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You don´t need to fit in


Since we´re born and as we grow older, we´re told to fit in, we´re educated to fit in. What a waste of creativity and ideas.

When we´re teach to fit in we lose sense of who we are, as we grow older we feel the need of being accepted of being part of a group and we do everything we need to make sure that we are accepted in a group, in society and that we fit in but we stop being who we are, we hide part of ourselves because we know people will make fun of us.

When you focus on fitting in a group you follow the rules of that group, of society and that leads to a routinely life where you do the same every single day until you retire, many people prefer to stay in this place and live this way, a comfortable zone where they make a decent amount of money but not enough to enjoy as much a they could and they fit in a group. If you are so focused and worried about what people think and say about you then you´ll always be looking for ways to fit in and maintain those behaviors to make sure that you remain accepted on a certain group but, this is limiting your capacity.

If you have a dream you need to be willing to accept that in order to achieve that dream you need to stand out, you need to be willing to be criticized and laughed about your ideas and dreams but you focus and work on them as hard as you can until you succeed.

Successful people stand out, they´re not trying to fit in, they don´t care about what others think and say of them, they are so focused on their goal and they work as hard as they can on it until that goal becomes a reality, until they succeed. It´s hard to get out of a group and stop trying to fit in because people will make fun of you, they will criticize you, they will talk about you but, if you are strong enough, physically and mentally to be able to ignore all those negative comments and concentrate on your idea then no one can stop you.

Here are some steps you can start using today:

1.- Set a clear and specific goal

2.- Figure out what actions you need to take every day to make that goal a reality

3.- Avoid all negativity, this means do not watch the news, avoid negative people and stop negative self-talk, more importantly do not say anything negative out loud

4.- Take action by doing the activities of step 2

5.- Do not worry about what others say and think of you.

In order to succeed you need to be willing to do what others won´t do, when you have an idea or a huge goal you need to be open minded and creative, you need to take every failure as a lesson, you need to work as hard as you need to, you need to be willing to make sacrifices. People will think you are crazy because obviously you won´t fit in but, this is how you succeed.

Everyone has an opinion but, do not let the opinion of anyone defines who you are and defines your life. No one has lived what you had lived, no one has lived the same experiences and those experiences made you who you are.

The way to stand out is to be true to your values, beliefs, ideas and purpose and bring them to reality in a way that improves the lives of millions of people. If you have your values, beliefs and what you stand for really clear then more often than not you won´t fit in, realize that not fitting in and being different, having the possibility to stand out is a way to make a difference now just make sure that you are doing good for others.

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When someone let you down


You give your all to someone, your time, energy, you showed up over and over, you give too much and you´re waiting to receive that same care and appreciation but the ones you love and care more about are the ones who let you down.

The biggest problem when someone let you down or disappoint you is how they make you feel, you feel sad, you feel like people don´t care about you, people don´t love you, you feel alone, you feel like you´re not enough, you get anxious and angry and if the person who let you down or disappointed you was someone you really care about, someone you loved and thought you can count on this negative feelings are worse.

Expecting something from others is the worst mistake we can make, it´s always better to give without expecting something back but this doesn´t mean that you can let people hurt you.

If someone let you down you first need to find out why they did and if they have a valid reason they you can forgive them once but, if they don´t have a valid reason and they´re only hurting you then it´s better to stay away from them, sometimes you need to set boundaries. Do not give more that 2 opportunities, if someone let you down for a second time you can´t continue trusting that person, the more you keep them in your life the more they will hurt you. You can´t keep people in your life who make you feel bad, who disappoint you and let you down.

For a good relationship to work there needs to be work and interest from both parts, if you are completely sure you´ve been working on developing a good strong relationships with someone, you were there on the good and bad times and when you needed them they let you down then it´s better to stop trusting those people and take them out of your life but, if you didn´t spend the time to make the relationship strong, if you didn´t show on good and bad times then you can´t blame all on them.

Someone who really care about you will never disappoint you or let you down, even when they´re having a tough situation they´ll find a way to show up and be there for you, if someone let you down chances are they never cared so why would you keep people who doesn´t care in your life?

If your best let you down there are some steps you can take:

1.- Do not take it personally

2.- Do not let their decision affect you negatively for a long period of time

3.- Do not look for vengeance or revenge

4.- Pay attention to the ones who showed up and build strong relationships with them

It doesn´t matter what happen there´s always something outside of your control, you can´t control other peoples behaviors and actions, but you can control how you respond to their actions so never let anyone make you feel bad. You are in charge of your emotions and sometimes what they say and do is a reflection of them, is about them not about you so if someone let you down and you want to give them one more opportunity you can just make sure you don´t give them more than 2 chances.

Giving back and being kind improves your mood and make you feel incredible so the more you give back and be kind the better you feel and this is even better when you don´t expect too much from people, the less you expect from people and actually from any situation the less disappointed you will be. You may have heard it before and it´s true so focus on giving back and being kind without expecting something and you´ll feel great.

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Change is part of life


The more we resist to change the more we stop living, life pass us by and we accomplish nothing.

Life is all about change, the problem is how we see that change. I agree that change is not always easy, there are some situations in  which we are really excited for it but there are occasions where we don´t want it at all but realizing that it´s needed and accepting that it´s hard but we can deal with it the whole process becomes easier.

We all need to have some stability in life and feeling comfortable in a certain way, if you prefer to stay in your comfort zone then when a change occurs it will be harder for you to get through it, for someone who likes some excitement in their life then when some change occurs it will be easier for them to cope with the situation.

One of the biggest reasons we don´t like change is because of fear, fear of the future, fear of the unknown, we don´t know what´s going to happen and our mind goes to negative thoughts which is what it´s supposed to do to keep us safe but that fear and those negative thoughts can end paralyzing us and make the situation harder.

Other reason why change can be difficult is because we are tied to our past and we´re so tied to what we´re living now and we don´t want to let go. If we combine these 2 scenarios, being attached and fear of the future then change becomes the worst experience.

You need to let go of your past so that something better can come into your life, letting go doesn´t mean forgetting, it means that you can take all the memories, experiences, and everything you learn with you and accepting that it is hard to leave some things behind 

Change is part of life we need to change, to grow, to get better, to improve. Every new challenge we aspire to conquer, every new goal we set for ourselves requires a different version of us. This means that to achieve a new goal, to conquer a new challenge there are some set of skills and knowledge that we need to learn. You can´t achieve a bigger goal with the same skills you already have so as you learn more skills, get more knowledge and wisdom you become a new version of yourself, one that is more equipped to conquer that new challenge and that bigger goal.

Change means progress, every time a change presents in your life it means you are ready to move, to get to the next level, to learn new skills and grow. It may look hard today but when you look back 3 or 5 years later you´ll be surprised by how much progressed you´ve made. Sometimes we need some changes and challenges so that we can realize how much we can accomplish and how far we can get.

Whether you like it or not changes will happen anyway, sometimes you´ll be more prepared for them so the best thing you can do is how you see them and how you respond. Change is inevitable.

One of the best things you can do whether you are going through your best life possible or one of the worst moments of your life is realize and accept that change is part of life so whatever you are living right now won´t last forever. If you´re living an incredible life then enjoy it as much as possible, if you´re going through difficult times remember that it´s not forever and develop an optimistic mindset.

If you think that the best way to live is a life full of excitement, possibilities and experiences then you´ll see all changes with optimism and you may go through a lot more changes throughout your life. Life is a journey and it´s like a roller coaster with ups and downs and turns and that´s what makes life exciting.

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How to develop optimism


So many people talk about being more positive, “be more positive!” it´s their best advice as if this was so simple for all of us and of course, it´s even harder when we´re going through a difficult situation but, if positivity doesn´t seem to be working for you then you can try being more optimistic.

Positivity is all about seeing the positive stuff in all situations, see the positive in everyone and everything even when the world is falling apart, when the world is on fire. When we´re living situations like the one right now with coronavirus positivity is about finding the positive aspects but, this can be difficult to you.

With positivity you train your mind to see and look for the positive things in every situation and everyone. Some people find it hard to be more positive and to make positivity part of their life because in a certain way they´re ignoring all the negative stuff going on and there are some situations that it´s impossible to ignore everything that is going wrong and when you try to do it you feel worse.

Optimism is about accepting reality but looking forward to a better future, to a positive outcome. You accept that what you are going through right now is hard and tough but you now you can get through it and you are hopeful that something better is coming.

With optimism you accept the reality and train your mind to see pass that challenge to a brighter future.

For some people is easier to develop an optimistic mindset because you are accepting the reality, you are accepting all the negative, and wrong things going on, even all the sad things going on but you know that this won´t last forever and there are great things coming in the future. Optimism is that strong hope and belief that something better is coming.

Even when positivity and optimism have some differences, they still have at list one thing in common which is the way you choose to see every situation, the way you choose to see the world. We can´t deny that negativity is the worst you can do because the more you choose to see the world and every situation from a negative outlook the more negative situations will come to you and you keep living an unhealthy lifestyle full of unnecessary stress, fear and anxiety. When you choose to see every situation from a positive or optimistic outlook you are training your mind to stop looking for all the negative stuff going on and instead you work on looking for the positive things going on or the positive results or outcome, you can think about a better future after you overcome this challenge.

Some steps you can take to start developing optimism are:

1.- Make the decision and commitment to change your mindset.

2.- If it´s hard for you to be positive when you´re going through a tough situation just accept that what you are living right now is hard, but it´s not the end

3.- Think about positive outcomes and positive results once that situation is over

4.- Stay open to possibilities that can help you improve the situation

5.- See that situation as a challenge that will help you learn and get stronger.

Your perspective, the way you choose to see each situation and your life in general is a choice, you can choose whether you wan to stay seeing everything from a negative perspective or you can choose to start being more optimistic. Accept what´s happening right now but realize that it´s not forever and you can get though it and remain hopeful for the better future that is coming.

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How you can boost your immune system


With this pandemic so many people is looking for options that help them improve their immune system, some of them went crazy and but all supplements they could find but, our lifestyle has a huge impact. What you do and don´t do they both play a huge role on your health.

Today we need to consider some points about this coronavirus, and one of them is that it´s novel and what this means is that it´s new and no one is immune to it and at some point we´re all going to be expose so we need to do everything we can to make sure that it doesn´t have a negative impact on us.

We know that there are more than 2 million people infected to this day and more than a 160 thousand deaths worldwide. People who has some metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, are the ones who are at greater risk the problem is that most of us are metabolically unhealthy which means that we need to make some changes now and start prioritizing our health and improving our immune system.

To improve your health including your immune system there some things you need to do and some things you need to avoid. The things you need to avoid are as important or we can say more important than the things you need to so we will start with what you need to avoid:

1.- Eliminate highly refined and processed foods especially the ones that contain unhealthy vegetable oils and sugar.

2.- Eliminate simple carbohydrates and added sugar

3.- Stop smoking

4.- Stop drinking alcohol

5.- Stop watching news all day long because most of them are negative

6.- Avoid people who creates fear and panic with all this situation

This 6 points are so important and if you only focus on them you will get amazing results. We know that highly processed foods contain high amounts of sugars, trans fats, vegetable oils and other ingredients that are toxic for our body so it´s not new that when you eliminate them from your diet your health improve. There´s so much information talking about the negative impact that this virus has on people who smoke and there are so many more negative effects for overall health, eliminating alcohol is another huge win both alcohol and cigarettes suppress your immune system, there´s not a single benefit from alcohol and smoking but there are several negative effects for overall health including your immune system and brain which we´re going to talk about on future posts. I know it´s hard to eliminate all this and I know you don´t want but if you do want to do everything you can then at least avoid them during this pandemic.

The reason why you need to stop watching news whether it´s on tv, or radio or social media is because they focus on negative information and this negativity increases stress which blocks your immune system. Yes you need to be informed and you can get informed in just 5 to 10 minutes per day and make sure the sources are trustful. Something similar happens with negative people that only talks about the negative news and negative impact and the ones who share data about how everything is going to get worse without facts and only create fear and panic, fear and panic also shots down your immune system so stay away from them if possible, if you can´t stay away from them then don´t believe what they say instead just be informed from sources you trust.

Now lets talk about some steps you can take to improve your immune system and your health:

1.- Eat whole, fresh foods

2.- Use spices and herbs to cook

3.- Stay active

4.- Go outside to get sunlight

5.- Get enough high quality sleep

6.- Use breathing or mediation

We know that eating whole fresh foods is key, foods like leafy green vegetables, bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, nuts and seeds, meat, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, spices and herbs like garlic, turmeric, ginger, parsley make sure that you cook with olive oil or coconut oil. Natural yogurt is helpful to get probiotics.

Moderate exercise helps boost the immune system just make sure you don´t over do it especially if you are not use to exercising, 20 to 30 minutes of moderate physical activity is ok and it´s even better f you can get outside and exercise outside to get sunlight, vitamin D is also important so with 20 minutes of moderate physical activity you get both benefits. Sleep is also important if you do not get enough high quality sleep your body won´t work properly, sleep helps our body eliminate toxins and maintain all systems and hormones in balance. Breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress and help you fall asleep faster and get high quality sleep, focus on breathing with your diaphragm and slow.

Don´t forget social distancing, washing your hands with soap and water, don´t touch your face and stay home.

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The consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle


Do you focus on living a healthy lifestyle? having healthy habits that help you perform as best as possible every day?

Most of us don´t prioritize our health until something happens, we get sick and I don´t mean having a cold or the flu, here I´m referring to something worse that we don´t know exactly what it is until we go to the doctor get some test and find out that´s something really bad and we start following our doctors advice, take some pills and make some changes to our lifestyle.

We all know that our lifestyles are killing us, the high levels of chronic stress, poor sleep, unhealthy foods this are the reasons why we´re dealing with so many chronic diseases nowadays and even when we can take charge of our health and prevent some of this diseases we don´t seem to care until it´s too late.

We can´t wait until something happen to prioritize health, the reason why we do not give too much importance to our lifestyle is because we do not get short term negative impacts, the negative impact of living and unhealthy lifestyle comes in the long run. Even when we get some negative effects in the short term like not being able to concentrate during the day after a night of poor sleep or feeling bloated, sleepy and tired after eating a huge unhealthy meal we don´t consider them as highly damaging or something to worry about.

We won´t get chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer´s with just a couple of days or eating unhealthy foods or poor sleep, we get them after years of living with chronic stress, eating unhealthy foods, lack or poor quality sleep and when things go bad we want to make so many changes at once and we end burning out.

It´s not only that we lack energy and concentration after a poor night sleep, it´s not only that we can´t fall asleep because our mind keeps worrying about paying bills and how our boss don´t like our work. The problem is that all this becomes part of our daily life, we´ve been living like this for years that we think it´s normal, we think that´s how we´re supposed to live and this is not right. The daily stress, poor quality sleep, unhealthy foods create a negative and unhealthy cycle that keeps building up leading to an unhealthy lifestyle based on poor habits and we get to a time where our body can´t handle it so we develop health problems and is in this point where we realize that we need to make a change and prioritize our health.

In many cases health problems are one of the reasons why we don´t achieve our goals and we don´t live to our full potential. I listen so many people saying how they can´t achieve their goal and most of their reasons are I don´t have the energy, I´m not capable, I have some disease so I need to take a step back and relax. If we want to be successful we need to prioritize our health and I´m talking about physical and mental health because they´re both important.

If we don´t feel great, if we don´t have energy, if we feel bad or sick, if a health problem is taking a lot of our time and energy we won´t be able to put the time and hard work needed to achieve any goal. We need to be able to concentrate on what we´re doing, have incredible amounts of energy to perform at peak to take massive action.

Living a successful life requires incredible amounts of work, time and effort so we need to prioritize our health to be able to go through the hard and long amounts of work without burning out, this is why it´s important to develop good healthy habits that include time for meditation and breathing that help us lower stress and take time to rest and recover, also high quality sleep that helps our body and brain clean and recover to get ready for the next day and healthy foods that nourish our body and brain so that our brain and body can function at peak. This is important if we want to be able to increase productivity and not burn out but it also help us feel great every single day so that we can take massive action and we can even prevent diseases.

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Listen more than you speak


Are you the type of guy or girl who prefer to remain silence and ask question to learn and understand more about the person you are talking with or do you prefer to talk and speak to get your point out?

In a world where everyone wants to get their point out, where we don´t like to accept mistakes and don´t like people telling us we´re wrong it´s so hard to learn to listen no with the idea in mind to answer or thinking how we the other person´s point of view down but with the idea to understand what they are saying and why.

There´s a huge difference between hearing and listening, when we hear we´re not paying attention, when we listen we´re really focused and concentrated on what others are saying.

This is huge problem I see nowadays, we all want to be right and it hurts our ego when someone says we´re wrong or when someone doesn´t agree with us. We get so mad and we may be disrespectful with the ones who disagree with us especially if they say we´re wrong but being disrespectful, being rude, lack of empathy and not trying to understand other´s point of view is just one of the reasons why we can´t build healthy relationships.

We all have unique stories, that´s one of the points that make us different so realizing that we don´t need to agree with everyone around us but we can try to understand their reason and we can respect each other´s opinion takes a lot of strength if we are only focusing on ourselves. When we´re in a conversation we need to be open minded and accept or at least respect different ideas and points of view. Having an open mind is a way to keep learning and keep our mind interested. Being open minded give us the ability to listen more than we speak and give our full attention to the person we´re talking with arrive to any conversation with the idea of understanding the other person instead of wanting to take our ideas across.

One of the many reasons why we don´t listen as much as we should is because we have a lot of distractions, when we´re with family or friends how much time do we spend on our phones checking social media? we have the time and opportunity to spend an amazing time with the people around us but we rather use our phone than start a conversation with the ones beside us. One simple way to listen more is to give the other person our full attention and not get distracted with what´s happening around us, especially our phone, we can all go one hour without checking on social media.

Another important reason why it´s better to listen more than we speak is to get information, when we talk we´re not learning anything new but when we listen we learn and we can get new ideas, we can always come with new ideas for our project or even new projects when we listen to others stories.

 We´ve all been through different situations and experiences that had lead us to where we are now and they create our thoughts and beliefs, we all have a unique story that make us who we are and this unique story is the reason why we have our own opinions and points of view.

If we want to understand other´s opinion and point of view we need to listen to their story, what they have been through and their experiences that lead them to think the way they do, in order to do this we need to listen more than we speak, it´s not about us it´s about them.

Listening more than we speak helps us build meaningful relationships by understanding the person we´re talking with and making them feel understood and that we care about them. There´s nothing more pleasant than seeing that someone is really interested on your story and on you in this world where everyone is so busy and no one has time to listen.

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Take responsibility of your life


Is there something about your life that you don´t like? Is there something you would want to change?

For most of us is possible to change what we don´t like about our life, I say most of us because we need to have the right mindset. If there´s something we don´t like about our life we need to realize that we are responsible of it, we are the ones making decisions and choices that lead to where we are now so realizing that we are responsible and that it´s on our hands, it´s on us to continue this way or make the necessary changes.

We need to make a decision and make the commitment to change then take action and be disciplined. It is hard to make changes and it takes time but if we are committed to improve any aspect of our life we will work as hard as we need especially when we start seeing progress.

It all starts by taking responsibility for everything we do that is on our control. There are so many things that will happen to us and for many of them we don´t have control over them but many of them are the result of choices and decisions we make so by taking full responsibility and realizing that if we´ve made another decision things would have come out differently, this creates the belief or mindset that every decision we make has an impact positive or negative.

It´s about changing perspective and how we see all situations in life, we can think about everything that happen to us as a negative outcome, that had a negative impact, we blame everyone else and we play the victim role. This perspective only needs to a negative outcome and a negative life.

If we think about it as things happen for a reason, what was the choice I made that lead to this outcome? what could I´ve done differently? what can I learn from this? When we stop blaming someone else, when we stop playing the victim and realize that some of our decisions and choices impact the result then we can start thinking of what we can do differently.

When we do this we feel a sense of ownership and empowerment that makes us realize that we are in charge of so many situations that happen to us, we are in control of so many things by making decisions which can completely change the course of the project we´re working on.

Taking full responsibility for everything we do is hard because this means we need to accept our mistakes and this hurts the ego. If we´re not willing to admit our mistakes or that one decision lead us to the wrong path we will spend the rest of our life blaming someone else and being the victim but if we got what it takes to take responsibility and stop blaming everyone else our life will change. As always we need to start small and grow.

Taking responsibility of our actions also helps us create meaningful relationships and when we´re working in team we are more productive and deliver better results. When we work in a team and we´re the leaders we can´t blame a teammate for a mistake or whatever goes wrong, we´ll lose trust and that person will fear us but if we take full responsibility of everything that happens especially when something goes wrong we make our teammates feel safe and protected which leads to productivity because they know that they we all make mistakes and learn from them, they focus on doing their best work and we get the best results possible.

Taking responsibility helps us be accountable for yourself and others, you know that you have power and that the end result depend on you so you are aware of every decision you make, you know that if you say something you will do it which increases self-confidence and also make people trust you, which also is key to building meaningful relationships.

Once we stop blaming others and complaining and we take full responsibility of everything we do we start seeing a change in our life in so many ways, we see all situations in a more positive light and our relationships start to improve, we know that we are in control of our life and that every choice matter.

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Live your passion


How many times have you heard someone say to live your passion? Find your passion and live it. This seems so simple but for most of us it´s really hard and the reason why it´s hard is because this advice is not completely true.

From my experience and what I´ve read in books we don´t need to find our passion we need to find our purpose and work on it. Passion is the result of doing what we love, what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Most of us spend the first part of our life studying in school and then another big part of our life working in something we don´t like. We´re educated to have a 9 to 5 job that we don´t like, that keeps us with chronic stress for different reasons like doing something we don´t like, dealing with coworkers that make fun of us and talk behind our backs, bosses that only think about money and results, we don´t make enough money so we´re worried about paying bills, we spend hours on traffic every week just to get to the office on time and back home again, this type of lifestyle creates chronic stress that lead to health problems.

If we have the opportunity to do what we love we first need to find our purpose, what are we meant to do? I wrote a post to help you find your purpose which you can read by clicking here. Once we find our purpose and we start taking action towards it all of a sudden our life changes, we feel more energized, we´re happy all day long, we´re more positive and we start developing optimism, we feel better, our life improves in all areas.

When we get to this point we feel great because we´re living based on our purpose and we´re passionate about what we do.

One of the reasons why our life changes completely when we work on our purpose is stress lowers and this is a crucial part for health and improving our lives. When we love what we do we wake up every day motivated and inspired to keep working and we go to sleep every night fulfilled knowing we did our best. We no longer have to do work we don´t like, we don´t have to deal with people we don´t feel comfortable, we don´t have to deal with bosses that don´t care about us, we´re more focused on our work and improving which leads to personal growth and it´s easier to challenge ourselves and get out of the comfort zone because we are able to see an end result that motivate us.

We are more positive and optimistic which brings and attracts more positivity to our lives, we are able to enjoy life a lot more and is easy to merge work life with family and relationships which lead to building meaningful relationships which is an important part for being successful.

All this is the end results of a deep inner work, to find your purpose you need to go inside your mind, brain, soul and find who you really are. When you find your purpose you are reconnecting to who you really are, when you start working on that purpose, with time you´ll feel a sense of freedom you realize that there´s no one we need to prove, that we don´t need to fit in, life is way better when we work and do what makes us feel happy and fulfilled.

The hardest part is that we have responsibilities, we need to pay bills so finding ways to work on our purpose and make a living from it can be hard for some of us so what we can do is while we´re at school or job find time to start working on our purpose, this means watching less Tv, or any streaming service or even lose parties and social meetings, find ways to make a living from it and once we´re making a good income then try to scale the business. This is hard to do, it takes a lot of time and work and there so many things that go into creating a business based on your purpose but if you do it right the results are worthy.

Finding our purpose and working on it not only leads to passion for what we do and our lives, it leads to less regrets later in life. So it´s not about living your passion, is about finding our purpose, working on it and as a results we feel passionate for what we´re doing and we love our life.

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The power of perspective


There are different perspectives from which we can view life, and those perspectives are different for each of us, you and I won´t see life the same way, we won´t have the same perspective but our perspective is what makes the difference on whether we get a positive or a negative outcome.

How we perceive life is a result of our values, believes, and all the experiences we´ve been through, if we´re surrounded by people who has a very negative perspective of life in general we will get use to seeing every situation from a very negative perspective, the bad things of everything that happen and we will block all positive outcomes.

We´re all going through hard times right now, it doesn´t matter where country you live in, most of us need to stay home to fight this virus and just the idea of staying home and isolation creates negativity for some people. If we see all this situation from a negative perspective, we´re only making it harder on ourselves. We think about all the people infected, the people who didn´t make it, all the people who has lost their jobs, the economy, etc.

It´s easier to focus on negativity and think about all the possible negative outcomes this is what help us survive and that´s the job of our brain, to keep us alive but, in most cases we our brain start creating negative scenarios and we stop seeing reality, we stop seeing what really is happening.

It´s in times like this one that we need to change the perspective, see the situation from another angle, find all the positive points and remain optimistic. There´s always a positive outcome, something good comes from all challenges and the harder the challenge the greater the outcome. But if we want a positive outcome, we need to have the right perspective. When we see any situation from a negative angle we close and block our mind to find solutions, instead we see it as challenges and problems without solutions.

When you see every situation from a negative perspective you block your mind from finding solutions so you get stuck and the results will be negative, the chances of all the negative results that your mind created becoming a reality increases.

If you train your mind to see every situation from a positive perspective, being more optimistic or at least at the beginning making the effort of seeing the situation from another angle, understanding and being open to others´ points of views your setting yourself to a positive result. You are being opened and this gives your mind the job to focus on finding solutions.

With this comes respect, knowing that we all see the world, life and all situations from a different perspective we need to respect each other’s point of view, try to understand them and even learn from them.

Our perspective is how we see our life, our own version of the life we´re living or the situation we´re living but that version can have an impact on our future. Our perspective, our values and beliefs, our thoughts, and our behaviors are ultimately what create our life, if we don´t like the life we´re living then we need to make some changes and one of those changes include being open to different ideas and find different solutions, learning from every situation and becoming a little better every day.

This is up to you, you can train your mind to be more optimistic by finding the positive and really believing that everything will turn out ok or you can stay closed to negative thoughts that just keep you stuck.

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