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Blue light and sleep

17 Blue light and sleep

I see people almost every day trying to make better choices and live a better life but all of them only consider diet and exercise, when I tell them about the importance of sleep I get so may excuses related to why they can´t get enough good quality sleep every night.

The biggest cause of poor sleep nowadays is blue light which is the light emitted from the screens of electronic devices and some light bulbs. What this light does is that it disrupts our brains sleep-wake cycle.

Our body has a natural internal clock called circadian rhythm which is the one that tells your body when it´s time to sleep and when to wake up there are many factors that can get this internal clock out of balance one of them is blue light. Making some changes to our life have a huge impact on our sleep patterns that will improve our entire lives.

We spend a big part of our day in front of a computer and later in the day when the sun sets down we turn on light bulbs to finish what we´re doing and some of us right before going to bed or when we´re already in bed we take some time to check social media on out phones. This delay the release of melatonin and resets the circadian rhythm this is why it takes us longer to fall asleep. Have you asked yourself why you can´t go asleep fast some nights? have you paid attention what were you doing before going to bed or if you were using any electronic device in bed?

Since melatonin delays and it took us longer to fall asleep the phases of sleep also get impacted negatively so when we wake up we don´t feel rested even if we get the 7 or 8 hours.

Even when technology if s crucial part of our daily lives there are some things we can do to reduce blue light and get better sleep:

1.- Turn off all lights 1 hour before going to bed (this include electronic devices like Tv, computers, laptops, ipads, phones, bulbs).

2.- Keep your bedroom completely dark

3.- If you need to work late night (which I don´t recommend) you can get romantic and use candles or you can use a red or orange lamp.

4.- Glasses the block blue light. Nowadays you can find some glasses that blocks blue light effectively, if you have access to them use them, otherwise the first 3 points work incredibly well.

As I´ve said in other posts getting natural light from the sun specially in the morning, having an sleeping schedule where you go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time every day and following the points on this post will improve the quality and quantity of sleep.

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