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Best exercise for weight loss


Weight loss is a long and hard journey, you feel tired all the time and your body hurts. Your knees hurt, your back hurts, you can´t stay standing up for more than a couple minutes at a time, you spend most of the time sitting on a couch or lying in bed. I can´t deny the fact that the first weeks are going to be tough but if you give this exercises a try and stick to them you will start feeling better every day.

Even when some types of exercise are better than others for weight loss the best exercise if the one you like and enjoy doing and the reason is this. To be able to lose weight and keep it off you need to develop healthy habits and one of those habits is exercise, you need to do some type of physical activity every day, so discipline and consistency is key and the only way to do it is by doing something you enjoy otherwise you´ll see it as something you are forced to do and at some point you will give up.

I mentioned in past posts that cardio is not the best option for weight loss, too much cardio can lead to muscle loss if you´re not doing resistance training and even when doing resistance training both types of exercises send different signals or messages to your body.

Getting stronger by doing bodyweight and compound exercises and increasing physical activity throughout the day like walking are the best tools to lose weight and maintain your results. Now knowing this information, you need to find out what you like and enjoy doing.

What I recommend is doing bodyweight exercises like push ups, squats, pull ups, leg raises, dips there are many reasons why this exercises are great and one of them is that you need a lot of strength to get to the most difficult variations of each and you need to lose weight to make it easier for you, also take a 10 to 15 minute walk first thing in the morning before breakfast and another 10 to 15 minute walk right after dinner, make those walks moderate intensity, make then challenging. The only way to see your body changing is by putting it through something it´s never been before, you need the right stimuli and with body weight exercises you´re giving the right stimuli to the muscles to get stronger and by walking you are burning some calories which combine with a healthy diet and eating less you´ll lose weight.

Doing one arm push ups or one arm chin ups or pistol squats look amazing, if you want to impress a guy or a girl this is the way to do it… well at least one way. You won´t see a lot of people doing harder versions of bodyweight exercises.

There´s a huge advantage to this workout, first it´s simple and you can do it almost everywhere, you don´t need expensive gym equipment or machines you may only need a pull up bar and a good pair of sneaker and a pair of sweat pants. You can do this at home until you feel more confident and want to do something else like going to a gym or practice any sport.

Another huge advantage is that if you do this consistently which is the most important point which means you need to exercise every day and you eat a little less of healthy foods then you´ll see results and the results you´ll see will amaze you so you´ll stay motivated and stick to the program until you develop the healthy habits you need.

It´s easier to stick to any program when you enjoy the exercise or physical activity so is you don´t like bodyweight exercise but you like yoga or pilates go ahead, give those a try and see what you like more, if you like jump rope then try it too, the key is to find something you like and that you do it consistently. You need to think about your weight loss journey as a journey to develop healthy habits that will lead to sustainable weight loss and maintaining optimal health.

If you´ve tried a weight loss program let us know what type of exercise where you doing, if you like it or not and what were your results.

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