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Can we use stress in our favor?

22 How to make stress work in your favor

We´ve all get stressed out at some point of our lives, most of us live with chronic stress thinking that it´s normal which is not. Stress is beneficial and healthy for our body when it´s for a short period of time but high levels of stress combined with unhealthy lifestyle are causing so much health problems.

There´s no way to avoid stress what we can do is know how to act or how to cope in stressful situations, how to lower stress on a daily basis through tools like breathing and meditation and how to make stress work for us.

To make stress work for us all we need to do is reframe the situation, stress comes from negative situations, when things don´t come out the way we want, when we are under pressure because we need to finish a project and the deadline is near, when we need to learn and acquire new skills for a new project, when someone close to us is in a though situation.

How stress impacts us depends of how we see the situation and how we act or react to it, negativity creates more stress so when we are in a stressful situation whether it´s at work, school, traffic we tend to think more on the negative stuff but that will only gets us more anxious and stressed out, what we can do is know how to act according to the situation we are facing, in some cases it´s not possible or even right to make stress work for us so all we can do is lower it.

You may be asking, why would we be even thinking about using stress in our favor, and the answer is simple, stress has positive benefits, the problem is that we´ve created too much negative believe around it, there are some scenarios and circumstances in which we can make stress work for us and instead of making a big deal and create a lot of negative which don´t really exist we can have a positive outlook, and that´s what we´re looking for. What can we do in every moment of our lives that will have a positive impact on our body, health and life in the short and long run.

Some of the reasons why we want to use stress in our favor is because it makes us more creative, it makes us stronger, it help us grow, it keeps us motivated for success, it makes us more productive and help us stay focused and we all need to be more productive and creative to find solutions the situations we face day by day, we need to be able to stay focused for as long as we need to finish the project we´re working on and we all need to get stronger and grow physically, emotionally and mentally.

It´s so common to hear that stress is bad for us, I used to think that same way and believed that but how we think about stress and how we act or deal with it is by far more important than the real situation, it´s possible to use stress in our favor and we can get amazing results from it but we need to have the right mindset otherwise we can end creating a lot more stress which is not what we want.

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