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Being clear on our values make our life easier

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Are you one of those who spend a lot of time taking decisions or making choices? once you made your choice you doubt if it was the right one?

Nowadays we have so many distractions and we need to make a lot of decisions on a daily basis, in some cases we don´t think about the impact that our decisions can have on the long run we just want to solve the problem now or we´re looking for instant gratification or fast results. Some of the choices we make daily do not have a huge impact on the long run but some of them do.

Every choice we make takes time and energy but what would happen if we had like a guide we can use to help us make the right decision or the best decision almost every time without spending too much time and energy? that´s where being clear on our values and beliefs come into play.

By being clear on our values, our beliefs and our goals we´re creating a guide that help us make better decisions faster the only thing we need to do every time we need to make a decision or a choice is ask ourselves which choice or which option is goes according to our values and beliefs, which option or choice is going to move us forward to our goal. Is this choice going to take me one step closer to my goal? does this option goes according to my values and beliefs? if the answer is yes then go ahead if the answer is no, we need to think of our values, beliefs and goals and choose the option that goes according to what we belief and value and to our goals.

It takes time to get clear on our values and beliefs, we´ve based almost everything we do in what other people do, we´ve been so worried about what others say and think of us that we´ve lost ourselves so it takes time to find ourselves and realize what we value, what we belief, our priorities but once we got them everything gets easier we just need to be congruent.

By being clear on our values and beliefs and by making choices based on them everything we do represents who we are, when we start living this way we will be authentic which for some of us will be a difficult process, some people will won´t understand what we´re doing and won´t support us, we may lose some friends in the journey but with time being authentic attract to us people who belief what we belief, people who has the same values that we do and people who we have more in common giving us the opportunity to build great relationships.

Nowadays there are so many fake people so finding someone who is authentic is hard but once we do we try to keep that person close, we know they are truthful and they are valuable.

Getting clear on our values and beliefs is the base structure for everything else in our lives, what we stand for, our goals come from those values and beliefs, our goals are the tangible results of what we belief and it´s easier for people to know and understand our goals.

Instead of comparing ourselves to others we should ask ourselves if what we´re doing goes according to what we believe, to our values, to what we stand for, this way we´re not comparing ourselves our results with others we´re making decisions based on our guide and structure to help us achieve a future result. We´re not looking to fit in in any group we want to work and take action based on what we stand for.

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