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Can we use our talents for a greater good?

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Whether we think we have talents or not we all do, we´re all good at something we just need to find what that something is by trying different activities and we all have passions, we all enjoy spending time doing something we love.

The best thing we can do is do good, be kind and find ways to help the people around us, our neighbor or even help people all around the world. All of us have talents in so many different areas and activities, some of us are amazing cookers, other are great architects, others are awesome doctors, teachers, others are great at fixing electronics, great artist, musicians or dancers and we can use that in which we are great at and use it to help others.

If we want to make a living with our talents, passion and purpose we need to be smart and intelligent and we need to make sure that what we do goes according to our values and principles, one simple tip to remember is that the more we give the more we get.

We all need of each others, so many people can benefits from our talents and we benefit from others people talents that why we need to live in society, nowadays it´s easier to reach people from other countries thanks to social media this means that we can help a lot more people.

When we share out talents with the world some people may be able to improve their lives and live a better way, get in shape, get healthy, develop healthy habits, they can inspire more people around them and it becomes a snowball but the best point about helping others with our talent is that we live a more satisfying and fulfilling life, the feeling we get from helping others cannot be achieved any other way.

Being kind and doing good using our talents give so many benefits that improve our life in all areas, first we feel great about ourselves which improves our mood and keep us in a positive state, we have more energy, we are more productive throughout the day it improves health.

The best way to live our life is by doing what we love, if we work on making a living from our talent and passion we´ll find it easier to keep growing and getting better, personal growth is an important part of life but when we´re doing something we hate it is so hard to learn new skills, that challenge seems impossible and this is why most of us stay where we are, we want to avoid the boredom and tedious part of learning but when it´s related to something we love doing everything change, we get more interested and excited of learning something new because we know that it will give us more creative freedom.

When we find our talent we work on it and make it as personal as possible, we need to know who we are and know our values, when we work on our talent, act according to our values, know who we are and are able to merge those together we can with a really unique creation.

Imagine how would you feel if you know that you improved someone’s life or you help someone in anyway just by sharing your talents? in my case this motivates me to keep sharing more value to continue helping that person and help a lot more.

We need to be smart and intelligent as I said before but we also need to be patience and work on developing that creation as best as possible, what´s the best we can offer to the world? how can we improve every day?

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