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When perseverance beats talent.


Have you met someone who seems to have talent for something but is not getting far enough while other person does seem so talented and having more success?

We all have different talents, we are all good and even great at different things, we all love different stuff but what takes us from where we are today to a higher level and what differentiate us from the rest is perseverance.

We´ve all met very talented people throughout our lives and sometimes we ask why does this guys didn´t achieve much in life and the answer in most cases is lack of perseverance.

Perseverance means continuous effort, putting in the hard work over and over for as long as needed until we reach our goals, if we take action and do what we need to do every single day we´ll get results. There will be days that we don´t feel like putting the hard work, there will be days when we want to stay in bed, there will be times when we want to go out with friends instead of going to the gym, the choice we make those times is what´s going to make the difference.

With just one time that we choose to go to the party or to stay in bed the more likely we will repeat that choice again making it the reason why we doesn´t achieve our goals.

We need to be accountable, know that we will do what we said we´re going to do no matter what. The longer we work and the harder we work the faster we will get to where we want.

Through the journey we will face times that are going to break us or make us stronger, if we let those moments break us we won´t achieve anything worth having, if we don´t show up the moments we know it´s going to be though all our past efforts will go to waste.

Yes we need to work hard and put all the effort and intensity, the higher the intensity (always knowing our limits and keeping our ego outside) the better the results but in days when we feel like not doing it is a lot better to show up and put some work in than do nothing, just by doing it we´ll be working on developing or replacing old habits with new ones and with time going to the gym, or doing that same action will be a habit and it will be so easy to do.

One of the most important things to consider is that it takes time to achieve or accomplish great things in life, the bigger the goal and reward the more time and effort it will take so we need to be patient and that´s why perseverance is important, if we only take action one week we won´t see results, we need to take action 4 weeks or more and even when we can see results in the first couple weeks we need to continue working otherwise we will lose the results we´ve gotten.

Perseverance requires the right mindset, if we want the determination to keep going, keep trying and keep working when things get tough or when we´re not getting the results we need to have the right strong mindset that will keep us pushing forward.

Are you willing to work as hard as you need to get in shape? to get the amazing physique you´ve always wanted? or to achieve any other goal you´ve been postpone?

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We need to have a strong reason why

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Do you have a big reason why you want to achieve that goal you have just set?

Almost every time we set a goal life will get in the way, this is normal this is life and we need to find ways to get through it, in those though, discouraging and hard moments is when we need to refocus on our goals and remember the reason why we decided to set that goal and commit to it in the first place.

Setting goals is key to get clarity in life, we need to keep challenging ourselves, learning and growing and setting goals is part of that process, they give us something to work for, something to focus on.

Setting goals can also come from wanting to change something in our lives, we may feel stuck or they may be something we don´t like, maybe we feel like we´re getting short and we´re not living as we could, we´re not living to our full potential.

For some of us we need to make a life change for health reasons or any other situation that force us to change while for others making any life change can be just a decision to live a better life. Whether it´s a decision we make to live our life to our full potential or a situation or event make us take this decision as a necessity we need to have a strong reason why, it needs to be really motivating and inspiring because it´s the one that will keep us moving forward and will keep us working as hard as we need to.

The reason why we want to achieve certain goal will also determines how long will it takes us to achieve it and for how long we´ll be able to sustain the results. If we want to lose weight for a wedding or graduation chances are that we´ll achieve our goal and look great for the day but it will be hard to maintain those results, if we want to get in amazing shape for health reasons to be able to perform at peak every single day and live our best life possible it may take us a little longer to get to our desired physique but it will be easier to maintain the results.

How to know if we have a strong reason why for our goal:

1.- It needs to move us emotionally.- The more we can get emotionally attached to our goal the better, it may be to be able to live to our full potential, to live our best life possible, to enjoy life as much as possible, it can be to spend more time with the people you love and care about, it may be to be an example for someone close to us.

2.- We need to feel fear and excitement.- The fear of getting out of our comfort and uncertainty and the excitement of what could possibly be if we work as hard we possible need to be in there, we need to feel them and we can use those emotions as a fire inside us that motivate us to take action.

When we start taking action and working on our goal the beginning is always the hardest part, but in the middle of the journey there will be also ups and downs and it´s in those thought and hardest times that we need to remind ourselves the reason why we decided to achieve our goal, the bigger our goal and the more emotional the easier it will be to get motivated and work pass the fear and pain.

If you have a goal or project you want to work on but you´ve been leaving it for later take some time today to find out the reason why you want it and go deep.

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The importance of daily motivation.

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How many times have you wake up in the morning motivated and inspired for the day to come? Sadly, for most of us this doesn´t happen too often and this is one reason why we don´t give our all at school, home or work but the reason of our lack of motivation may be that we don´t like what we do, and this cycle will continue over and over in our life if we don´t stop it.

If we´re not motivated to do something we won´t do it or we won´t give our total attention and the best of us and there for we´ll never succeed so some of us need daily motivation internal or external to get up and keep going through the day.

If we want to live a successful life one that we really love and enjoy then motivation is key and it starts by loving what we do so we need to find our purpose. If we don´t love or at least like what we do every day it will be harder to do what we need to do, this is the reason why it´s so hard to get up every morning and go to work or to school.

When we´re motivated we take action and work towards our goal, we have a lot more energy, our performance and productivity increases we are more efficient managing our time and prioritizing activities, we handle challenges and setbacks in a more positive way finding solutions, it makes us happier.

I need to make clear a point before we continue, inspiration comes from outside and motivation comes from inside. We can get inspired by watching our favorite athlete, musician or it can be someone close to us who inspire us to take action. Motivation comes from within by finding our purpose and having a strong reason why we need to follow that purpose.

Without motivation we can fall in a cycle of procrastination, even when we can get inspired watching our biggest influencers or heroes that may be our favorite rock band or team of any sport if we´re not motivated we won´t take action.

When we´re not satisfied with some area of our life we need to make changes and to make those changes we need to make different choices, when we´re motivated it´s easier to make those choices and we handle any challenge with a more positive outlook which keeps us on the right track. If we´re not motivated we end up giving up, success in anything is hard we need insane focus and massive action and motivation is key for this.

The key to success is getting things done it doesn´t matter if we feel like it and the most successful people create habits and rituals so that they make sure they do what they need to do even if they don´t feel like. At the beginning when we´re creating habits and rituals it takes time and effort but with time we will do them automatically, when we get to this point inspiration and motivation are not that necessary. Inspiration is needed to take that first step, once we take that first step we just need to keep going and keep that momentum, when we accomplish our first activity or our first goal then we get motivated by those results so our focus and energy increases.

Nowadays we can find so many inspirational and motivational audios, videos, books but if we just listen to them or read and we don´t get up and take action they´re not useful, it´s not about watching or listening to those videos over and over and hoping that what we want is going to happen, it´s about getting up and taking that first step and then keep going, our progress will give us the motivation we need and when we combine that with our strong why that´s when we do everything we need to get what we want.

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