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Focus on what you can control


Every single day we go through so many different situations, some of them good and some bad, we do have control over some of them so we can change the outcome by taking action and doing something different and we don´t have control over others, but we can still make that situation worse or maintain it as it is by the way we respond.

There are some situations that we can control, for most of us this situations we do have control over are small but crucial they can make a huge difference on our days and life, some examples are exercise, diet, quality of sleep, our emotions, what we read and listen to, who we spend time with, what we do on our spare time, our values, how hard we work, our perspective in any situation. These small things can change our life completely once we realize we have control over them and start taking that control back.

We have control over what we eat, if we decide to eat healthy foods we can start doing it now, we don´t need external sources to make that happen, when we go to the gym we are in control of our workout and how hard we exercise, we can have total control of the quality of our sleep we only need to develop a sleep routine to make sure the amount of sleep we get is the best possible. We have control over what we read and listen to, we can read news and spend a lot of time on social media or we can read a book and listen to podcasts, we can spend time with people we love and care about and want to see us succeed or we can spend time with people who don´t support us.

For most of us in most cases it´s really hard to make sure that any situation or project is going to end the way we want, we can do our best and think about all the outcomes positive and negative to be prepared but there´s always something outside of our control, the bigger the project or situation the possibilities of something going wrong increases and there are more things outside of our control.

In the situations where everything is outside of our control, there´s still something we do have control over, how we respond. If we are stuck in traffic, if our flight was delayed, if the package was delayed, if it´s raining, etc; this are situations outside of our control it doesn´t matter if we shout or scream to the flight attendant or to the girl or guy next to us, it doesn´t matter how much we pray, the situation won´t change and all those negative reactions will only make the situation worse. What we can do here is respond in the best way possible, we do not have control over the situation and everything that´s happening, but we do have control over our emotions and the way we respond.

Do not let something outside of you, something external whether it´s a person or situation control your thoughts, emotions and actions. When we let someone or something outside control us we are only reacting and in most cases this reactions only make the situation worse.

Being able to control how we respond on situations outside of our control is hard, in a way we know there´s nothing we can do to improve the situation, we know that yelling to someone will not make the flight leave on time, we know that we can pray and hope for the rain to stop but it won´t stop the rain, but still most of us can´t control our emotions at those moments.

The first step is to identify each situation, knowing which ones are outside of your control and which ones are within your control, when you know which situations are within your control think about what you need to do and take action, for the situations outside of your control you can still control how you respond so in this case what you need to do is stop, take a step back to calm and relax. We all know that in some situations it´s better to do nothing, to just sit there and wait until that situation is over in a calm way but most of us are not able to do this so by taking a step back and taking the time to consciously calm yourself you are able to let that situation end without making it worse.

Whether we have control over the situations or not there´s always something we can do, if we have control then we need to take action, if we don´t have control we can still control our emotions and respond in a way that can keep that situation neutral instead of reacting and making the situation worse.

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Is it more important to achieve a goal or the journey?


The short answer is, we can´t deny that they´re both important but the journey is key.

How many of us want to lose weight for any reason, it may be to improve our health or because of insecurities. Some of us may have health problems and in some cases losing weight is necessary otherwise those health problems will keep getting worse. For others the reason why we want to lose weight is because we don´t like the way we look and feel, we feel terrible about ourselves, we don´t have confidence, we´re not living the life we want to live so we want to improve.

There´s a reason why the journey to any goal is hard, in the case of weight loss, we´ve been following unhealthy habits that lead us to where we are now and the moment we start making changes it´s uncomfortable, we go through mental and emotional stuff and we also go through physical pain, a good pain that gives our body the stimuli to change and this is hard. That journey is key to develop the habits we need to maintain our results and keep improving but also plays a huge role on training our mind. If you are strong enough mentally then you´ll get through whatever challenge appears on the journey until you reach your goal.

Weight loss is actually simple, I know you´ve heard time and time again that famous advice “eat less – move more” and yes you do need to eat less and move more but people won´t tell you the other part of the advice. How can you eat less and move more when you feel tired and hungry all the time? That advice is only based on calories which won´t fix the root problem, the root problem is on your hormones so when you fix your hormones first then weight loss is really simple and easy.

You achieved your goal and now what? This is the reason why your weight loss journey is probably more important than reaching your goal. The journey is key to make sure you develop the habits you need to keep the weight off and keep progressing. If you have weight to lose this means that you´ve followed unhealthy habits for years so it will take time to lose that weight and if you want to keep it off then you need to develop healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. Those habits include exercising every day, getting high quality sleep every night, following a strategy to lower your levels of stress and a healthy diet. Through your journey you work on tools that help you improve your sleep, lower stress, finding ways to exercise every day and eating healthy. When you reach your weight loss goals most of the changes and the actions you took to achieve your goal are now habits and routines. Those new habits and routines are now part of your life and as you keep doing them you´ll find it really simple, easy and enjoyable to keep the weight off.

The journey also helps to develop a strong mindset, as we mentioned before for any goal you want to achieve there are some changes you need to make, there´s some action you need to take and those actions will take you out of your comfort zone making the journey way more challenging, as you keep moving forward you´re getting stronger mentally so when you reach your goal you feel more confident not only because you look way better physically but because you know you went through so many challenges and you overcame every single one of them.

Every time you achieve your goal you´ll see that there´s always something you want to improve. Once you reach your goal you may look in the mirror and find something you don´t like about your body, about yourself, something you want to improve always searching for perfection. This is normal to a certain point, most of us will never be completely satisfied with our body so we set another goal to improve that muscle group or to lose a little more fat, to get bigger, etc. but if you´re not aware and if you focus a lot on being perfect this will create more damage. None of us are perfect so the goal is to be the best we can be and be comfortable with our achievements if we know we give our all.

As human beings we are goal achievers, if we don´t set goals and we´re not motivated then life gets boring, when we set goals we direct our mind and concentration to one single target, and the journey is what makes us grow physically and mentally.

Start now setting a goal you want to achieve, it doesn´t need to be around fitness and health you can set goals for all areas of your life, do you want to lose weight? Or gain lean muscle mass? Do you want to write a book? What a about that project you´ve been postponing?

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Food addiction is real


For the past years our relationship with food has changed for the worse leading to different diseases and putting at risk our mental and emotional health. Food addiction is real and it´s making us sick.

Many of the health problems we´re seeing today mentally and physical are caused by food addiction especially sugar addiction the good news is that many of this health problems can be prevented.

The reason why sugar creates addiction is because every time you eat sugar blood glucose raises and insulin also raises to bring blood sugar down, this process leads to cravings and sugar also releases dopamine which is the feel good hormone before eating a meal, snack or dessert your get a sense of anticipation, you know it´s going to be good because you love that food and when you eat it you get that positive feeling, you feel good thanks to dopamine. Every time you eat you´re looking for that same feeling but if you eat the same amount you won´t get the same level of sensation or feeling so you need more and more.

We need to mention that processed foods not only contain sugar, they also contain more ingredients to make sure the products taste delicious and it creates addiction so that you can´t stop eating it.

Now there´s a huge problem, the reason I call this food addiction is that this not only happens with sweet foods like candies, sweets, chocolate, fruit; it also happens with carbohydrates like bread, cereal, pasta because they turn into glucose in your body. This is why when you want to stop the food addiction you need to stop eating all carbohydrates for a period of time and it´s hard because you´ll get all the withdraw symptoms of addiction.

When insulin is high it will make you store fat and it will make it almost impossible to burn fat so if your goal is to lose weight then you need to keep insulin low and the way to achieve that is by reducing sugar. When you eat sugar on a regular basis which is what most of us do, we eat sugar every couple hours because that´s what we´ve told then this leads to chronic elevated blood sugar and insulin which leads to diabetes, obesity, fatty liver and other chronic diseases. Sugar also depletes the body from nutrients and our body needs to nutrients to function properly so there are many reasons to eliminate processed sugar from our diet and keep carbohydrates low.

The huge problem is that sugar is in almost everything, so many processed foods have sugar so it´s not only candies, sweets or fruit juice, also chips, chocolates, bread, pasta.

The ways to find out if you are addicted to sugar is by answering the questions below:

1.- Do you find yourself thinking about food all the time? Especially your favorite snack or dessert?

2.- When you feel stressed, sad, overwhelmed, depressed or anxious you go for some unhealthy food to eat?

3.- Have you hidden your favorite snacks from friends or family?

4.- Have you ever thought about stop eating some of those foods because you´re probably eating too much?

5.- Have you ever use your favorite meal, snack or dessert as a motivation to finish some activity? When I finish this activity I will have a donut, pizza, cake, cupcake, etc?

If you answered yes to this questions then you are addicted to sugar and food so you need to start making some changes and when you start making those changes you´ll go throw a period of withdraw were you´ll feel anxious, you may have headaches, insomnia.

Here are some steps you can follow to stop that sugar and food addiction:

1.- Accept that you are addicted to food and that it´s within your control to make a change.

2.- Be aware of all the products and foods that contain sugar, this includes bread, pasta, cereal, fruit

3.- Make sure that you´re eating enough to feel satiated and full by eating healthy fats and protein

4.- Find something you love doing to release dopamine and make you feel good (eating unhealthy foods is not part of this)

I´ve never liked the word “diet” because it automatically sends a message to your brain that you´ll be eliminating foods, desserts and snacks you love for a certain period of time and this increases your cravings making it harder to stay on track and the worst part of this is that it´s not something you need to follow for a certain period of time, it´s for the rest of your life and it´s not eliminating foods, it´s about changing unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones. When you want to stop your food addiction you need to find healthy ingredients you can use to replace the unhealthy ones, this is what we´re going to talk about on future posts so make sure you´re following us on social media.

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How to develop the right mindset for weight loss


Weight loss is simple, but not easy. You need to eat healthy foods, exercise, get enough high quality sleep, keep stress low and also develop the right mindset to help you do all the other four.

Weight loss is more about mindset than any other thing, your body can achieve what your mind is set to do. Your mind is what keeps you going and pushing hard when your body tells you to stop, your mind will keep you making the right choices even when hunger and cravings  appear.

Weight loss is hard because you do have to eat and exercise more, to make this a little easier you need to eat the right foods to improve your hormones and metabolism so you don´t feel hungry and tired all the time but there´ll be times when you feel hungry, when you would love to eat a little more and the right mindset is what´s going to stop you from eating more, that right mindset is what´s going to get you up and exercise even if you don´t feel like working out, it will make you take some time to meditate and relax so you can keep stress low.

In short, developing the right mindset will keep you on track through all your weight loss journey, until you reach your goal and develop the habits you need to maintain those results effortless. For this to happen you need to train your mind the same way you train your muscles, it won´t be easy but it´s worthy. Once you´ve develop the right mindset you´ll be able to achieve any goal you set for all areas of your life.

The first step is accepting that starting a weight loss journey is going to be tough, there are so many things you need to change, the more bad habits you have right now the harder it will be so accepting that some days will be harder than others and knowing that you can still push yourself and make good choices if you´re following the right strategy will lower some anxiety and stress.

The reason why most people are not able to lose weight and keep it off is because they focus on calories and points, they follow the “eat less -move more” advice and they don´t consider hormones and metabolism which are the ones keeping you tired and hungry all the time. If you follow the strategies I share with you it will be easier for you to stick to the diet and exercise program because we´re focusing on hormones and metabolism, we´re making sure that you give your body the nutrients it needs, that you feel satisfied and full for longer and that you have energy.

Now, self-talk plays a huge role, what you say to yourself can keep you going or can take you out of track. If you say to yourself that you´re losing weight because you´re fat, obese or overweight; because you don´t like the way you look, because you hate the way you feel and look, because you hate your body that´s the wrong message and the wrong mindset. The reason why you´re starting your weight loss journey is because even when you have some weight to lose and you don´t feel your best now, you know you deserve better and you know you can do better. You love yourself and you want to live your best life possible so you´re making the changes necessary to feel and look great, to have the energy and motivation you need to work towards your dreams.

You eat the right healthy foods to give your body and brain the energy they need to maintain optimal health, to support you fitness goals, to feel and look as best as possible and to make sure that you can maintain focus and hard work on the projects you´re working on in all areas of your life. You exercise whether it´s going to the gym or at home because you want to get stronger and faster, you want to build that amazing physique that is useful outside the gym, that help you perform as best as possible in any daily situation. You get enough high quality sleep to make sure that your body can recover and get ready for the day to come, also to maintain optimal health and make sure that all hormones and systems on your  body work efficiently. You meditate or do some breathing exercise to keep stress low.

You make the decision to lose weight and keep it off because you know you deserve better and you know you are capable of achieving your goal and improving your life.

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The unhealthy relationship with food.


If there´s one thing that has got us into a lot of trouble and has increased diseases is our relationship with food. Whether you want to accept it or not, we all know that the high amounts of highly processed foods we eat are the ones making us gain weight and even when we know they are unhealthy we can´t stop eating them.

Not so long ago it was really hard to find food, some people in certain regions didn´t have access to food so companies started to look for ways to make food accessible to everyone and now we´re surrounded by food, unfortunately the food we´re surrounded by is cheap which makes it accessible but it´s also full of unhealthy oils, sugar and added ingredients to make sure the products last on shelves and since companies need to keep selling those products are also full of extra ingredients that cause addiction to make sure you keep eating them.

Food has become our way to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, boredom, anger and I can´t deny that it makes us feel good instantly but we´re not thinking about the negative impact it has on our health in a short and long term. Some of us think about this negative consequence but we can´t stop eating it. Here are some points or questions you can ask yourself to know if you have an unhealthy relationship with food:

1.- Do you think about food all the time?

2.- Do you eat when you´re feeling sad, stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, bored?

3.- You want to lose weight and you try the latest fad diet? You go through this over and over so you´ve tried more than one of these diets

4.- You start your diet and commit to only eating healthy or clean foods and when you eat an unhealthy food or snack you feel guilty.

5.- You eat based on your emotions and based on hunger?

If you answered yes to this questions or most of them then you have an unhealthy relationship with food, don´t feel guilty or like a failure because you´re not alone and it´s not your fault. The era or times we´re living now are what lead you to that unhealthy relationship but it´s withing your hands to change it. To change your relationship with food there´s one step you can start taking today:

1.- Every time you want to eat something, when cravings come or catch yourself eating stop for a moment and think about why you want to eat or why are you eating. Is it because you´re really hungry? Is it because you´re following a diet where you need to eat every 2 or 3 hours and it´s time to eat regardless of whether you´re hungry or not? Is it because you´re bored or stressed? Is it because you had a fight with a friend or family member? Because you´re stressed? Write in a piece of paper the reason why you´re eating, write everything you´re feeling in that moment.

2.- When you find yourself looking for something to eat stop and wait some couple of minutes, drink water, go for a walk and see if the cravings disappear.

This 2 steps may seen so simple but they are hard to put into practice, some of us are not aware at how many times we eat during the day this includes meals, desserts, snacks and in some of them we´re not even hungry. Being aware of when you´re eating and why is the first step to change that unhealthy relationship, then when you find yourself eating or looking for something to eat is better to drink water or tea o go for a walk to give some time and see if it´s really hunger or not, if it disappears you´re not hungry.

You also need to realize that yes you do need to eat healthy food most of the time but this doesn´t mean that you need to follow strict diets 100% of the time, it´s about making healthy choices most of the time but having the freedom to eat your favorite meal, dessert or snack and really enjoy it without feeling guilty or ashamed, without blaming yourself for lacking will power or being so weak. Focus on healthy foods and know that you have the freedom to enjoy those foods you love when you´re with friends or family or even when you´re on you´re own every now and then.

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How to start losing weight when you feel tired and hungry


If you´re tried to lose weight before you may have listened to the most common advice we all know “eat less – move more” but for some reason you just can´t stop eating and you´re too tired and your body hurts to start doing any physical activity. You´re not alone this happened to me too.

Most weight loss programs and fitness experts or gurus focus on the calorie formula for weight loss, this is where the “eat less – move more” advice comes from. If you eat less and you move more you´ll create a calorie deficit that will lead to weight loss this is why most programs want you to count calories or points, the problem is how do you eat less and move more when you feel hungry all day, when you feel tired and your body hurts?

Even when calories do play a role on weight loss they´re not our main focus. Weight loss is the result of your health, if you have weight to lose it means that your hormones and metabolism are not working efficiently so this is what we need to focus on. By focusing on improving hormones and metabolism you make sure that they work properly as they´re supposed to and in a couple of days or weeks you´ll find out that you´re not hunger all the time, your cravings decreased and you don´t feel tired you actually feel more energy and more motivated this makes it easier to stick to any program so you lose weight consistently and when you get to your desired weight you´ve already developed the habits you need to maintain those results so it´s effortless to stay on that healthy weight and keep making progress while enjoying life a lot more.

Here are the steps you need to take to start losing weight, this steps or strategies focus on improving hormones and metabolism so that you don´t feel hungry so you are able to eat a little less and start adding physical activity on a daily basis:

1.- Eliminate all sugar from your diet.- Insulin is an important hormone when it comes to weight loss, if insulin is high you won´t lose fat so you need to keep insulin low and the way to achieve it is by eliminating sugar. Sugar also causes addiction and cravings so when you eliminate it you´ll go through some hard days of cravings, make sure that you stay away from it and in a couple of days you´ll feel great.

2.- Eliminate processed foods that contain unhealthy seed oils.- This seed oils also create a lot of problems and have a negative impact on your hormones and metabolism making it a lot harder for you to lose weight.

3.- Make sure you´re getting enough protein and healthy fats.- Heathy fats and protein like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, beef, lamb, pork, whole eggs help you feel satiated and full for a longer time making it easy to keep cravings and hunger controlled.

4.- Keep carbohydrates low.- Carbohydrates do spike insulin so if you want to have some carbohydrates make sure you keep them around 30 grams max. And make sure those carbs are healthy options like potato, rice, oats, corn tortilla.

5.- Take a 10 minute walk in the morning before breakfast and a 10 minute walk after dinner.

You´ll need discipline to follow this strategies the first days or weeks but as days go by and you keep following it you´ll start feeling better, you have more energy and less hunger so you feel more motivated to keep going.

The reason why this steps are hard is because you need to eliminate the foods that create addiction and make you feel good, the foods you crave. This foods disrupt your hormones and metabolism so you need to break that addiction and stop the cravings and give time to your hormones and metabolism to start working properly, once this happens it becomes easy to lose fat and start exercising to build a lean body.

Follow this steps for a couple of weeks and let us know how you feel by living a comment down below and on Twitter your results, how you feel?

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There´s not a quick fix for weight loss


Weight loss is a huge problem nowadays and it keeps increasing, there are so many weight loss programs, fitness experts and gurus and still we can´t win the battle so it´s clear we´re doing something wrong and wanting fast results, quick fixes and magic pills is one of the reasons why we´re not getting results.

We´re living in an era of instant gratification, we can get almost anything we want instantly or in just a couple of days and if we add to this that technology has made a lot more sedentary and processed foods made us addicted to it and since we don´t know how to cope with the stress of life we go for more unhealthy food we are in an unhealthy vicious cycle that is so hard to stop.

We want results now, we want to feel good now without considering the effects long term. Making choices based on instant gratification means that you want to feel good now and it doesn´t matter if that decision has a negative impact on the future. Processed food is one example, it makes you feel good now but the negative impact it has on your weight and health is worse than feeling good now just a couple of minutes.

We also need to accept that we are lazy, we don´t want to work hard neither put some time or effort to any activity if it makes us feel tired, or involves some kind of pain now that will lead to a better future. We avoid anything that involves hard work and effort and the fitness industry has takes advantage of this creating weight loss programs to help you lose as much weight as possible without considering your health and the negative impact those programs create long term and they´ve also designed a lot of different pills and powders claiming to be the best supplements for weight loss. Many of those weight loss supplements are sold by telling you that you just take those magic powders or pills once or twice a day and you can keep eating your favorite meals, snacks and desserts, you don´t need to do that much exercise and you´ll lose weight, maintain muscle and get that lean physique you´re looking for. Many people buy this supplements believing all those lies, yes, they may get some results for a period of time then they´ll get to a point where they stop losing weight and to make it worse if you´re not aware of the ingredients they can cause more harm and damage to your body.

Weight loss is simple, but not easy. Even when you can and will get results with any commercial weight loss program or supplement you´ll get to a point where you stop losing weight, you´ll get discourage and stop following the program and you´ll start gaining the weight back. This weight gain is in part because of the damage those weight loss programs and supplements did to your body and health.

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by following a diet and exercise program that works for you, a diet and exercise program that you can stick to for the rest of your life, it´s about developing the right habits around the 5 principles of fitness and considering what you like, enjoy and love. You do need to be disciplined and take some time for yourself every day, you need to exercise, meditate, sleep and eat healthy foods.

It took time to get to where you are now and it will take some time to get to your desired weight, your weight is the result of your health if your hormones and metabolism are not working properly you start gaining weight this means that if you are obese or overweight your hormones and metabolism are not working as they´re supposed to you may have unhealthy habits that include being sedentary, eating unhealthy highly processed foods, not getting enough sleep and high levels of stress. All this created damage to your body including your hormones and metabolism, this is why you feel tired and hungry all the time too. This was not created in just one week or a couple of months, is the result of years of unhealthy habits so it will take some time to achieve your goal, do not try to make it faster by looking for quick fixes that will do more damage to your body. Be patient, follow the right strategies and remember that while you´re losing weight, the time it will take you to get to your desired weight is highly important because during that time you´re developing the right habits that will make your weight loss sustainable.

The best way to do it is by focusing on improving your health, following strategies that help you improve your hormones and metabolism so that they start to function properly so that you lose weight consistently and effortlessly giving you more freedom to enjoy life.

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What does it really takes to lose weight?


Our weight now is the result of our health, it´s the results of unhealthy habits and routines for almost all our life.

If you´re here probably it´s because you´ve tried to lose weight before and you´ve failed over and over. Don´t feel bad, it´s not your fault, but the choice to change that is yours so if you want to get to your desire weight once and for all there are some points you need to know and the first one is it will take time and the beginning will be hard. It took years to be where you are now so it will take some time to get to your goal, it may be 4 to 6 months or maybe 10 months, maybe 12 or more it all depends where you are now.

You need to put the time in, how much time you dedicate to your weight loss journey depends of how discipline you are, some of us are so discipline and get so into it that we make sure we have everything we need so that we don´t make any wrong choice. You need some time to exercise every day and if you are disciplined you may want to prepare your meals and that takes time too. You may not have time to prepares meals for a complete week this is why fasting is a great strategy because you only have 2 meals and if you can keep your diet as simple as possible for 5 or 6 days it gets a lot easier and you spend less time preparing your meals. For exercise you need to do resistance training 4 to 5 days a week, those routines take about 45 minutes and you also need to find ways to stay active throughout the day, the way to do it is by walking during phone calls or schedule 15 minutes after dinner and go for a walk.

Nothing worth having is easy, the strategies are simple, but you need to put in the work. When you´re exercising you need to give your all, you won´t get the best results if you only show up or if you don´t put all the intensity and effort in. You need to make all exercise challenging because that what tells your body to change, to get stronger, to build muscle, to get leaner. The same goes for the diet part, if you´re not all in and you have cheat meals or you eat more you won´t get the best results possible, you need to make the decision and commitment to improve your body, your health and your life and go all in, there´s no reason to do everything as best as you can one or two days and then lose all that progress in one day of binge eating and skipping your exercise routine.

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal? I´ve said before that weight loss is simple but it requires some sacrifices and that´s what makes it hard, most of us are so lazy, we want instant results without effort, we want to lose weight with the less work possible. Sadly this is not possible, from my experience the most difficult part is the diet because you need to eliminate completely all those foods you love, those highly processed foods from fast foods pizza, burgers, donuts, soda, fruit juice, cereal, waffles, etc. for a period of time. The problem is the addiction all this foods create and to break that addiction going to a really strict diet is the best option because after some days your cravings and hunger stop you also feel more motivated and with more energy. You´ll get to a point where you can enjoy your favorite meals, snacks or desserts every now and then.

If you do want to lose weight and keep it off while improving your health and the way you feel you need to focus on your target and be able to delay gratification, let go that instant gratification, that sense of feeling good now, sacrifice a small reward that will make you feel good now for a short period of time for a bigger reward that will make you way better for a longer period of time.

We´ve all been living a very sedentary life full of unhealthy habits and routines so the moment you start making changes to reach your weight loss you´ll go through a lot of up and downs, we have a bad relationship with food that needs to be broken, the unhealthy foods we´ve eaten almost out entire life cause addiction plus we´re going through mental and emotional stuff that makes it really hard to stay on track, these are the reasons why you keep overeating and eating those unhealthy foods you know you´re not supposed to eat. To end this as fast as possible you need to focus on improving your hormones and metabolism and this means following a strict diet plan for a period of time, but you´ll be eating foods you like and keep you full to make a little easier for you to stay on track.

Let us know by leaving a comment down below and on Twitter how many times have you tried to lose weight before and what was the hardest part to stick to?

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With so many weight loss programs why obesity is still a huge problem?


If you´re trying to lose weight and you´ve searched the internet you may have found so many different programs from brands or fitness experts like Weight Watchers, Beach Body and many more. All of them claiming to be the best weight loss programs that will give you results a lot faster. If all this program work why obesity and overweight is still a huge problem?

There are several reasons why, first we need to mention that this programs focus on giving you results fast which create a lot of problems on the long term and it´s hard and almost impossible to maintain your results.

Here we need to talk about diet and exercise which almost all weight loss programs come with a plan for each. Lets start with diet. Most of us have an idea of what a weight loss diet should be, veggies or salads, some boiled rice and a small portion of lean protein like chicken, you can have small portions of fruit, maybe some oatmeal. The important point is that you count calories or points and don´t exceed certain amount. The problem with this is that your body needs certain nutrients to function as best as possible, this nutrients include fatty-acids, amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. If you only focus on calories you´re not considering nutrients and you may be deficient in some nutrients and they can make your weight loss harder, the worse problem with this calorie strategy is that they create the programs based on the most famous advice we all know “eat less – move more”. I´m sure you´ve tried it before and you failed, and there´s a reason for that and it´s not your fault.

Sustainable weight loss is not about eating less and moving more, it´s about hormones and metabolism, this diets created to help you lose as much weight as possible by focusing on calories where you need to eat really small meals do more harm to your body, they impact your metabolism in a negative way and don’t consider the hormones this leads to yo-yo dieting because the moment you stop the diet you start gaining the weight back. For some of us it may take more time to gain back the weight for some less but in a couple of years we gained all the weight back and more.

Now lets talk about exercise, most programs focus on a lot of cardio whether it´s long sessions of steady state or some HIIT routines that are like hell. I´ve mentioned before on other posts that cardio is not the best way to lose fat, it´s beneficial and can help you achieve your goals faster if you do it correctly which is not what those programs do. Too much cardio lead to muscle loss and makes it harder to lose weight because of the adaptation and the signal it sends.

I mentioned in other post that cardio and resistance send different signals to your body (click here to read that post), cardio tells your body to be more efficient at that activity, with cardio you improve your endurance and for that muscle mass is not needed it can actually block your progress so you start losing body mass because you don´t need it for that activity and every time you need to do more and more cardio just to maintain your weight otherwise you start gaining it back.

Those weight loss programs put together the most common strategies to lose weight fast without considering your health and long term success. Yes, if you eat less and move more you´ll lose weight with any program, the problem comes later when you get off the diet, it only takes some months or years until you regain the weight.

The biggest mistake is this: It´s not about losing weight fast, it´s about losing weight at a sustainable pace that gives you the freedom you need while developing the habits needed to make that weight loss sustainable. The only way to do this is by focusing on hormones and metabolism, when you start following strategies so that your hormones and metabolism work efficiently, hunger and cravings start to decrease and you feel less tired, you start feeling more energy, more motivated and is easier to follow a diet, with time you see that you can still enjoy your favorite dishes, desserts and snacks and you find yourself making healthier and better choices 80% to 90% of the time without effort. So you enjoy life a lot more. This is the place you want to get. This is our goal to help you get to that place.

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How to develop the right mindset to exercise


It´s hard to get up and exercise when you feel tired and your body hurts, and it´s harder when your mindset plays all kind of tricks to avoid all challenges, but getting up and exercise is key, is so important to lose weight, to keep it off and maintain optimal health.

In most cases what´s holding you back is your mindset and this is why you need to train your mindset the right way. A strong mindset will keep you going even when everything seems falling apart.

You need to start by realizing that if you are here, on this website is because you ae struggling with your weight and you want to make a change, you want to lose weight and improve your health so that you can live the life you deserve.

It´s really easy to set a goal and get excited at the beginning but maintaining that excitement and motivation when the journey gets hard is the difficult part, that´s when most people give up, but you won´t. You will continue and you´ll get through those hard times.

Our minds are designed to work on targets, on projects you always need to have a goal, a project or something you want to achieve, a purpose. You are here for a reason, for a purpose and that´s what keeps us going. The moment you lose sight of that project, goal or purpose you´re done. Most of us have dreams and would like to live a certain way but to live that incredible life you need to make health a priority.

You are capable of achieving whatever you want, you got everything you need physically and mentally you just need to get stronger, both physically and mentally and developing a strong mindset is harder. Once you get your mind right everything follows.

For anything you want to achieve there are some sacrifices you need to make and the journey is hard, there will be great days and there will also be hard and tough days, what will keep you going and get pass through those hard days is having a clear goal, seeing clearly your project fulfilled and the result you want to achieve, believing in yourself and knowing that you need to keep going to get that result you want.

Also there´s something you need to give in, something you need to lose for something much better to come. In this case your goal is to lose weight, keep it off and improve your health for this the sacrifices are time and effort, doing resistance training 4 or 5 days a week and being more active every day. The workouts are not complicated but they are hard, you need to challenge yourself to feel that pain and that challenge so that your body changes. You also need to eat healthy nutritious foods and avoid unhealthy, highly processed foods full of unhealthy oils and sugars. This is what you need to sacrifice for a better life.

Realize that there are no quick fixes, it´s a long and hard journey with sacrifices, there´s a price you need to pay but if you stick to the plan, if you are consistent eventually you´ll get to that result you´ve been working for and that´s when you´ll feel proud of what you´ve accomplished and all the work you put it, you earn that success.

You need to know and realize that things are going to be tough, that you need to push yourself and work as hard as you can for as long as you need before getting to the gym or before starting your workout, you get in that mental state of knowing that you have a plan and you´ll do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. You know that you´ll feel tired, your muscles will burn and you keep going until you´re done with what you had planned.

When you go to the gym or you are getting ready for your exercise routine you need to focus on your goal, what you want to achieve, how you want to look like and keep that image of you being successful in your mind. Think about the reason why you are exercising and make sure that all the mental images and self-talk is positive. You go to the gym and exercise because you love your body, you love how you feel, you love how exercise makes you feel. You feel strong and confident and you feel a sense of accomplishment after exercising. So when you arrive to the gym and start working out you give your all.

There´s a lot of things going on and that we need to talk about when it comes to developing the right mindset, not only to get up and exercise but to be successful in life and we´ll be sharing with you more information.

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