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Can stress be good for us?

25 Can stress be good for us

We´ve talked about how stress can be really bad for us if we let it harm us but there´s good stress which is actually good for us and there´s bad stress and even when we can´t say that it´s good we can learn how to manage and control it so that it doesn´t have any negative effects on us.

The problem is that most of us don´t know how to manage bad stress which makes it harmful and is one of the causes of diseases and we avoid good stress as much as possible and this has created a negative relationship and this negative relationships is the cause of so many problems, not stress.

Good stress is good for us, it has many benefits for our health and body, the only way for us to grow personally, emotionally, to get stronger, to get better is with stress. challenges, pain and suffering is what makes us grow and is what keep us moving forward and achieving greater things in life. So yes stress is good for us, here we´re talking about good stress but; what about bad stress?

I don´t think bad stress can be good for us but we need to make sure that it doesn´t affects negatively so how we think about it, how we manage it on a daily basis and how we act on stressful situations will make a huge difference.

We all need stress in our lives it has benefits, the problem is taking bad stress and making it good for us, in some cases this can be possible but there will be situations where we can´t make that bad stress be good and the only thing we can do is manage it and lower it so that it doesn´t affect us negatively or that its impact is as low as possible.

Stress is good for definitely the problem is how we think about it, stress is a trigger to help us grow and achieve bigger things, some of us don´t like challenges and think really bad about stress this is what makes stress so bad and harmful, if we change the way we think about stress and we start taking challenges as a way to grow stress is helpful.

There´s a huge problem for most of us, if we don´t like our jobs, if we don´t like what we do that´s stress and this means we´re going to live with chronic stress for as long as we keep doing the same and this bad stress is going to be the cause of many negative stuff in our lives if we let it.

Working and doing something we love is passion and we don´t see it as stress even when there are challenges, we see those challenges as excitement which keeps us focus and moving forward.

We need to change our thoughts about stress to make the most out of it and we also need to learn how to act in stressful situations and how to lower and manage it so that even when bad stress is obviously not good, it does not have a negative impact in our life and health and understand that every situation has something to teach us so instead of making every situation a lot more stressful than it is just learn from it and move on.

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