body our brains also gets more oxygen and that improves your concentration and focus.

We all need to find tools that help us reduce stress and makes those tools a daily ritual or habit and breathing must be one of those tools. Breathing is everything it can help you turn the most stressful situation and the most negative feelings into a calm state of body and mind and help you let go of all the negativity turning it into positive.

Taking some time each day it could be in the morning or at night to breathe helps us get better sleep and have a better day plus all the positive effects we get in the long run are worth it. You don´t need to be an expert you can start by lying in the floor, close your eyes and take a deep breath, then slowly letting air in and out and focus on those long breathes, there are so many amazing breathing techniques you can find so as always if you´ll need to find the one that is right for you, the one you feel more comfortable doing.

We can see the benefits of this instantly but you need to do any breathing exercise for at least 5 minutes, your body needs time to release tension and your mind also needs time to change focus from all thoughts and worry of your life to the breathing exercise.

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Stress and mental health

14 Stress and mental health

For all of us stress has become part of our lives, we think that those high levels of stress are normal and that´s how we´re supposed to love. This is completely false, chronic stress has been increasing throughout the years and even when short periods of stress are healthy our body gets to a point where it can´t manage stress anymore and most of us are in that point.

Stress is a big problem in mental health, it is more than enough the fact that we spend most of our time worrying about finances and how are we going to make through the next paycheck and how are we going to pay the bills and all the work we still have whether it´s for school or our job and we´re going to arrive late to school, the office or back home because of the traffic.

We have a huge problem if we talk about minorities, those who for any reason are bullied get a tougher time, if your classmates or coworkers make fun of you, of the teachers instead of helping and listening to you blame you for not being “smart enough” according to them, if your boss criticize your work and is disrespectful all this have a negative impact on your emotional health.

There are some people that don´t matter what they here or what they´ve been told all those words and comments do not affect them, it´s so easy for them to ignore and not give importance to comments that can affects them in a negative way but not all of us are able to do this, it´s actually the contrary most of us are really interested and paying attention to what others think and say of us, any comment can affects us negatively and the ones from our boss, coworkers, teachers or classmates if they´re too often can make us feel like failure, like we´re not worthy, like we don´t deserve anything good and that no one cares and when this believes combine with other situations they lead to mental problems like depression and anxiety.

Social media also increases stress and can lead to depression and anxiety, we´re all looking for attention and some of us post pictures or videos on any social media and if we don´t see the likes coming we feel like we´re not good enough or something´s wrong with us. Do not try to please everyone, we are all unique so share your uniqueness with the world.

This is why we need to pay attention and be careful to what we say and what we say to everyone around us, even the smallest reaction or answer can have a positive or negative impact in someone, everyone of us is dealing with their own problems and it cost us nothing to be kind with everyone around us, one positive word can completely change the life or someone.

Some symptoms of depression are fatigue, sleep problems whether they sleep too much or not enough, their appetite change, feelings of worthlessness, they can´t concentrate and make decisions, they don´t finish projects, activities that they loved now seem to be uninteresting, feelings of self-hate, guilt, miserable.

Some symptoms of anxiety are biting their fingernails, tapping their feet, sweaty palms, lack of patience.

In some cases it is easy to identify some of this symptoms and even be able to recognize which event triggered them, we´ve all been through this and how we cope with it is key be able to control it but if the problem is huge we need to talk to someone, this is when having good meaningful relationships are essential, having someone in who we can count on and someone we trust is key.

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Signs of stress on your body

Signs of stress on your body

I like to spend some time watching people when I´m out in the mall, at a restaurant or any other public space, I also like to listen to people close to me, I´m interested in them as much as I´m interested in you. What I see is that most of us are dealing with too much stress in our lives, we have some symptoms but we don´t know they are related to chronic stress.

Here are some of the signs you need to be aware of:

1.- Acne.- This is a big one for me, when I was in school and in one of my jobs I was really stressed out for almost everything, all the amount of work and projects, meetings, the teachers, the boss, the classmates and coworkers.

2.- Sleep problems.- When you are dealing with any situation that is so stressful you´ll find it harder to fall asleep, the quality of sleep will be bad and you don´t get enough sleep.

3.- Headaches.- High levels of stress can cause headaches, migraines and pain in the neck and shoulders.

4.- Mental issues.- Depression and anxiety are related to stressful situations, even when mental problems can be triggered by many factors, people who are dealing with them can get worse with stress.

5.- Muscle tension.- Have you ever felt your body and muscles so tense and the next day you feel like all your body hurts, this is caused by stress.

6.- Digestive issues.- In some of us when we´re under stress and time after it we can have some digestive issue like constipation, feeling bloated or diarrhea.

7.- Changes in mood.- Feeling angry, easily irritated, frustrated, overwhelmed are emotional signs of stress.

This are some of the most common signs of symptoms of stress in our body and most of us do not know and we do not pay attention to our body. When you become aware of this you can take action immediately and I´m not talking about taking an aspirin, I´m talking about taking some time for yourselves, even a few minutes to breathe and meditate can have a positive effect and lower the symptoms.

Being aware means that we need to pay attention and listen to our body and try to find out what causes a certain problem so that we can avoid it in the future. It takes time to learn to be aware and to listen to your body, we´re always focused on what´s happening outside of us and we rarely focus on how we feel inside until something´s wrong.

Also most of the times we treat the symptoms and not the cause, we´ve been used to this and whit this system we´re only lowering or eliminating the symptom which can gives us some relief for a short period of time but in the long run things just get worst causing more damage to our body.

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How exercise helps lower stress

How exercise helps lower stress

We all feel stress at some points in our lives, it´s normal what makes the difference is for how long you are under stress, our body can handle stress for short periods of time and it´s actually beneficial but when it´s constant like chronic stress which is how we live nowadays the consequences are terrible.

Each of us handle the effects of stress in different ways, some of those ways can be healthy and some of them are unhealthy, some people choose Tv, social media, alcohol, smoke or comfort food which are really bad options, one healthy option that improves stress a lot is physical activity.

Is not new that exercise and physical activity reduces stress, it´s actually the best tool you can use to lower the stress from your day, working out is great for our body, heart and mind and to give you a fast respond to why it is amazing is because it release endorphins that make you feel good.

I know that there are some of you who don´t like to workout and may thinking that is are all lies, here´s what happens. When you start doing exercise after a long period of time without any physical activity it will be hard and it is harder if you don´t like what you are doing. You are out of shape and exercise feel so hard and you need to put a lot of effort to finish the workouts but with time you get in better shape, the exercise don´t feel as hard and your self-confidence increases which makes everything easier.

The goal is to develop the habit of working out at least 30 minutes a day and do some activity you like doing, once you find that activity and develop the habit you´ll see how great you feel after your workout.

Here is a simple explanation of how exercise reduces stress. Stress increases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, this hormones keep you in a fight or flight state this is why you feel your heart rate up, you are ready in case you need to run. Exercise reduces those 2 hormones and releases endorphins that make you feel good this is why you feel so positive and optimistic after your workouts.

The benefits of exercise for lowering stress are short term, right after a workout you feel great and even during your workout you feel motivated and excited, you´ll see a more positive attitude and you´ll find yourself in a more positive mood but you want his to be part of your life so you need to be consistent and do some type of physical activity every day.

If your only goals with exercise is to reduce stress cardio training or aerobic exercises are the way to go, even taking a walk in the park can help a lot, bicycle, jump rope, swimming are also great options, kickboxing and boxing have become popular the benefits are amazing. The key is to find the activity that you love or at least like and the one you can have fun with.

If you are looking for a type of exercise that can help you reduce tensions in the muscles and that can calm your mind yoga is great, you need to be really present and focus on what you are doing on each exercise, the breathing techniques help you clear your mind and the exercises help you reduce tension and stress, all this combination makes it a great way to lower stress and focus on the present moment.

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How stress an diseases are related

stress and diseases

Our lifestyles are the cause of many health problems nowadays, physical and mental and stress is the one causing more damage to us. High levels of stress raise cortisol and it blocks functions in our body this is the reason why we get sick, we can see it when we live very stressful situations, at that moment we feel anxious, we feel our heart rate up and when it´s over it only takes some time for any disease to appear.

This are some diseases highly related to stress:

1.- Headaches.- Most headaches are caused by stress, have you ever stop stopped for a moment to think what caused that headache, a couple of hours before you lived a highly stressful situation or you may have a lot of things to do or you have a problem that you need to solve right now and suddenly the headache appears.

2.- Obesity.- Stress cause cortisol to raise and this causes our body to store fat specially in the belly.

3.- Diabetes.- One of the causes of diabetes is insulin which in most cases is triggered by unhealthy diets but when people with insulin problems and diabetes have high levels of stress their glucose levels raise which causes more problems.

4.- Mental problems.- Depression and anxiety are connected to chronic stress which can come from school or our jobs, how people treat us and how we respond can worsen the problem.

5.- Lack of sleep.- Insomnia, taking too much fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, not getting enough sleep they can all be caused by stress. If we have so many worries in our lives our body is tense and our mind is creating all kind of negative thoughts.

6.- Pain in the body.- If you ever had back or beck pain and you don´t know why it may be stress the one who caused it, tensions and stress increase inflammation and if you spend most time of your day sitting in the same position it limits your movements.

This are 6 of the most common and short term diseases that we all have suffered, this is where all begins and sadly it all can get worse including heart diseases, strokes, shorter lifespan.

We need to reduce stress in our lives and one of the ways to do it is by avoiding stressful environments the problem is that when those environments are places like school or your job is not that easy to avoid them, what we need to do in this case is find ways to manage and reduce that stress so that is doesn´t affect us that much and learn how to respond in some situation will be of help.

Lowering and managing stress is one of the hardest things to do but once you know how to do it you will have more control in any situations over your reactions and emotions.

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