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Live your passion


How many times have you heard someone say to live your passion? Find your passion and live it. This seems so simple but for most of us it´s really hard and the reason why it´s hard is because this advice is not completely true.

From my experience and what I´ve read in books we don´t need to find our passion we need to find our purpose and work on it. Passion is the result of doing what we love, what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Most of us spend the first part of our life studying in school and then another big part of our life working in something we don´t like. We´re educated to have a 9 to 5 job that we don´t like, that keeps us with chronic stress for different reasons like doing something we don´t like, dealing with coworkers that make fun of us and talk behind our backs, bosses that only think about money and results, we don´t make enough money so we´re worried about paying bills, we spend hours on traffic every week just to get to the office on time and back home again, this type of lifestyle creates chronic stress that lead to health problems.

If we have the opportunity to do what we love we first need to find our purpose, what are we meant to do? I wrote a post to help you find your purpose which you can read by clicking here. Once we find our purpose and we start taking action towards it all of a sudden our life changes, we feel more energized, we´re happy all day long, we´re more positive and we start developing optimism, we feel better, our life improves in all areas.

When we get to this point we feel great because we´re living based on our purpose and we´re passionate about what we do.

One of the reasons why our life changes completely when we work on our purpose is stress lowers and this is a crucial part for health and improving our lives. When we love what we do we wake up every day motivated and inspired to keep working and we go to sleep every night fulfilled knowing we did our best. We no longer have to do work we don´t like, we don´t have to deal with people we don´t feel comfortable, we don´t have to deal with bosses that don´t care about us, we´re more focused on our work and improving which leads to personal growth and it´s easier to challenge ourselves and get out of the comfort zone because we are able to see an end result that motivate us.

We are more positive and optimistic which brings and attracts more positivity to our lives, we are able to enjoy life a lot more and is easy to merge work life with family and relationships which lead to building meaningful relationships which is an important part for being successful.

All this is the end results of a deep inner work, to find your purpose you need to go inside your mind, brain, soul and find who you really are. When you find your purpose you are reconnecting to who you really are, when you start working on that purpose, with time you´ll feel a sense of freedom you realize that there´s no one we need to prove, that we don´t need to fit in, life is way better when we work and do what makes us feel happy and fulfilled.

The hardest part is that we have responsibilities, we need to pay bills so finding ways to work on our purpose and make a living from it can be hard for some of us so what we can do is while we´re at school or job find time to start working on our purpose, this means watching less Tv, or any streaming service or even lose parties and social meetings, find ways to make a living from it and once we´re making a good income then try to scale the business. This is hard to do, it takes a lot of time and work and there so many things that go into creating a business based on your purpose but if you do it right the results are worthy.

Finding our purpose and working on it not only leads to passion for what we do and our lives, it leads to less regrets later in life. So it´s not about living your passion, is about finding our purpose, working on it and as a results we feel passionate for what we´re doing and we love our life.

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The power of perspective


There are different perspectives from which we can view life, and those perspectives are different for each of us, you and I won´t see life the same way, we won´t have the same perspective but our perspective is what makes the difference on whether we get a positive or a negative outcome.

How we perceive life is a result of our values, believes, and all the experiences we´ve been through, if we´re surrounded by people who has a very negative perspective of life in general we will get use to seeing every situation from a very negative perspective, the bad things of everything that happen and we will block all positive outcomes.

We´re all going through hard times right now, it doesn´t matter where country you live in, most of us need to stay home to fight this virus and just the idea of staying home and isolation creates negativity for some people. If we see all this situation from a negative perspective, we´re only making it harder on ourselves. We think about all the people infected, the people who didn´t make it, all the people who has lost their jobs, the economy, etc.

It´s easier to focus on negativity and think about all the possible negative outcomes this is what help us survive and that´s the job of our brain, to keep us alive but, in most cases we our brain start creating negative scenarios and we stop seeing reality, we stop seeing what really is happening.

It´s in times like this one that we need to change the perspective, see the situation from another angle, find all the positive points and remain optimistic. There´s always a positive outcome, something good comes from all challenges and the harder the challenge the greater the outcome. But if we want a positive outcome, we need to have the right perspective. When we see any situation from a negative angle we close and block our mind to find solutions, instead we see it as challenges and problems without solutions.

When you see every situation from a negative perspective you block your mind from finding solutions so you get stuck and the results will be negative, the chances of all the negative results that your mind created becoming a reality increases.

If you train your mind to see every situation from a positive perspective, being more optimistic or at least at the beginning making the effort of seeing the situation from another angle, understanding and being open to others´ points of views your setting yourself to a positive result. You are being opened and this gives your mind the job to focus on finding solutions.

With this comes respect, knowing that we all see the world, life and all situations from a different perspective we need to respect each other’s point of view, try to understand them and even learn from them.

Our perspective is how we see our life, our own version of the life we´re living or the situation we´re living but that version can have an impact on our future. Our perspective, our values and beliefs, our thoughts, and our behaviors are ultimately what create our life, if we don´t like the life we´re living then we need to make some changes and one of those changes include being open to different ideas and find different solutions, learning from every situation and becoming a little better every day.

This is up to you, you can train your mind to be more optimistic by finding the positive and really believing that everything will turn out ok or you can stay closed to negative thoughts that just keep you stuck.

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Being clear on our values make our life easier

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Are you one of those who spend a lot of time taking decisions or making choices? once you made your choice you doubt if it was the right one?

Nowadays we have so many distractions and we need to make a lot of decisions on a daily basis, in some cases we don´t think about the impact that our decisions can have on the long run we just want to solve the problem now or we´re looking for instant gratification or fast results. Some of the choices we make daily do not have a huge impact on the long run but some of them do.

Every choice we make takes time and energy but what would happen if we had like a guide we can use to help us make the right decision or the best decision almost every time without spending too much time and energy? that´s where being clear on our values and beliefs come into play.

By being clear on our values, our beliefs and our goals we´re creating a guide that help us make better decisions faster the only thing we need to do every time we need to make a decision or a choice is ask ourselves which choice or which option is goes according to our values and beliefs, which option or choice is going to move us forward to our goal. Is this choice going to take me one step closer to my goal? does this option goes according to my values and beliefs? if the answer is yes then go ahead if the answer is no, we need to think of our values, beliefs and goals and choose the option that goes according to what we belief and value and to our goals.

It takes time to get clear on our values and beliefs, we´ve based almost everything we do in what other people do, we´ve been so worried about what others say and think of us that we´ve lost ourselves so it takes time to find ourselves and realize what we value, what we belief, our priorities but once we got them everything gets easier we just need to be congruent.

By being clear on our values and beliefs and by making choices based on them everything we do represents who we are, when we start living this way we will be authentic which for some of us will be a difficult process, some people will won´t understand what we´re doing and won´t support us, we may lose some friends in the journey but with time being authentic attract to us people who belief what we belief, people who has the same values that we do and people who we have more in common giving us the opportunity to build great relationships.

Nowadays there are so many fake people so finding someone who is authentic is hard but once we do we try to keep that person close, we know they are truthful and they are valuable.

Getting clear on our values and beliefs is the base structure for everything else in our lives, what we stand for, our goals come from those values and beliefs, our goals are the tangible results of what we belief and it´s easier for people to know and understand our goals.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others we should ask ourselves if what we´re doing goes according to what we believe, to our values, to what we stand for, this way we´re not comparing ourselves our results with others we´re making decisions based on our guide and structure to help us achieve a future result. We´re not looking to fit in in any group we want to work and take action based on what we stand for.

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What can you do during these hard times?

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Most of us are going through a lot of stress thanks to the virus and the reaction of people around us but how we react or respond during this hard times is crucial and will have an impact positive or negative on our days and health so, what can you do to make sure that you respond the best way possible? Depending on which country you live, you need to follow different guidelines and rules but in all cases we need to make changes to our normal routine and that includes limiting physical contact with other people, keep a certain distant from others, staying at home and working from home, and with all the situation comes fear, panic, worry, anxiety and all this leads to stress and makes the whole situation worse.

No one can argue that the best thing we can all do is stay home, and just leave if it´s really necessary but otherwise just stay home and keep calm. With this comes so many worries and anxiety. You can use that time to learn something new, a new skill maybe you can learn to play a musical instrument or a new language, you can read a book, listen to podcast and interviews, do some research on a topic you are interested, work on a project you´ve been leaving for later.

While we´re going through this isolation phase for a couple of weeks the hardest things to do or the ones that keep us anxious are being isolated, and how we can maintain optimal health so here are some steps you can take considering sleep, food, exercise, stress and relationships.

Remember that you also need to wash your hands constantly and follow all the indications of Government and experts.


Even when people are telling us to isolate, to avoid physical contact and be close to others as much as we can so that we can slow the spread of the virus

Some of the steps we can take are:

1.- Make phone calls or video calls with friends, family and people you care about

2.- Send messages or WhatsApp to friends, family and people you care about

3.- It´s not only about you so make sure that the people close to you, your neighbors, friends, family are fine (you can do this also by phone calls and messages)

I know this is not as good as face to face interactions and meeting in person but, it´s the best we can do in this situations to maintain our relationships or even build new ones.


You may be worried about your immune system and finding ways to boost, one simple way to improve it is by getting enough high-quality sleep.

There are so many processes that take place during sleep to make sure that our body and brain functions as efficient as possible, our body and brain are not only deleting unnecessary information and toxins, also our internal clock or circadian rhythm needs to be in sync so that all systems and hormones are working properly and all this helps us maintain optimal health.

What you can do is create a sleep schedule if you don´t have one that include the next steps:

1.- Turn off all electric devices at least 60 minutes before going to bed

2.- Make sure that your room is dark, and the temperature is fine

3.- Do some breathing exercises once you are on bed so that you can fall asleep faster.

If you create a sleep schedule and you are sleeping according to what works best for you so that you get high-quality and when you wake up you feel rested, you may not need the 8 hours recommended, maybe 6 or 7 hours are what you need.


Most of us are already living with high levels of stress and for the past weeks and months it had increased thanks to all the fear, panic, worry and anxiety that the spread of the virus has caused. Any epidemic or pandemic has a negative impact on our body and overall health, especially when the restrictions and rules include isolation, quarantine and avoiding public places. It´s not only the fear, worry and anxiety, depression and insomnia are also part of it, we tend to consume a lot more unhealthy foods which lead to poor gut health that lead to other problems like inflammation and lower the immune system and this lead to bigger problems.

Here are some steps you can take to reduce stress and avoid all that negative cycle:

1.- Reduce the amount of news you watch, read or listen to

2.- Reduce the time you spend on social media

3.- Do not believe everything you read, watch and listen to

4.- Make sure that the information you are getting is from trusted resources

5.- Focus on things that are in your control

6.- Do not make any negative comment out loud about the situation, find other topics to talk about with your loved ones and avoid touching this topic

During situations like this we get bombarded with so many negative information and news (it always happens but it gets worse) that create more fear, worry and anxiety so by limiting the time we watch news and the resources we reduce stress. Also we need to accept that there are so many things we cannot control so by accepting this and focusing on what we can control we reduce stress. One important point is to find other topics to talk about, when you make any comment about the situation we´re living you give more power and energy to it and if the comment is negative it has more power so talk about something else.


We know that food plays an important role on maintaining optimal health and in these times more. For different reasons during times like this ones we tend to consume a lot more unhealthy foods when we actually need to be doing the opposite, we need to focus on healthy foods. Eating unhealthy foods get our body and health out of balance, all this foods create inflammation which lowers our immune system and it´s easer to get sick. Here are some steps you can take:

1.- Focus on eating healthy, whole fresh foods

2.- Consume more vegetables and fruits (not too much fruit, go with more veggies)

3.- Avoid unhealthy, highly processed foods

If you are going to buy processed foods makes sure that you look for the ones that are lower in sugars and vegetable oils. You can buy frozen fruits and vegetables, legumes and carbohydrates like beans, lentils, oats, rice are good. Also consider eggs and meats if possible. Nuts and sedes are also a great option.


Exercise is also highly important for optimal health, doing some type of physical activity ever day boost the immune system and reduce the risk of getting sick, it also improves mood, helps lower stress and anxiety, it can help with depression. Simple physical activities like walking, dancing or yoga will have a positive impact, what to do will vary according to what you have access to and what you love or enjoy doing, maybe you just need to listen to some dance music and dance or if you have a yard you can get outside and walk or run, jump rope, practice a sport or if you prefer lifting weights but you cannot go to the gym you can have an amazing workout using bodyweight exercises. Here are some steps you can take to keep moving:

1.- Do some bodyweight exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats, crunches, leg raises, handstands or pike push ups, try to make all exercises as challenging as possible and stay with low reps around 6 to 8 for 4 sets.

2.- Do some cardio activity like walking, running, jumping rope or practice a sport.

If you don´t like this type of exercise then just put on some music and dance, take a walk, play with your dog or kids, do some yoga.

Try to get 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day, you will get some of the benefits right when you are doing it, some of them after you are done with it and if you make it a habit you get all the benefits on the long term.

Getting sunlight exposure especially in the morning has a positive impact, we need to get vitamin D so if you are able to get outside and get 20 minutes of sunlight do it, if you can do any physical activity outside you will have double benefits. Getting sunlight exposure in the morning is also helpful to improve quality of sleep.

This are some steps you can take today to make sure that you stay healthy but remember that it´s not only about you. We are all in this together so share this post with everyone you know and follow the rules and guidelines that all Organizations and experts are sharing.

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What you let enter your mind defines your future


You may have heard someone said that you are the average of the 5 people you spend more time with, this is a famous quote from Jim Rohn, and it´s so true. You are the result of everything you let enter your mind and body.

Are you aware of what you let enter your mind? From the books of news you read, to what you hear and what you see all that information that gets into your mind has an impact on your future especially if you believe everything you read, hear and see.

We need to be really aware of what we let get into our mind and body because everything is energy and while some people can take our energy down and bring us to a sustained  negative energy so you keep attracting more negative situations, what we let enter our mind over and over will become part of our experience, the life we´re living right now is the result of our thoughts, emotions and most of the time they are influenced by what´s happening around us.

We´re surrounded by too much negativity nowadays, from negative news 24/7 to negative people that spend most of their time complaining and blaming everyone else about their poor life. If we live like this every day and we let all this negativity get into our mind, then we will continue living a negative life. We are so used to living like this that it has become normal, most of us spend most of our time complaining about certain situations and blaming someone else, we watch news to keep feeding our mind with negativity and then we complaining about the negative situations that happen to us.

The people around us play a huge role here whether they´re our classmates, coworkers, neighbors they can influence us, and they can be one of the causes of the negative and poor life we´re living. I know for some of us it may be hard to change the people around us, we may not change school or job or move to another place but we can reduce the time we spend with them and we can also block their negativity from getting inside our mind and affect our life. In this case we need to learn how to deal with this type of people and also not letting what´s happening around us gets inside our mind, our believes. We can´t let outside circumstances and people affect our beliefs, choices and actions.

It´s all about perspective and what you choose to focus on, we´re born being positive and optimistic but as we grow older we get very negative thanks to all the situations we live and the people around us, most of us live in a society that is really pessimistic and negative and that become part of ourselves and our life but we can train our mind to be more positive and optimistic.

Now we need to talk about food, everything you eat has an impact on your body inside and outside, if you eat healthy foods it´s easier for you to maintain a great mood and be more positive, if you eat unhealthy foods it´s harder to be positive and your mood will be very bad. What you eat also affects how you look, from your hair, nails, skin so make sure that you eat healthy meals to make it easier for you to look young and lean and also feel great.

If you want to change this and start living a much better life you can start right now, it only takes a decision and commitment, decide and commit that you want to live a more positive life and with this comes the action plan. Here are some steps you can start following today:

1.- Train your mind to see the positive in every situation and every person, if someone keeps being negative try to avoid them,

2.- Read books or listen to audiobooks or podcast that help you grow and learn something new every day, for this you need to reduce time watching negative news and reduce time on social media,

3.- Eat healthy foods including healthy fats, fiber, proteins and keep healthy carbohydrates low.

This 3 steps seem so simple and logic, you may have listen or read about them before but it´s hard to do it, you need to be aware and conscious about being positive and you may need to force yourself to read that first book but with time it becomes a part of you and you´ll be amazed at how your life changes.

Give these 3 steps a try for a couple of weeks and let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook and Twitter account which step you found easier to follow and which one was harder for you and also why you think it was hard.

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Relationships matter


Have you asked yourself the impact that the people around you have in your life? How does your closest friends, family, classmates, teachers, coworkers, boss impact your decisions and shape your life?

You may have listened that we are the result of the 5 people we spend most of our time with and whether you belief it or not it´s true. We all want to fit in and for most of us it´s really hard to stay true to who we are, to our values and believes so we let the people around us shape our decisions, we behave  and follow what they do so that we´re accepted but if we´re not surrounded by the right people this will have a negative impact on our life.

Our closest friends and people around us can dictate our health, finances, relationships, our lifestyle can be dictated by the people around us if we let them just because we want to fit in so most of our choices are based on the people around us.

We can all achieve amazing things in life and live a happy, successful and fulfilled life but the people we spend time with, our relationships will determine or at least have a huge impact on whether we live the amazing life we deserve or not and the reason for this is mindset, routines and lifestyle.

As we go through life we go through highly stressful, painful, though situations this happens to all of us there´s no way to avoid them and in this moments our relationships can help us go through those difficult times or they can break us more. We need real strong relationships that we can trust and lean on when we need to, and we also need to be there for others when they need us more.

When we talk about a successful life we will only get as high as the people around us, if we spend most of our time surrounded with mediocre or average people we will stay in that level and the principle reasons for this is that we´re not surrounded by people who want to get to higher levels, we´re not surrounded by people who have a mindset of improvement, progress, getting better, keep learning and there´s nothing we can learn from them that can take us to the next level. When we´re surrounded by average and mediocre people and we share with them our idea of success, of living a better life and looking for a fulfilled life they may support us in the beginning but once we start getting results they will try to bring us down.

It´s so hard to reach new levels if we´re not surrounded with the right people, true friends that you can count on, the ones who have been there in those hardest moments and also the ones we may have some disagreements but there´s respect, acceptance, loyalty who have the same values and principles that can create an amazing relationship that includes healthy competition where we challenge each other to improve, to progress, to make our best and create great things.

We need to consider that we all have different values and beliefs, we´re all interested in different things so to make sure that we develop great relationships we need to make sure that the people we want to be around with are those who have the same values and beliefs and that we have something in common, this doesn´t mean that we need to agree in everything and we won´t, what this means is that we enjoy or like the same things and that even when we disagree there´s a level of respect. We know there´s something we can learn from them every day and we´re challenging each other to improve and progress on our own goals and projects, we don´t need to have the same goals but we can still help and support each other to become the best version of ourselves and to keep getting to higher levels.

I need to mention that from the people close to us, our closest relationships we may find someone who is at higher levels than us, they will help us get to those higher levels and continue succeeding, they are the ones we can learn from, there are some who are at our level this may be the ones we spend more time with because we feel comfortable, we´re going through the same kind of lifestyle the problem of spending too much time with them is that we stay in the same level and there are the ones who are below us and this can be dangerous for us because if those people don´t want to succeed they will try to pull us down which is the dangerous part so we need to avoid them but if they want to improve their lives and get to a higher levels then we need to help them so that they can learn from us, improve, get better and succeed.

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Create urgency

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Do you have a sense of urgency to achieve a goal? to get something done?

Things don´t happen alone, if we wait for something to happen we will die waiting, if we want something we need to get up and take action, the best motivation to take action and keep momentum going is by having a sense of urgency.

Time is our most valuable asset and when we find our purpose and what we stand for if we realize that we don´t have all the time we want and that we´re not sure how much time we got to achieve our purpose we start creating a sense of urgency, we have a purpose, we have a plan and we know we can take action towards that purpose, we go all in with it and it´s easier for us to make decisions, nothing can take us away from our purpose.

When we realize that we don´t have infinite time we set a deadline and we will work as hard as possible to meet that deadline and give our best, we know that things won´t be easy all the way but we´re willing to fail, learn and adapt throughout the journey.

Urgency gets the things done as fast as possible and with the best results possible, the reason for this is simple we tend to prioritize activities, we look at everything we need to do and we prioritize the ones that are more important, the ones that are going to move us faster in most cases this means doing the harder stuff first but those complicated activities are the ones that give us better results.

Creating a sense of urgency will create stress for most of us, we´ll experience anxiety and pressure but we´re so motivated to follow our purpose that we´re willing to get out of our comfort zone and do whatever we need to do to achieve our goal.

Creating a sense of urgency comes from knowing our purpose, creating a plan and taking massive action towards it, it´s working on something we love while time urgency comes from something external it can be our boss wanting us to do a resume of today’s 3 hour meeting and he want it know but we only got 1 hour before it´s time to leave the office.

Now, time urgency is very different, most people get trapped in the time urgency situation which is not the same, time urgency comes from thinking that we don´t have enough time to answer all the emails, to finish all the papers at work, to finish the project our boss asked for and we seem to be in a state of hurry or a rush for the most part of our lives, this increases stress, many of us live like this and it´s one of the causes of chronic diseases.

When we realize that work will never end, we will get more work every single day even if we haven´t finish the papers from the past week all we can do is keep working without stressing ourselves and keep momentum.

With technology we all want instant gratification and instant results, the problem is that this is not possible, technology is a tool to make our lives and jobs easier but this doesn´t mean that we can get everything we want instantly, with this we make everything as fast as possible and we make a lot more mistakes because we´re more interested on finishing fast and delivering some results than on delivering the best results taking more time.

A sense of urgency toward our purpose will help us get things done and most of the time we´re going to make sure that we deliver the best results and make everything as best a possible because we´re working on something we love.

Time urgency is created by the outside, we may not be interested on the project or task and we never have enough time for what we need to do which increases stress.

If you get stressed by all the work you need to get done from school or job and there are external sources creating urgency then accept that work will never ends and you´ll always have more to do so don´t get over stressed, don´t get obsessed with any activity and try to do your best. If you´ve found your purpose, then create that sense of urgency by yourself remembering that you have limited time to fulfill that purpose.

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How to deal with criticism

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Have you ever been criticized? I bet you´ve been, we´ve all been criticized by how we look, the clothes we wear, what we do or don´t do, our job, how we spend our money and time, etc. We´ve always been criticized and people will continue doing it, so I rather work for living the life I dream and be criticized for being so ambitious and obsessive than for being mediocre.

We´re living in an era where if we do things differently we´re wrong, we need to follow rules if we want to fit in and even when we go with the flow we still get criticized by someone who wants to see us fail.

There are 2 types of criticism, constructive and destructive even when constructive criticism helps us grow and improve it hurts when someone tell us the truth, it´s hard to accept the opinion of someone else and take an honest look at ourselves or our work but there lies the seed of creativity and grow if we´re opened to new ideas our mind starts thinking and analyzing to find ways to improve.

Destructive criticism almost always come from people who want to see us fail, we all know when someone is criticizing everything we do and say just to leave a bad impression of us with others, to ruin our work whether it´s at school or job, to put someone against us, the intention is to create some harm and it can risk our job or reputation but the greatest impact is on self-esteem. A lot of people enjoy making fun of others and putting people down but in most cases when someone criticize us to make us feel bad it only reflects their insecurities, that says a lot of the other person.

When we´re being criticize what we can do is stay calm, if we start arguing we´re giving power to the other person, by remaining calm we lower that power, we also need to know and realize that they can´t make us feel bad, our mood and emotions depend of us, they are internal and nothing outside can affect that. We can also thank them, when they say something against us with the goal of hurting us, we can just say “thanks”, “thanks for your comment”, “thanks for bringing that on”.

When we´re working on our goal, if we are ambitious, obsessive and take massive action people will criticize, this is normal and we need to accept it, actually it´s a good signal that we´re on the right track if we´re not criticized it means that we´re not thinking big enough and probably we will stay in the same mediocre place we are right now so let those critiques count.

If we believe in ourselves and in our project there´s nothing that can stop us, we may fall ad get up, we will face many challenges but we got everything we need and when someone criticize what we´re doing we need to first think if it´s constructive or destructive, if they´re telling us something that can help us improve or if they´re doing it to harm our results and hurt us.

If there´s something we can learn then we take the lesson and continue, if it´s not then we just move on. We can´t take everything personal because if we do everything negative that people say about us will affect us, criticism help us gain strength by knowing that we will always face both types but how it affects us depends of us.

There´s an important action we can take today and it´s stop criticizing with the intention to hurt, we´ve all done it more than once so if we plan to do it with the intention to hurt someone´s reputation or someone´s feelings then avoid it. If we´re doing it with the intention to help our friend, we just need to be careful of how we say it. Words have an incredible power, they can hurt or they can help, we can lift someone just by what we say so instead of criticizing we will do much better if we try to understand the other person´s situation and point of view.

If you always receive criticism then what you can do is figure out if that criticism can help you improve and grow, if you can learn from it then take it and use it to improve your work or grow as a person if there´s nothing useful then ignore it. Do not take things too personal and remember that when someone is criticizing you or your work it´s more a reflect about that person than it is about you or what you´re doing.

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We all get rejected


How many times have you been rejected? Once, twice, more?

When we have an idea and we take our idea and share it with others hoping that they will gives us a chance to make that idea a reality we will get rejected, and it won´t only be one time, it can be 10 times or more, the bigger the idea the more we will be rejected.

Rejected can come when we got an amazing idea and we want to work on it but it also happen when we want to get higher, it may be a promotion in our job, wanting to be the leader of the team for the project, a raise, etc. When we ask for a raise or being promoted most of the times we will get rejected but we can see that rejection as a better opportunity for us, we create opportunities so if we´re looking for something better or to improve our life there are several ways to do it, it can be starting a side job like a blog.

We all have great ideas but many times things don´t work out the way we wanted, we work so hard on that idea and designing a plan but even with all that work and a plan that seems to be perfect most people won´t believe in us, they don´t think we got the talent and what´s needed to achieve a big project.

We can see rejection as a closed door taking us away from our goals, but in reality every rejection is taking us closer to our goal, it´s also an opportunity to find other ways, in some cases it´s not about wanting to open all doors, it´s about finding the right door, one that goes with our goals and dreams and that match our beliefs and values.

We can see every rejection as a step closer to our dreams or as a time to think about what we truly want, are we going to keep knocking on doors and getting rejected until we achieve our goal? is it really worthy? is the end results what we really want? if we´re not sure, if we have doubts then we may not be working on something we believe in.

If you have an idea and you know that´s it worthy it´s you responsibility to make that idea a reality, we have so many tools available to us that we can do almost everything we dream of so stop waiting for someone to accept your crazy idea and give you a chance, think about all the possibilities you got and start working on them, if one doesn´t work don´t give up just try another way, eventually you´ll make it.

If we´re sure of our idea and what we want to achieve, if we believe in it and believe in ourselves we need to find the right road, there are so many different ways to make our idea become a reality so if one way doesn´t work let’s try another one, we cannot get stuck in just one way and we cannot depend of others.

We need to start right now working on that idea, we have so many possibilities right now that waiting for someone to give us permission, to approve our idea we´re only wasting time, it all starts with ourselves so if we think we have a great idea we need to take action now. If we think something is important for us, we will act, if we don´t think it´s important we will leave it for later.

The most amazing people and minds that had lived get rejected several times, they built their success from rejection and failure and that´s what we need to do, fail over and over, get rejected several times and learn from that, keep adjusting our plan and keep moving forward.

We also need to realize that most people are more interested on themselves and they care a lot more about the numbers if they don´t see a benefit for them the answer we be no, there are so many closed-minded people that won´t like when we want to try something new even when our idea can increase the numbers. When we share our idea with someone who is more interested on the results, the numbers we will likely get rejected so we need to continue working on that idea specially if the end goal is to bring value to the world and help others.

It takes a strong mindset to keep getting up every time you get rejected and that is one of the benefits of losing weight and getting in shape. When you exercise every day you feel confident, when you eat healthy you feel great and when you get in shape self-confidence increases and all this develops a strong mindset because as in your weight loss journey you know that there will be failures and rejections but if you continue working hard, eventually you´ll get to that yes. So, don´t give up, keep working hard on that idea you have in mind and believe in yourself the same way I believe in you.

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The power of social media


Social media is so powerful, but we need to learn how to use to our advantage.

Do you know how much time you spend every day on social media? whether it´s to upload pictures or videos, to share ideas or just going through the feed the amount of time we spend there is huge, on average we spend around 3 hours per day and if we think about what we do in most cases we´re only wasting valuable time.

We´re growing up in a world where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and all social media platforms are the way to engage with people all around the world. The problem is that many people don´t share their truths, they hide their reality with filters and they share what they want us to see so when we go through our feed we see all those amazing pictures of people sharing their amazing trips and how much they are loving life but are we really sure that they are enjoying and having an incredible life? this pictures can have a negative effects on us because we may not be working on what we love and in general our life is not that amazing.

Engagement with social media releases a chemical called dopamine which makes us feel good, when we upload a picture and 5 minutes later we check and see thousands of likes we feel good but when we don´t get as many likes as we want we feel bad, we feel like we don´t deserve it and we´re not good enough, we start comparing our pictures and stories with someone else´s who has a lot more followers and likes and we feel bad for ourselves but the problem is that we may not know the truth and stories about the people we´re comparing ourselves to, and we also have our own story.

We´ve become addicted to social media, we want the likes and follows we´ve become addicted to that feeling, it help us cope with stress of life but it can also lead to depression when we compare our content with others.

Some years ago our lives were more focused on what happened around us, our neighbor, our city or country, we use to be a lot more in contact with our closest friends, family, neighbors, classmates and coworkers, now is what happens all around the world and we are more in contact with people in other countries than with the ones close to us.

Even when social media can have a negative impact in our life it also has huge power and if we know how to use them, we can improve our life and help others which is what I love.

It all starts with who we follow, if we follow people who share content that can help us grow, inspire and motivates us then we will start acting and working towards a more successful life. What we share is also important, if we just share pictures or video to add value and to help people all around the world then we´re making a difference in someone else´s lives.

We care more about the numbers on our accounts than on other people, it´s not about getting millions and millions of followers, it´s not about getting millions of likes in our posts, it´s about sharing content that can be valuable for others, it´s about how many people we actually help, it can be just by telling our truth, our story or sharing our knowledge in any specific area.

Social media won´t go anywhere but if we make use of it the right way we can get a lot of benefits and advantages, we need to make sure that we don´t waste our time with it and follow people that are adding value to our life. Just imagine what would happen if from those 3 hours a day we reduce it to 1 hour and we make that 1 hour count and we use the other hour to exercise, we will get in better shape, we will get all the benefits of exercise and we´re learning something from the people we follow.

Remember that an image can say too much, one single image can have a positive impact or negative impact in other´s lives, one post can help someone to improve their life while other can make someone feel unworthy.

Social media is a great tool to help us learn from others and grow and it´s also a tool to help people. What we share, the pictures, images, content, video, etc; it all matters. They can have a positive impact on someone and we can inspire people to improve their lives or maybe just make them smile, but it can also have a negative impact by making someone feel bad so we need to be aware of what we share.

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