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The roller coaster of life


I couldn´t find a better way to describe the amazing journey of life than to compare it with a roller coaster full of emotions.

Life is not easy, it´s not supposed to be easy you may have some times when everything is going the way you planned, you´re getting higher and it all is perfect until you reach a point where you get stuck, or you fail.

Life is full of ups, downs, turns, more downs, ups and some more turns, the ups are when you are climbing those big mountains of challenges and finally you make it to the top those small victories are necessary to give you confidence and keep you motivated, it´s a proof that all the hard work, effort and time are worth it. Be careful with the highs and the victories, celebrate them but don´t take too much time that you lose focus of your bigger goals.

You´ll get to some difficult times where you lose or you don´t get the results you were expecting, those times when you fail are your downs and you need to learn from them, how low you get depend of so many different factors, and it may be thanks to something out of your control, how you act or how you react to this moments will determine your success or failure, if you take it as a lesson and get up stronger finding ways to improve and get better you´ll eventually succeed but if you start blaming others and the circumstances chances are you won´t get up, this negative and failure mentality will lead you to failure, you´re not a failure you have everything you need to succeed so don´t let those downs keep you down, prove them you are stronger and that you´ll achieve your goal.

If you give up you´re thinking that there´s no way out, that thing will get as bad as they are, that you don´t have what you need to get up and continue fighting, this are all lies that your mind could tell you, get up, take charge of your thoughts and prove everyone specially yourself that you got what you need to get as high as you want.

Even when you have a plan of action you may get through certain points where you need to adjust your plan, it doesn´t matter what´s your goal you´ll always have to adjust your plan along the way, sometimes things won´t go as plan so instead of blaming someone else you act by adjusting everything that´s necessary to keep you moving closer to your goal. This are the turns you´ll never be on a straight line.

At the end when you achieve your goal you can turn back and see everything you´ve been through and feel nothing but proud of yourself, amazed of everything you are capable and ready to go through the next roller coaster that will get you higher, you become addicted, and every time you want bigger goals.

It may be hard to know how to keep your eyes on your goal, stay focused on that vision you want to achieve while keeping your feet on the ground and living in the present moment,  not letting anyone or anything distract you from your goal and working as hard as you need for as long as you need means making some sacrifices, what are you willing to give up to get what you want?

Don´t try to avoid any of this ups, downs or turns, most of the times you don´t know when they will come just be prepared by knowing that you´ll find a lot of them throughout your journey and those are the ones that will make you more confident, stronger and will make your life full of emotions and adventures.

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Our lifestyle nowadays

03 Our lifestyle

I´m a huge believer that many of the diseases we´re dealing with today are the result of our lifestyles, our daily activities have been significantly reduced, an unhealthy diet, high levels of stress and social media.

Let’s talk about first our daily activities, we spend most of the day sitting, sitting in the car to get to the job, in a chair at the office, in the car once again to get back home, in the coach to watch movies or late night news. Many guys spend a lot of time in the couch watching sports and almost zero minutes practicing the sports or doing some type of exercise. It´s more enjoyable to watch the sport than to practice it, it takes the effort and pain out of your body.

Our diets are based on highly processed food, everything is grab and go, that is more convenience for us is better to solve problems in the short term but the consequences are bigger long term. All those foods does not have any nutrients, you´re just consuming a lot of calories with a lot of sugar and unhealthy fats and no nutrients so your body won´t function properly.

Stress also plays a big role on health and most of our day is stressful from the moment we wake if it´s late, through all the traffic to arrive to the school or the office, dealing with our coworkers, the boss or schoolmates and teachers.

Food is fuel for your body but it has become more a way to relief stress and to deal with negative situations. Highly processed food that is high in sugar and unhealthy fats has many negative effects on your body and lifestyle, it has no nutrients so your brain keep sending signals of hunger to receive the nutrients it needs to function properly, it keeps cravings high, all the chemicals added create addiction so it´s hard for you to stop consuming them and it releases dopamine in your brain which makes you feel good.

Have you realized that every time you´re feeling down, stressed, depressed or anxious you go for that bag of cookies, those donuts or bowl of ice cream? and you also go to social media? this is because of the dopamine response this unhealthy foods and social media create making you feel good and relax.

The reason why highly processed and fast food became the base of our diets it because it´s grab and go and it´s accessible, our lives nowadays are very fast passed and many of us don´t have time to cook and prepare meals or to eat at a good restaurant every day.

From the three aspects that have more impact on our health nowadays (nutrition, exercise and stress) if we focus on nutrition and exercise, the impact that this two will have on our health and overall life is great. Stress is a little more difficult to manage, some simple things you can do to reduce stress is avoid negative situations, negative environments and negative people, stop watching or reading news, spend less time on social media. If you are like me that doesn´t care about what others say of you and what´s happening around you and if you only focus on what you can do and not on what others are doing or saying you´ll live a more positive and happy life. This are simple things you can start doing today that will help you lower stress.

Stop eating unhealthy foods, all those sweets, junk, highly processed and fast food keeps you in an unhealthy cycle that is so hard to give up, the first step to change your life is avoid all those foods and eat cook meals prepared with real, fresh ingredients, just by doing this you´ll feel a lot better and your body starts to change and look better too.

Workout every day, focus on strength training, getting stronger lifting weight or using your own body. You need to be more active every single day, once you create the habit of working out you´ll see that there´s some type of activity that you like doing and that there´s something you want to improve, it may be in performance, endurance, aesthetics, use that as your motivation to improve and train every day.

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Stay out of your comfort zone

02 Stay out of your comort zone

The famous comfort zone is the worst place to be, you are comfortable in some ways but you are struggling in others.

Going to a job you hate just to get enough money to pay bills but you feel comfortable because you don´t have to work that much, you don´t have to think. If you want more from live then stop complaining and blaming other people of your life and current circumstances, stop criticizing and take action now.

In your comfort zone you are comfortable because you are familiar with the process, in your work you know your routine and exactly what you need to do, you do not need to put any effort and things seem to be in control, you have a monthly income that is enough to pay bills, to buy food, there´s no fear and no need to get stressed out for things getting out of control. Getting out of that comfort zone increase stress and anxiety not knowing what´s going to happen, not seeing things clearly increases fear.

Getting out of your comfort zone, making the decision of taking risks and wanting to change your life is a big step to achieving your biggest rewards, getting out of your comfort zone challenge you and push you to achieve things you never thought were possible. Doing things that challenge us helps us grow and learn, if you want to get better and progress you need to challenge yourself.

All the risk and fear is worth it once you see what you are capable of, not all people like the feeling of anxiety, the fear of not having anything clear and secure which is why they prefer the comfort zone.

Getting out of your comfort zone means learning, part of the fear of getting out of that zone is knowing that you are aiming for something big, that you don´t have all the skills and knowledge you need and that you will fail. You´ll see that there are so many things that you need to learn and that time of boredom and stress while you are learning becomes the biggest obstacles. There you are stretching your mind, improving skills or techniques, learning abilities all this is what helps you grow.

The way to make the learning process more enjoyable is to do something you love otherwise you will give up. You can consider your hobbies and talents, what do you have more fun doing? Even when things get stressful and challenging the final results and the price for achieving your goal is  so amazing but the fulfillment, and joy comes from the journey.

This is what life is all about setting big goals that are always challenging you in some way that doesn´t give you the change to get comfortable so that you grow and be better every day.

I like to stay out of my comfort zone as much as possible, it makes me feel alive and it gives me something to work for. I have my purpose in life very clear and everything I do is based on what I love which is fitness and music, helping people live healthier and happier and I look for goals that get me out of my comfort zone. Sharing all I know with you in this website and videos get me out of my comfort zone but I love the challenge of writing and getting better.

If you want something different in your life or if you want your life to be better you need to make different choices, making different choices means getting out of your comfort zone, the reason why most people get stuck living the same all their lives if because they like the feeling of comfort and security even when most of them are always struggling with their finance or any other aspect of life, but if you want to achieve something better you need to change things, forget about playing it safe, challenge yourself and see how far you can get, enjoy the challenges and enjoy the feeling of being out of your comfort zone.

Set goals that scare you, that make you feel that fear but at the same that inspire you and motivate you, focus on doing things you love. You can start with small goals that are not as risky but that give you more confidence and belief to try bigger things.

When you set goals that get you out of your comfort zone you may need to change your beliefs and routine, it all depends of what you want to achieve and how your life looks like, there´ll be challenges along the way but the good thing here is that someone has already done or achieved what you want so you can learn from them.

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Success is a lifestyle based on good habits

01 The lifestyle of success

Have you ever asked yourself why successful people keep getting success and average people stay that way? It´s their habits what makes the difference.

Habits are small actions you do every day sometimes without thinking about them. Your habits create your life. Good habits lead to a life of success, bad habits lead to failure.

What you do every single day determine how you live, if you want to be successful create good habits that lead you to a life of success. Your day is built of habits, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep most of your daily actions are habits, you are so used to doing them that they are now part of your subconscious and you can do them even with your eyes closed, this is a routine.

Most people have poor habits that lead them to average results, following the same routine every day that keeps you comfortable in a way that you don´t have to work that much but that keeps you struggling with money and that keeps you stuck in the same place is the result of poor habits.

Bad habits will keep you from achieving your goals and dreams. Habits like complaining, criticizing and blaming someone else when something didn´t go out the way you wanted is one of the worst things you can do that keep you where you are. Waking up late, not exercising, eating unhealthy food, procrastinating are all examples of bad habits that not only are leading you to health problems and diseases, also to a life of struggle. Your life will not improve until you decide to change, until you take responsibility and commit to a better life.

With good habits you are able to grow personal and professional while living healthy and enjoy life as much as possible. When you want to achieve any goal you want to sustain the results, the best way is to make it effortless, good habits are the only way to get to your goals and sustain them, good daily habits make your goals seem effortless and give you the freedom to enjoy life.

Achieving any goal is simple if you have good habits, what´s difficult is building those good habits which take time, it´s not something you can do from one day to another, you need at least one month but it can take up to 3 months for a habit to become part of our life. It´s tough to build new habits because it requires our focus and attention and with so many things that need to get done we get right back to our old habits.

To develop new habits you need to start small, for eating healthy you can start by eliminating junk food from your house and the next time you go for the grocery buy healthy, natural foods, instead of candies and cookies buy some fruit, seeds and nuts, start by doing 10 or 20 minutes of exercise, start with 10 pushups and 10 squats and make it daily. Schedule 30 minutes of your day to exercise, it will be hard the first days but do it, do not complain or make excuses. If you want to get up earlier set the alarm and live it far from your bed, once you´re up start doing what you planned.

When you start building good habits you´ll get some kind of results, you feel better and things start to get better, this motivates you to continue with this new habits until they stick. For habits to stick you need to do it over and over and over again, repetition is key. You won´t develop new habits if you do it today and the next two days you´re too tired to do them.

Developing new habits and will power go hand in hand, the first weeks you will need will power to get up and do what you need to do until it becomes a routine, exercising or waking up earlier are some of the hardest habits to develop, get up and do it anyway, focus on the rewards, focus on your goal and it´ll be easier to do it.

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Why fitness matters


I´m trying to remember the day I decided to lose weight and get in shape, I was really excited but a couple of days after I started a program I didn´t feel like working out and for some reason I couldn´t control my cravings for sweets, junk and all unhealthy food. After many years being lazy and eating all kind of junk it was hard mentally to make different choices and in many cases I ended up eating the whole bag of chips, cookies or chocolate and skipping workouts.

I think this is something everyone who wants to get in shape deals with and it´s normal, the way you get through that hard time is what makes all the difference. Being mentally strong to break the pattern of old unhealthy habits and develop new ones is what´s all about. Once I found out what the truth was and I created a program based on that true information I convinced myself that my mind was playing tricks with me, it wanted me to fail but I won´t let it, from that point on everything changed.

Getting in shape and sustain it is about lifestyle, you need to develop healthy habits that make it easy for you to achieve any fitness goal in an effortless way.

As in everything in life taking the first step and getting momentum is the hardest step, it is not just one step, in fitness you may take that first step by eating healthy and working out but in this first days you realize how physically, mentally and emotionally though this is so you give up.

You need to take that first step and continue, keep doing it until you get momentum, once you got that momentum going then don´t stop. Most of us begin our fitness journey to get in shape and lose weight but this is only the beginning and the reason to get involved in fitness but the goal must be to make it part of your life.

If you are following the right program you´ll get results every week and those results keep you motivated, once you get to your desired goal you have several options, you may want to sustain those results, staying in shape is not that hard once you develop the right habits, you may want to go one step further and get leaner or you may want to gain some muscle mass.

Depending on what you decide to do not next is how you´ll need to adjust your new healthy habits, specially your nutrition and training to fit that new goal and since it´s now part of your life it´s easier to follow through.

Most of us wait for New Year’s Resolution to beginning our fitness journey, I think there´s something about New Years that make us want to start the right way but you we can start this journey any day. Actually there´s no reason to wait until New Year, it´s February 2019 but it can be April, July or any other month and you can set your goal for Christmas, Instead of waiting for New Year start today and set your target for Christmas or Thanksgiving, your goal is to be in the best shape of your life for Thanksgiving.

Keep something in mind, the first weeks it´s going to be difficult, you´re going to be making different decisions and you´re mind will try to take you back by bringing all kind of negative thoughts and excuses, when this happen don´t contemplate those thoughts just get up and do what you need to do. The only way to develop new habits is by doing them over and over and over again so don´t think twice, if you need to get up earlier to work out don´t let your mind take control of you, instead take control of your mind by getting up and exercising.

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