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The importance of meaningful relationships

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Our relationships determine how far we´re going to get, we all need of each other and we all need to know that we have someone we can trust and count on in times of need, unfortunately not all of us got someone to count on.

Nowadays building great relationships is not a priority we´re more interested on getting likes on social media. We dive ourselves on our Smartphone trying to escape reality, we don´t give attention to the people beside us but we´re more interested on comparing ourselves with other accounts trying to figure out why we don´t get likes, why we don´t get the attention we want on our accounts and we´re losing what´s more important, creating great relationships with the people close to us.

Don´t get me wrong, I love social media, I love sharing content, meeting people and helping as much people as possible all around the world and this wouldn´t have been possible without social platforms but we all need good meaningful relationships.

There are 3 different types of relationships that we all need to have:

1.- The one you can count on.- We all go through difficult moments in life and we need to have someone we can trust and count on on those moments. We all know that everyone appears on the best times of our life, everyone is at the party having fun but on our darkest times when we need someone to talk to not everyone will be there so we need to know that we have at least one person we can count on on those darkest times.

2.- The mentor.- We need to keep learning so we need to be surrounded by people who knows more than us, people from whom we can learn, they are the ones that will help us reach the next level, once we get to that next level if those people continued learning then they will continue teaching us if not we need to find someone to get higher.

3.- Your disciple.- This one is hard because most people prefer to stay where they are in a comfortable place but if we find someone who wants to achieve amazing things in life and who is open to learn and who wants us to help them get to their next level we need to help them. The same way someone helped us before now is our time to help someone.

The best that can happen to us is to have this 3 relationships and we can but we need to develop them and we do that by being interested in people, taking some time off our cell phone and have a conversation with the people around us, listening to them and really being interested is what help us build good relationships. We need to know that it takes time, if we want to someone to trust us, to believe in us and respect us it takes time the same way it takes time for us to trust someone and to know that we can count on them.

When we find someone who is interested in us, someone who cares and that shows it in everything they do we need to keep that person close to us.

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Never stop learning


Life is the best teacher, it always give us situations and experiences just so that we can learn. Our biggest mistake is thinking we already know, closing the doors to new knowledge to come. We can always learn something new if we are open to learn.

What we´re doing today is defining our future, the people we spend time with, the movies we see, the books we read. You may have heard this quotes and it´s completely true.

The best step we can take is change our mindset, be open to learn from all experiences and from everyone and everything around us so we need to have a clear vision of what we want to achieve and who we need to become to select the people we need to be surrounded with today, the books we need to read today, what movies can we watch today and learn from them. They will be our mentors and guides so we need to keep our eyes and minds open to knowledge.

Insane focus in applying what we learn, making mistakes and improving every day is important, there´s no reason to learn if we don´t apply those lessons and as we keep learning and improving we need to change books, movies and meet more people that takes us through the next level never forgetting who was with us before.

The world is constantly changing and improving and we need to keep changing and improving too, the moment we stop learning we block ourselves from being who we could have been.

We can turn our failures to lessons, our pain and suffering to wisdom and be waiting for the next moment to apply all the lessons, knowledge and wisdom we got to either fail or hurt again and get one more lesson, more knowledge or wisdom or to make the right decisions and get the results we were looking for.

One of the most important things we can learn is about ourselves, learning about us what we like what we hate and why, understanding our emotions where do they come from and when, why do we react or respond a certain way in certain situations.

Understanding ourselves is key to help us make the most out of any situation, when we know our emotions, when we know ourselves and when we know how we really are we know what´s best for us in any situation, we know what goes according to our purpose and the most important point is that we know our strengths and weaknesses and we can improve our weaknesses and we can work on our strengths so that we can improve and be better every day.

Learning about ourselves is the most difficult thing to do but if we want to achieve great goals in life we need to work on ourselves first, when we know who we truly are, when we know our purpose and understand our emotions and when we surround ourselves with great people, when read the right books and watch the right movies and all this is in harmony working towards the same goals that´s when magic happens.

Knowing ourselves, our emotions help us control them and act the best way possible even in tough situations, this lead to make better choices, avoid conflicts and we get better results in our activities.

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We are here for a reason

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It´s just another day, one more day to go and… do exactly the same as the day before.

Have you ever woke up one morning and not feel like wanting to wake up and go to work, you don´t feel motivated to do what you need to do?

This happens to all of us and this means that we haven´t found our purpose in life, what makes us feel fulfilled so we´re lost or we know our purpose, we know what makes us feel happy and fulfilled but we´re not working on it because we follow what´s normal.

To find our purpose, what makes us feel happy and fulfilled comes from doing something that has meaning and that involves giving. Is not only about asking what would we love to do even if no one pays us? Is about doing or working on something that is meaningful, something that has value and meaning to us.

Once we find our purpose our life will be much easier and enjoyable, our purpose is our guide and all our actions and decisions are based on that purpose. Every time we need to make a decision and for every action we want to take we just need to ask our self if those actions or decisions align to our purpose, if the answer is positive then go ahead.

There are simple ways to know what your purpose is and here are the steps:

1.- Ask the right questions.- What is your talent? what are you good at? what do you love? in which activities do you get insane focus?

2.- How can you help people around you or around the world by doing what you love and what you are good at?

3.- Values and principles.- You need to get clear on what you stand for and lead through your values and principles

4.- How can you make a living

When you find the talent that you are good at and that you love doing and find ways to help people leading with your values and principles you are on your way to living a life with purpose. It is hard to do but once you do it your life will change completely and with the right mindset you´ll find ways to make a living from it.

Having a purpose is having a reason to wake up every morning that motivates you and inspires you, that keeps you excited and that make your life amazing. This is how we´re supposed to live and everyone deserves to live this way.

When we find our purpose we just need to take action and here another struggle begins, we will go against what´s consider normal and most people won´t like it so we need to stay true to ourselves and follow our heart, our purpose even when people don´t support us, most of them prefer to follow the normal average and mediocre life and it´s hard for them to see someone living a better life, being happy and feeling fulfilled so we need to continue and if there´s someone who wants to change their life and we can help them then we take them with us by helping them find their purpose.

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Our fears are not real

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How many times have you stopped to pursue a goal or continue with a project because of fear?

The fear we feel or think is not real, it´s created in our mind and it´s holding us back from achieving our goals.

Our brain seeks security, safety and comfort. The priority of our brain is to keep us out of danger so every time it feels that something is wrong then fear takes place so that we stay alert and we can act accordingly to get safe, it´s also lazy and it´s always looking for comfort so if we want to do something that takes any extra effort our brain wants to stop.

The problem is this, when we set a new goal our brain compares that new goal with experiences and situations we lived in the past and in most cases the result is that there is risk involved so fear sets in like fear of failing, fear of not being good enough and many more fears come in and we do not take action. Our biggest goals and achievements are on the other side of fear.

We all feel fear, we´re all afraid of something the difference is how we use that fear, if we let it take control of ourselves it will hold us back and we´ll never be able to get higher or achieve anything but if we take control of the fear and use it as the fuel to get started and keep going then we´re able to set bigger and bigger goals.

We need to train our mind to take the fear as fuel, we need to have control over the fear and not letting it control us, once we have total control over it and we can use it as the fuel we need.

What we want is to reframe the situation, reframe fear and have control of it so here are some steps to do it:

1.- Identify the fear.- It may be fear of failure, of what people are going to say or think, of losing everything, of being rejected, etc.

2.- Figure out where the fear comes from.- Have you tried it before and fail? have you lived a similar situation? does someone close to you lived something similar?

3.- Write your ultimate goal, your reward and the reason why you want to achieve your goal.

4.- Change the label of your emotions.- Fear and excitement have exactly the same physical emotions and responses.

5.- Stop thinking about it.- Over thinking creates a lot more problems and increases fear so just stop thinking, take deep breathes and do it.

The difference lies on how we think about it, the increased heart rate, sweaty hands, butterflies in our stomach, the reaction of our body is the same but if we think of it as fear we´ll programming ourselves to give up or not even start, if we think about it as excitement our mind changes completely and we take that excitement as the fuel and motivation to take action.

When we have a clear goal, a strong reason why and we feel excited about it no one can stop us, not even fear.

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Respect and trust are owned


If we want to be respected and trusted we need to give it and earn it.

Nowadays some of the most important values or principles like respect, trust, loyalty have lost an important place on society, so many people say that they want to be respected and trusted, from my point of view they are more interested on getting attention and they´ll do whatever they need to get that attention, they can be disrespectful, rude or even betray someone.

This is the biggest mistake, looking for attention, wanting to fit in and even when we´re all looking for that if we do it the wrong way it won´t help us get to far in life. If we seek respect, trust and loyalty and we work on giving and showing them first then we can earn the respect, trust and loyalty we will be accepted and get attention that last longer.

When we lose respect, trust and loyalty it´s almost impossible to gain it back, it takes years to earn it and build a relationship based on them but it takes minutes to lose it all.

Relationships are key for everyone, the quality of our relations dictate how far we will get in life and how much we will accomplish. There are people who don´t consider respect, trust and loyalty to be important so we can be sure that they don´t trust us, respect us and aren´t loyal, being with them is only a waste of time because we never know when they will betray us. Avoiding them is best but it is hard if they are friends or family.

Instead we need to find a group of people that value the same principles as us and build relationships based on respect, trust and loyalty and keep those ones close because no matter what happen they will be there for us.

In order to gain respect, trust and loyalty we must give them and show them first but to be able to give and show respect, trust and loyalty to others we need to start with ourselves, it all starts with us. If we do not have self-respect we can´t respect others, if we put ourselves down, if we´re not able to take responsibilities for our mistakes or if we´re not accountable to ourselves we lose confidence and the lack of confidence in ourselves will make it so hard to show and give respect to others.

A good way to start is by treating everyone as if they are the most important people we´ve ever met and by making everyone feel important, showing that we are interested on them and on what they have to say, listen to them with the intention to know more about them and understand what they are saying and why. Keep our commitments and promises, if we know we won´t be able to do something then don´t say it and if for any reason we commit to a project and we are not able to make it on time talk with the people involved and make sure to get it done as soon as possible otherwise we´ll lose credibility, respect, trust.

We cannot forget that our actions speak louder than our words if we say how much we respect or trust someone but our actions say something completely different people won´t believe us which is a red alert for people to not trust us.

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Be true to yourself

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The more time we spend on social media the more we compare ourselves to others, the more we try to be like them.

If we search by themes on social media most of the accounts will look similar. We´re all looking for attention so when we share something in our accounts and we don´t get as many attention as we want we tend to check other accounts from people we consider to be better than us and we start modeling their content and when we do this we´re not being ourselves and people notice.

The best thing we can do is be true to ourselves, this can be so hard to do because we´ve been copying or modeling someone else and hiding our true selves to fit in. Since we´re all looking for attention and we all want to fit in, to be part of a group and look like everyone else but this is completely normal, we´ve been thought this when we were in school and society thought us what is normal so with school and society we learnt how we need to act if we want to fit in.

Fear is what is stopping us from being and showing who we really are, fear of what people think or say about us the problem is that in reality we´re looking for authenticity, the more authentic, real and true someone is the more attention that person gets and the people around wants to know him/her.

The people that seem to be authentic in every situation are comfortable in their own skin, they have confidence in themselves and they´re not scared of what people will say or think of them, they´re not looking for approval they know that when they are truth to themselves and can be who they really are they will be accepted and liked by people who prefer the truth.

We´re all different, we´re all unique and in a world with too much information and when we´re all looking for attention the best thing we can do is be true to ourselves, this is going to differentiate us from everyone else, our uniqueness is what´s going to set us apart, it will make us stand out and when people find us and see that we´re being true and we´re really showing and sharing who we really are we´ll get attention.

To be able to be ourselves in everything we do and be true to ourselves we need to accept who we really are, be comfortable with it and then we can be who we really are in any situation.

After so many years being told that we need to fit in, that we need to follow orders and rules in order to be accepted and to get attention we lost the essence of who we really are so it will take time to find ourselves, to accept and be comfortable being ourselves and the first step is by doing it alone, how do we feel and think of ourselves when we are alone? what does that little voice inside our heads tell us?

Our beliefs and principles are a huge part of finding ourselves again, by asking to ourselves what do we belief? what do we stand for? what principles move us? our beliefs and principles are our guide.

At first when we start the journey of finding our true selves we can get confused between our beliefs and principles and what we´ve been thought growing up, what we can do is ask ourselves if a certain thought or idea goes according to our values, beliefs and principles or not and how does that idea or thought makes us feel, if it feels right and goes according to our values, beliefs and principles then it´s right.

Once you accept who you are and feel comfortable when you are alone then you can start sharing it with people around you. Keep in mind that some people won´t be supportive and won´t like the idea of being truth to yourself, most people prefer to hide themselves in order to fit. Do not take any negative comments personal with time you´ll be accepted, trusted and respected for being truth and real.

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We all have more to offer

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Are you giving your best every single day? Are you really focused on working towards your goal?

Most of us live our life without having goals or plans just waiting for what life gives us, the problem is that we all have a purpose, we´re all here for a reason and if we don´t find the reason and we only wait for what life gives us we´ll be living the purpose of someone else, we´re helping someone live their dream.

Most of us don´t live the life we´re capable of, we don´t live to our fullest and later in life we regret, we´d love to change so many things but it´s too late.

We all have talents and we all love doing something, living the life of our dreams, sharing our talents with the world, helping as much people as possible and living to our full potential is possible for all of us and it´s on our hands. But it takes too much work that´s why most of us stay where we are.

Most people are not willing to put in the time, hard and smart work necessary to live the life they dream and to share their talents, it´s takes a lot of self-discipline, obsession and insane focus for long periods of time on what you want to achieve.

Do not sell yourself short, we all deserve to live an amazing life but it´s up to us to make that amazing life happen, if we know our talents if we share them, if we find ways to help people while doing what we love and we find a way to make a living our lives will change completely.

We all deserve to wake up every day excited by the day to come with a smile in our face and ready to do what we love to do, when we have a job where we feel safe and where we love what we do our performance is greater and we feel inspired and motivated to do more.

Most of us have the belief that we need to live the routinely life we learnt when we were at school where we need to have a safe 9 to 5 job from Monday to Friday and we need to leave what we love and our talents as hobbies.

The whole system is designed this way so that when we graduate we know how to be an employee which is what the industries and companies need but this put limits and barriers to our development, we cannot express who we really are, we cannot find and pursue our passions, we cannot dedicate too much time to our talents and this is what stop us from being who we can be in reality.

We all have passions, talents and things we love to do, we all can offer a lot more to this world, most of us are not living life to our full potential but we can all do it, we can all deserve to live the best life possible.

It requires a lot of work to break that loop of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and it requires a crazy amount of hard and smart work for long periods of time and not everyone is willing to put the hard work and time necessary to change their lives so this is what can make a difference with you.

Stop wasting more time, stop living the same routine every day and decide how you want your life to be and start living that way, if you know what activity or job you love to do, if you find ways to help people doing what you love and you find out how to make a living from it your life will be amazing.

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Life is though and not all chapters have a happy ending

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No one ever said life was supposed to be easy, life is supposed to be though, that´s how we know we are alive.

Life is a book, all the ups and downs that life get us through are the chapters of our book they´re all stories about the challenges we´ve been through and how we overcame each, an interesting and meaningful life is achieved by taking all challenges and overcoming them in the best way possible to get the best results.

Going through each chapter of our book is the way to learn and once that chapter comes to an end, once that story ends it may not have a happy ending. We’d all love that all chapters of our book have happy endings but if this were the case we´ll never learn anything new.

Our book needs all types of chapters, from the ones with happy endings to the sad ones, from the ones full of joy and smiles to the ones full of failures and mistakes. We love and enjoy the happy endings, the chapters full of smiles and those amazing moments create more smiles and joy every time we remember them, the failures and mistakes help us learn from them, they will stay in our memories so that we avoid going through those mistakes again, the sad ones help us keep important moments in mind.

How many times have we start a new chapter in our lives and when the journey gets though we give up? How many dreams or goals had we stop pursuing just to avoid the failures and sad endings? We need those chapters in our lives to learn, to grow, we need those lessons to become the person we need to be to achieve our dreams and goals.

Life will brings us down time and time again only so that we can get up stronger and wiser, if we let one failure stop us we will never achieve anything worth having and all chapters of our book will be the same, it gets boring and the book will end asking what if…? What if I had tried one more time? What if I hadn´t given up?

 Every new challenge in our life is a new chapter of our book, at the beginning we don´t know what to expect about it but fear can make us give up half the way while excitement can keep us going. Through the journey we´ll go through ups and downs, through pain, loss, struggle, pleasure until it comes to an end and when that end arrives we need to accept the ending of it whether it´s good or bad and learn to move forward. Being grateful for living that experience is really helpful to move on whether it was good or bad, in most cases how we see and how we react is more impactful than the challenge itself so if we take it as an experience we are so grateful to have as part of our life we´ll see a lot more of the positive.

We need to understand that everything is changing and not a single story, challenge or chapter of our life will last forever this is why some people say or recommend that you don´t get involve or attached emotionally so that it´s easier to let go and move on once that chapter is done.

Through life we meet people that will be part of different chapters of our life but there´ll be others that come and go, not everyone we meet will stay for the rest of our lives, realizing that everyone we meet is for a reason and in the moment we need the most and when they go that means we don´t need them anymore, we learnt from them what was necessary, for the ones that stay it means that we still have challenges to face together.

If we take every challenge in our life or every new chapter of our book with excitement at the end of it we´ll keep the memories and lessons from every moment we experienced and the people who was part of it, it doesn´t matter the ending we´re living.

Do not be afraid to start a new chapter today, live your life in the most exciting way possible, learn from mistakes and failures, learn to move on and continue writing the next chapter.

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