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Every time we fail we can get back up


How many times have you failed and lost track completely thinking you can´t get back and continue through the program?

We´ve all failed but whether we get back on track or not depends of how we see the situation, in most cases we can all get back on track and continue. The reason I said in most cases is because there will be times that some external factor or situation gets in the way and is impossible for us to continue in that moment. We need to have in mind that there are things out of our control and we need to learn how to accept those times and adapt, we need to focus and work on what we can control and based on that get the best results possible.

From now on we´ll talk about situations that we can control and in this cases there will be so many times that we fall but getting back depends of our mentality, are we strong enough to accept that failure, learn from it and continue? or we will let that failure break us?

For any goal we set and any project we begin we need to keep in mind that we will fail at a certain point because there´s no way we can get prepared for everything we´re going to face in our journey, we can avoid some mistakes by learning from people who had done what we want to do but we need to make our own mistakes.

There´s a reason why successful people say that falling is not failing unless we don´t get back up, we all fall but not everyone will get back up and continue working as hard as possible, when someone falls and stays there because of fear or any excuse then that´s failing and when we´re in that situation it´s more likely that we´ll stay there, when someone falls and get back up they can find new ways to adjust the plan and continue and some successful people will be willing to help them because they know they will continue and they will work hard.

The people around us can make every failure a lot harder or easier, if we´re surrounded by the right people they will help us get back again which will make that failure easier and some of them can help us see our mistakes so we that we can learn from them, when we´re surrounded by the wrong people instead of helping us they will make sure that we stay down there.

Every time we fall and stay down there we lose confidence, that believe in ourselves lowers, the strength we need mentally need to be develop so that we can get up every time but if we set out mind right and we think about the chances, the possibilities and the entire situation we realize that it´s better to get up and continue if we really want to be successful we know we most continue otherwise if we stay down we settle for mediocrity and average but there´s too many of it right now and that´s not what we want. The journey is though, we know that but at the end of day we will feel proud of what we achieved and that believe and confidence in ourselves increases taking us to higher levels.

When we decide to give up when we fail we stay where we are but all the time we´ve spent working on that goal will go to waste, when we set a goal we plan to achieve it, deep inside we really want to get it but it´s hard to go through all the pain, sacrifices and failure. We are all capable of achieving our goals our mind is the one that will pull us back, when we go to the gym on train we´re working our mind the same way we´re working our body, how hard can we go? how fast can we go? can we do one more set? the answer will depend of how strong we are mentally.

Any road to our goals are full of challenges but if we fall and stay there we will be in the same mediocrity level as everybody else and we´re not meant for that so don´t let any challenge of failure keep you down there, always get up and continue working even hearder.

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What closed doors really mean


How many times have you heard that every time you see a door close open it? or break that door down?

We all have goals and the moments we start working on them we will face challenges, some of us give up with the first challenge and others give up according to the level of the challenge, some of us will get pass through small challenges while others give up if they require a lot of effort but that´s what a challenge is, it requires hard work and time.

We´ve all been working in projects and we´ve all faced closed doors but, what did you do with those closed doors? did you give up? did you try to open them with the skills and knowledge you already have? how many times did you try to open it?

Most of us prefer open doors than closed doors and the reason is simple, a open door means that we don´t need to work to get to another level we can just get in but this also means that we stay as we are, we don´t learn or grow while when we get to a closed door we need to work if we want to open it and keep going.

For me closed doors mean that there´re some skills, abilities and knowledge that I need to learn or acquire to get to a higher level. The ones who are willing to learn those new skills and apply them to the best of their abilities are the ones who will get pass through that door, and with every door is the same each close door means it´s time to learn something new and become better the best part of all this is that with every new door we become someone else, we grow we can´t continue being who we are if we want something bigger for us there´s something we need to change, we need to become the kind of person who deserves to win.

Closed doors are not for everyone just for the ones who are going to take the time and work as hard as they need to improve their skills, learn new ones and get better. It doesn´t matter how many close doors we need to break we will break them and if those skills and lessons help us grow, becomes better person, increase our knowledge and wisdom the we got nothing to lose and a lot to win.

The reason why we give up is fear, not knowing what´s in ht next room and also being lazy those two excuses are the reason why most of us don´t achieve our goals. If we have a plan there´s nothing to fear but if we don´t want to work hard then there´s no way we can achieve anything and we don´t deserve it either.

Now we can´t just knock at the door and wait to see what happens because in most cases nothing will happen, we need to take action in showing up may not be enough. If we open the door and we find out that it wasn´t the right one then we find another door, this means that there´s not one single way or path to achieve our goals so we need to keep adjusting throughout the journey, but the lessons we learnt from the wrong doors will stay with us, the more skills, knowledge and wisdom we get the more doors we can open.

If we have clarity of what we want to achieve and where we want to get it doesn´t matter how many closed doors get on our way we will open them and we will become the person we need to become to achieve our goals, it´s just about patience, persistence and discipline.

Show up, work hard and open as many doors as possible to achieve your goals, no one will do it for you, we can share with you everything you need to know, all the information you need to break those doors down but you need to put in the time, effort and hard work otherwise someone else will use that information and break those doors.

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We all have choices


How many choices have you made today?

From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep we make a lot of choices and they starts whit the alarm clock, do we get up or do we hit the snooze button? do we exercise, go out for a walk at least or do we stay in bed? do we have breakfast or skip it? if we do have breakfast do we cook something healthy that includes proteins and fats or do we have a bowl of ox cereal? and we continue like this our entire day.

There are different factors that will impact our daily choices like lack or poor quality sleep, stress, mood, nutrition it´s clear that if we don´t feel good we will make poor choices and if we feel great we will make better choices so everything we do to our body inside and out affects every choice and this becomes a cycle that can be positive or negative.

Sometimes we don´t know which choice is better, when we have doubts they come from a lack of clarity, of not knowing what we want and this goes to our values, beliefs, purpose and commitment. When we know exactly what we want to achieve and where we want to get is easier to make choices we just need to ask ourselves which choice is going to moves us towards our goal but if we don´t know what we want then we will end up making choices that give us instant pleasure based on short term results but in the long run those choices have a negative impact.

To make the right choices we need to be clear on what we want, have a clear end result of our goal and know our values, once we got those 2 clear (we also need to know our purpose in life and what we stand for but our values and goals must be align with them as we saw in other post) it´s easier to make the right choice every time we just need to ask ourselves which on is best for us and the people around us, which one get us closer to our goal or which one has a positive impact and more benefits for us and those one around us.

We always need to think of the long game, in many cases we will have to choose between a short term or immediate result which gives us instant gratification or the long term result where we won´t get any instant gratification or reward, we won´t see results in a short term but the long term result and reward of achieving our end goal is worthy, that´s the one we´re looking for we want the big rewards.

We all have to make choices and those are the ones who shape our lifestyle and success on achieving anything, the ones who have a strong will power and commitment to make the right choice every single time are the ones who win, those who keep making bad choices thinking only the instant reward never achieve their biggest dreams.

Some of us have clarity but for some reason we can´t make the right choice, here we need to ask ourselves if we are committed to that goal if we´re willing to do whatever it takes to go all in and put all our effort, time and concentration on it, we may want to achieve a big goal but we don´t want to work hard or spend too much time, we prefer to go to the party and have fun than spend those hours working on our project, then we´re not committed.

One way to make it easier for us to make the right and best choice every time is to develop habits, routines and systems so that our brain doesn´t need to think about it, if we want to lose weight we schedule a time of the day when we can exercise for 1 hour and we make sure that it can be the same hour every day, if it´s in the morning when the alarm clock sounds we get up and exercise, and we do it every single day until we don´t have to ask ourselves if we want to do it or not.

When we develop as many healthy habits, routines and systems we design our day to be more productive and we also reduce work on our brain so we have more energy to think and make better choices for the rest of the day.

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Achieving our goals depends of us

6_foto tree goals

When we set a goal most of the time we already know what we need to do, at least at the beginning and the only thing we need to do is take action, achieving any goal depends of ourselves, if we don´t take action we´ll never achieve anything.

We can share all the tools you need and everything you need to know about fitness, health and success but if you don´t take action the information we give you is useless.

We can have all the information, the best plan and the best ideas but without the work nothing´s going to happen. Action and execution is what get us closer to our goals and the reason why we don´t take action is because of limiting beliefs, low self confidence we don´t keep ourselves accountable all that is holding us back.

What we need to do is increase self confidence, accountability and the belief in ourselves for this we can follow the next steps:

1. Set small goals.- We need to start with small goals that help us increase our confidence, every small goal we achieve will keep us accountable and motivate us to work for something bigger.

2. Choose a new choice you want to make every single day.- There are some habits that we need to change to make any goal sustainable so we need to decide which habits we want to change and for that we need to make a different choice, choose one and do it for at least a month before you take another one. For example waking up 30 minutes earlier every day to take a walk.

We need to focus on progress and not perfection, taking action consistently over a period of time will give us amazing results, it doesn´t matter how small the action is we need to start somewhere.

We can all achieve great things in life the only reason why we don´t get them is lack of action and that lack of action is based on limiting beliefs, excuses which normally are based on fears. We cannot let our dreams die when we got everything we need to go for them, it´s going to be hard, it´s going to be painful but the reward is worthy.

If you have a dream set is as goal and create a plan of action then start working on it. I talk on other posts about taking massive action, you can take massive action with even a small daily activities like waking up earlier and going for a walk, it all starts by developing habits that are going to make our results sustainable in a simple way.

If we have dreams and goals we are the ones who need to work on them, those are our goals not anyone else’s, we need to start working on our dreams so that in some point in the future we can stop working for someone else’s dreams.

If our goals are important enough for us, if they move us emotionally then we will make everything we need, it´s easy to concentrate and work hard when we have a clear end result that motivate us, nothing and no one can stop us and even when we fail we´ll learn from that failure and get up stronger with more wisdom to keep moving forward.

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Leave a legacy

6_foto tree goals

If we think about the reason or purpose we´re here it´s to make this world a better place, to help as much people as possible and to leave a blueprint that can help the people behind us.

If we have the desire to be remembered by our contribution to society or to the world we need to work on building our legacy, what can we do now to help as much people as possible and to make this a better world?

For me there are two important things here: what do we want to be remembered for? and what blueprint can we leave that will be of help for future generations?

When our time is over how do we want to be remembered? what do we want to be known for? we all have a limited time and we´re here to live our best life possible. People will remember us by how we treated them, how we make them feel and the impact we had on their lives, if we do good for people our impact will last. The more people we help the better not only for us.

Do we want to be remembered as someone kind and generous, always helping the ones around and making people feel important? Then we need to start being kind and generous right now, treat everyone with respect and attention and make them feel important.

What blueprint can we leave behind that help future generations achieve more than we did? For this we need to be clear on our values, principles and priorities. What´s most important for us in our life, do we want to leave a guide for success, how to be a great athlete, how to be a great musician or actor, how to live our best life possible.

We all have different priorities and interest, our life is like a book full of stories structured by chapters, every chapter can be a lesson for others to avoid our mistakes, even when we all need to go through challenges and fail there are some failures and mistakes that can be avoided, this is why autobiographies from great people are a fantastic we take some of their ideas or experiences and apply them to our life in certain situations.

Our purpose help us leave a legacy, our purpose is the reason why we´re here, what do we love doing, what we´re good at and how can we help as much people as possible, when we find our purpose and work on it we live a meaningful and fulfilling life that will leave a blueprint behind for others to follow and will also helps us be remembered in the way we want.

By working and focusing on our purpose we focus on the things that matter, we spend most of our time doing meaningless stuff, we´re just busy but not productive, it seems like we´re doing a lot but we´re actually not making any progress and not getting results. When we think of our purpose as a way to live a meaningful and fulfilling life for us by helping people and making this a better world and also as our way to leave a legacy we get motivated to do what we need to do, we start working toward results and stop wasting time on activities or stuff that doesn´t matter.

Share with us the comment section how do you want to be remembered and what are you doing every day to make that happen.

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We can achieve everything we want

6_foto tree goals

What would you think if I tell you that we can achieve almost everything we want in life? Would you get excited and interested on how you can do it and why I said almost everything?

The reason why I said almost is because there are 2 variables we need to consider which are:

1. Control.- Is our goal or whatever we want to achieve in our control?

2. Effort.- Are we willing to work as hard as we need for as long as we need?

If our goal or whatever we want to achieve is in our control meaning that we can control our progress almost entirely throughout the journey, our end results and we are willing to work smart, to work as hard as we need for as long as we need then we can achieve whatever we want.

If our goals depend of some external factor we can´t control then there´s no need to focus a lot on them but in most cases when we set a goal or we want to achieve something the end results or whether we achieve it or not depends of us and our commitment to that goal.

For anything we want to achieve we need to make a commitment and keep ourselves accountable, when we set a goal most of the times we already know what we need to do and we know that it´s going to be hard, it´s going to require hard work and it´s going to take time, if we´re not committed and we don´t have a strong reason why we want to achieve it we will fail.

We need to have a clear idea of what we want to achieve and make a plan, almost everything has already been done so we can follow the steps of the ones before us. We already have a guide we just need to take that guide and adjust it to fit our goal and our life so that we can follow it, then we need to take massive action.

If we work smart by doing the right thing, if we work hard and do it for a long period of time we will get results and we will achieve our goal, self-discipline, perseverance and patience are key. For how long are you willing to work as hard as you can?

Having a clear goal with a clear vision in our mind of that goal achieved, an insane focus and obsession and massive action every single day is the secret to achieve whatever we want but not everyone will do it.

Many people will call us insane or crazy but if we want to achieve something worth having we need to own it, all of us want to achieve amazing things but most of us don´t want to spend the time and put the hard work so the ones who are not willing to work hard for long periods of time don´t deserve to achieve success.

Success is not for the lucky ones, success is for the ones who set clear goals, create the plan and work as hard as possible, success is for the ones who own it.

Are you ready to own your success?

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Do everything as best as you can

6_foto tree goals

We spend too much time comparing ourselves to others, we spend too much time watching what others are doing in most cases just to criticize, we spend time paying attention to our outside world instead of paying attention to us.

We all have different talents and abilities and we´re all at different levels, when we compare ourselves or our work to others we´re not considering their level or talent we just focus on the result and this makes us feel like failure, like we´re not good enough. Every time we spend comparing ourselves or watching what others are doing we´re just wasting valuable time, we can spend that time on improving our skill and learning new ones to get better.

When we focus on doing everything as best as we can every single day we feel happy and satisfied, we know that if we do something over and over we will get better.

When we pay attention to what is going around us, what other people are doing or saying we´re focusing on what we can´t control, when we focus on what we´re doing and where we can improve we´re focusing on what we can control.

The best thing we can do is focus on what we can control and aim to do everything we do as best as we can. We need to realize that we can´t be successful at many things at a time so we need to work on one or two activities of projects and become the best at them, we can all become the best at what we do if we put the hard work and time needed so we need to focus and work on mastering our stuff, improving and learning new skills every single day.

We cannot waste time paying attention to external factors that we can´t control and that can break us  emotionally and mentally which is what happens with critiques and haters.

It´s not about comparing what we do, our work and project with somebody else’s work it´s about our work and how we feel about it, there are some simple questions we can ask ourselves to know if we did our best or not:

1. Did I give my all?

2. Could I have done better?

3. Am I proud of the results?

Most of us strive for perfection and for some of us this is a huge mistake that can bring us down by not feeling good enough, we need to strive for excellence, what´s the best work we can do. We need to keep in mind that if it´s our first time doing something the result may not be great compared to someone who has done it several times but with time and practice our results will improve so we need to measure our work or result based on our actual knowledge and skill.

More often than not we are capable of accomplishing amazing results but we sell ourselves short, we don´t give it our all we know deep inside that we could have done better and many times when we do not get the results we wanted is a lack of effort and not a lack of knowledge, practice or skills.

From now on we need to make the commitment to do everything we do as best as we can and our goal is to strive for the best work or results we want based on our knowledge and skills but using them to our full potential and give our all always.

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Be a student, always keep learning


Life is our biggest teacher, have you thought about this? there´s something we can learn from any interaction, every situation, from everyone around us we just need to be open to find the lessons and learn.

We live in a time where information is everywhere, we are overloaded with information and if we want to stay up to date we need to keep learning.

Life is the master and we are the students, living means enjoying life by being present in the moment and accepting challenges and adventures and we also need to go through ups and downs and learn from failures. Life will always be our greatest teacher, it will put us in situations where we need to find our way out so that we can learn something.

There are so many ways and sources to get knowledge and learn from books, research, podcast it´s only about finding the right information, reading, understanding and applying it but we can also learn something new from every situation and every person.

When we are open to learn we don´t criticize or blame, we´re not listening to give an answer, we´re always thinking about what we can learn from that situation, we listen to understand the other persons point of view and learn something from them. The best lessons in life are not taught in school they are learned through experiences, one way to keep learning is to start a new project of something we´ve never done before.

Failures are a great way to learn, if we take time to revise and see what we did wrong and where we need to improve we will get better, we also learn what not to do and the biggest the failure the biggest the impact it will have, failures are only worthy if we learn from them.

If we read books, magazines, blogs, listen to podcast, watch interviews, something we listen from friends, family, etc; we get so much information so what we need to do is understand all that information and think for ourselves not in a scenes of judgment but we need to make sure that the information we keep is true so we need to use and apply what we learnt otherwise it´s only information in our heads, real learning and knowledge come from using the information we´ve got in real life situations and then how can we use that knowledge to be better and to help the people around us.

Be curious, by being curious we are open to try new stuff, to explore, to accept new adventures and question everything. Curiosity opens new doors and possibilities to challenges we´ve never faced and it can be the way to find our passion or what we love doing, it also sparks creativity which can take us to so many different paths.

Some people go through life thinking that they know everything and this is the biggest mistake we can make, this type of thinking and mindset only keeps us stuck in that level or place, it doesn´t matter where we are right now there´s always something we can learn from any situation and from every people we meet, learning is the best investment we´re always do.

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The difference between a champion and a loser

6_foto tree goals

Champions are remembered for years and even more when they made something incredible.

We´ve all asked ourselves what´s the difference between a champion and a loser or what does they have that we don´t have? From what I´ve been seeing the only difference lies in the mindset.

A champions has a strong determination, persistence and perseverance they will do what they need to do even when they don´t want to, they are able to trick their mind and push pass the pain physical and emotional, they will put in the hard work for as long as they need.

When they fail or they don´t get the results they were looking for they don´t see it as failure they see it as an opportunity to improve, they may not got the result this time but that same day or the next day they´ll be revising their performance to see where they can improve they will work harder with more focus and pay attention to every little detail to make sure that the next time they are more than prepared to win.

Champions are so obsessed with achieving their goal that they will do whatever they need until they succeed and once they succeed they´ll start thinking on the next goal, they always want more. Thanks to this obsession for success it´s very easy for them to stay focus on their ultimate goal and to keep visualizing the exact result they want, they are so clear about what they want and once they have clarity they can work backwards.

Champions can be found everywhere not only in sports and they´re always looking to improve on whatever they do, they are so hard on themselves and pay close attention to every little detail because they know that those little details are the ones that can make a huge difference.

They focus on learning, improving and mastering one skill at a time, while others want to cover more skills or activities champions choose one and work on it until they master it then they go to another while still practicing the one they already know.

There are no rest days or times off, they know there will be someone putting in the work so they make sure they´re the ones putting in the work, there´ll be time to take some time off and rest one or two days before they start all over again and that time comes after they succeed, not before.

The level of obsession and focus they have, the discipline and perseverance is what makes all the difference and all this comes from the right mindset, a strong successful mindset leads to success and even when it seems that champions are born with it we can all develop this type of mindset.

We can all achieve almost anything and be champions if we develop this type of mindset but that´s the hard part, unfortunately not everyone will put in the time and hard work necessary to achieve great things in life and that´s one of the reasons why most of us do not live to our full potential, we need to be prepared to endure all the physical, mental and emotional failures and fight until the end not barely making it but as the best.

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When perseverance beats talent.


Have you met someone who seems to have talent for something but is not getting far enough while other person does seem so talented and having more success?

We all have different talents, we are all good and even great at different things, we all love different stuff but what takes us from where we are today to a higher level and what differentiate us from the rest is perseverance.

We´ve all met very talented people throughout our lives and sometimes we ask why does this guys didn´t achieve much in life and the answer in most cases is lack of perseverance.

Perseverance means continuous effort, putting in the hard work over and over for as long as needed until we reach our goals, if we take action and do what we need to do every single day we´ll get results. There will be days that we don´t feel like putting the hard work, there will be days when we want to stay in bed, there will be times when we want to go out with friends instead of going to the gym, the choice we make those times is what´s going to make the difference.

With just one time that we choose to go to the party or to stay in bed the more likely we will repeat that choice again making it the reason why we doesn´t achieve our goals.

We need to be accountable, know that we will do what we said we´re going to do no matter what. The longer we work and the harder we work the faster we will get to where we want.

Through the journey we will face times that are going to break us or make us stronger, if we let those moments break us we won´t achieve anything worth having, if we don´t show up the moments we know it´s going to be though all our past efforts will go to waste.

Yes we need to work hard and put all the effort and intensity, the higher the intensity (always knowing our limits and keeping our ego outside) the better the results but in days when we feel like not doing it is a lot better to show up and put some work in than do nothing, just by doing it we´ll be working on developing or replacing old habits with new ones and with time going to the gym, or doing that same action will be a habit and it will be so easy to do.

One of the most important things to consider is that it takes time to achieve or accomplish great things in life, the bigger the goal and reward the more time and effort it will take so we need to be patient and that´s why perseverance is important, if we only take action one week we won´t see results, we need to take action 4 weeks or more and even when we can see results in the first couple weeks we need to continue working otherwise we will lose the results we´ve gotten.

Perseverance requires the right mindset, if we want the determination to keep going, keep trying and keep working when things get tough or when we´re not getting the results we need to have the right strong mindset that will keep us pushing forward.

Are you willing to work as hard as you need to get in shape? to get the amazing physique you´ve always wanted? or to achieve any other goal you´ve been postpone?

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