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Why your mindset is really important

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The role your mindset plays on achieving any goal and how you live your life is key. For so long I´ve been wondering why I can´t achieve anything worth having in life, why can´t I achieve any of the goals I set even when I have a plan and I know exactly what to do and finally I realized that my mindset was taking me away from success. If you don´t know why you can´t achieve your goals even when you have a plan and know exactly what to do this may be the reason.

To achieve any goal there´s something you need to change, you need to make different choices, learn new skills, act different and this means you´re getting out of your comfort zone and every time you do this your mind will fight you back.

In most cases achieving any goal is more of a mental game, once you can control your mind it´ll be easier to achieve what you want. Our thoughts create our reality whether you know this or you want to accept this or not, negative thoughts equals negative life, positive thoughts equals positive life.

Getting your mindset right is the hardest thing to do, it´s not that simple to just think positive thoughts and you´ll attract what you want, things doesn´t work that way, if it was this simple many of us would already have everything we want. There are some things that need to work together, your thoughts, feelings and emotions need to be in harmony and this is easier said than done.

You have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, you may be thinking and saying that you look great, you love your body and having all kind of positive affirmations which are lies that help you think and feel a certain way but your subconscious is stock in past, in negative thoughts that are contradicting and your subconscious wins. Your mind loves repetition so you need to repeat those positive lies enough so that your mind takes them as a reality.

Once you decide to make a change and to take action following a plan to achieve your goal your mind starts playing games with you. How many times have you set the alarm earlier to wake up and exercise before you go to school or to work and the moment it sounds so many thoughts come to your mind like “it´s to earlier”, “start tomorrow”, “you need to sleep more” etc? All this reasons why you don´t need to take action is your mind trying to keep you in the same place.

Once you start changing your thoughts you also need to work on your feelings, how you feel is what you attract to your life, if you feel happy you attract happy moments to your life. Smile more and have more fun and you´ll see how your day starts to be more fun. Listen to music that lift you and dance to stay in a positive state.

Nothing will come if you don´t work for it, even when I think that our thoughts create our reality and that our feelings attract more of the same I also believe that if you want something you need to work for it.

You need to train your mind the same way you train your muscles, one simple technique you can use is meditation. Meditation can help you be aware of the present moment, be aware of your thoughts making it easier to change any negative thought to positive and stay focus on your goal. Along with meditation you can use techniques like visualization and affirmations to give your brain a clear image of what you want to achieve. Once you have a clear image try to think about how it would feel if you have already achieve your goal and feel those emotions as real as you can. The longer you stay focused on this positive thoughts and images of your goal and the more time you can stay in a positive state the fastest it will become your reality.

Once you have the right mindset you need a plan of  activities you need to do every single day that will get you where you want. It doesn´t matter how hard those activities are or if you want to do them or not, with the right mindset you´ll think of the end goal and you´ll do what you need to do whether you want or not.

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Fitness is so popular nowadays, not only as a New Year Resolution to lose weight but to get in shape and be healthy but most people only focus on diet and exercise and that is totally wrong, if your goal is to lose weight and you follow a diet and exercise program you may get some results or you may not but whether you achieve your goal or not it is hard to sustain it, even if you follow exactly what the program said.

Losing weight and keeping it off, getting in shape and staying in shape, living a healthy better life, living a successful life it all comes down to our lifestyle, our habits and routines. Our lifestyle is getting us sick, our habits and daily routines just keep us stuck in the same place.

Getting in shape, losing weight, living a healthy life is actually simple you only need to develop new good habits and routines and that´s the difficult part so we´re here to help you develop those new habits and routines and the way to do this is by using or applying certain tools or strategies, to keep this a lot easier we need to divide fitness into small pieces, this is where the 5 ingredients of fitness come from.

The 5 ingredients of fitness are: Nutrition, Training, Mindset, Sleep and Stress. They´re all highly important so we´ll be sharing with you different tools or strategies you can use for each ingredient, give all of them a try and find out which one works better for you. By this I mean find out the tool that best fit your life and your daily activities and develop that tool as your new habit.

When you develop good habits and routines for each ingredient you don´t need to be perfect and you don´t need to follow any strict diet and even what I´m going to say may sound impossible, it will be easier for you to achieve any fitness goal, it will seem effortless and you will have a lot more freedom at the same.

All this 5 ingredients have an impact positive and negative in your health and your life, an unhealthy diet won´t give your body the nutrients it needs to function properly, to build and repair; lack of physical activity will get you out of shape and it affect your mood, lack of sleep keeps you sleepy, unable to concentrate and increase cravings; high levels of stress for long periods of time keeps you in an alert state; your mindset may be holding you back, if you are not able to close your eyes and visualize the lean body you want, chances are you´ll never get there.

This 5 ingredients work together and they affect each other in negative and positive ways, if you only focus on 2 of them for example nutrition and exercise as most fitness program do and you don´t consider the other 3 you´ll be making things harder for yourself and you won´t get the best results, if you focus on the 5 of them using one or two strategies for each you will get far more better results and it will seem much easier even if you are not perfect.

Health is a priority if you want to live the live you deserve and by working on this 5 ingredients of fitness by developing habits and routines that lead to a healthy lifestyle you´ll get amazing results in all areas of your life.My approach is to keep things simple, to focus on what works and eliminate what doesn´t work so what we´re going to be sharing with you in this website is the truth, what gives you the best results as fast as possible. Here we need to make something clear the time it takes you to reach your goal will vary for each of us depending on your current situation or where you are right now and what you want to achieve, so it takes you 3 or 4 months or it may take you 8 or 12 months. This is not a competition, this is not about who achieve their goal faster is about developing the habits and routines your need to make your fitness goals sustainable and live a better life.

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