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Harmonize Fitness

Can you work on different goals at the same time?


Have you ever tried to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time? Or to lose weight and get stronger? In most cases working on 2 or more goals at the same time is not possible, especially if you want to see results fast.

When someone is starting their fitness journey it´s possible to lose fat while gaining some muscle especially if they have a lot of fat to lose. When someone starts exercising especially lifting weights it´s really easy to gain muscle, you may have heard of this as the “newby gains”, this is why someone who is skinny or don´t have too much fat lose may get better results if they focus on gaining muscle first while staying at the same body fat and then lose fat.

As people get more advanced in the gym, the more time they have training it get´s harder to gain muscle and it gets harder to work on 2 different goals at the same time especially if they´re opposing.

There are some strategies you can use on your programs that will lead to improvements in different areas, for example if you focus on strength on getting stronger on compound and bodyweight exercises speed and power increases without you working on exercises or activities to improve speed or power in particular.

Lifting weights it doesn´t matter if it´s for strength or hypertrophy will increase your heart rate if done correctly which is another reason to prioritize resistance training over cadio exercise.

If you´re starting your fitness journey you will get results it doesn´t matter what you do and you will improve in different areas at the same time, when you first start lifting weights it´s easy to gain muscle mass while losing body fat all this with low volume and frequency so when you´re starting, the goal is to find out the what´s the less you can do and get results because as you get more advanced you´ll need to increase volume, frequency and start using different techniques and finding ways to keep getting results.

Regarding cardio the same applies, if you focus on HIIT so many aspects of your health and performance improve, if you focus on steady state cardio in almost all cases your endurance improves but you may plateau if you´re not progressing on the exercise, with steady state cardio it gets harder to increase the challenge, you need to increase the time of the session or the intensity and the return is not as huge as with HIIT. HIIT take a lot less time to complete and there are different options to keep the workout challenging, with just a couple of minutes of HIIT per week your performance improves and your health also improves.

If you´re starting your fitness journey use the first months and year wisely because that´s when you can get amazing results on different fitness goals, but you´ll get to a point where this is not possible, when you get to this point you need to find strategies that help you improve on other areas without focusing on them, one of them is working on strength as we mentioned before.

Always concentrate on one single goal at a time and leave the rest as an added bonus, always set a goal and figure out what´s the best strategy that will give you the best results, that will move you toward your goal faster, some times those strategies or activities require a lot more work and effort but if you think about investment and progress or results then it´s better to invest time and effort to work hard on the activities and strategies that are going to give you the best results than to waste time and effort doing stuff that won´t move you forward fast enough or maybe the progress is really small.

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