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What is procrastination and what can we do?

27 Procrastination

I´ve been listening to some guys talk about how young kids and teenagers procrastinate which actually gets me mad because all of us procrastinate. It doesn´t matter how old we are, it doesn´t matter if we´re going to school or if we have a 9 to 5 job or if we´re starting a business we all procrastinate.

One of the reasons many of us procrastinate is because we´ve become so accustomed to do the things that are easier and faster firsts, because we don´t want to do the hard work, we don´t want to think and spend time doing the other activities that will take more time and effort to accomplish so we do the least meaningful activities that won´t make a difference and we let those activities that take more time and effort, the one in which we need to think and be really focus for last, but this activities are the ones that give us the best results, that keep us moving forward faster.

Procrastination often comes from limiting believes, how many activities or things you need to do that you are just leaving for later? in how many of them the reason you don´t do them is because of some fear?

Fear of failure, fear of what others are going to say and think about you, fear of what could happen, the belief of not being good enough, the feeling of unworthiness and that you deserve what you want to achieve are the some of the causes of procrastination.

When we combine the limiting mindset with the though activities that require more time and effort it´s the recipe to procrastinate and stay right where we are now, in our comfort zone. What you can do is:

1.- Be aware.- You need to be aware of the reasons why you are procrastinating, it may be because of limiting believes like fear or it can be because of a lack of knowledge and skill.

2.- Learn skills.- If the reason why you are not taking action is because of lack of knowledge and skills then you need to learn the skills, there´s no shortcut here, the only thing you can do is to do a research of your goal or activity and find out which skills or which skill is the one that will give you the best results and move you forward faster and focus on learning or improving that skill.

3.- Develop a successful mindset.- Knowing how to get pass through those limiting believes is the way to achieve your goals, what´s stopping us from reaching our goals are those limiting believes. We´ve published post related to developing a successful mindset and eliminating limiting believes in this website and our social media accounts.

4.- Take action.- Nothing beats action, you need to do those activities you are avoiding so the next time you want to skip them or leave them for tomorrow don´t do it, stop thinking and start working on them.

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How to set goals and achieve them

26 How to set goals and achieve them

I´ve seen so many people set goals, from New Year’s Resolution to monthly goals but not all of them achieve their goals, around 90% give up and there are many reasons why people tend to set goals without achieving them.

Here are the steps you need to follow to set your goals and achieve them, if you follow each step you´ll get results:

1.- Be specific.- Clarity is everything, you need to be very clear and specific on what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose weight? Remember that the goal must be to improve body composition, how much fat do you want to lose? what is your actual weight? what is your weight goal? what is the percentage of body fat you want to achieve? You need to be able to paint a clear image on your mind.

2.- Set a deadline.- When do you want to achieve your goal? you need to make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to get to your goal, if you have to much weight to lose you won´t make it un 2 months.  If it´s a big goal, you can give yourself one year maybe 2 years but you´ll need to break that big goal into smaller goals, set small goals for each month, then for each week.

3.- Design a plan of action.- You need to design a plan action for your big goal and work backwards with activities you need to do every single day that will get you to your goal, do you need to workout 20 minutes a day? or do you need to workout 90 minutes a day? do you need to eat clean and make some adjustments to your nutrition program? do you need to improve the quality of sleep? do you need to make stress work for you?

4.- Law of Attraction.- So much has now been said about this law and you can use it to help you achieve your goal. For this you need to keep your thoughts, emotions and actions in harmony. Your thoughts create an image of what your goal looks like, your emotions create the feeling of how it feels to achieved your goal and your actions keep you working for it. Energy, frequency and vibration working together – Nikola Tesla.

5.- Act.- Take action every single day, you´ve already designed your plan of action on step 3, the only thing missing is that you put the time and effort every single day doing the activities you need to do whether you want it or not, whether you feel like doing it or not. Don´t think about it just get up and do it.

There´s no secret for setting goals and achieving them, if you follow this 5 steps which we all know and you do it for as long as you need you´ll achieve your goal, if your goal is to get in amazing shape, step 3 is in part done for you, we created some programs that will get you there, you only need to set your macronutrient ratios and start following the program.

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Live your life now and don´t have regrets later

25 Live your life now and don´t have regrets later

For the past years I´ve listened to many people I know say how they will have fun on weekend, how they will travel the world when they retire, how they will start taking care of themselves when they lose weight, how they will spend more time with friends and family when they don´t have too much work, and the list goes on and on.

I´ve also listen to many people having a lot of regrets, working too much, not spending enough time with friends and family, not giving themselves time to travel and know the world, not having fun, not taking care of themselves.

The only thing we have is now so there´s no reason to keep waiting for something to happen so that we can have fun, so that we can take care of ourselves, spend time with the people we love and care about.

If you don´t start taking of yourself today then you´ll never lost weight, you need to get healthier for that excess of weight to come off, you start with taking care of yourself and at that same time you´ll start losing weight and in a couple of weeks you´ll start seeing and feeling the results, you´ll feel great with more energy and you´ll start seeing your body changing.

There´ll always be work and something to do, more projects, meetings but time is limited so don´t think twice about spending time with people you care about, especially with the ones who support you and care about you, don´t think twice about traveling, find a way to save money every month in an account specifically for traveling and travel at least one time per year, you can do it alone and take some time for yourself or you can do it with friends or family.

Finds ways to be happy right now and enjoy every moment, happiness comes from inside, you are responsible of your own happiness and you deserve to be happy and have fun every single moment of every day. Don´t let your happiness depend of something external, don´t wait for a situation, to be happy, don´t wait for a person to make you happy they can make you smile but being happy depends of you. Do not wait for the right time and right person to fall in love, fall in love with yourself right now, take care of yourself right and eventually the right person  will arrive.

There´s no reason to postpone our happiness and our well being to sometime in the future that will never come but when we start working on ourselves by taking care of our body physically, emotionally and mentally, when we´re happy and have fun amazing things start to happen in our lives.

Live your life today, be who you are do not worry about what other say or think of you, they´re already talking about you for good or bad and there will always be someone talking bad and criticizing so stop paying attention to them, the moment you stop worrying about others and you start living at your own expectation and who your really are without hiding anything you feel more freedom and less pressure, that moment you´ll start living a lot more happy and enjoying your life.

We´ve given one chance to live our best life so make sure that you don´t waste any second of it, make it the best it can be and don´t forget to help as much people as possible throughout your journey, that´s what gives you the most fulfillment.

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The emotional attachments that keeps us stuck

23 The emotional attachments that keep us stuck

Life is hard so many times but some of those times hid us so hard that we became attach to them emotionally and those emotional attachments are the ones keeping us stuck in the same and are the ones creating so much pain and suffering.

When our happiness, success or anything else depends of someone or something external then we are attached to a certain person, to a situation to a goal. Thinking that we will be happy and we will feel worth when we lose weight and get in amazing physique is what´s holding us back, when we think that we will feel successful when our business hits a mark is also holding us back and if we really believe this and we wait until we achieve our goals chances are we won´t achieve them.

We need to feel successful first, we need to feel worth, we need to feel and really believe that we deserve all those things we want and once we feel and really believe in our heart that´s when things start to happen and we just need to maintain those feelings and believes and our goals will materialize… of course we need to take action every single day, otherwise nothing will happen.

The first step we need to take is to let go those attachments and for that you need to realize that those thoughts and believes are not true, they were installed in your brain through your environment and the people close to you when you were growing up but that doesn´t mean that they are true and they´re actually not, this step is hard but it´s important, it will give you the freedom you need to install new believes and thoughts and will reduce so much pressure from you.

There are some point you can follow and start using to let go:

1.- Recognize your feeling s and emotions.-  Every time you feel anxious, angry, stressed, fear recognize the feeling and try to identify what triggers it and with what experience of your past you are relating it.

2.- Accept that you can´t control everything.- Most of the external situations that happen to us are out of our control, so focus on what we can control and accepting that there are some things we can´t control but knowing that we can always act and find the best solution.

3.- Don´t expect anything from anyone.- Do good and be kind always but don´t expect to receive the same from everyone, just by doing good and being kind to everyone you cross pads with without expecting anything good things start to happen.

4.- Practice forgiveness.- If someone hurt you forgive that person, forgive everyone for everything they had done to you, this doesn´t mean that you will forget and that you´ll let them hurt you again, chances are you may never see them or talk to them again, this means that you let go of the negative emotions like sadness, resentment and even vengeance you have for them, you do it for you, not for them. And also forgive yourself, we´re all humans, we all make mistakes so forgive yourself for those mistakes and move one.

5.- Practice gratitude.- Feel grateful for everyone you have right now close to you, those friends or family, and also everything material that you have.

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When we can take control of our mind we can take control of our life

22 Control your mind, control your life

If you want to live your most amazing life you need to take control of your mind, there´s nothing we can´t achieve but the things that is stopping us is our mind and it will keep us stuck until we decide to take control and use it to work for us, not against us.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and think about how our subconscious mind controls everything? It controls our entire day and consequently our life every day we do the same things, our mind is running a program that keeps it comfortable knowing exactly what to do, that´s what our mind wants being comfortable but that´s keeping us stuck in a mediocre life.

We are all capable of living an incredible life but for this we need to change the program that is running daily in our minds and to change that program we need to be aware of what we´re doing, and make different choices and this takes us out of our comfort zone so our mind will try to bring us back to that comfort zone, to the program with all kind of limiting believes and excuses of why we can´t do something which are completely wrong.

What we need to do is take control of our mind, out thoughts and believes. The moment we start making different choices, when all excuses and reasons why we can´t do something come to our mind we  don´t listen to them, we don´t pay attention to them, we go ahead and make that new choice, every time we make a different choice we is a victory and we do this over and over, those small victories from every new choice are making you stronger and this is how you are able to control your mind.

Many people talk about mental toughness, how much control do you have over your mind? do you take action and do what you need to do whether you want or not? do you show up every day with a winning mindset despite of what people around you says or think? are you completely focused on the results you want to achieve and you don´t let any belief or comment get in?

It takes time to develop mental toughness but it can be done, once you get mentally strong you´ll be capable of achieving things you thought were impossible. Mental toughness, drive and the obsession of achieving your goal is what keeps you going even in the hardest times, when you are able to see pass the obstacles and visualize clearly the end result  that means that you are in control of your mind which leads to having control of you life.

You need to go through a journey to achieve your goal, to get what you want and to become who you want to become, throughout the journey there´ll be hard, and though times, in those times of struggle is where most people give up but not you, every time you get to those difficult times focus on the end result. There will be times when you don´t want to get up early, or when you want to go to sleep or when you want to go to the party, there´ll be tedious and boring times that you don´t want to go through and you will hate them. Don´t give up, continue and breakthrough those times by thinking and focusing on the end result.

This is how you develop a strong mindset and how you get control of your mind, when you are able to shut those limiting believes and thoughts and you can get through the struggle, without letting any external noise affect you your performance and results on everything you do will be amazing.

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How negativity affects our life

21 How negativity affects our life

Do you have been through a time in your life when something goes wrong and that single situation seems to be the beginning of a negative cycle? You woke up one day and all of a sudden it seems like if that day was destined to be the worst day of your life, everything that could go wrong hoes wrong and in some cases this continues for days.

We´ve all been through this situation and from my experience and what I´ve seen it´s a cycle created by negativity in our lives. One negative situation, the first thing that go wrong on our day changes our energy and get us in a negative cycle of thoughts, possibly angry, irritated, in a bad mood and this low energy and vibration brings more negative situations to us which creates a negative cycle that can continue for days.

It is true that we create our life through our believes, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions so if spend most of our time with negative people, in negative environments, watching or reading negative information and we keep our mind focus on all that negativity that surrounds and we think of what we don´t want the problem is not only for that day or the week to come, that brings more negativity for months and years.

Many people spend too much time blaming someone else and complaining about their circumstances, this will only brings more of those circumstances so that they have something to complain about, many people talk about how much weight they want to lose or how hard it is to get money so they´ll continue wanting to lose weight and it will continue to be hard to get money.

Nowadays we´re surrounded by too much negativity all around the world so it´s not a surprise that more and more negative stuff happens in different countries, negativity is contagious the same way as positivity but it´s not only about seeing the positive in everything.

The problem is that we were programmed to think, belief and act this way, when we were babies and as we grow older we learnt from our environment and the people around us, family, friends, school and their believes, their thoughts, the way they talked was programmed in our subconscious this is why in most families every generation looks almost the same and live the same way.

If we continue following this thoughts and believes that create a negative life we will continue living negative situations because that the frequency or vibration we are in and it will continue until we decide to break that cycle and that´s though. To change those negative believes, thoughts, emotions, the way you talk and how you act we need to be conscious of them and in the beginning is as if we´re telling lies to ourselves, dealing with this is really hard and we also need to know how to cope with the people around us whom will start telling to us how crazy or idiots we are.

When we want to get different results we need to make different choices and that´s so hard to do and knowing that most people won´t support you makes everything harder if you´re looking to be accepted, you need to understand that most people prefer to stay in their comfort zone and stay the way they´re at so if you want to get to another level do what you need to do.

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Everything is energy


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla.

I´ve met a lot of people who want to change their lives and they got inspired by the movie “The Secret” where they talk about the Law of Attraction and I constantly listen to them about how the law doesn´t work the reason why it doesn´t work for them the way they want it to work is because they don´t believe some terms like everything is energy and they don´t do anything to achieve their goals, thoughts alone won´t get you forward.

I can´t find any other quote that describes and compromises the most important principles than Nikola Teslas.

It´s not only about the Law of Attraction and thinking or visualizing what you want, even when your thoughts are powerful the first thing you need to understand and believe is that everything is energy. It is through your energy, your frequency and your vibration that you attract situations.

It is almost impossible to make the Law of Attraction work for you when you are consciously thinking and creating a vision in your mind of what you want for a couple of minutes every day but subconsciously you have doubts and you don´t believe that everything is energy.

Everything we see is made of atoms and atoms are made of energy, I won´t get to deep about atoms, protons, neutrons and other stuff here but since everything is energy everything is connected so to keep it simple you can change your life and your reality by influencing your thoughts and energy but this can´t be done by only changing your thoughts.

Since we´re born certain believes and thoughts are installed in our mind related to the society and environment you grew up and most of them are negative and of lack. You may be doing visualizations and affirmations consciously but if you still have those negative thoughts of lack fear and doubt you are sending mix messages and your subconscious wins most of the times.

You need to change those believes so that your subconscious is working with you not against you. You need to believe that everything is energy and that you can change your life and I mean really believe it, there can´t be fear or doubt. Once that´s in place you can start thinking on your goals.

Your thoughts and emotions need to be in harmony, your thoughts send signals to the universe but your emotions amplify that signal, if you have a clear vision of your goal in your mind and if you can increase your emotions to match your vision your frequency and vibration raises and that combination is what attracts what you like, once you have that in place you need to take action.

Once your thoughts and emotions are in harmony you need to have a plan of action, taking action towards your goal every single day keeps the momentum going, can you imagine what could happen when your thoughts and the vision of your goals combined with those amazing emotions of how achieving those dreams feel like start working together in your favor? Suddenly you are more motivated to take action and things just start to happen. There´s a lot more about this which we will be learning in later posts.

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Don´t take things personal

15 The struggles of being obese

For the past months I´ve been taking more time to see and listen to how people react and respond in different situations, what I´ve found is that we spend most of our time blaming and complaining other people and the circumstances for everything negative that happens to us. We also have the bad habit of criticize and make fun of people, when someone has a big goal we take them down. This happens with people you know they may be friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, classmates.

In our everyday life we can come across with very negative and disrespectful people, it can be the cashier in the supermarket, the waiter in the restaurant or any other that you come across for just a couple of minutes. Having a small misunderstood and dealing with people who is disrespectful even for just a couple of minutes can have a negative impact on you at least for a couple of hours if you don´t know how to act or respond to those events.

The first thing we need to understand and realize is that everyone of us is living their own hell, there will be people who are having the most amazing day of their lives but there will be others who are living the worst day of their life, they have health issues, may be a loved one is in the hospital, someone had an accident, they got fired from their job, etc. They´re living a very stressful situation and even depression or anxiety is making things worst and they don´t know how to deal with all those negative situations so they tend to treat people badly, this doesn´t mean that you did something wrong or that you are looser, the negative way of responding and reacting is a reflection of them.

What you need to do in this cases is work on yourself every day to be immune to those aggressive comments and negative people do not give them importance, ignoring them is a good strategy but not everyone can ignore.

When the negative comments come from someone closer to you like a friend or family member it is harder to ignore them and they can have a negative impact on our emotions and believes. When you set a goal you need to be prepared for the comments and critics, many people are not going to support you and there´ll be someone who try to get you down.

We´re all looking for attention and we all want to be part of a group so when you want to get higher and you set bigger goals many people from that group will try to keep you in that same place because they don´t want anyone around them to succeed, as long as all of are in the same level everything is fine but once you start setting bigger goals and plans that´s when you are crazy, when you´ve changed and when some of those people won´t support you anymore.

The best you can do is do not let any comment affect you, and they way to do that is by not taking things personal, if they think they don´t deserve good things, if they thing they can´t achieve their goals, if they think they´re not destined for something great then that´s fine we all have certain believes of what we are capable and what´s possible but that doesn´t mean that you can´t follow your dreams.

Before sharing your goals and plans with someone else think about it, are they going to support you? in some cases it is better to keep your goals and plans in secret if you know that they´re not going to support you it doesn´t matter if those people are close friends or family, if you know someone who is going to support you and motivate you and who´s going to be there when you need them then go ahead and share your plans with them.

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The power of dreaming big

00 Sleep intro

We are use to setting small goals and dreaming small, this will only lead us to small results, what´s wrong about dreaming big? letting your imagination fly? How big or small we dream determines the size of our accomplishments.

The fear of dreaming big comes from the fear of failure and getting disappointed feeling that you are not capable and that you don´t deserve the best, dreaming big is scaring and motivating enough to get up and work for what you want.

Dreaming big is the first step to achieving great things in life, great things that only you can see and figure out, you won´t get anywhere if you don´t know what you want, if your dreams are small you won´t get to far but if your dreams are big you´ll get far, you can go as far as you can dream.

It´s better to dream big and set big goals than to dream small, both ways you have to put the effort, I’d rather dream big and set big goals, that motivate me more.

Dreaming big and setting big goals means getting out of your comfort zone. Most people have small goals that lead them to a life of struggle, ending in a routine they follow every day this is their comfort zone, a zone that keeps them stuck in the same place, this is for average people, if you want to live a successful life you need to start dreaming big, set big goals that scare you, that get you out of your comfort zone, goals that every time you think about them make you feel exited and make you feel alive.

Once you start dreaming big most people are not going to support you and that´s fine, dreaming big means working for what you deserve, for what you really want, fighting for something better and most people get so scared and afraid, they don´t want to work hard and they prefer an average life but they also don´t want you to succeed, be aware of this, every time you share your dream with someone and tell you that you´re crazy, you won´t make it do not take those comments seriously. If they cannot achieve big things in life that´s fine, but that doesn´t mean you can´t achieve what you want.

To dream big you need to believe in yourself, believe you can achieve what you want, believe that you are capable and that you deserve the best. Once you start dreaming big and setting big goals and you believe you can achieve them, great things start to happen.

Dream as big as you can, then start working for your dream. When you write those big dreams on paper and create a plan of action those dreams become your goals, the most important thing to do once you have your big goal with a plan is to do, go there and do what you need to do to achieve your goal.

Our subconscious mind has been conditioned since we were born to live the way we do now but we can change that, if you do not like the life you are living right now make the decision and commitment to change. Think about what you love to do and how you want your life to look like, there are no limits here the only limit is your mind, your subconscious send you all kind of negative thoughts and excuses to stay in that comfort zone.

Do not let the limits of your mind keep you stock, take your biggest crazy dreams and create an action plan, whatever you want to do has already been done so search for people who have already done what you want to achieve and find out what they did. Use them as your guides an mentors but always remember to stay true to yourself, staying true to yourself is what´s going to make your dream unique.

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The impact of negativity in our lives


We´re living in a world that bombards us with negativity, with limitation and lack, there´s negativity everywhere you see, from the news to social networks. Crimes, violence, natural disasters, diseases and all this information affects our thoughts, our believes and our reality.

With all this negativity around us is hard to focus on positive things and on what we really want, this negativity keeps increasing because is what people talk about, most people, pay attention to conversations between coworkers, family, friends, neighbors and most of the time it´s about negative aspects of life many of them blaming, complaining and criticizing.

This is the reason why we are stock in our mediocre lives, with this kind of thoughts it´s impossible to find solutions that can lead us to a better more successful life, most people is waiting for a miracle outside of them that can help them live better but they don´t realize that we are the ones the need to change, if change our focus, and our thoughts our lives start to change for better, it´s not them, it´s us.

Negative emotions and feelings like anger, resentment, revenge, sadness, depression, anxiety keep us stuck in a negative loop. Emotions and feelings are the signals to communicate with the Universe, if you have some of this negative emotions you´ll keep attracting more situations that make you feel this way. People around us also feel this energy, if you have negative emotions you will repel people.

Stop watching negative stuff, stop watching news, stop watching television series full of crime and violence, stop watching negative stuff and information on the internet and social networks, avoid negative people, stop complaining of your current circumstances, stop blaming others, stop criticizing.

Start reading and listening to stuff that helps you get to where you want to go, things that bring value to you and to your life, stuff that helps you grow and be better. If you want to live a better more successful life you need to stop focusing on what you don´t want, this may sound obvious but is what we do most of the time, we´re focused on wanting to lose weight, on our stressful job, on the bills we need to pay, and many more things that we don´t want in our lives, stop focusing on them.

You need to write the kind of life you want to live, write who you want to be and believe you can be that person and believe you deserve to be that person, then start moving on the right direction. What activity can you do now that will get you one step closer to where you want get? Focus on positive thoughts that make you feel as if you already are that person, use positive language, stay active and positive, this is the way to start living a better life. Match the energy of who you want to be.

Most people give up thinking that this doesn´t work, do not get discourage and don´t give up, all our lives we´ve been focused on negativity so the moment you start blocking all negativity from your life and positivity starts to take place your mind will be in conflict. Just reinforce your positive thoughts and focus on what you want. If you want to be lean focus on being lean not on losing weight.

Once you start focusing on positive stuff and you´re focused on the life you want to live people may start to criticize you, don´t take them to seriously. Mediocre people will always attack others who start getting some success, people are happy when they´re all at the same level, when you start going higher it upsets them, it makes them feel uncomfortable.

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