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The importance of small achievements

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How many times have you think about setting small goals and then refuse to them because you think those small goals won´t get you anywhere?

Most of us don´t have the confidence and believe that we can achieve amazing things in life, for so many different reasons we´ve been losing self-confidence and we no longer believe in ourselves, we´re not accountable any more.

When we want to live a better life we know we need to change something but if we set big goals we won´t achieve them and we feel even worse, we can´t start with a big goal if we don´t have self-confidence and if we don´t believe in ourselves so what we need to do is start small.

When we set small goals like doing 20 minutes of exercise every day is a huge step that will give us amazing results, when we are able to stick with this goal we can add another one like giving up all junk food, now those 2 smaller goals will have a huge impact on all aspects of our life.

When we start seeing progress, when we see those results showing up and when we are able to accomplish those smaller goals or achievements we increase our confidence, we start believing in ourselves and that will give us everything we need to set bigger goals knowing that we can do it.

We need to start small and keep building slowly, this way we will achieve greater goals than if we try to start with something big when we´re not accountable, when we don´t believe in ourselves, when we don´t believe we can´t do it and we deserve it and when we´ve lost self-confidence.

We want to develop a mindset that can help us get through life and live to our full potential, we want to develop or replace old bad habits with good ones that make it easier for us to live an amazing life so we need to think in the future, in long term not short term.

We´re looking for results that last even if they take longer to achieve not for faster results that won´t last long enough. We need to think of the future, long term but work short term what I mean is that we need to keep our focus or keep remembering our finale goal but put the hard work, time, effort, dedication today to build the habits we need to sustain our results.

Building confidence and believe takes time and the way to do it is with small accomplishments, setting goals that give us results every week or two so that we can see progress.

If we have a big goal in mind chances are we can accomplish it if we believe in ourselves and that confidence has increased. What we need to do is set an ultimate date to achieve your finale goal and start working backwards dividing that big goal or finale goal into smaller goals we can achieve each month and week.

Once we have the smaller goals or weekly goals we need to focus on them, work as hard as we can always remembering of our finale goal.

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How our emoionts affect our reality

18 How positivity lowers stress

Welcome back to our site! You may be asking what is all this about emotions and creating the life you want so keep reading…

We´ve all heard about the Law of Attraction and we´ve all heard so many time that it doesn´t work and for some people it do work. Many people talk about thoughts and creating a mental image in our mind of our goal but not so many talk about emotions and how this is the secret to achieving our goals.

Our thoughts and emotions need to be in harmony if we want to attract something to our life or manifest (I don´t really like this terms of attracting or manifesting, I´ll tell you why later to get deeper). We may be visualizing a clear image in our mind of our goal which is sending a frequency but we may be sending a complete different frequency through our emotions and this creates noise, we´re sending 2 different and maybe opposing frequencies or energies and that´s why we don´t achieve our goals.

In the last post we learnt how to change our beliefs and thoughts now that we have the right beliefs and thoughts and that we a aware most our day we need to start working on our emotions. All negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration, resentment, revenge are very low frequency. We spend too much time feeling this emotions and that´s what we attract, every time we get mad, angry, frustrated and start fighting or disagreeing with someone we are allowing this emotions to take control of us. There are 3 positive emotions that we need to focus on which are:

1.- Gratitude

2. Love

3. Joy

This 3 positive emotions carry a high frequency and this will not only make us feel good, we start attracting positive situations and people to our life, suddenly our life improves in all areas. When we feel this positive emotions over and over and over we are elevating our frequency and it attracts situations and stuff that make us feel those emotions, when we combine those emotions with our goals it´s a lot easier for us to achieve them.

There´s less resistance and it feels like everything is falling into place and we are in the right path so we get more motivated to put the time and effort needed towards our goal until we get the results.

If we are able to live with those 3 emotions all the time, the entire day our life will be completely different, for this to happen we need to be aware at the beginning to change our thoughts and emotions every time we´re feeling a negative one until positivity becomes a part of us. We get to a point where we´re loving and enjoying every single moment of our lives, we´re living the present and we are grateful for all the amazing stuff coming to us.

It doesn´t matter where you are or what you are doing right now, take a couple of minutes to think about everything you are grateful for and think about everything and everyone you love, feel the love and gratitude in all your body. Now try to maintain those amazing feelings for the rest of your day and tomorrow when you wake up do this little exercise.

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The importance of our thoughts

16 Ambition

More than 90% of our thoughts are the same every day, you may have heard that but what can you do about it? how can you make sure that those thoughts are the ones you need?

Just as beliefs and values, our thoughts also play an important role on creating our life or reality, our thoughts are energy you may have heard the phrase “what we think we create” and most of those thoughts are the same of yesterday and the day before, we keep repeating the same thoughts over and over every single day and most of them are negative.

We´re stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts based on our past and future and we´re not really living the present. Thinking the same thoughts every day keeps us living the same way and if we want something on our life to change we need to change our thoughts and our emotions but to this we need to be in a constant state of awareness keeping the right thoughts and emotions present and this requires effort which goes against what our mind wants.

We take action according to our beliefs and thoughts so if those beliefs and thoughts are negative and are keeping us away from our goals our actions will also be taking us far from our goals.

Our thoughts need to move us forward in the direction of our goals, then every action we take, every step we take will get us closer to it. Here are some steps we can follow to change our thoughts:

1.- Be aware, be in the present moment.

2. Question if those thoughts are positive or negative

3. Let go negative thoughts.- Once a negative thought comes to us we are aware of it, what we need to do is let it go by not giving that thought more attention and letting is pass by, we can take our mind to our present moment and focus on a positive thought without giving any attention or mentioning the negative thought.

From the moment we wake up every morning the thoughts and beliefs start playing, we think about all the worries and fears and we keep those thoughts and emotions the entire day. What we need to do when we wake up is be aware, when our mind starts to wander bring it back to the present moment and bring a clear vision of your goal, once we have a clear image of our goal as if we already achieved it we need to think of what thoughts we need to adopt. Once we have the clear vision and the right thoughts we need to keep repeating those thoughts over and over for as long as we need until they are part of our new set of thoughts.

We need to realize that the process of changing thoughts is hard and life gets in the way, we cannot let any negative thought or belief that is going to move us back gets in our mind, we cannot let our mind and external situations or people control us, we need to develop the right mindset to control our mind and when we can do that meaning that nothing external can affect our beliefs, thoughts and emotions we are totally in control of our mind and of our life.

By following the 3 steps mentioned before consistently we will start to change our thoughts and beliefs, at the beginning it´s hard to do but we´ll realize that most of our day we tend to focus on negative stuff, this is a huge step because just by realizing that we are being aware and then we can start changing those thoughts by not giving them more energy and focusing on the positive outcome. Start working on this today!

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How our beliefs create our life


Have you ever asked yourself how much those our beliefs can impact our life?

For the most part of our lives our subconscious mind is the one getting us through life using our believes and values as guides.

A belief is when we accept that something is true, we´re sure and certain about it, there´s no doubt for us that it´s true. It starts with an idea that is repeated over and over which can come from our family, friends, society, our neighbors, our environment, after repeating that same idea over and over it creates a belief that is kept in our subconscious mind. With negative and painful experiences the belief is created almost automatically as a way for our subconscious to make sure that we remember that event and avoid it at all costs.

There´s a big problem with our beliefs and that is that they create our life, if we are having success in life that means that our beliefs are right and positive, but if we´re not living the way we want that means that our beliefs are wrong and negative and they are the root of the problem.

We know that we need to take the right action that lead us to our goals but our habits, actions, beliefs and values need to be in harmony and since most of the time our subconscious mind is guiding us, our actions go towards our beliefs so if we have the wrong beliefs our habits and actions are going to follow those wrong beliefs we have in our mind even when we know consciously that those actions won´t get us closer to our goals.

Our brain is lazy so it will do everything it can to avoid pain and avoid using energy this is why beliefs and habits are important for our brain, they allow it to stay safe and keep energy. Our brain will ignore everything that doesn´t align with our beliefs, this is why when we decide to start something new like a fitness program our mind gets us all the excuses of why we shouldn´t be doing it.

Developing a though mindset and changing our beliefs is that first step when we want to change something in our life

Steps to change our beliefs:

1. Identify wrong beliefs.- We need to identify the beliefs that are keeping us stuck. For this we need to ask ourselves if that belief is helping us become the person we want to be and is it helping us live the life we want to live? If the answer to this questions is “no” then we´ve found a belief we need to change.

2. Decide the new beliefs we want.- We need to make sure that the new beliefs we choose help us grow and become the person we need to be to accomplish our goals.

3. Self-aware.- We need to be aware of our thoughts and when a thought or belief that we want to change comes to our mind realize that it was part of your old beliefs and it´s not part of the new ones, accept that in the past that belief was part of our thoughts and beliefs and it guided our decisions and actions but not anymore and bring to our mind the new belief we want to replace the old belief and the one we´re working on to be part of our life.

4. Repeat the new belief over and over.- Repetition is key, we need to think and remember our new beliefs over and over until they get to the subconscious mind.

This 4 steps look very simple but doing them requires effort, take your time and start with one belief at a time, you may one to look for one certain belief that is causing a negative impact in different areas of your life so that when you replace that belief with a good one the positive impact will be seen in different areas of your life.

Now that we know the impact that our values and beliefs have in our lives and we know the steps we need to follow to change them find a piece of paper and pencil and go through the 4 steps and start changing your life now!!

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The importance of developing the right mindset.

00 Intro

Mindset is everything if we let our mindset control us by having a weak mindset and the wrong thoughts we will keep struggling for the rest of our life. If we don´t like something on our lives right now we need to change something and that change begins with our thoughts and beliefs.

Our life is based on daily habits, rituals and routines and those are created by our beliefs and values which we learnt since we were born and growing up from our parents, family, school, society and everyone around us. If everyone around us believed that money is hard to get, that we need to work so hard, that we need to have a safe 9 to 5 job, that rich people are bad, etc; those same beliefs were installed in our brain. If people around us told us time and time again that we´re not good enough, that we don´t deserve to achieve big goals, that we are lazy and everything we do is wrong those beliefs get installed in our brain and those are the ones controlling our life today.

Our thoughts create our reality, what we think we become with this in mind it´s clear that we need to be really aware of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions because they can pull us back which is what happen to most of us, it´s not that we´re not capable of doing something or that we don´t deserve it, it´s our beliefs and thoughts the ones holding us back so we need to change those thoughts and beliefs and develop the right strong mindset that keep us moving forward and this is the hardest part.

Developing the right mindset comes in 2 parts, part one is about thoughts, beliefs and emotions, part two is about focus and discipline.

We all have negative and limiting beliefs which are the ones keeping us stuck where we are and pulling us back, in most cases the reason why we don´t achieve our goals and dreams is because of limiting beliefs and thoughts that were installed in our brain years ago and today they are the ones controlling out life. In part one we eliminate those beliefs and thoughts by replacing them with the right positive ones that go according to the life we want to live.

In this day and age there is too much stuff that takes away our attention from what matters, the ability of focus and concentration is necessary to achieve anything but nowadays is so hard to focus and concentrate on the things that matter most and we waste too much time on social media, Tv, news Netflix, criticizing, blaming or complaining, etc. In the second part we develop an intense focus, concentration and discipline towards our goals where nothing external can take us away from what we want.

We need the right beliefs, emotions and thoughts and also focus and discipline to achieve our goals, when develop this type of mindset we are able to achieve amazing stuff in our life, our potential is incredible but we need to develop a mindset that help us live to that potential and that´s our goal. It takes time to develop this mindset but it is worthy, with time you´ll see that you can achieve the impossible.

Developing the right mindset is hard and takes time, since our brain wants to stay in a comfort zone, a place where it knows what to do and doesn´t need to work that much every time we make a different choice to create a new good habit it will try to pull us back with all kind of excuses and reasons why we can´t but we need to ignore this thoughts and keep going with our new choice until it´s a new habit.

The moment we start developing the right mindset by practicing the tools and exercise we share with you in this site our life gets better, it won´t be from one day to another but just in a couple weeks (if we´ve been consistent with our practice) we start seeing amazing results so this is not only to achieve a fitness goal like weight loss or get in shape, it´s about maintaining and improving those results but also improving our life.

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Give your life meaning and purpose

22 Control your mind, control your life

Your life will change when you find your purpose, we´re all looking for fulfillment and the way to feel fulfilled is by helping other people. Once you find out what you love to do and how you can help people doing what you love you´ll live happier and you´ll wake up motivated.

Most people live waiting for Fridays and pay days and they hate Monday mornings as if it was the worst, people talk terrible about their jobs and that they have to go to work to pay bills but we spend most of our time on our jobs. Many of us have 9 to 5 jobs 5 to 6 days a week so we only have left 1 or 2 days to spend with people we love doing what we love. This is not real life.

We do not come to this world for Fridays and weekends or just to pay the bills. Most people live waiting for Fridays, for weekends, for Holidays, when we have the time, when we have money, when we find that amazing person, when we find love. We´re always looking for the perfect time, for the perfect moment, but while we´re waiting… time pass by, one more day is gone, one more month is gone, one more year is gone.

There´s not a perfect time, there´s not a perfect moment. Start living today, start enjoying today, be happy and have fun today. Find that person that makes you better, who supports you, who share your dreams and goals. Enjoy every moment of life, travel, meet new people, visit new place, spend time with people you love and you enjoy spending some time together, make that call to your friend or family, forgive that person. Buy that car you always dreamed of, buy that jacket or those shoes but don´t get too obsessed with money.

It´s not only about the money, the fame or any other stuff money can buy. It´s the freedom you have everyday to do what you want to do, to do what you love to do, feel the passion and enjoy every single day. Do it now.

Ask yourself, how do you want to live the rest of your life? how do you want to be remember? You need to know what you want to do with your life, knowing your values and what´s important to you will help you find your purpose. What´s important to you? What do you care about? Is it nature? Is it justice? Is it security? What are the values you live by? They may be honesty, integrity, friendship, discipline.

What inspires you and motivate you every morning? An easy way to give meaning to your life is to follow your heart, do what you love to do when you do the things you love to do you enjoy the time and good things start coming your way. You´re not stressed and you´re not focused on negative things. If you find ways to help people by doing what you love you´ll feel amazing, you´ll feel a sense of satisfaction.

To live a better life, to live the life of your dreams and starting living your purpose you´ll need to get out of your comfort zone, fear will hit you so often that you would want to give up. Following your heart and living your life with purpose means going against what most people tell you to do. So you need to be prepared to go the road alone. There´s nothing to be afraid of, if lives´ meaning is positive, inspiring and motivating, if you help thousands of people you´ll feel amazing.

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Work hard and smart

26 How to set goals and achieve them

Working hard is just half of the puzzle, you need to work smart, knowing what you´re doing and why you´re doing it is highly important.

You can work as hard as you can but if you´re not working right you may be headed on the wrong direction, having a clear goal or target is the first step, then knowing what you need to do to hit that goal and creating an action plan with the proper tools that are going to lead you to your goal is working smart.

You need a plan that´s going to lead you to where you want to go, otherwise you´re just wasting time and energy and in times like the ones we´re living now where we want results as fast possible you need to be sure that all the hard work is going to give you the results you want.

Yes it´s possible to get amazing results and to get them as fast possible if you work hard and if you work smart, working smart means that you have a plan or program based on the best tools to achieve your goal, working hard means that you put in the effort and intensity needed on your workouts and you make healthier choices for your diet.

To work smart you need the right information and what works best for you, there are different tools or strategies you can use for cardio and resistance training and for your diet, any of this tools will not give the same results to two people, our bodies respond different to macro nutrients ratios and exercising so it´s important that you know how your body responds and what works best for you so that you can design a program for your specific goals.

Changing your routine or adding some variation to your workouts will keep the workouts challenging but you need to know when and how to add variation so that this changes don´t affect your progress. There´s so much information out there and it becomes hard to know what´s right and wrong, I´m sharing with you the right and most effective and efficient tools you can use to get to your goals, but do your research and try out by yourself every single tool I share, it´s the only way you´ll learn and understand how things work.

Information applied is power, that´s where you get the knowledge you need to change your body, to change your life and to help people around you. It´s the only way to work smart, to know that you´re doing the right thing that will lead you to your goal.

Don´t stick with what you read in one place or what someone told you, do the research, read as much as you can then apply what you read. You need to be careful with what information you try by yourself because there are so many myths and wrong information that can have negative effects.

Never stop learning, exercise and nutrition are key for living healthier, knowing how to fit both of them into your lifestyle with the freedom to enjoy and have great times requires discipline in the beginning.  If you work smart, if you know what you´re doing your results will come.

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The problem with instant gratification

30 The problem with instant gratification

In a world where we can have too many things instantly, we have light instantly just by turning the switch on, we can watch movies just going to Netflix or turning on the Tv, we can watch our favorite tv shows in our computers, if we´re looking for a specific product we can go to Amazon and buy it and we can have it on our door tomorrow.

In this same way we´re looking for instant results or instant gratification in whatever we do, we want to lose weight fast and we want results in one week, we want everything fast and we don´t even think on the future, what matters to us is this right moment, we change or give up some reward in the future for smaller pleasure we can have right now.

The fitness industry takes advantage of this, they sell fitness programs to help you lose as much weight as possible in a short period of time even when it´s not healthy and when you stop following the program you gain all the weight back and more, you do more harm to your body. They also sell so many different magic pills and powders which aren´t healthy either and most of them don´t work.

What you can when you have a goal is stop for a couple of minutes and think if the choice you´re going to make is going to get you closer to your goal or if it´s only going to give you instant pleasure, once you realize that ask yourself if you are willing to take a step backwards from your goal for just a couple of minutes from that instant reward.

In many cases we don´t think about the future so we make most of our decisions based on short term so what matters is that moment, and the next week, next month or a year from now or out of our thoughts.

If you have a goal you need to consider that there will be many choices every day that can keep you closer to your goal or can take you backwards and those choices are made based on your goal, a bigger reward in the future that will give you a lot more pleasure and fulfillment or an instant pleasure.

Many of us are so impatient that are not willing to wait enough time for a bigger reward and are not able to think ahead of time. Realizing that the best things in life take more time is a way to keep us focused, if we really want to achieve something big then we need enough time, we need to work hard and at the end will feel accomplished. If we let our thoughts and emotions trick us and we choose instant rewards instead of bigger rewards this will affects our journey and our results, those instant rewards are the ones taking us away from achieving our goal.

When you set a goal, or if you are working in one right now, are you willing to do whatever it takes and give it enough time until you achieve it? or do you let your mind trick you and you choose the instant rewards? this makes a huge difference, this may be the reason why you´re not seeing progress.  If you get some fat food or junk food just for the instant pleasure this may be the reason why you´re not losing any more weight. Do you have a winning mindset that will help you eliminate all junk, processed and fast food for as long as you need so that you get that superhero physique you are looking for in 12 weeks, 4 or 6 months for now or you going to let it get you back time and time again for the instant pleasure of some junk food?

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The negative impact of self-doubt

07 BEliefs

Fear and self-doubt are the most common limiting believes and those may the ones stopping you from achieving your goals. Self-doubt is the lack of confidence or don´t believing in yourself.

If you believe that you are not worth it or that you don´t deserve anything great you are living in self-doubt which is one reason to keep leaving your goals for when you are good enough, when you know everything you need, when you deserve what you want. But if you believe this then you´ll stay where you are right now. There´s no way you can achieve something if you don´t start working and to take action you need to eliminate self-doubt from your mind. Increasing confidence on yourself is key.

One of the best steps you can take to start increasing your self-confidence is set small goals, goals you can achieve in 1 week. It can be as simple as reading 10 minutes a day for the next 7 days, it can be to eliminate all junk, processed and fast food from your house and office, it can be to do 10 minutes of exercise every day.

Take the activity you want or the goal you want to achieve in 1 week, keep it simple so that you can keep track of your progress daily and achieve your goal in those 7 days, what we´re looking for here is to keep you accountable. To realize that you can achieve your goals, with time you need to make those goals bigger and bigger and of course; you need to give enough time.

Starting with weekly goals builds momentum and that´s what you need, when you are lock in any limiting belief we need to eliminate that limiting belief and change it for a positive one so we need to get out of that loop, in this case the belief that you are not worth it or you don´t deserve it or you are not capable. When we set small goals we can achieve in a small period of time our self-confidence start to increase and this motivates us to go after bigger goals.

Taking action is crucial, take one step at a time, just one action. What action do you need to do today that will improve your life what do you need to do every single day to achieve your dream?

Working on small weekly goals make us feel successful, it makes us feel that we can achieve something, that we are capable of doing what we said we were going to do and that feeling of success and accomplishments is what motivate us to set bigger goals.

The bigger your goals, the bigger the reward and the bigger the feeling of success and accomplishment. When you start to eliminate self-doubt and increase self confidence you start with small goals, one thing you need to consider is do not listen to what others say or think of you, most people will always be criticizing and talking behind our backs, we will never please everyone so stop worrying about that. When we listen and pay attention to those negative comments we are only giving more importance and we´re taking our focus from what matters which is our goal.

It doesn´t matter what your goal for your first week is, we´re all at different levels so don´t compare yourself to others, it doesn´t matter if their coworkers, classmates, neighbors or social media influencers. Focus on you and do your thing there´s no reason to compare with someone who hasn´t lived our story.

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How fear is killing our dreams

28 fear

How many goals or projects have you let aside just because of fear? The fear of failure, fear of what could go wrong, fear of what others say and think of us. Fear is what keeps us stuck and the reason why we don´t follow our dreams.

We all have fears, even the greatest athletes, actors, musicians, CEOs the only difference is that they know how to take that fear and turn it into excitement, the fuel, energy and motivation they need to get pass that fear and follow their dreams.

Developing a successful mindset is key, you need to realize that the journey is hard and the only thing that will keep you going in those hard times is your mindset and is the same that will give you enough reasons to give up. Whit a successful mindset you´ll be able  to keep going every time you fail, you´ll be strong enough to know how to handle rejection and all the no´s you´ll get over and over again.

If you are doing something right now that you don´t like or you even hate and you have some project or goal that you´ve been setting aside take them and start working on them, if you don´t know where to begin research someone who did what you want to do and start modeling them, do what they did but do it in your own way.

Take a dream you have and set it as a goal, if it´s too big set smaller goals for every day, week, month and year and create an action plan, what do you need to do every single day that will keep you moving towards your dream, and start taking action every day.

Now, when fear gets in your way, acknowledge it, it is there to tell you that you are out of your comfort zone, think deeply and figure out where that fear based, if it´s for what everyone around you is going to say? do it anyway, you´re not going to please everybody and there will be someone talking behind your back always. Is it fear of failure? see failure as a lesson, if you keep going and trying different strategies you didn´t fail, is it fear of rejection? they are not rejecting you, the guy or girl who rejected you is not interested on your product or service, just move forward and keep asking until you find someone who loves what you do.

The fear of not being good enough, of not feeling worth it, feeling that you don´t deserve it are hard to identify because they´re deep in our believes. The first thing you need to do is believe in yourself, it´s possible for you to achieve your goal, you are capable, if you put the time and hard work needed you can achieve amazing things.

Believe in yourself and believe that you deserve everything you want, but you need to really believe and feel in your heart that you are capable and that you deserve amazing things, it´s not enough to read affirmations, you need to feel the emotions.

Once you develop a successful mindset which includes changing thoughts and believes to believe in yourself and you start taking action every single day you just need to be consistent, continue working on your project every day following your action plan and when fear gets in your way remind yourself that you are capable of doing it, you got everything you need and you deserve the best of life.

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