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Can we recover from poor quality sleep?


How many times have you binge watch of get just a couple of hours of sleep because of work thinking that you can replenish those lost hours on weekend? Is this possible?

You may have heard of sleep deprivation, so many time for so many different reasons we´ve all suffered from sleep deprivation. Some of us because of work, it may be homework and projects or it can be all the workload of the office, emails, meetings, projects and in this cases we may not have so many choices so we choose to finish what we need even when we know we´re getting very few hours of sleep. In some cases we choose to watch one more episode of the series because it´s so great and we can´t stop, but the next day we need to get up early so we only got a couple hours of sleep.

Life demands a lot and if we don´t give sleep the importance it deserves most of the time we choose sleep deprivation thinking that we can replenish this hours on weekends or some day in the near future. From what I´ve researched it takes a long time to replenish lack of sleep.

One night of poor sleep or not enough sleep has negative impacts on your health and brain and you can see those negative impacts in the short term the next day, you feel tired, you´re not able to focus and concentrate, cravings increase, etc and if sleep deprivation becomes chronic then it has a lot of negative consequences on health.

In mots cases it´s better to get 4 or 5 hours of sleep than getting 6 or 7 hours of disrupted sleep. You may had experienced this before, for some reason you could only sleep for 5 hours but those 5 hours were straight, without any interruption, the next day you wake up and you feel maybe a little tired, you notice you can´t concentrate and perform as you normally do but, it´s not as bad if you could have gotten one more hour you´ll feel great. Other night you get 7 hours of sleep, but those 7 hours were disrupted, you keep waking up because of certain noises, dreams, the temperature of the room, maybe you were n vacations and there was something that didn´t make you feel comfortable. Even when you get 7 hours of sleep you wake up and you feel tired, your concentration and performance is really low, you have cravings, you just feel worse than when you get 5 hours of straight good quality sleep.

Now, can you replenish those hours lost? Or that night of poor sleep? If you have more time the next days to go to sleep an hour before than you normally do or if you can wake up an hour later it can help you on recovering from those nights of poor sleep or sleep deprivation, but if you make this a habit, then this negative habit will have a greater negative impact. When it´s one night or two is fine, but more nights it´s not.

We´ve talked about in other posts about the circadian rhythm and how it affects almost all hormones and systems on our body and why it is important to go to sleep at the time and wake up at the same time every day including weekends, holidays or vacations. If you don´t sleep and wake up at the same time every day then your body can´t work efficiently, your body doesn´t know when it´s time to sleep and go through all the processed or cleaning, repairing and recovering and it doesn´t know when it´s time to stay alert, concentrating and working, all hormones and systems are out of balance.

If you do have a routine and sleep roughly at the same time every night and wake up at the same time then the night that for some reason you couldn´t go to sleep at the same time or wake up at the same time and you didn´t get the normal amount of sleep, you´re getting less hours but probably those hours will be good quality, if you want to replenish the hours lost then you can add one more hour on the following days, but more hours can make you circadian rhythm to start getting out of sync. When you get 7 hours of poor sleep it can be harder to replenish it, you can get a lot more hours of sleep the next night and that may be all you need.

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