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Stress and hormones


Chronic stress is toxic for our body and brain, we ask so much of our body when we don´t treat it the right way. How do we want it to function properly and to keep us healthy when we keep giving it toxins? From the food we eat, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and excessive amounts of stress.

I´ve mentioned before that chronic stress has a negative impact on our body and health, you can think about this type of stress as a toxin for your body and brain. Our body needs to be in balance, all hormones and system needs to be in sync if we want it to be at its best so that we can perform at our best. Chronic stress takes all hormones and systems of our body out of balance, it affects negatively the quality and quantity of sleep, it takes our gut out of balance, it can increase inflammation.

School and jobs can be really stressful, especially if you are bullied, if your classmates make fun of you, if your teachers don´t care about what´s happening and it´s worse when they don´t like your project and your work in general. We all spend too much time worrying, if we think about we all have a never ending list of things we can be worried about and they all makes us feel anxious and this leads to chronic stress.

We live in a very stressful world, we go through a lot of stressful situation during the day the problem is that this stressful situations are not life threatening, they are created by worries and anxiety, our mind is great at creating a whole scenario for every situation always presenting the worst outcome, the most negative results we can get and this triggers the stress response.

You may know by now that stress triggers a hormone called cortisol, it raises adrenaline when you have high levels of stress you have high levels of cortisol, when cortisol is elevated some systems stop working and other hormones get out of sync, it raises blood sugar, this how your body is supposed to react under stress to keep you alive.

One of the hormones that get out of sync is oxytocin. When cortisol is high oxytocin is low, oxytocin is the love hormone, it controls our behavior and interaction with other people. This may be one of the causes of relationship issues.

Lowering stress will not only improve your health, it may also improve your relationships so here are some steps you can take today to lower stress:

1.- Do not believe all negative thoughts that come to mind. Usually we tend to focus on the negative and think about the worse scenario so instead of focusing on the negative stay on the present moment and see the situation from a different perspective. Ask yourself what can go right and how can you achieve that positive outcome?

2.- Practice breathing exercises like mindful breathing and when you are under a stressful situation stop for a moment and take some deep breathes.

3.- Stop worrying about everything.

How you respond during stressful situations play a huge role on how they will impact you, having a more optimistic attitude and perspective is one way to keep stress low. Being in the present moment also helps it keeps you concentrated on reality on what´s really happening and avoid thinking about the future in a negative way. It´s about what´s really happening right now and what can you do to get a positive result. This is so hard to do because we´ve been surrounded by negativity so many years and we´ve let our mind take control, we´ve let our mind and body react instead of stopping and taking some time to breathe so that we are able to think consciously and make a better decision which lower stress in that moment and give you better results in the long run.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter if you have a long list of worries and if you let your mind react when you are under stress.

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The negative impact of chronic stress

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Stress is not always bad, it was created as a way to protect us and survive, we talked about stress some weeks ago so to keep it short and simple when you are in a very stressful situation you may feel your muscles tense, and your heartbeat increases. Stress releases cortisol in the body, some people know cortisol as the stress hormone. When you are under stress your body prioritize safety so it shots down the immune system to conserve energy, blood pressure raises, insulin resistance increases, the digestive and immune system stop working, increase inflammation. When you are in a stressful situation your body uses all the energy it has to keep you safe.

All this is good in short term but when this becomes chronic it leads to severe health problems, physical and mental. The huge problem is that we live under stress every single day. From everyday traffic, to our teachers and classmates or boss and coworkers to doing stuff you don´t like your stress levels are high so your body is not interested on keeping you healthy, it´s interested on survival.

Chronic insulin resistance can lead to diabetes, problems with the digestive system lead to gut issues that are the cause of other bigger problems including your brain, increased and chronic inflammation increase the risk of chronic diseases, high blood pressure leads to heart diseases. Some of these responses can also have an impact on your brain and can lead to serious problems like Parkinson and Alzheimer.

So many health experts are talking about stress and how a huge percentage of doctor’s visits are caused by stress. Chronic stress is causing a lot of health issues. We only need to think about how stress affects a lot of systems, hormones and functions in our body so it´s not hard to realize that it is the cause of health problems.

Since chronic stress has an impact on almost all the systems and hormones on our body, we need to consider that this creates a negative cycle. When you are highly stressed or worried it is harder for you to fall asleep and you tend to wake up at night, this poor sleep also affects negatively all the hormones and systems on your body leading to so many health problems and you can see it right the next day, you feel tired, you lack energy, you skip exercise, it is harder to eat healthy foods.

When this happen, your body is out of balance, it´s out of sync so it´s not working and functioning properly. This is why you need to focus on the 5 principles of fitness and it is why we´re sharing everything we know so that you can develop healthy habits so that your body is in sync and in balance.

Avoiding chronic is stress is key but, it´s actually impossible for must of us so what you can do is use tools that help you reduce it. Mindful breathing and mindful meditation are great tools and we talked about them last week. Living in the present, not believing every thought that comes to your mind are also strategies you can develop to help you keep stress low. Most of us work on a job doing something we hate, something we don´t like and this is one of the causes of chronic stress so doing something you love every single day lowers stress and improves your mood. It can be as simple as singing your favorite song, or dancing, reading one chapter of your favorite book, playing an instrument, practicing a sport, drawing, etc.

Also reducing the time you spend on social media and watching news will lower stress throughout the day, there´s no need to watch news all day long or to watch them in the morning, after and at night. With just one time and no more than 5 minutes is all you need to be up to date. With social media you don´t need to check it every 5 minutes, you are not losing anything so schedule a time to check it and you don´t need more than 30 minutes.

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Mindful breathing to reduce stress

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Stop and breathe! Take a deep breathe…

You´re going a thousand miles per hour every single day and as we´ve seen on other posts the way we´re leaving nowadays leads to chronic stress so just stop and take some minutes to breathe.

When you get stressed, when you feel anxious, angry one of the best things you can do is breathe. This may seam so simple and you may be wondering how this could work or you may be laughing thinking it doesn´t work but, the positive results you get are outstanding.

Various organs on our body can go for periods of time without blood flow but the neurons in our brain only survive a few minutes. When you are under stress or feeling anxious your body is tensed and you are breathing faster and even harder, this heavy breathing leads to a decrease in blood flow.

When you focus on your breathing and are aware of it you can take control of your brain and the stress and anxiety lowers, when this happens you make better decisions or choices you actually feel more in control of the situation.

Mindful breathing has benefits for all of us in all situations, you can make it part of your daily routine. The only thing you need to do is close your eyes, relax all your body and start breathing slowly, be aware of your breathe, take a deep breathe in and out. Mindful breathing and mindful meditation go hand in hand, with mindful breathing you are focusing on your breathe and with mindful meditation you focus your mind on the present moment. When you are being aware of your breathe and making it slow you are also concentrating on the present moment. There will be times when your mind starts to wander, when this happens the only thing you need to do is bring your mind back to your breathing.

Studies show that mindful breathing and mindful meditations improves your brain and body. It also keeps your entire body and brain working together, in sync. When our body and brain and all the systems on our body are working in sync then physical and mental health improves.

Here is what you can do every night before you go to sleep to reduce stress which will help you improve the quality and quantity of your sleep which lead to a better day and a better life if you do it constantly:

1.- Sit down on a comfortable chair or a couch, or the floor or lie in bed (do not fall asleep)

2.- Breathe slowly through your nose

3.- Hold your breathe for 1 or 2 counts

4.- Exhale slowly

5.- Repeat for 10 minutes

While you are doing this exercise make sure that you are focused and concentrated on your breathe, stop all your thoughts and worries during this 10 minutes and just focus on your breathing. You´ll find out that it´s hard to maintain concentration on your breathing, when this happen, when you catch your mind wandering and thinking other stuff just bring it back to your breathe. It will take time for you until can go through the 10 minutes completely concentrated on your breathe. The more you do this exercise, the easier it gets and the more benefits you get.

Doing this exercise before going to bed will lower the stress of the day but you can also do it when you are under a stressful situation, when you feel anxious, angry the problem here is to be aware and actively stop before we react and taking a couple of minutes and take 4 or 5 deep breathes. You need to do this consciously which is really hard because most of the time we are just reacting. The next time you feel anxious, angry or any negative emotion or you are leaving a negative situation remember to stop and breathe.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter if you´ve tried mindful breathing before and what you noticed. In case you haven´t tried it give the exercise I share a try for a couple of weeks and let me know the results and how you feel.

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The impact of your beliefs and thoughts about stress


When someone tells us that something is bad for us, that something has a negative impact in our lives and then we find a lot more people saying the same things then we believe it and with time it becomes part of our beliefs.

How many people that you know think that stress is bad for us? how many of them know what stress really is and the types?

Most of us confuse pressure and anxiety with stress and this is a huge problem because if we don´t know what´s the difference and we label all of them as stress then we won´t act the best way possible.

We think that stress is bad so we avoid it at all costs, if our boss assigns us a new project we feel pressure and probably get anxious and most of us label this as stress, some of us talk with a friend and tell them how stressed out we are thanks to that project because we don´t have all the knowledge or skills, we don´t know if we will finish it on time and we still have to continue with our normal job which means that we have double work.

This is how most of us think about a situation like that but it´s not our fault, we´ve been educated to think that way but if we take that same situation and think about is a challenge and get excited by it everything changes, we can think that our boss assigned us a new project because he believes in us he knows that we will deliver the best results possible and that we are capable to finish it, he knows we can learn the skills we need and apply them to the best of our abilities even though it´s something new and he gave us enough time to learn those new skills, apply them and make the best project we can.

If you think about it as learning something new, working on something new and proving yourself that you are capable of something big you start the project with a positive attitude which effects your entire journey through the project and the end results will be better compare to when you said to your friend that you are so stressed out because of the project and you didn´t know if you´re going to finish, in this case you´re already starting with a negative attitude and setting the road to barely finish the project (if you do finish) and the result won´t be the best.

How you think about the situation you´re in has an impact on your day and the project or activity you´re working on, just by changing your thoughts and beliefs you can have a complete different result, this is why practicing positivity or optimism improves your life, optimism is not only thinking positive thoughts, is about making the best out of any situation, what can I learn from this? how can this help me in the future? Your thoughts and beliefs play a big role on how you see your life and every situation you face every day, there´s a reason why positive people who always are smiling or focusing on the positive on everything seem to have better choices, better opportunities and live better, they´re simply attracting more positivity to their lives just by how they think.

If you learn to see anxiety as excitement then you will get better results and you won´t increase stress, the next time you find yourself in a situation that makes you anxious and you start feeling your heart rate increasing, your palms sweating think about it as your body getting ready and prepared for the situation to deliver the best performance.

So yes, stress can make us sick and even kill us as some people say if we let it, if we belief that stress is bad it will harm our body even the bad type of stress called chronic stress and if we use tools to lower this type of stress, after some time of using those tools consistently we will see improvements in how we feel and how we respond to those stressful moments in our day to day.

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How negative people increase stress


We´ve all been around negative people and maybe for some reason we end up feeling tired, angry, stressed and more negative.

Negative people spend a lot of time blaming everyone else for their situations and bad luck, they´re always complaining about everything that goes wrong in their lives, they criticize, blame and complain. Almost everything they do is negative, their perspective of life in general is negative which attracts more negative situations to their life so that they have something to complain.

Spending time with negative or toxic people have an impact on our health and life. We know that stress lowers our immune system so when we´re with negative people we can get angry,

If we are aware of our thoughts and emotions, we can actually feel how they change, we go from positive thoughts and uplifting emotions to negative thoughts and lower emotions. This can also alter our mood, our performance and productivity. Have you ever wondered why after spending some time with negative and toxic people you feel tired, you don´t feel like finishing what you were doing, like you need a break? We can see all this in the short term but the effects and impact on the long run.

When you spend time with negative and toxic people that get you angry and keep you in a negative mindset leads to chronic stress which is the type of stress that is bad and cause disease.

In most cases negative and toxic people spend most of the time worrying, blaming and playing the victim mentality, they see all situations from a negative perspective which leads to depression and anxiety. Being worried about what could happen and letting your mind create all negative scenarios keeps you closed minded, you are not able to find solutions to those situations that could be consider as challenges to help you grow. If we listen to this type of people we will start thinking and acting like them.

If we pay attention to how they live we can see that they have a very negative life or what can be considered mediocre of average, they blame, complain and worry of everything that happens to them so more negative situations keep happening to them so that they have something to talk about that goes according to their thoughts and emotions.

When you´re working on improving your mindset, when you want to get rid of the negative thoughts, believes and start developing a positive and optimistic mindset you need to realize that everything you see, hear and say has an impact on your mind. Negative and toxic people tend to talk about everything that´s going on wrong in their lives, they like to verbalize all their negativity and everything you say out loud has a greater impact than just thinking about it.

What you can do is first be aware of how you speak and what you say when you´re with someone else, if you find yourself talking about negative situations or just thinking about it from a negative perspective start changing it by finding something positive and mention it out loud. Some of them will look at you like what´s going on with you? Don´t you see all this negative stuff going on? But you just continue talking about the positive stuff.

Try to avoid this negative and toxic people as much as possible but, if you can´t because they´re classmates, teachers, friends, family realize that their perspective and view of life is not the same as yours, that´s their opinion. You don´t need to agree with all of them in everything they say. And more importantly, do not let their negative comments get into your mind.

Negative people in most cases don´t like to see other people succeeding, that´s one of the reasons why they´re stuck in an average level. When you talk about big ideas, innovation, big plans and what you´re doing to improve your life they will laugh at you, they won´t support you and they´ll even try to stop you or pull you down. You need to be really aware of whom you share your ideas with and also be mentally strong to not let any negative comment offend you.

If you´re dealing with a negative or toxic person and don´t know what to do or how to cope with them leave a comment down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to help you.

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How urgency can turn into stress

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Just as pressure can turn into stress, urgency can also turn into stress, so we need to know the limit.

Urgency helps us get things done and if we use the right way then we get things done faster and with amazing results and the reason why is simple. When we create urgency we set a deadline and when we have a deadline that means we need to work as hard as possible on a certain activity, when we set some time to work on one single project or activity for a long period of time it may be for 2 or 3 hours in a row without interruptions our level of concentration and focus increases which leads to increase performance and productivity and this is what helps us finish the activity faster and with great results.

The problem with this is that urgency can lead to stress if we don´t know how to manage it. Urgency can create a sense or anxiety and worry which leads to stress, often most of us think of urgency in a very negative way which creates a huge problem to begin with.

If we create a sense of urgency to stop procrastination or to make sure that we get an activity done on a certain date then the results are great but when we see urgency in a negative way and we get worried if we´re going to deliver the work on time, if we´re going to meet the deadline and exceed expectations, when we doubt ourselves and our skills that´s when urgency turns into stress.

How many times have you left an activity or project for later? And then you get to a point where you need to get that activity or project done in a couple hours or days which leads to stress. I´ve also done this a hundred times but, have you thought about the reason why we leave some activities or projects for later? Is it because it´s not a priority at the time or is it because it´s to hard to do it, it will take a lot of time, or we don´t have the skills and knowledge we need to get it done so this means that we need to learn something new and it will be boring and stressful?

Urgency can turn into stress when you leave an activity or project for later even when you know that activity is high priority but the reason you leave it for later is because it takes a lot of hard work, effort, concentration and time but it needs to get done any way and the less time you have to work on it, to learn what you need the more stress it will create and in most cases this activities are the ones that give us a better reward.

Procrastination also leads to urgency and stress, there are so many reasons why you can procrastinate but in most cases it´s fear, the thought of learning something new and the need to work hard and focus. If you are the type of person who prefers to leave things for later and procrastinate then urgency will lead to stress more often than not so you need to find out why you leave things for later, why you procrastinate, what´s the real reason why you don´t take action.

One way to avoid urgency turning into stress is to make a list of all the activities and projects and rank them from high priority to low, and then take action doing the ones rank on high priority even if those take a longer time to get done, more work and more effort. There´s no reason to leave them for later, go through all the list, you´ll find out that when you´re done with the hardest activities first you feel accomplished, calm your self-confidence increase because you finished a hard task so you continue with the next ones with that sense of accomplishment.

If there´s any project you want to get done then set a deadline and create a sense of urgency, think about what could happen when you get it done and how you´ll feel. And from now on try to do a list of all activities and projects in order of importance and priority and work on them, do not leave anything for later.

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How pressure can turn into stress

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We know that stress is bad and chronic stress can make us sick because our body shots down systems on our body like the immune system to keep us prepared for the dangerous situation we´re in.

In other post we talked about pressure, (click here to read the post) and it comes from a situation where we are challenged to meet the demands, we only have one shot at a certain project and the outcome depends of us, we have control over it and we know we need to get certain results, the best ones. Even when pressure can lead to great results and exceed expectations for some people it can lead to stress.

Pressure can lead to stress when we get assigned a project where we´re not sure if we can make it, we´re unsure if we can meet the deadline and exceed expectations. If it´s a project we don´t feel comfortable because we lack knowledge and skills and if on top of that we are not interested on the project, then this is when pressure becomes stress.

Another way that pressure can lead to stress is when you have so many things to do and you don´t know where to begin, some of us find it hard to say no so we end up accepting a lot more projects and work that we can deal with, we only increase the workload because we cannot say no.

How you respond to any situation has an impact on your levels of stress, pressure comes from the outside, it can be from your boss by giving you more work or a project but your perspective and attitude is what determines how much you get stressed. If you doubt yourself and your abilities and skills then you will start questioning yourself and getting anxious thinking you won´t meet the deadline or the results.

We can all cope with some pressure and it can lead to amazing results, maybe we can use that opportunity as a way to prove ourselves and others that we are capable of but, you can get to a point where pressure is just too much and you start getting all the negative effects that lead to stress, you know when it´s too much when the quality of your work starts to lower, when you feel unsatisfied and lack motivation, if you continue when you get to this level you are at risk of burning out. Most of us cannot deal with pressure when it´s too much, some of us get anxious or depressed, others get aggressive, others prefer to isolate and find ways to deal with it alone but all of them lead to stress.

What you can do is first of all know yourself and accept how much work you can deal with, then learn to say know. If you get offered a project that you know is going to come with some level of pressure and you are not sure about getting it done, then maybe it´s better to say no. It´s really important that you know and accept how much is too much for you and what´s the best way to say no on each situation.

One way or strategy that can help you reduce stress caused by pressure is to be organized, organize your time and activities, create a “to do list” and a “not to do list” and make sure to consider your priorities. Both lists are important, one helps you do the activities that are high priority while the other make sure that you don´t waste your time doing things or activities that doesn´t lead to a positive outcome. You can also find out what the bests time to work for you, some of us like to do the hardest activities or high priorities in the morning while others prefer to do them in the afternoon. We´re all different so find out what works best for you.

Another point you can consider is to set 2 or 3 hours each day to work on you to do list and concentrate on one activity at a time, when you concentrate and are completely focus on one single activity for 2 or 3 hours in a row, without distractions that´s wen you are able to get the best results, you finish the task faster.

These are some ways you can make sure that you use pressure to your advantage and that it doesn´t turn into stress. If you´ve been struggling with pressure or stress leave your comments and questions down below or on Twitter, we´ll be glad to help.

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Reduce stress by focusing on what you can control


We all get stressed, actually must of us live with high levels of chronic stress that have a negative impact on our health but, have you stopped for a moment and think how many times that stress comes from things or situations that are out of our hands? Things we cannot control?

We all want to have a sense of control or at least make possible scenarios of what could possibly happen on a certain situation, for some reason we think that if we have control over every single person and situation then we can avoid bad things to happen or we think that by worrying and thinking about the worst result and thinking about the negative outcomes we can be prepared and know how to respond or we can be safe.

The truth is that we´ll never have total control over everything that is going on and every person and wanting to have everything under control only increases stress.

Even simple things like what other people think and say of you can increase stress and you don´t have control over that. This example keeps so many of us worried and lead to stress especially if we want to please everyone which is impossible, one of the reasons this increases stress is because we´re hiding who we really are so that we can fit in.

Also simple situations like raining or getting stuck on traffic because of an accident are situations we cannot control, we cannot decide when we want to rain and when not and we do not have control over accidents so what we can do is be prepared or sometimes the best things we can do is remain calm and accept there´s nothing we can do and the worst we see the situation the worst everything we´ll get.

There are some steps we can take to make sure that we do not get stressed with things that are out of our hands, here are those steps:

1.- Identify what you can control and what you cannot

2.- Accept that there are some things that are out of your hand and there´s nothing you can do

3.- Identify the real reason why certain things or situations keep you worried, sometimes our mind creates different negative scenarios or results which are not true

4.- Focus on the things you can control, make sure that you don´t waste mental energy and time on the situations and people you cannot control and focus all that energy and time on the things you do have control.

When you focus on the things you can control you usually get great results and you also stop your mind from creating negative scenarios. Since you can only focus on one activity at a time and hold one thought at a time you only need to focus all your attention and concentrate completely on the activity you can control to reduce stress and make sure that you get the best outcome possible.

If you´re going to be in a situation where you know there are some things you cannot control try to have a plan that helps you respond the best way possible, especially if you tend to focus on the stuff you cannot control, have a plan or strategy that helps you stay focus on the things you can control.

Also when you accept that there will always be things out of your hands you can concentrate on working as hard as you can and giving your best, knowing that you did everything you can on what you can control makes you feel satisfied with the result and stop blaming yourself for something that didn´t end as planned especially if that something was out your hands.

We all tend to live with high levels of chronic stress so finding ways and strategies we can reduce help us improve our health and our life. One way to reduce stress by being aware of things we cannot control, that are out of our hands, accepting that there´s nothing we can do and stop focusing on them, instead focus and work on the ones we do have control and make sure we do our best.

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How life increases stress


You wake up from Monday to Friday at the same time, you have breakfast or if you´re late you skip it, you do everything you need before going to school, once ready you take the bus and get to school where you don´t like the classes, some classmates bully you and make fun of you, some teachers don´t like your work and no one seems interested in you, no one listens. You check social media and start comparing yourself with people that look better than you and have a better life (which is not true) and you´re surrounded by negativity the entire day, people complaining, blaming and criticizing and bombarded with negative news 24/7. This is how many of us live every day, this increases stress and it´s getting us sick.

Even when we need stress in our lives, this is not the type of stress we need and our body can only supports this type of stress for short periods of time and in small amounts but when it´s too much of it every day we get sick and this is how most of us live, with high levels of stress every day caused by school, traffic, negative news, negative people.

Also doing something you hate, or something you don´t like leads to stress the same way that working with people you don´t feel safe and comfortable with. This is a huge problem because it doesn´t matter if we´re at school or at job most of us are doing stuff we don´t like and we do it because need to not because we want to so we have high levels of stress and we don´t achieve our best work.

What you eat and the quality and quantity of sleep also have a huge impact on stress, if you get enough high quality sleep your body functions properly so you´re are able to handle situations and respond more positively compared to a night of poor sleep. If you eat highly processed foods which are full of sugar and unhealthy fats, you increase stress in your body.

Some steps you can start following today to reduce stress of life are:

1.- Avoid negative people.- Try to avoid as much as possible people who is always complaining, blaming and criticizing,

2.- Reduce the time or sources from where you read or watch news.- 10 minutes per day (maybe less) is all you need to know what´s happening on your country and the entire world,

3.- Do not take anything seriously.- Do not take comments or critiques seriously, if you can learn from them then fine, use those to learn something and get better otherwise do not get involved emotionally,

4.- Reduce the time on social media.- Reduce the time you spend on social media and stop comparing yourself to others.

5.- Eat healthy foods and avoid highly processed and refined foods that contain sugar, vegetable oils and trans fats.

I know and I understand that for you it may be difficult or impossible to avoid negative people but, I´m sure you can spend less time watching, reading or hearing the news and social media and use that time to read a book. We´re all interested on certain topics and we can find book on all different topics, you can also listen to podcast, interviews or audiobooks, the goal is to spend less time social media and watching news and use that time learning something you´re interested in that helps you grow. This reduces stress and improves your mood.

Since it´s too difficult to avoid negative people and change school or job then we need to find ways to lower stress that are in our control and one of those is food, what we eat. Try to avoid unhealthy foods and focus on eating healthy foods that contain healthy fats, fiber, minerals, vitamins to give your body the nutrients it needs so that it can function and perform better and you feel better.

This are simple steps you can start following today to help you get started but there are other strategies you can use. If you´re dealing with daily stress let us know by leaving a comment down below and Twitter which situations increases your stress and how you react to it. If there´s something you want to learn more in particular or you have any other comment feel free to share it with us, we´ll be glad to read you comments, listen to you and help you.

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Why creating a sense of urgency is important


Do you have a sense of urgency to achieve a goal? to get something done?

Things don´t happen alone, if we wait for something to happen we will die waiting, if we want something we need to get up and take action, the best motivation to take action and keep momentum going is by having a sense of urgency.

Time is our most valuable asset and when we find our purpose and what we stand for if we realize that we don´t have all the time we want and that we´re not sure how much time we got to achieve our purpose we start creating a sense of urgency, we have a purpose, we have a plan and we know we can take action towards that purpose, we go all in with it and it´s easier for us to make decisions, nothing can take us away from our purpose.

When we realize that we don´t have infinite time we set a deadline and we will work as hard as possible to meet that deadline and give our best, we know that things won´t be easy all the way but we´re willing to fail, learn and adapt throughout the journey.

Urgency gets the things done as fast as possible and with the best results possible, the reason for this is simple we tend to prioritize activities, we look at everything we need to do and we prioritize the ones that are more important, the ones that are going to move us faster in most cases this means doing the harder stuff first but those complicated activities are the ones that give us better results.

Creating a sense of urgency will create stress for most of us, we´ll experience anxiety and pressure but we´re so motivated to follow our purpose that we´re willing to get out of our comfort zone and do whatever we need to do to achieve our goal.

Creating a sense of urgency comes from knowing your purpose, creating a plan and taking massive action towards it, it´s working on something you love while time urgency comes from something external it can be your boss wanting you to do a resume of today’s 3 hour meeting and he want it know but you only got 1 hour before it´s time to leave the office.

Now, time urgency is very different, most people get trapped in the time urgency situation which is not the same, time urgency comes from thinking that we don´t have enough time to answer all the emails, to finish all the papers at work, to finish the project our boss asked for and we seem to be in a state of hurry or a rush for the most part of our lives, this increases stress, many of us live like this and it´s one of the causes of chronic diseases.

When you realize that work will never end, you will get more work every single day even if you haven´t finish the papers from the past week all you can do is keep working without stressing yourself and keep momentum.

With technology we all want instant gratification and instant results, the problem is that this is not possible, technology is a tool to make our lives and jobs easier but this doesn´t mean that we can get everything we want instantly, with this we make everything as fast as possible and we make a lot more mistakes because we´re more interested on finishing fast and delivering some results than on delivering the best results taking more time.

A sense of urgency toward your purpose will help you get things done and most of the time you´re going to make sure that you deliver the best results and make everything as best a possible because you´re working on something you love.

Time urgency is created by the outside, you may not be interested on the project or task and you never have enough time for what you need to do which increases stress.

If you get stressed by all the work you need to get done from school or job and there are external sources creating urgency then accept that work will never ends and you´ll always have more to do so don´t get over stressed, don´t get obsessed with any activity and try to do your best. If you´ve found your purpose, then create that sense of urgency by yourself remembering that you have limited time to fulfill that purpose.

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