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Avoid injuries while training

20 Avoid injuries

You go to the gym and train to look great and feel great not to impress anyone there.

Some guys and girls specially guys arrive to the gym trying to impress everybody there and with a terrible attitude, they let their ego get in the way and the only thing they cause is to get injured and they end losing some weeks or months off the gym. Don´t be one of this guys, don´t let your ego get on the way.

Yes you need to train hard and make every workout intense but there´s a difference between training hard and knowing how hard you can go and wanting to do more than you know you could, you are not there to impress anyone else but to be better than the last time you did the same exercise, here you need to listen to your body you need to make sure that your body and the muscles you are working are completely rested and recover if you try to do more when you feel tired or your muscles are not recovered you can get injured.

Before and after your workout don´t forget to warm up and cool down, each of them will depend of your workout and your body, some guys run for 10 or 15 minutes before their resistance workout and that´s all they do for warm up, others prefer some stretching or active warm ups before they hit the weights. When working on strength most guys like to take some lighter weight and perform the exercise as warm up before the hit the heavier weight.

Having someone that helps you through the exercise is key specially when you´re lifting heavy weights as in power and strength to help you with the weight and keeps your form right, if you are not going low in reps you can start using weights you can lift for 12 to 15 reps until you get comfortable with the weight and the movements for each exercise and keep adding weight. When you feel comfortable and you learned proper form and technique then you can start increasing weight and work with lower reps.

Take your time between sets and reps, just because someone told you or you read that you need to rest 30 seconds that doesn´t mean you need to do it, give more priority to performing the reps with good form and timing over speed, trying to get things done fast cause more injuries, this also depends of your age, it´s not the same when you are on your twenties than when you are older, technique is more important than speed.

Avoiding injuries comes down to improving and getting better, you start with the basics and with light weight from there you increase speed, weight or any other variable, we all started with the basics and this is the best way to avoid injuries, learning proper form and technique, you also don´t need to add a lot of different exercises, you can stay with bodyweight and compound movements to build an amazing strong and lean physique, then you can add some isolation exercises.

Once you feel comfortable will the exercises, form and technique you can start using advanced training techniques like drop sets, failure and more exercises. It takes time to learn proper form and technique specially when you are using free weights like dumbbells and barbells.

Listen to your body if an exercise doesn´t feel right, if you feel any pain or at certain time during the movement it hurts stop and leave the weight, now when I´m referring to pain here I´m talking about a bad pain which can be an alert of possible injury, not the pain when you are getting fatigue and your muscles starts feeling the pain or burn.

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