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Exercise to improve health? Here are some benefits.


If you want to improve your health and improve your life then, exercise is a priority. There´s a reason why we focus on 5 principles of fitness as a tool to help us live the life we want and deserve and exercise is one of those principles.

Most of us spend so much time sitting whether it´s in front of a computer when we´re working or our car to get to the office and back home, or in the sofa watching tv. We´ve become so sedentary and this lack of physical activity is causing so many problems on our body and health. I know we´re all busy with jobs and school it can be hard to schedule some time to exercise but, if you want to live your best life possible then you need to make some time to exercise every day, if you have time to watch tv whether it´s a tv show, a movie, Netflix or you spend a lot of time on social media you have time to exercise and you don´t need any equipment, just comfortable clothes and a pair of good sneakers are all you need so there are no excuses.

You don´t need to spend hours in the gym or exercising to get all the benefits, if you´re new the goal is to develop the habit of exercising every day so you can start with 15 minutes and from there increase intensity and time, the best part is that you need to do what you love, I´m sure that there´s some physical activity you enjoy it can be running, walking, jump rope, lift weight, calisthenics (bodyweight exercises), practice a sport, etc; the only way to develop this habit is by doing something you like otherwise it will be like hell and you won´t stick to it.

Exercise helps us build the type of physique we want whether we want to look big like a bodybuilder or superhero or if we want a more athletic  look or we just want to get lean and stay in shape. It also helps us maintain a healthy weight focusing on body composition which is our primarily goal and we also want our physique to be useful. Exercise also has amazing benefits for our heart and health so it´s key if we want to maintain optimal health.

We will divide exercise in 2 categories which are cardiovascular and resistance training, both of them are important they both have a positive impact on our body and health and there are some benefits for each of them that makes them important. Some of the benefits we get from resistance training we won´t get them with cardiovascular exercises in the same way some benefits from cardiovascular exercises can´t be achieved from resistance training.

One of the benefits we get from both of them is lower stress and improve mood. Chronic stress has negative effects on our body and health, it takes our hormones out of balance and increases inflammation, increase blood flow, improves insulin sensitivity which are some of the negative consequences so reducing chronic stress and finding ways to keep this type of stress low is a great tool to maintain optimal health.

Exercise also improves quality and quantity of sleep, lack of sleep or poor quality sleep also has negative effects on our body and health so we need to make sure we get enough high quality sleep every night, exercising especially in the morning has been shown to improve sleep.

Exercising or doing some type of physical activity every day is one of the fitness tools to maintain a healthy weight and improve our life, some simple steps you can take to start increasing your daily physical activity are:

1.- Take a 10 minute walk after breakfast, lunch and dinner,

2.- If you work in an office and spend most time sitting try to stand up and take a walk for a couple of minutes every 60 to 90 minutes, it can 3 minutes or 5 minutes or even 2 it depends of the amount of time you have.

Fitness and exercise is not only about looking great, is about feeling great, maintaining optimal health and being able to perform at peak every single day. Fitness is a tool to help us feel great and live our best life possible so even when we need to develop healthy habits we can´t get obsessed with it. We can´t let our life revolve around exercise or fitness we just need to find ways to use as many tools as possible to lose weight, stay lean, maintain a healthy weigh considering body composition in an enjoyable way so that we have the energy and concentration to work on our goals and achieve the success we want.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise is a great way to improve our mood, sleep, focus and energy so you can start today by taking a 5 minute walk after your next meal, it doesn´t matter if it´s breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you can take a 5 minute walk after those 3 meals that´s perfect, do it for 1 week and let us know how you feel by living a comment in out twitter or Facebook account.

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How to exercise during Holidays!

27 How to train during Holidays

For many of us Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are some of the most amazing days of the year, full of joy and amazing moments with the people we love, our family and friends and of course a lot food but many guys or girls get stressed out and anxious because it seems almost impossible to stay lean.

Exercise is highly important to build the physique you want, the first thing I want to make clear and my biggest advice for this season is: do not try to lose weight, don´t set a weight lose goal from October to January, it´s almost impossible to achieve it so don´t even think about it, what you can do is focus on maintaining your physique or take those months to your advantage and use them to gain some muscle mass.

Considering this you have two options, the first is to maintain, if you set this as your goal you can do 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio training and the last day as rest. Here you may need to pay more attention at what you eat during those days, on the days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year you can eat whatever you want as much as you want, the other days I recommend you get back to your maintenance calories and macros which will be less than Holidays so that you don´t gain weight.

If you want to gain muscle mass you can do 5 or 6 days of resistance training and the days left cardio, on resistance days you´ll be working on high frequency hitting each muscle group twice per week, here you can eat a little more every day, just little and eat whatever you want as much as you want on Holidays.

This two options are considering you have access to a gym or you can continue training and following a normal workout program but if you can´t train as normal on this days the best option is to maintain, if you can do some exercise which I recommend you can use bodyweight exercises, you can focus on getting stronger on each of them to get to the advance version or you can use them in circuits which will give you a more cardio workout based on strength, both options are amazing.

Doing some type of cardio exercise is a great way to get in shape and keep the habit of exercising every day, you can keep it short by doing HIIT, or you can do 20 to 3 minutes of steady state, sprinting, running, jump rope or burpes are a great option.

If you are one of those guys or girls who doesn´t enjoy exercising and it was hard for you to develop the habit of working out you don´t want to pass more than 4 or 5 days without working out because you will get back to your old habits, the more days you skip the workouts the harder it is to get on track.

Resistance training need to be the base of your workout programs, it doesn´t matter the goal or the season and every time you are training focus on what you are doing, give your all and work hard, earn those Holiday meals by working hard in the gym and making every single rep and set count.

During this season you can be more discipline on your workouts, sleep, mindset and stress and have a lot more freedom with your nutrition, sleep may be harder some days if you like parties and go to bed late but try to get good quality sleep every night and lower your levels of stress by enjoying the time and being in the present moment, live in the present, live the moment and stay positive, keep positive thoughts in your mind.

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