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Is cardio training that important?

02 Cardio training

A few years ago when I decided to lose weight and get in shape I went to a gym for about a year and I saw 2 different kinds of people, first there were the ones who were already fit and love to workout most of them guys who only wanted girls to look at them, they spent a lot more time lifting weights. Second the guys who were trying to lose weight some of them had more weight to lose than others but all of them were out of shape, here you can found both girls and guys all of them in the back corner of the gym hoping that no one seems them and no one makes fun of them, they spent most of their time in some cardio machine.

This haven´t change so much, people who want to lose weight spend more time doing cardio because that´s what they read on the internet or some magazine or someone told them. Even when cardio is important some guys tend to give it a lot  more importance than what it deserves and this can cause problems in the long run.

Let me tell you something first, cardio is not nessesary for fat los sor to get in shape. Yes, you read it right you do not need to do cardio to lose fat and there are so many people who don´t do cardio because according to them you won´t get any more benfetis so if you hate it you can skip it completely. Although I don´t agrre completely with them.

Cardiovascular training is important and has a lot of benefits for your health, of course it can help you lose fat, get in shape and stay in shape, but it also helps your body recover from resistance training, it is great for your heart and also for your brain, it improves mood, it also helps to improve insulin.

Cardio is a great tool to lose fat and stay lean but it´s not the best tool to use for any fitness goal, there are research that shows that one hour of cardio compared to one hour of resistance training burns more calories while you are doing it so, thinking about weight loss as calories in and calories out if you want to lose fat you do cardio which burns more calories right?

Not so fast, … with all types of exercise you send signals to your body and your body will respond accordingly to that signal. With cardio you are sending the message to your body to become more efficient at using calories.

Cardio is a great tool to stay in shape.

If you´ve been spending the last years without doing any exercise, the momento you start working out it will feel like hell, you´ll be so tired and you´ll burn a lot of calories but with time if you continue doing the same exercise, for the same amount of time at the same intensity it´ll become easier and easier and your body will burn less calories every time your do it. If cardio is the only exercise you do, you may start losing muscle and now that your body has adapt to that activity your metabolims slows down.

You don´t need to spend one hour doing cardio if your goa lis to get in shape, if your goa lis to run a maratón then yes you can spend one hour to build your endurance. You need to set a goal and design a plan that gets your on the right track.

Cardio is important if you want to get the health benefits it can give you, this is the reason why I do 20 minutes every day, you don´t need more just make those 20 minutes intense after you´re done with it you´ll start getting some of the benefits like improving mood and more energy throughout the day.

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