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The importance of exercise


I´ve spent some time watching what people do when they go to the gym, people who love exercise and training which typically are the ones who are leaner spend a lot more time on the weights section, people who also love to work out and tend to look skinny spend more time in the cardio machine section.

The interesting part and most obvious is that the guys and girls who go there because they want or need to lose weight, we can clearly see how much they hate the routines and how much they struggle. They hate being there and feel really uncomfortable, it´s clear that they don´t have self-confidence and they start working out because of insecurities but I hate watching people suffer so even when they do need to workout to get in shape it doesn´t need to be like hell. I hate when trainers do almost the same routines with all their clients, some resistance training with light weights and boring cardio without asking and considering what type of exercises their clients prefer which makes a huge difference in the results.

Another thing I see is that people who is new to the gym feel so overwhelmed, and anxious because they are out of shape and just the idea of getting a foot in there creates fear and anxiety.

And the worst thing of all this is that the guys and girls who are dealing with their weight, which are the ones that need more attention and help are the ones who end up giving up without getting results.

This is why we created this website so that you can get in your best shape and sustain it without feeling disappointed and overwhelmed. My approach to training is simple, we need to focus on resistance training to maintain and build muscle and we add some cardio to help burn fat a little faster.

Getting stronger with resistance training is key to get in shape and sustain in a simple and effortless way. Bodyweight exercises and compound movements are key to build and amazing physique and cardio is great to help us lose fat faster and both have amazing benefits for overall health. There´s no reason to overcomplicate things.

If you are really out of shape you need to develop the habit of working out but you don´t need to jump right to one hour of high intensity workouts, 20 minutes a day 5 days a week are enough to start developing the habit and you´ll get great results but you need to make those 20 minutes as intense as you can. From those 5 days… hopefully 6 you can divide them into resistance and training  3 to 4 days and 2 to 3 days of cardio at the beginning is all you need.

We don´t need to spend more than 1 hour at the gym every day, we don´t even have to go to the gym at least at the beginning, we can train at home with bodyweight exercises and get in amazing shape we can buy some dumbbells to add more variety. As we progress with our workouts we will get to a point where we need to lift heavier weights so we may need a gym membership to keep increasing weight but at this time we´ll be in shape and we will feel amazing and motivated to go there.

As we keep progressing and once we´ve developed the habit of working out I would recommend keeping your workouts around 1 hour each, you maybe hating me right now and giving all kind of excuses but we all have 1 hour each day that we can use to exercise, take that time for yourself, if you want to take care of the people around you need to take care of yourself first so that you feel great so that you can help the people around you.

We´ve been talking about the importance of exercise to build an amazing physique but we can´t forget all the benefits it has for our health in general and we can get some of those amazing benefits the moment we finish our routine and when we do it consistently it is great for our heart, muscles, bones and brain. There are some benefits that can only be obtain by exercise, there´s no other way.

If we want to keep our brain at peak exercise especially cardio helps with that, if we want to maintain muscle as we grow older resistance training is the answer, if we want to stay strong resistance training will help us and also some forms of cardio. Finding activities we love to stay active every day is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

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The importance of stress in our lives.

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Last year I thought that stress is bad for us, that we need to keep it low or it will have a huge negative impact in my life and health, we´ve all heard that if we´re not aware of stress it can make us sick and it can even kill us. In the past months and year this negative mindset and belief about stress had changed for me and it´s the most impactful change I have done.

We´ve all been told that stress is bad for us but we all need some stress in our lives. Yes there is one type of stress that has a negative impact in our body and health but we need to know all types of stress and understand each of them so that we can lower as much as possible the negative one while we use the others to our advantage.

Stress is key for growth, we need stress in our lives to grow physically, mentally, emotionally. If there´s no stress will stay in the same place, the same way in the comfort zone.

If we think that all stress is bad for us and can make us sick then that´s exactly what happen, if we think that not all stress is bad or even better the most stress is good for us that it will help us grow and help u reach our potential that´s what happens, it´s a shift in our beliefs and mindset.

When we go to the gym and workout we´re putting our body through stress, we know that if we want to change our body physically we need to give it the stimulus it needs to change and with an adequate nutrition program and enough recovery our body will change. The same happens with all areas of our life, if we want to change something we need to go through challenges, struggle, failures, make different choices and all that creates stress, that´s the stimulus we need to get what we want.

It all starts by changing the way we think and our beliefs about stress, instead of thinking about it as stress, pressure or anxiety we can think of it as excitement and by that our mindset will change completely and the results will be completely different and more positive.

The biggest problem is that most of us think of being under pressure or busy like the long list of mails we need to answer and the to-do-list increasing every day or even when we´re stuck on traffic or when we´re anxious for an event as stress and they are constantly seen as something negative and this creates and bring more negativity to our lives, when we think about it as excitement it motivates us, our mind focuses on the positive outcomes, it increases confidence and it´s easier for us to take action.

I mentioned before that one type of stress is bad, we need to know how to recognize it and differentiate it from the other types of stress and we also need to recognize each emotion to act accordingly, it´s not the same to be late because of traffic than to be worried about how we´re going to pay the bills or if someone we care is having health issues or when we´ve been assigned to lead a big project.

We´re not meant to stay in a comfort zone, we´re all here for a purpose and we need to set big goals, with this comes fear of not knowing what´s going to happen, stress and pressure we need this fear, stress and pressure that comes from getting out of our comfort zone and taking risks. Those are the ones that will help us learn, grow and achieve those big goals.

If we stay where we are, if we don´t take risks and challenges then we´re not living and we´ll never know what we´re capable of. We can´t let the negative beliefs about stress and pressure stop us from living, we need to identify each type of stress and know our emotions to act the best way possible. It may be to know how to calm down so that we can think and make the best decision or reframing the situation to a more positive one.

The way we respond to any situation is what makes the difference so  with stress as for any aspect of life having a positive attitude will always brings the best results, reframing situations from negative to positive, finding ways to take the most out of any situation, thinking about excitement and the best positive outcomes from any situation is the way to start. We´ll be sharing ideas and tools we can all use in our lives that help us change the way we think about stress but we need to be open to this ideas and realize that in most cases our beliefs and the way we respond makes all the difference.


The importance of good quality sleep.


How many times have you stayed late night watching Netflix, watching Harry Potter or any Avengers movie? or maybe on social media or finishing a project? I´ve done it too but it´s the worst we can do for our health.

Most of us do not give sleep the importance it deserves, we don´t prioritize our health until something´s wrong and sleep plays an important role on health lack of sleep has a negative impact on our body and creates a lot of problem in the short and long run.

We all know that it´s recommended that we get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and I understand that this may not be possible for some of us but if we create habits that help us improve the quality of sleep we can get 5 or 6 hours of good quality sleep and this combined with the other 4 principles of fitness give us amazing results.

So many things happen in our body while we sleep, recover, repair and growth are some of the important processes going on, also hormonal balance, memory and more. One night of poor sleep will low our energy levels, reduce our ability of focus and concentration throughout the day, reduce our productivity and performance, it has a big impact on insulin and this are just some of the negative effects short term, if we do this consistently then our health is at risk.

For sleep as for the other 4 principles of fitness we don´t need to over complicate stuff, we need to keep things simple to be able to develop better habits, with just small changes to our habits, routines we can improve our lives in all areas, we don´t need to go crazy with just one principle, we need to work on the 5 of them because they work together as a whole, everything needs to be in harmony so that we can get the best benefits and improve our lives by following simple tools.

Most of us have a lot of bad habits which are the ones leading to an unhealthy life and casing a lot of problems and they are also the reason why we´re not succeeding, we just need to develop new habits that take place of the bad ones and everything will change, this applies for the 5 principles of fitness and they all have the same level of importance.

For some of us getting enough good quality sleep is hard, thank to work or school it may not be possible to get the 7 to 8 hours that are recommended so what we´ll focus on is on improving the quality of sleep so that those 5 or 6 hours we´re getting are as best as possible.

If we are able to get 6 or 7 hours of sleep per day and we make those as best as possible the impact it has on our day are amazing, we have more energy, it´s easier for us to stay focused and concentrated on the activities that matter, our productivity increases, we feel amazing all day and if we do this consistently the benefits it has for our body, brain and health and incredible. We can lower the risk of some diseases just by improving the quality and quantity of sleep.

Improving quality of sleep will make all the other 4 principles easier, when we feel rested and wake up each morning recharged to hit the day that´s when amazing things happen, those are the best days of our lives, just imagine if you can do this every single day. It´s possible by improving sleep, once we start feeling great we´ll get the motivation we need to develop other good habits.

If we want to take fitness and our entire life to another level we need to prioritize our health and developing healthy habits based on simple tools is the way to go. If we have energy, if we are motivated and we are able to stay focused and keep high performance all day long we will be amazed of our potential and how much we can achieve.

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The importance of nutrition.


We all want to look great, feel amazing and perform at peak every single day but not all of us pay attention to what we eat. We ask too much to our body when we´re not giving it the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Food is fuel for our body and what we eat matters the problem is that we got everything wrong. We´re so worried trying to find what´s the best diet, the one that will help us lose weight faster but we forget the most important point; it´s not about losing weight fast it´s about following a healthy nutrition program that keeps us healthy and that help us maintain an amazing physique effortlessly. We´re also worried about finding the best diet when most of our meals are highly processed.

If we go back in times some years ago food can´t be found at every corner, people used to  buy local foods to cook meals so every meal they ate was cooked and prepared with fresh, whole ingredients and people spend more time together by helping in the kitchen and sitting together at the table and share their day.

Nowadays food is available everywhere, there´s processed food at every corner and it´s convenient and cheaper but also full of sugars, chemicals, trans fats or hydrogenated oils that make those foods taste delicious so we don´t spend too much time cooking and we do not spend the same amount of time sitting at a table with family or friends.

Most of us love food and we don´t want to eliminate our favorite dishes from our diets, and we don´t need to. I love food, I consider food and gastronomy to be part of the cultures and traditions of each country. There´s a piece of history and a story on every plate, we can learn a lot from a country by its food.

My approach to nutrition is to keep everything simple and have the freedom to enjoy as much as possible I like to divide nutrition in two phases, in phase one we focus on eliminating unhealthy foods from our nutrition program which are junk, processed and fast foods (we all know which foods we are talking about) and when we´re comfortable with this first step we can take it to phase two where we adjust our macronutrient ratios to fit more our goals and lifestyles, here we can go to more restrictive diets like vegan or ketogenic.

If our nutrition program or diet is based on unhealthy foods (highly processed foods) it´s so hard to go directly to a very restrictive diet and the reason is because our body is used to all those chemicals, sugars and unhealthy fats and the process or journey to eliminate them or avoid them is so though and for many of us it´s not necessary to follow a very restrictive diet, it´s really useful when we have some health problems but if it´s not the case then we can stick to phase one which is to focus on whole, fresh foods.

Our goal is to give nutrients to our body through food so that it functions and work properly, so that we stay healthy and also supports our fitness goals, this may look complicated but it´s actually simple and as I said before we don´t need to eliminate completely our favorite foods.

We need to learn to listen to our body, some foods make us feel great while others can cause problems in our gut even healthy foods so once we eliminate or avoid as much as possible highly processed foods and our diet is based on fresh, whole foods we can start adjusting it to make it as best as it can be for us and here we need to listen to our body and avoid foods that cause problems not only in our gut, some foods may cause us acne or any other issue and we can´t forget that if we have some health problem or disease then we may need to avoid some other foods or even go to a more restrictive diet but we need to talk with our doctor first.

There´s no need to go to the extremes, we´re here to enjoy life and food is part of it there are so many dishes and plates we can enjoy as long as they are cooked with fresh, whole ingredients and most of our local restaurants do that.

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The importance of developing the right mindset.

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Mindset is everything if we let our mindset control us by having a weak mindset and the wrong thoughts we will keep struggling for the rest of our life. If we don´t like something on our lives right now we need to change something and that change begins with our thoughts and beliefs.

Our life is based on daily habits, rituals and routines and those are created by our beliefs and values which we learnt since we were born and growing up from our parents, family, school, society and everyone around us. If everyone around us believed that money is hard to get, that we need to work so hard, that we need to have a safe 9 to 5 job, that rich people are bad, etc; those same beliefs were installed in our brain. If people around us told us time and time again that we´re not good enough, that we don´t deserve to achieve big goals, that we are lazy and everything we do is wrong those beliefs get installed in our brain and those are the ones controlling our life today.

Our thoughts create our reality, what we think we become with this in mind it´s clear that we need to be really aware of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions because they can pull us back which is what happen to most of us, it´s not that we´re not capable of doing something or that we don´t deserve it, it´s our beliefs and thoughts the ones holding us back so we need to change those thoughts and beliefs and develop the right strong mindset that keep us moving forward and this is the hardest part.

Developing the right mindset comes in 2 parts, part one is about thoughts, beliefs and emotions, part two is about focus and discipline.

We all have negative and limiting beliefs which are the ones keeping us stuck where we are and pulling us back, in most cases the reason why we don´t achieve our goals and dreams is because of limiting beliefs and thoughts that were installed in our brain years ago and today they are the ones controlling out life. In part one we eliminate those beliefs and thoughts by replacing them with the right positive ones that go according to the life we want to live.

In this day and age there is too much stuff that takes away our attention from what matters, the ability of focus and concentration is necessary to achieve anything but nowadays is so hard to focus and concentrate on the things that matter most and we waste too much time on social media, Tv, news Netflix, criticizing, blaming or complaining, etc. In the second part we develop an intense focus, concentration and discipline towards our goals where nothing external can take us away from what we want.

We need the right beliefs, emotions and thoughts and also focus and discipline to achieve our goals, when develop this type of mindset we are able to achieve amazing stuff in our life, our potential is incredible but we need to develop a mindset that help us live to that potential and that´s our goal. It takes time to develop this mindset but it is worthy, with time you´ll see that you can achieve the impossible.

Developing the right mindset is hard and takes time, since our brain wants to stay in a comfort zone, a place where it knows what to do and doesn´t need to work that much every time we make a different choice to create a new good habit it will try to pull us back with all kind of excuses and reasons why we can´t but we need to ignore this thoughts and keep going with our new choice until it´s a new habit.

The moment we start developing the right mindset by practicing the tools and exercise we share with you in this site our life gets better, it won´t be from one day to another but just in a couple weeks (if we´ve been consistent with our practice) we start seeing amazing results so this is not only to achieve a fitness goal like weight loss or get in shape, it´s about maintaining and improving those results but also improving our life.

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The importance of daily motivation.

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How many times have you wake up in the morning motivated and inspired for the day to come? Sadly, for most of us this doesn´t happen too often and this is one reason why we don´t give our all at school, home or work but the reason of our lack of motivation may be that we don´t like what we do, and this cycle will continue over and over in our life if we don´t stop it.

If we´re not motivated to do something we won´t do it or we won´t give our total attention and the best of us and there for we´ll never succeed so some of us need daily motivation internal or external to get up and keep going through the day.

If we want to live a successful life one that we really love and enjoy then motivation is key and it starts by loving what we do so we need to find our purpose. If we don´t love or at least like what we do every day it will be harder to do what we need to do, this is the reason why it´s so hard to get up every morning and go to work or to school.

When we´re motivated we take action and work towards our goal, we have a lot more energy, our performance and productivity increases we are more efficient managing our time and prioritizing activities, we handle challenges and setbacks in a more positive way finding solutions, it makes us happier.

I need to make clear a point before we continue, inspiration comes from outside and motivation comes from inside. We can get inspired by watching our favorite athlete, musician or it can be someone close to us who inspire us to take action. Motivation comes from within by finding our purpose and having a strong reason why we need to follow that purpose.

Without motivation we can fall in a cycle of procrastination, even when we can get inspired watching our biggest influencers or heroes that may be our favorite rock band or team of any sport if we´re not motivated we won´t take action.

When we´re not satisfied with some area of our life we need to make changes and to make those changes we need to make different choices, when we´re motivated it´s easier to make those choices and we handle any challenge with a more positive outlook which keeps us on the right track. If we´re not motivated we end up giving up, success in anything is hard we need insane focus and massive action and motivation is key for this.

The key to success is getting things done it doesn´t matter if we feel like it and the most successful people create habits and rituals so that they make sure they do what they need to do even if they don´t feel like. At the beginning when we´re creating habits and rituals it takes time and effort but with time we will do them automatically, when we get to this point inspiration and motivation are not that necessary. Inspiration is needed to take that first step, once we take that first step we just need to keep going and keep that momentum, when we accomplish our first activity or our first goal then we get motivated by those results so our focus and energy increases.

Nowadays we can find so many inspirational and motivational audios, videos, books but if we just listen to them or read and we don´t get up and take action they´re not useful, it´s not about watching or listening to those videos over and over and hoping that what we want is going to happen, it´s about getting up and taking that first step and then keep going, our progress will give us the motivation we need and when we combine that with our strong why that´s when we do everything we need to get what we want.

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Fitness goals

Why is it so hard to lose weight and maintain the results?


The short answer is because we follow some of those traditional of commercial weight loss programs that help us lose a lot of weight in a short period of time without considering long term damage to our body.

With those traditional programs we lose weight which means we lose fat, water and muscle. The result from this is that yes, we lose a lot of weight but we lose muscle with it so our metabolism slows and we also need to consider that we need to follow very strict low calorie diets which also slows our metabolism and at the end of the program we did more harm than good to our body.

They give us what we want, we want fast results so the programs are designed to helps us lose as much fat as possible in the shortest period of time without considering our health and the negative impact the programs will have.

Fat loss is hard, we need to put the time and effort, we need to work hard and be disciplined with our program until we develop the right habits. When we start a fat loss program we are dealing with physical, emotional and mental pain and discomfort plus we need to add the fact that all unhealthy foods we´ve been eating created addiction in our body so our body and brain will make us feel like if we need those unhealthy foods which is actually not true. Dealing with all this stuff going on is what makes fat loss and getting in shape so difficult.

The reason why it is so hard to maintain our results is because we follow a strict program that cause more harm than good to our body, we didn´t consider that our actual weight is the results of many years of unhealthy habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

There´s a way to make fat loss sustainable and that is by developing good healthy habits, eating real, fresh foods and avoiding all unhealthy foods that can cause not only weight gain but can also lead to health diseases. Working out at least 30 minutes every day focusing on resistance training to maintain and build muscle, getting enough good quality sleep every night, at least 6 hours of sleep if you can get 7 or 8 hours do it. Developing the right mindset to get you through the hard times, when your body things you can´t go any further your mindset keeps you going, when you have to make a choice between healthy or unhealthy foods your mindset goes for the healthy options.

Sustainable fat loss is simple if we focus on what matters which is improving body composition and developing good healthy habits, this doesn´t mean that it´s easy but it´s worth it, it´s the best way to do it. We also need to understand that it takes time, even when we can get amazing results in a couple weeks it will take some time to get to our desired weight so we need to focus on progress, seeing progress and results make us happy so use your progress as a way to stay motivated.

The journey is though, this why not everyone is lean, we all dream with having an amazing physique but not everyone is willing to put the time and effort. Those though moments remember your end goal, think about your end result,, if you want that end result so bad you´ll make it through those though moments, this includes all the physical, emotional and mental struggle you will need to get through.

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Advanced training techniques: circuit training

16 Variation

Using circuit training is one of the best options you can use for fat loss and getting lean, it can be more effective than steady state cardio.

If you are one of those guys who hates cardio and are looking for a way to lose fat and get lean you can use circuit training, research shows it´s as effective as HIIT cardio so you don´t need to be doing those long boring sessions and you don´t have to do sprints or any other crazy HIIT cardio if you don´t like it but it doesn´t mean that circuit training is easy because it´s not, it´s actually harder.

There are some programs that you circuit training based on cardio exercises like sprints, jump rope, burpees, jumping jacks and even when they are effective to lose a lot of weight I don´t consider them to be the best option, programs like this are consider to be the most intense and effective at helping you lose a lot of weight and the reasons are simple, you burn a lot of calories and follow low calorie diets.

There are so many training techniques and tools you can use according to your goal, circuit training is one of them specially for fat loss. Using resistance training in a circuit workout gives you amazing benefits by helping you burn fat but making sure that you preserve muscle and working on some endurance too.

Working around 8 to 12 reps for circuit training is the best option and using compound and bodyweight movements to work more muscles on each exercise, you can do full body workouts or split workouts. If you do split workouts you can choose 3 or 4 exercise for each muscle for example, if you are training chest you can do pushups, followed by bench press, followed by dumbbell flyes and low cable flyes do the four of them one after another without rest in between, once you´ve done the four exercises you take a rest. You can also do this with full body workouts you can do pushups, pull ups and squats one after another without rest until you´ve done with them.

Some people only consider the outside, the way they look is their priority and if that´s your goal it´s great but there are others who want to be a more complete athlete, they want to perform better, they want a great physique that is useful in every situation. This is possible with circuit training. Over all conditioning and improving performance are both achievable with this type of training.

Circuit training means doing one exercise after another without rest in between or minimal rest, you can choose 4 exercise and do them one after another and taking some rest after you´ve finished the four exercises. This type of workouts increases your metabolism and you get more work done in less time.

The best thing about circuit training is that you can combine power and endurance while getting shredded at the same time being able to perform better. In circuit training you can combine strength with cardio in the same circuit, you can focus on one or two muscle groups or full body workouts, there are many different combinations and possibilities, if you love intense workouts that keep you moving and that increase your heart rate this is an excellent option.

You won´t see many people doing circuit training because it´s tough but if your goal is to get lean and ripped this is an awesome  way to do it, you won´t only be able to lose fat, you´ll improve your overall conditioning and preserves muscle, you can include some strength or hypertrophy exercises.

Circuit training workouts can last about 20 to 30 minutes, it´s not recommended to go longer because you´ll be working hard in every circuit and your hitting your muscle some way and heart rate is up. You can use this workouts instead of cardio and I actually consider it a better option than giant sets or supersets for fat burning. There are some differences between giant sets, supersets and circuit training. Giant sets and super sets can be used to gain muscle focusing on sarcolpasmic hypertrophy and circuit training works better for endurance.

The best type of training will always depend of your goals and what you love, if you want to gain muscle and get big this is not the right option, if you want to improve performance and get lean or stay lean this works great.

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Give your life meaning and purpose

22 Control your mind, control your life

Your life will change when you find your purpose, we´re all looking for fulfillment and the way to feel fulfilled is by helping other people. Once you find out what you love to do and how you can help people doing what you love you´ll live happier and you´ll wake up motivated.

Most people live waiting for Fridays and pay days and they hate Monday mornings as if it was the worst, people talk terrible about their jobs and that they have to go to work to pay bills but we spend most of our time on our jobs. Many of us have 9 to 5 jobs 5 to 6 days a week so we only have left 1 or 2 days to spend with people we love doing what we love. This is not real life.

We do not come to this world for Fridays and weekends or just to pay the bills. Most people live waiting for Fridays, for weekends, for Holidays, when we have the time, when we have money, when we find that amazing person, when we find love. We´re always looking for the perfect time, for the perfect moment, but while we´re waiting… time pass by, one more day is gone, one more month is gone, one more year is gone.

There´s not a perfect time, there´s not a perfect moment. Start living today, start enjoying today, be happy and have fun today. Find that person that makes you better, who supports you, who share your dreams and goals. Enjoy every moment of life, travel, meet new people, visit new place, spend time with people you love and you enjoy spending some time together, make that call to your friend or family, forgive that person. Buy that car you always dreamed of, buy that jacket or those shoes but don´t get too obsessed with money.

It´s not only about the money, the fame or any other stuff money can buy. It´s the freedom you have everyday to do what you want to do, to do what you love to do, feel the passion and enjoy every single day. Do it now.

Ask yourself, how do you want to live the rest of your life? how do you want to be remember? You need to know what you want to do with your life, knowing your values and what´s important to you will help you find your purpose. What´s important to you? What do you care about? Is it nature? Is it justice? Is it security? What are the values you live by? They may be honesty, integrity, friendship, discipline.

What inspires you and motivate you every morning? An easy way to give meaning to your life is to follow your heart, do what you love to do when you do the things you love to do you enjoy the time and good things start coming your way. You´re not stressed and you´re not focused on negative things. If you find ways to help people by doing what you love you´ll feel amazing, you´ll feel a sense of satisfaction.

To live a better life, to live the life of your dreams and starting living your purpose you´ll need to get out of your comfort zone, fear will hit you so often that you would want to give up. Following your heart and living your life with purpose means going against what most people tell you to do. So you need to be prepared to go the road alone. There´s nothing to be afraid of, if lives´ meaning is positive, inspiring and motivating, if you help thousands of people you´ll feel amazing.

Let´s change people’s life, lets help people live healthier and happier. I´ll be so thankful if you share this post, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


Fitness goals

Weight loss is more a mental game


Have you tried a weight loss program and failed? or get some results but you couldn´t sustain them? have you ever asked yourself why you can´t make the right choices?

All of us know which foods are unhealthy and which ones are healthier options, we all know that to get in shape and lose weight you need to eat less and move more so why is it that it´s so hard to follow those simple rules? Weight loss is more a mental game, it´s the reason why you can´t stick with a diet and why you skip your workouts.

Food has a huge impact on your body and brain, when you are obese or overweight you may be struggling with depression, anxiety, you are lazy, you feel tired you don´t have energy and it´s hard to focus on things that matter to mention some issues. But I´m pretty sure that most of your diet is based on processed and fast food which makes you feel worst but also have a negative effects on your brain making it harder to lose weight.

The high consumption of unhealthy foods make you addicted to them by triggering the reward center of your brain which makes you feel good and it also creates a cycle of ups and downs in insulin. The moment you make the choice and decide to avoid all this unhealthy foods and start eating more healthy options your mind will fight you back you´ll feel the urge of having those sweets and junk food your mind will tell you that you need them to feel good and to make the challenge harder your mind will also fights to get you back because your new choices doesn´t feel familiar.

Our brain, mind and body loves the routine, every time you do something different it feels weird and your brain will make think that it´s wrong and yes, it´s wrong because you are not doing what you were used to do until it gets use to your new choices and they become part of your life, one simple thing you can do that will make it easier for you in the beginning is don´t bring unhealthy foods to your home and office, those include no sweets, junk, processed and fast food. You have enough unhealthy choices every time you go out on the streets so keeping them out of the places you spend most of your time will make it easier. How many times you are at home watching a movie and go for the bag of chips or cookies, how many times you are bored and go to the kitchen to eat something unhealthy like macaroons, how many times you feel sad, depressed or anxious and you go for a bowl of ice cream.

When you start exercising your mind will also fight you back, you don´t have energy, you are lazy, you feel tired, you are not in shape and your mind will tell you that it´s so early to wake up and exercise, it´s too late when you come home, you don´t have time to do it and many more negative thoughts, you need to get up and start working out, don´t let your mind and your thoughts control you, take charge of your mind, your body and your life. When you alarm clock rings get up, even if your mind is telling you to stay in bed, don´t listen to your mind get up and start your workout, do this over and over and over until working out becomes you new choice and your mind adapts to this new routine.

The steps for weight loss, getting in shape and sustain it are simple, what´s difficult is getting your mind on the right track so that you can make the best choices over and over again until they become part of our life, this new choices are new habits you new to develop to make your results sustainable in an effortless way. Changing your mind is harder and it takes time so if there´s a meal a workout you skip don´t get stressed out and blame yourself just move on, focus on the next meal and your next workout and do what you need to do. Prove your brain and your mind that you are in charge now.

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