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How your mindset keeps pulling you back


It´s disappointing and frustrating when you work so hard on your diet and exercise and you did everything as best as possible to lose weight, but when you get on the scale you find out you didn´t make the progress you were expecting. You feel confused and you start questioning yourself, what could you have done better? Where can you improve?

The reason you need to set big goals and divide it into smaller goals is to be able to measure your progress and adjust along the way, when you get on the scale and you find out you didn´t get the results you were expecting you are able to adjust the program or strategy, for this you need to question yourself, take a hard look and be honest with yourself. Maybe you didn´t give your all on the exercise part, you only did half or you didn´t push yourself enough, maybe you made a wrong choice with food in one meal and you felt guilty you started blaming yourself and that one wrong choice became a whole meal of over eating. This happens to all of us when we´re working towards a goal, this is normal but have you ever stopped for a moment and ask yourself why you keep sabotaging yourself over and over?

In most cases your mindset is the one pulling you back, if you´re not mentally strong ad if you don´t have the right thoughts, beliefs and the right image of yourself in your mind you will keep making mistakes and the wrong choices over and over. Yes, it´s true that we all make mistakes and we all make the wrong choices every now and then, what makes the difference is how you respond. If you are able to realize and accept that you make a wrong choice, that you ate something you were not supposed to or you over eat and you don´t feel guilty, you don´t blame yourself instead you accept it, and move on then you are in the right track. You have the right mindset to accept that you made a mistake and move on, it´s not a big deal just move one and focus on the next meal.

If you make a wrong choice but you blame yourself, you feel guilty and that leads you to over eating, binge eating and what could have been just a wrong mistake becomes a wrong meal, probably a whole day of binge eating and over eating unhealthy foods and probably a whole week. This is a huge problem this is why you need to work on developing the right strong mindset.

In most cases it´s not only about will power, it´s about having a strong reason why you´re working on improving your health and losing weight, being able to bring up the reason why you´re improving your life in your mind when things the tough and hold it. Being able to create a mental image in your mind of how you want to look is part of developing that strong mindset that will make it easier for you to do what you need to do, to stay on track, to make the right decisions and to finally achieve your goal.

Your internal dialogue, your self-talk and self-image play a huge role on whether you accomplish your goal or not. It may be true that you have a hard and painful past but that doesn´t mean you´re not able or capable or that you don´t deserve to live a better life. If you are seeing yourself as fat, obese or overweight then you´ll making it harder on yourself. If you say to yourself that it´s so hard to follow that diet or to go for a walk, that you´re not capable, that you don´t deserve or that you´ll never lose weight then chances are you won´t achieve your goal. And to make everything worse if you say all those negative statements out loud then the negative impact is bigger.

Here are some steps you can take today to start developing the strong mindset:

1.- Set a big goal.- Think as big as you can, if you have a lot of weight to lose it will be hard for you to think you can look as a superhero or bodybuilder or an athlete but if that´s your ultimate goal set that goal, write on a piece of paper. Once you have that goal divide it into smaller goals that you can accomplish every month.

2.- Create an image of yourself in your mind of how you want to look once you´ve achieved your goal. Make that image as clear as possible and add as much detail as you can. Every morning right when you wake up bring that image to your mind and visualize it for 10 minutes.

3.- Stop all negative thoughts and negative self-talk.- Every time you get yourself thinking negatively, excuses or reasons why you can´t accomplish your goal change that thought for a positive one. Start practicing positive self-talk tell to yourself the many reasons why you can accomplish your goal and why you will do it.

Your mindset plays a huge role on achieving any goal and being successful, this is why we´re going to go deeper and help you develop the right mindset so that you can go through any challenge. Follow the 3 steps for a couple of weeks and let us know how you feel and if something has changed in your day to day by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter.

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Why the most common weight loss advice doesn´t work.


You´ve been trying to lose weight in several occasions, you´ve searched and asked for the best workout program and diet to achieve your goal and everyone gives you the same advice: “eat less – move more” even when they don’t say it in this direct way you need to follow strict low calorie diets and do long and boring sessions of cardio or do short but intense sessions of HIIT.

You follow this advice even when it´s so hard for you to stop eating because you feel hungry all the time and you exercise even when you feel tired and your body hurts. You do everything as best as you can, but you don´t get the results you were expecting and if you get some results you gain all the weight back in a couple of months or years. You end up feeling disappointed, overwhelmed, and confused.

Most weight loss programs follow this most common advice “eat less – move more” they just focus on the calories in vs calories out strategy and even when this has it´s part on the weight loss formula it´s incomplete and it´s not the most important point to consider at the beginning.

It´s rude and disrespectful from my part to tell you that you just need to eat less and do more physical activity because you do know that. You do understand that you are making the wrong food choices, you know you are eating unhealthy foods and you know you need to exercise, but you can´t stop over eating, you can´t stop eating unhealthy foods and you can´t get up and exercise. You feel hungry all the time, you feel tired, you feel sad, depressed, your body hurts.

Weight loss is not only about calories, it´s about hormones and metabolism this is why the “eat less – move more” advice doesn´t work. If your body is not working properly you won´t be able to eat less and move more. You need to focus on fixing all the problems with your hormones and metabolism first so that you are able to eat a little less and do more physical activity to lose weight and make that weight loss sustainable in an enjoyable way. You also need to have the freedom to enjoy life.

Any program that only focuses on tracking or counting calories or points will work for a short period of time until you burn out, until you get tired or tracking all calories and points and you stop doing the program and it will take a couple of weeks and months to gain all the weight back. If you don´t improve your health and make sure that your hormones and metabolism are working properly you won´t be able to lose weight and keep it off.

So as you can see, weight loss is not as simple as “eat less – move more”, it will take you some time to understand everything that is going on in your body and how every choice you make whether it´s diet, exercise, sleep, stress affects positively or negatively your weight. Your hormones and metabolism need to be working properly and in harmony so that you can lose weight and keep it off and to get them working together you need to develop the right habits for sleep, stress, exercise and diet. When all this works together then weight loss becomes effortless.

The eat less – move more advice based on calories is only a quick fix that will give you results as long as you stick to the program but it has another negative aspect, it doesn´t focus on your health, the more time you stick with any of this programs the more damage you do to your body by losing muscle mass, you make more harm to your metabolism because since those only consider calories you can eat unhealthy foods like seed oils and all this makes it harder and harder for you to keep losing weight and to keep it off. So when you stop it your metabolism is more damaged and it´s easier to pack on the pounds.

There are so many points we need to talk about regarding to weight loss and we´ll be sharing a lot more information on this site, but if there´s something you want to know, if you have any doubt or questions leave them below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to read from you and help you.

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The emotional impact of a weight loss journey


How many times have you tried to lose weight? Did you get the results you were expecting? Did you gain all the weight back?

The most important point about weight loss that nobody talks about is the mental and emotional impact of losing weight. You need to go through a long journey and that journey is full of ups and downs, you will have some amazing days but you´ll also have bad days and those bad days when you feel tired, when you feel hungry and it´s harder to exercise and be mentally strong to ignore the cravings and hunger are the ones that will define your success.

Your emotions play a huge role on your weight, if you have weight to lose and you know that you´re over eating there´s a huge chance that the reason why you are over eating was caused by emotional experiences you lived years ago and you find comfort in food, foods makes you feel happy and forget about all the struggles of life and since you were eating unhealthy highly processed foods you became addicted to them. So now you´re dealing with your emotions and you are not mentally strong enough to ignore those thoughts that make you overeat and continue the negative cycle.

You may not be aware of exactly when all this began, you may not know how, when or what cause you to follow an unhealthy lifestyle but you have the choice to change that path so stop blaming yourself for what happened in the past and make the decision and commitment to change your life for the better.

When you start your weight loss journey by eating healthy foods and increasing physical activity all the emotions that lead you to an unhealthy life will start to appear, one of the reasons why you overeat is because of the unhealthy relationships you’ve created with food, it´s comfort food, it makes you feel good and it´s your way to cope with all the emotional part so here are some steps you can take to help you cope with your emotions without going to food:

1.- Write your feelings and thoughts.- Try to have a journal and a pen or pencil, or a journal close to you and every time you feel hungry, cravings or you feel like you need to eat something to forget all the struggles of life instead of going for food write down everything you´re thinking and feeling.

2.- Take a walk.- After writing down your thoughts and feelings get up and go for a walk, even if it´s 5 minutes it will have a positive impact.

3.- Drink water.- Instead of going for food have water with you and drink it.

4.- Realize that we all go through hard and difficult times, we all have good and bad moments but our perspective and how we deal with them is what makes all the difference. Do not let any bad or hard moment define your future, remember that things always get better.

5.- Set goals.- By setting clear goals you are being specific of what you want to achieve, those goals can be as simple as eating more healthy fats by making better choices, instead of cooking with unhealthy seed oils use extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to cook. Instead of having 5 meals a day stay with just 3 meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The moment you start making better choices you´ll go through a period of time that is so hard because you can´t rely on food to cope with your emotions, you´ll have days where you do make all the right choices but other days you´ll give in and you´ll eat that cake, or chocolate, chips, donuts or rolls. Do not let that one bad decision become a whole day of wrong choices or a whole week, remember that we all make mistakes and we all give in to those cravings every now and then just realize and accept that you made a wrong choice and move on, focus on your next meal and make sure it´s a healthy one.

Do not let your emotions control you and your life, we´ll talk about this on other posts because it´s one of the most important parts, emotional eating and the addiction unhealthy foods create are the cause of your weight problem and the emotional part is the one we need to work on more. If you have any question or if there´s something you want to share with us leave your comments down below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to read from you and help you.

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The struggles of being obese or overweight


You´ve tried to lose weight before, you´ve actually tried more than once, in some cases you didn´t get results, in other cases you got some results but that the ones you were expecting and in other cases you got some results but after a couple of months or years you gained all the weight back. You feel like a failure, frustrated and overwhelmed. If this is your case, you´re not alone.

There are so many weight loss programs, diets and fitness experts or gurus, there are so many nutritionists and dietitians but the problem with obesity and overweight just keep increasing. It´s clear for me that we´re doing something wrong, but sadly most people in this industry are more interested on selling stuff whether it´s weight loss programs or magic supplements that will only give results in the short terms (the ones that actually work) but they are not interested on making those results last, they´re not interested on your health and your future. They don´t even consider how you feel and what you´re going through.

If you are struggling with your weight, if you are obese or overweight there are so many things going on physically, emotionally and mentally. You´ve probably bee overeating and having a sedentary life for some years and every time it got worse to the point where you are now. Most people start overeating as a way to feel better, they feel happy when they eat, food has become the way to deal with all negativity going on around them and a way to deal with their emotions. Most people tend to overeat unhealthy highly processed foods loaded with unhealthy seed oils, unhealthy fats, added sugar and chemicals which make it harder to stop eating. This unhealthy relationship with foods also makes people feel tired which is why they become more sedentary and all this leads to weight gain and an unhealthy vicious cycle that is so hard to break.

You may be on a place where it´s so hard for you to stop eating because you feel hungry all the time, and it´s so hard for you to do some type of physical activity because you feel tired and your body hurts. You´re dealing with all kind of emotions from depression, anxiety, you feel angry, like a failure, like you don´t deserve a better life, you don´t feel worthy, you feel trapped and miserable, hopeless, you feel lonely. And everything gets worse when people make fun of you, if your classmates, teachers, coworkers your boss make fun of your weight or how you look, if they bully you things get worse and you go for food to cope with all those negative comments and moments. It´s a nightmare.

All the pain, emotionally, physically, mentally; everything you´re going through right now can get better or worse. It´s rude and disrespectful  from me to tell you that you just need to “eat less and move more”, the ones who give this advice have never deal with all the struggle and don´t understand what you´re going through. There are strategies that do work and will help you lose weight in a way that is more enjoyable, but you do need to be disciplined, to put the time and effort. The journey is not going to be easy, but you are able to do it, you got everything you need to change your life for the better. You got a whole life ahead of you so stop wasting more time, it only take a decision and commitment, know that you´re not alone and you can make it.

It all comes down to habits, developing healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. The hardest part is not the physical, it´s the mental and emotional; your body is strong enough and capable of achieving anything you want the hardest part is to ger your mind right. Once you are able to control your thoughts and emotions you are on the right track to achieving your goal and enjoy life as you are supposed to.

You need to start by accepting that not all this is your fault but it´s on your hands to take charge of your weight and your health by making better choices. Also accept that it´s going to be difficult, you´ll face some good days but other days you´ll make the wrong choices, in this case stop blaming yourself and just move on, do not let one wrong meal becomes a whole day or a whole week. Every time you want to give up think about why you decided to lose weight, to improve your life, to live the way you deserve.

Starting your weight loss journey is hard so if there´s something you want to know leave your comments below and on Twitter, we´ll be glad to help.

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Keys to sustainable weight loss


I´m sure you have tried to lose weight before and keep it off, how many times have you achieved your goal? Probably you´re still trying to lose that weight and keep it off once and for all, otherwise you won´t be reading this.

Let´s be honest, sustainable weight loss is based on good habits, you need to develop good healthy habits if you want to be able to lose weight and keep it off. I also need to mention that there´s not a quick fix or a magic pill or powder, it requires time and effort, but this does not mean that you need to suffer, you don´t need to spend hours exercising every day until you can´t move any more, it does not mean that you need to follow strict diets low in calories and you don´t like the food choices. You need to develop the right habits and for this you need to understand how things work.

We need to understand that your weight is the results of all systems of your body working efficiently or not. This includes hormones, metabolism, your appetite, they all need to work together in harmony and efficiently so that your body can use stored fat for energy. If your hormones, metabolism and appetite are not working properly  then it will be very hard for you to lose weight and even when you´ll be able to lose some of it following very restrictive diets and doing a lot of cardio you won´t be able to maintain those results. If your hormones, metabolism and appetite are working properly and in harmony then it´s easer to lose weight and keep it off.

Your goal is to improve your hormones, metabolism and appetite and make sure that they´re all working efficiently and in harmony so that your body can use body fat as energy and this leads to sustainable weight loss and keeping it off in an easy, effortless and enjoyable way. The way to do this is by doing the right type of exercise and eating the right foods. Not all exercise give your body the same message and not all food is created equal. This is why counting or tracking calories or points don´t work on the long term, you need to consider macronutrients and micronutrients first then find foods you enjoy eating so that you can stick to it for long periods of time. You need to find a type of exercise you love or at least enjoy doing so that you stick to it.

What you eat, how much you eat and when you eat all have an impact on your hormones, metabolism and appetite this is why you need to understand how food works and how your body use it and from there develop habits that help you improve your hormones, metabolism and appetite. By developing good habits considering all this information you improve your health while losing weight and you are able to maintain those results and keep making progress. Exercise also has an impact on hormones, metabolism and appetite so the type of exercise you do, the amount and the time of the day also play a role on weight loss.

As you can see weight loss is a lot more complex than “calories in and calories out” or “eat less – move more”. If you do want to lose the weight and keep it off you need to focus on improving the hormones, metabolism and appetite. You won´t be getting results as fast as you would want but in the long run it´s the best you can do. Weight loss is not a quick fix, looking for fast results without considering what´s really happening and the negative impact it will have on your body and health.

I do need to say that when you focus on improving your health by improving your hormones, metabolism and appetite, after a couple of weeks you´ll start getting results really quickly, you feel better with more energy, you are able to stick to the diet a lot easier, it´s easier for you to exercise because you don´t feel tired and when all this happen and you´re following a good diet and exercising the right way you´ll lose weight so you also look leaner, when you see your body changing physically and the way you feel you´re motivated to keep going.

If you´re trying to lose weight let us know what you think about this approach by leaving a comment on Twitter.

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Myths and lies of the fitness industry


If you´ve tried to lose weight at least one time you may have heard and maybe followed some of all the myths and lies of the fitness industry. Everything is designed to get you spending as much money as possible, but what about your results? And what about your health?

Today we´re just going to talk about 3 of the biggest lies and myths that most fitness trainers, experts and gurus may have told you.

1.- You need to eat every 2 or 3 hours.- How many times have you heard that you need to have 5 meals a day or 3 meals and 2 snacks? That you need to eat every 2 or 3 hours to keep sugar levels in balance or that you need to give your body protein especially BCAAs otherwise you start losing muscle? All this are lies, you don´t need 5 meals a day, you don´t need to eat every 2 or 3 hours. There are so many research and studies showing the benefits of intermittent fasting or restrictive eating, it not only helps you lose fat and stay lean but it has benefits for overall health and longevity. Fasting is not new, it has been practiced by almost all religions for different reasons. In fact eating 5 meals a day makes it harder to stick to any diet because you´re constantly thinking about food especially if you´re not able to prepare your meals. We´ll talk on a future post on fasting but for now you only need to know that you don´t need to have 5 meals per day.

2.- You need to do cardio.- If you follow any weight loss program you´ll be doing a lot of cardio, whether it´s steady state cardio or intervals. For some reason people still believe that cardio is the best way to lose weight but this not true. Even when cardio has some benefits for your health and it can help you burn calories it´s not the best way to lose weight. Resistance training is a better type of exercise that will help you lose weight and keep it off. So you don´t need to do long and boring sessions of steady state cardio and you don´t need to do those intense and short sessions of HIIT, prioritize resistance training and add some cardio to increase physical activity throughout the day.

3.- You need supplements.- When someone set a weight loss goal and start their fitness journey for some reason we think that we need to eat really clean and lean foods, that we need to do tones of cardio and that we need some supplements. If you ask a fitness expert or gurus more often than not, they will give you suggestions of what they consider to be the best supplement for your goal. To be honest you don´t need any supplement to lose weight, the industry sells so many different powders and magic pills claiming that they´re so effective, the reality is that those supplements are not effective and they can cause more harm to your body and health. The way that the industry makes money is by selling supplements, so you need to be careful of what you buy. Do not waste money on supplements that don´t work.

There is a lot to talk about regarding supplements, cardio, diet and everything related to weight loss and we´ll keep sharing all that information. Another point I want to consider in a future posts is the most famous advice “eat less – move more”, I´m sure you´ve heard about it, this advice is not a lie or a myth, the problem with it is that it´s incomplete. There are more things you need to consider before you are able to follow that advice which I consider to be the last step or the last thing we need to consider for sustainable weight loss.

As we keep sharing all this posts with you, you´ll soon realize that it´s not that hard to lose weight and keep it off, it´s actually simple and that most of the information you´ve read, heard and even follow was not the truth and some of it was holding you back or even creating more damage and making it harder for you to achieve your goal.

Once you know the truth, once you work smart and hard by doing the right things you´ll find out that the hardest part is getting your mindset right, and understanding how everything works, weight loss is about understanding how your body works and the message that each type of exercise sends to your body and the message or data that food sends to your body. It´s about understanding how your hormones and metabolism are the ones having a bigger impact on your weight and once you get them working in harmony as the should, optimal health and sustainable weight loss becomes really easy.

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What´s wrong with the food pyramid?


When you go to a nutritionist or dietitian for health reasons or to lose weight they give you a diet based on the food pyramid, actually they have 2 or 3 diets already designed and they just mix and match (at least most of them), but the problem with this pyramid is that it´s not the best option or the best guide we can use if we want to eat healthy and prevent diseases.

The food pyramid was created by the USDA in 1992 as a guide to help us know how many servings we can have of each food group per day. At that time the recommended amount of grains was 6 – 11 servings, 3 – 5 servings of vegetables, 2 – 4 servings of fruit, 2 – 3 servings of dairy, 2 – 3 servings of meats, eggs, etc and fats, oils and sweets sparingly. If we take this pyramid and turn it upside down we could do better.

This pyramid was updated in 2005 still giving priority to grains keeping carbohydrates high and fats low and in 2011 they came up with “MyPlate” as a guide of how a healthy meal would look like still prioritizing grains, fruits, vegetables, some proteins which means keeping carbohydrates high and fats low.

If you take a look at the recommendations of WHO the USDA they recommend 55% – 75% of carbohydrates, 10% – 15% protein and 15% – 30% fats of calories per day.

We need to mention that today most people have metabolic diseases, most of us are metabolically ill even if you are skinny, this is why improving body composition is key. There are so many people with weight problems, obesity, overweight, and also diabetes and prediabetes. If we consider this it means that most of us are insulin resistance which means that our body is not able to use carbohydrates efficiently so making our diet low carb is a better strategy.

We also need to mention that as we get older our body is not as effective using carbohydrates as when we were younger so it´s better to lower carbohydrates while making sure that we´re giving our body the nutrients it needs to function properly and maintain optimal health.

If you do want to improve your health then you need to understand how everything works and for that we need to talk about nutrients, from a macronutrients point we can have essential amino-acids which come from proteins and essential fatty-acids which come from fats, but there are no essential carbohydrates which means that our body doesn´t need them. This is why diets like keto and carnivore are so popular and effective for some people.

To make it more complicated focusing only on macronutrients is not the best we can do, if you do want to improve your health and lose weight once and for all you also need to consider micronutrients which what your body needs to function properly. When we talk about vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, fatty-acids everything gets more complicated at the beginning until you understand how your body works and what your body needs to function properly, you get to a point where everything makes sense and it becomes a lot easier.

Considering that most of us have some metabolic health issue then following the guidelines of 55% – 75% of carbohydrates or 6 – 11 servings of grain plus 2 – 4 servings of fruit per day is too much. And we can´t forget that many people base their diet on unhealthy highly processed foods that are loaded with unhealthy seed oils, trans fats and added sugars and all this is not mentioned in the pyramid.

If you´ve tried to lose weight before but you didn´t get the results you expected or you got some results but you gain the weight back think about the diet you were following, was your diet based on the food pyramid and the recommendations of WHO and the FDA? Were you aware that everything you were eating didn´t contain unhealthy seed oils, trans fats and sugar?

It´s clear that most of us have been believing all this lies and the information or advice we´ve gotten have been manipulated and that´s the reason why you haven´t achieve your goal. It´s time you know the truth so that you can improve your health, lose weight and maintain a lean body an optimal health while enjoying life, this is why we´ll keep sharing with you everything you need to know.

Let us know how many times you´ve tried to lose weight following the food pyramid and guidelines by leaving a comment on Twitter.

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How industries make our weight loss journey harder


If you´ve ever asked yourself why you can´t lose weight? why you can´t keep that weight off? or why is it so hard to lose weight and sustain the results then you need to continue reading.

There are different factors that come into play when you want to lose weight and each of them makes everything harder for you. It´s not your fault and it´s not as easy as “eat less – move more”.

Fat loss is simple but not easy, and no one seems to pay attention to the most important element you need to have in place to achieve your goal, your habits and mindset.

The best way to start your weight loss journey is by realizing that it´s a lifestyle change, you need to develop good habits that are going to make it effortless to sustain your results. One of the habits is to make healthier food choices and here is the biggest problem, even when all of us know which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy you may be making the wrong choices one after another without knowing why you are not able to make the right choice for at least one time.

The reason is because companies are making it harder and almost impossible for you to make the right choice, food is everywhere and most of the options are unhealthy, sweets, junk, processed and fast food, food you can grab and go, that is convenient and cheaper so if you´re surrounded with this unhealthy foods at every moment it´s not surprise that you keep eating it.

Other reason why is the chemicals on those processed foods turn on the reward center on your brain so every time you eat them you feel good and you get addicted to that feeling, every time you feel down, depressed, stressed or angry you grab some unhealthy foods to make feel better and if we add to this that some chemicals added to them are used to enhance flavors, make food taste better and also create addiction it´s harder to avoid them. Research shows that these foods create addiction the same way alcohol and cigarettes do.

Companies want to sell so they create amazing marketing campaigns to make you think that you are buying healthier products when it´s not truth and they keep making packages and portions bigger. Also our relationship with food has changed, have you notice that when you´re bored, tired, feeling down, alone or watching tv you go for something to eat, which most of those times is unhealthy? This is a constant trigger of the feel good hormones and a habit we´ve created over time.

When you start making healthier choices you´re dealing with 2 problems, one the highly addictive sugars and chemicals on products that your brain will be asking for as cravings and then making a different choice.

The first days or weeks when you start avoiding this unhealthy foods it´ll be like hell, your brain wants those foods so you´ll have cravings and you can have anxiety, looking for a way to substitute unhealthy foods for healthy options that could make you feel good and activate the reward center is good option but it´s hard to do, you can have some almonds or nuts which are great for your brain.

The hardest part is dealing with your mind, every time you make a different choice you´re getting out of your comfort zone and your brain hates to be uncomfortable so it will work hard to get you back to your old choices.

What you can do here is, every time you make a healthier choice that´s going to be a new habit you need to stop listening to your mind, don´t pay attention just get up and do it. Thoughts like: you´re too tired, those cookies are cheaper, start tomorrow, you don´t have time today and any other you can think of which are just making you procrastinate stop them. Stop them right now don´t listen to them and continue with your new choice.

Have you followed a diet to lose weight? let us know what was the hardest food to avoid by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter.

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The problem with most weight loss programs


I´m pretty sure that you´ve tried at least one of all the different weight loss programs out there, you may got some results but not what you were expecting and you couldn´t sustain the results for so long.

Most traditional weight loss programs are based on the most common strategy and advice, for nutrition “eat less – move more” the diets are so strict and go to low in calories; for training it´s most cardio or circuit training based on cardio which makes the experience so hated. The goal of this programs is to help you lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time without considering your health and long term sustainability and with this you get in more trouble.

This programs don´t focus on making your weight loss journey as healthy as possible and as enjoyable as it can be, even when you´re following a weight loss program you need to have some freedom and not make it so strict. So they´re giving you all the reasons to make it impossible to stick with the program.

They focus on losing as much weight as possible without considering body composition so you lose fat, water and muscle, when you stop the program it´s so hard to sustain your results because your metabolism is damaged when you lose muscle your body needs less calories so you need to eat less to sustain your new weight and with all the cardio exercise that leads to muscle loss it also make your body more efficient at using calories so every time you do the same workout your body will be burning less calories. So you end in a worst place than when you started the program.

After we get 30 we start losing muscle so this muscle loss plus the muscle lost with this traditional programs it´s harder to maintain your results.

What you need to do is focus on eating healthy meals making sure that you´re giving your body the nutrients it need and avoiding unhealthy foods as much as possible, once you´re comfortable with this first step you can begin to reduce the amount of food  you eat just a little less to create a calorie deficit, you can try intermittent fasting to help you through this step.

Then you can start playing with your macronutrient ratios and find which one is the best for you, you can use carbohydrate cycling as a tool to change your macros and calories. The goal is to give nutrients to your body to function properly for daily activities and to recover.

For exercise you need to increase daily physical activity which you can do by taking small walks in the morning and after dinner and you can do 3 or 4 days resistance exercises to make sure that you maintain muscle.

This is how improving body composition is done, we gain muscle mass through resistance training and cardio helps us lose fat or maintain low fat while following the right diet. The best part of improving body composition is that you look amazing, your body looks toned and if you want to gain more muscle you can do it. Having more muscle means that your body needs more energy, more muscle burns more calories so you can eat more, once you develop new habits you don´t need to be obsessed or strict with your diet, you can have more cheat meals and be able to eat snacks or desserts more often without worrying about gaining fat.

If you follow the right exercise program chances are that you end up falling in love with training and you don´t want to lose any lifting session, if this happens you´ll be in an awesome place and you only need to keep momentum going. It takes time to see results but not that much and the results you´ll get are amazing and will keep you motivated, you´ll see your body changing and getting stronger making it easier to go to the gym and to focus on healthy foods, seeing results is the best way to keep you motivated.

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Weight loss mistakes you may be making


Avoiding some common mistakes will make your fat loss easier and faster. The times we´re living now where we have so much information at our hands we get confused on what´s right and what´s wrong, there are many experts with big promises and it´s hard to decide whom to trust, it´s normal to make mistakes, but knowing what you are doing wrong is not always that simple.

The first and biggest mistake is trying to lose weight fast, it´s not healthy and will lead to  negative long term damage. Following traditional low calorie diets is a big mistake, the industry and fitness expert took advantage of people wanting to lose weight fast making big promises that will deliver amazing results in short time without making health a priority.

Another mistake people make is focusing only on calories or points and not paying attention to macro and micronutrients. For many people it all comes down to calories, eat less-move more to less weight and eat more to gain muscle. Getting lean is more complex than just calories. Macronutrient ratios are an important factor to consider for your health and for achieving a fitness goal, not all calories are equal, knowing how to set macro nutrient ratios and making sure that micronutrients are also set in the right amounts for your goal and your health is more important than focusing on calories.

Losing weight without considering body composition, people that is not so familiar with training, nutrition and fitness in general won´t consider relevant body composition, the amount of fat and muscle they have which make a big difference at how your body looks and how healthy you are. This is a common mistake I see, people want to lose weight and don´t consider fat and muscle, they just want to see the number on the scale going down.

It´s so important to set any fitness goal as improving your body composition meaning reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass, this does not means you need to gain a ton of muscle and look like bodybuilders. For beginners when they start exercising and doing resistant and cardio exercise with the right diet they can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, if they´re only using the scale to measure their progress they lose motivation because they may not lose any pound but they´re not considering how their body composition changed.

Improving body composition and losing fat can get very complex, hormones play an important role on whether you lose fat or you hit a plateau if you only consider calories you are not paying attention at your hormones and this can stop your progress, if insulin and cortisol are high it´s harder to burn fat, if growth hormone is low your body can´t build or maintain muscle, if leptin and ghrelin are out of balance you´ll over eat and those extra calories can come from unhealthy food thanks to the increase on cravings for simple carbohydrates.

When trying to lose weight, you must consider it as a lifestyle change, slow and steady always wins. You can change your body and your life completely in 6 months to a year, 6 months is a small period of time to change your body and to live healthier.

Stop trying to lose weight fast, and stop following low calorie diets that fail long-term. Focus on making changes to your lifestyle, start creating good habits that will lead to the physique you want, living healthy and happy.

Following a healthy nutrition program based on fresh foods, doing resistance training to maintain and build muscle and adding some cardio to help you lose fat faster, getting enough good quality sleep every night, lowering stress with breathing techniques and getting the right mindset through meditation is what´s going to make it possible for you to get in your best shape and sustain.

Not getting enough good quality sleep is another problem that can block your results, getting at least 6 hours of good quality sleep every night is necessary. Your body recovers and lose fat while sleeping, most of the job is done while you sleep so if you want the best results possible you need to make sure that you´re getting through all phases of sleep for a couple times.

Stress also impacts our results, if you have chronic stress you won´t get the best results, your body can´t recover properly if it´s always stressed out. In this case it´s more important for it to stay alert and keep you safe instead of recovering and burning fat, you also need to consider that fat loss is not a priority for your body this is why you need to force it to a certain point without causing damage, the way to force it is through exercise and nutrition by eating less and you let it recover through sleep and low stress levels.

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