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Fitness goals

Principles of muscle growth


Even when muscle growth is more enjoyable than fast loss for the reason that we can eat a little more it still is hard, we need to put in the time, hard work, sacrifice, discipline and patience but it´s not complicated. There´s so many information out there that can be overwhelming so having a guide which we can follow and adjust to fit our needs is very helpful and that´s what we´re going to be talking here.

Before we get to the principles there are 3 points that we need to talk about:

1.- Time

It takes time to build muscle, the more time we´ve been training the more time it will take to gain muscle mass so patience is key. When we´re beginners and we´re starting our fitness journey, it´s easier to gain muscle but as time pass by and we get more trained muscle growth slows down so we need to be really patient and stick to the principles.

2.- Body composition

Our goal is to help get in our best shape possible and sustain it by improving body composition and doing it in a natural way, this means no drugs so we won´t get big. The reason for this is simple, excess weight whether it´s from body fat or muscle mass is dangerous, excess weight leads to health problems because our body needs to work harder.

Now lets go to the principles:


1. Eat a little more. Our body needs nutrients to recover, grow and build new muscle so we need to make sure that the food we eat is just enough for our body to maintain daily functions plus recover, grow and build that extra muscle but if we eat too much we´ll gain the excess as fat. For some of us 300 calories more is enough, up to 500 calories per day. We can increase carbohydrates to create the calorie surplus and if you want to stay as lean as possible, carbohydrate cycling is the best option. The day of resistance training increase carbohydrates and on rest days or cardio days keep calories at maintenance.


2. Resistance training.- We need to use both types of hypertrophy to get the best results so working on the 6 – 8 rep ranges and also 8 – 12 is the best option. We need enough volume and frequency training for each muscle group so hitting each muscle 2 times per week is the best option, and we need to work to failure or past failure at least in one exercise per muscle group or in the last set of all exercises.

3. Cardio training.- Doing some cardio on rest days is great to help us stay lean.


4. Realize that is takes time to build muscle, do not try to gain too much muscle mass fast because you´ll end gaining a lot of fat, slow and steady wins the race if we want to keep fat as low as possible.

5. Push pass the pain, we need to challenge our body in order for it to change, we need to make sure that we´re making progress every workout this is why progressive overload and periodization are great training tools to make sure that we get the results we want.


6. We need 8 hours of good quality sleep every night, our body and muscles needs to recover after hitting them hard so they can grow, a big part of that recovery and growth gets done while we sleep. Turn off all electric devices 30 minutes before going to bed and use those 30 minutes to do some breathing exercises to calm your mind and relax your body and muscles which improves the quality of sleep.


7. Keep stress as low as possible by avoiding negative people and negative situations, if you can´t do that which I know it´s difficult just don´t take things personal, do not worry about what others think and say of you, focus on yourself on being better every day.

This 7 principles are the best strategies for muscle growth with as less fat as possible, I know it seems like a lot but I´m sure you can do it. Remember that the more time you´ve been working out the more time it takes to build muscle so be patient and follow this principles for as long as you need, you can make the adjustments you need to make them fit your lifestyle and your progress.

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Fitness goals

Principles of fat loss


Fat loss is actually simple, the industry makes everything harder and for some reason we are more prone to trust the harder stuff even when we know we´re not going to stick with it for as long as we need to. There are some principles for fat loss we need to follow based on the 5 principles of fitness which are going to get us to our goal if we follow them, there´s no reason to overcomplicate the journey so just stick with this principles and you´ll get amazing results.

Before we get to the principles there are 3 points we need to talk about:

1.- Time

It takes time to lose fat and get lean so wanting to lose fat as fast as possible will only make the journey harder and the results won´t last too long. What comes easy and fast won´t last, so even when we´ll get results every week we need enough time to achieve our goals, 3 to 4 months is enough but it may take longer. Focus on making progress every single week, progress and consistency is what matters.

2.- It´s uncomfortable

Fat loss can be though and uncomfortable at some points, it´s simple but not easy we need to work hard, put in the effort and make some sacrifices. The greatest rewards in life don´t come easy but the satisfaction and confidence we gain by achieving our goals feels amazing. We need to have a strong reason why we want to get in amazing shape and we need to develop the successful mindset that will keep us pushing even when our body is breaking.

3.- Body composition

Our ultimate goal must be to improve body composition. If we focus on weight loss we´ll lose some fat with retained water and muscle tissue so we´ll end looking skinny and this slows our metabolism which will makes it almost impossible to sustain our results.  If we only focus on losing fat we can maintain muscle tissue while losing fat and retained water but if we don´t have enough muscle mass we won´t look as great as we can and our metabolism won´t be as fast as it could be so it will be harder to sustain the results.

If we focus on improving body composition which means losing body fat and gaining muscle mass we´ll look great, our metabolism is faster and it´s easier for us to maintain our results.

Now let´s go to the principles:


1. Eat less

We need to eat less so that our body can use stored fat as energy, macronutrients are important so the best option is to reduce carbohydrates and we can do it by using a tool called carbohydrate cycling.

2. Intermittent fasting

Keeping insulin low help our body use stored fat as energy more effectively so having 2 meals a day in an 8 hour window and fasting for 16 hours is the way to go.


3. Resistance training

We need to focus on keeping our strength so working on the 5 – 6 rep ranges is great we can go medium frequency and moderate volume by working each muscle group twice per week.

4. Cardio training

Add cardio to lose fat faster, you can choose between 10 – 15 minutes of HIIT or 35 – 45 minutes of steady state.


5. Get at least 6 hours of good quality sleep every night. Turn off electronics at least 30 minutes before going to bed, doing some breathing exercises right before falling sleep can help you improve the quality by calming the mind and relaxing the body.


6. Avoid negative people and negative situations, if you can´t do this then do not take things personal, do not let any comment affect you and don´t worry about what anyone says and thinks of you, instead focus on yourself and work on being the best person you can be. Just by doing this you´ll be able to keep stress low.


7. Accept that it´s going to take time to get to your desired weight, there´s no a quick fix and there are no shortcuts. Realize that the journey will be hard at some times and you will hate it but the results are worthy.

8. Create a vision, an image on your mind of how you want to look and then think about who you need to become to be that new person in that new physique and start living that way.

This 8 principles are the best strategies to get in amazing shape, I know it seems like a lot but I´m sure you can do it, you can take 1 or 2 principles and start working on them once you develop those principles and they are part of your life add another one.

Remember that our goal is to get in amazing shape and make sustainable in a simple way by developing good habits and improving body composition.

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Why improving body composition must be our goal.


Probably you´ve heard many people talk about losing weight but how many people have you heard talk about improving body composition?

Weight loss is a very common goal but it´s not correct, we think that we need to exercise for one hour or more 5 to 6 days a week and finish each workout drenched in sweat, so tired and wake up the next morning sore plus we need to eliminate all foods we love and eat chicken, broccoli and white rice… boiled, over and over.

This is how must weight loss program are designed, to help us lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible but this is not the right or healthiest way to do it, it actually cause a lot of health problems which is why it is so hard to sustain our results.

Most of us when we decided to lose weight we did it because of health issues, maybe we don´t feel good about our body and the way we look or people made fun of us. In any case the goal is to get in the our best shape, sustain it and be healthier; not precisely lose weight.

Improving body composition most be the primarily goal in fitness. Body composition means that we have the optimal amount of muscle mass and the optimal amount of body fat, the numbers of what is optimal varies from person to person according to our height, age, sex, etc; and also the type of physique we want to achieve.

Our goal is to get a physique that looks great with the right proportion of muscle mass and body fat but also we want to focus on health, it´s not only about looking great physically is also about feeling great so that we can perform great in all our daily activities, health is a priority.

Improving body composition means that we´ll be losing body fat and increasing muscle mass. In some cases, especially in people who is out of shape is possible to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. In other cases it´s harder to do it but it can be done, in this cases it is better to focus on losing fat while maintaining muscle mass first and then gain muscle while staying lean.

The benefits of improving body composition are to stay in a healthy weight with the right proportion of muscle and fat to look lean, toned, muscular and athletic.

We all know that obesity and overweight are dangerous but excess weight whether it´s body fat or muscle tissue is unhealthy and can cause health problems, with excess weight our body needs to work harder for even the normal functions to keep us alive, it takes a lot more effort for our body to pump blood and oxygen  throughout the body this are some of the negative effects.

Improving body composition is key to getting in amazing shape and sustain our results, if we do it the right way it´s easy to maintain. We don´t want to lose weight, we want to lose fat and maintain or build lean muscle mass so we need to train the right way to give out body the stimulus it needs for muscle growth or to maintain muscle but this doesn´t mean that we´re going to get big it will build a lean and toned physique which looks great otherwise we´ll end up being skinny which doesn´t look sexy or attractive.

Cardiovascular and resistance training are both important for health and to improve body composition, we´ll see in later posts how we can use them to achieve our goals and the benefits of both.

If our goal is to get in shape or build and amazing physique, live healthy so that we can live our best life possible we don´t need to overcomplicate things, by keeping everything simple and stick with the basics we´ll get amazing results, if you want to compete in any sport then we need to pay more attention to all 5 principles of fitness and adjust them to fit your goal and your life.

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Types of stress

01 Types of stress

The 5 principles of fitness are crucial to help us achieve any fitness goal and for overall health, stress is one of them and it has become a cause of different health problems nowadays.

There are different types of stress and we need to understand each and know how to identify it so that we can act the best way possible and learn that not all stress is bad.

There are 3 types of stress which are: Acute stress, Episodic acute stress and Chronic stress.


Have you ever ride a roller coaster or a crazy sport? That experience or feeling is acute stress, also the feeling we get the moment we get out of our comfort zone to start a new project. The deadline we need to meet for our project at school or work. That excitement, fear, anxiety, tension in your muscles are all symptoms of this stress. This one is short term and all of us experience it on a daily basis. We need this type of stress.


This one is when acute stress happens very frequently, people with this type of stress tend to be very negative in every aspect of life, everything that could go wrong always go wrong. They are anxious, angry, sometimes aggressive, impatience and it can be hard to deal with them, they´re always the victims of their circumstances instead of wondering why all this things happen to them.  The biggest problem with them is that they don´t realize they have a problem, they´ve learnt to make this type of stress as part of their lives so for them it´s normal.


When stress continues for long periods of times it becomes chronic stress, it comes from constant demands of pressure every single day in school, jobs, families. this type of stress is so unhealthy that it can destroy our mind and body. When people feel so drowned in so many problems and they got to a point where they get overwhelmed and stop thinking about solutions, they just give up and surrender to stress, the biggest problem with this is that people get used to it, most of us live our lives with chronic stress and we don´t even know it´s there, we think it´s how we´re supposed to live and this type of stress is the cause of biggest health and mental problems that can end in suicide.

Now we know that stress can be really bad having a negative impact in our physical and mental health and there´s also good stress that can have a positive impact in our life if we now how to use it. The level or type of stress determines how we need to act or respond, in many cases we are able to follow tools that can help us lower it but there can be cased where we need to talk to a professional if things have gone too far.

Stress is a response to any experience and the level of it goes accordingly to the experience or situation we lived and how we are able to cope with it, we all take every situation in very different ways and they all affect us in different degrees, we need to consider this so that we know how to respond and even be prepared for any situation.

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Phases of sleep

22 What happens during sleep

We all know that sleep is crucial for our health and one night of poor sleep will impact our day, when this lack of sleep is constant the negative effects increase but what happens while we sleep?  There are so many things going on in our brain and body that help us recover from the day and get ready for what´s to come.

Nowadays people in different industries like fitness and health are giving more importance to sleep because there are so many things going on and a lack of sleep or poor quality can be the cause of health problems and there´s still people who don´t give the importance it deserves and claim that some of the most amazing minds that have lived didn´t get what´s consider enough sleep in the 7 to 8 hours which is completely true but the research on how those amazing minds manage to keep going with little to no sleep is not conclusive. For now we´ll talk about the phases or stages of sleep because it´s important that we understand at least the basics of it.

Reading books and research, some divide the phases or stages of sleep in 4 others in 5 the way I see it and to keep it simple is considering 4 phases:

1.- Phase one.- When we fall asleep our brain produces alpha and theta waves, this phase last just a couple minutes and it´s when we can be easily woken. If any night we fall asleep and after a couple of minutes we woke up with any noise we were in this phase. This phase of light sleep gives way to phase two.

2.- Phase two.- During this phase the brain waves decrease in frequency and increase in amplitude, our body temperature starts to decrease and heart rate slows down.

3.- On phases three.- This phase of moderate sleep giving way to deep sleep is where it is harder to be awakened. At this stage we are not aware of noises and activity around us and our muscle start to relax and blood pressure start to lower.

4.- On phase four.- This phase is the deepest level of sleep and  is where delta waves or slow waves takes place. At this stage our muscles are relaxed and blood pressure and breathing rate lowers.

This four phases are called non-rapid eye movement, after this four phases are completed we get to a rapid eye movement which is the fifth phase or REM, while we sleep we go through cycles between non-rapid eye movement and rapid eye movement.

The first 4 phases which are part of the non-rapid eye movement are compromised of slow waves while the fifth phase or REM which is the rapid eye movement our heart rate increases, our breathing gets faster, there are rapid waves of beta, alpha and theta and our eyes can be seen moving beneath our lids. Some people have found through research that in this phase our dreams are more vivid compared to the other phases.

In this last phase is also when we can retain information, skills, improve memory and learning.

One complete sleep cycle going through all phases last around 90 minutes, each night we go through several cycles, we may go through 4 or 5 cycles per night depending on how many hours of sleep we get.

If we have sleep disorders it may be harder for us to fall asleep so we´ll get less sleep and will go through less cycles, if we wake up in the night and interrupt the cycle our body needs to start again from phase 1, the more we get awaken during the night chances are that we may never get to the phase of deep sleep which affects our entire sleep quality and we´ll get all the negative impacts of one night of poor sleep the next day.

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Why macronutrients matter


Do you know what´s the job or function of each macronutrient?

Even when my approach to nutrition is not about counting calories or being perfect with macronutrient ratios it is important that we know and understand at least the basics of nutrition so that we can adjust our meals according to our goals to get amazing results.

The goal of any diet or nutrition program must be to give nutrients to our body.

Macronutrients give energy to our bodies in the form of calories, you may have heard that “calories are calories” or “all calories are equal”, this is completely false, all three groups are different, our body will not respond the same way to protein than to fat and in each group we´ll find healthy and unhealthy options, our body will respond in different ways to this three groups of macronutrients and how healthy they are.

It´s not the same to have a cup of oatmeal than to have some Oreo cookies, for our body it´s completely different, it´s not the same to have some rice and broccoli than to have a donut with ice cream. I know this examples look silly but I want to make the point clear, not all calories are created equal. This is comparing healthy vs unhealthy options, if we compare healthy options from different macronutrient groups like avocado with chicken or oatmeal with nuts they are still different and our body uses them in different ways even if they are healthy options. This is the reason why the famous “calories in – calories out” advice doesn´t work for everyone.

Each macronutrient has its own purpose, to help our body function properly every day, I´ll be talking about each macronutrient on separate posts to give you all you need to know and keep it simple so that you can take your time to understand it.

I know I´ve said before that highly processed food is unhealthy and we need to avoid it as much as possible, now that we avoid all those unhealthy foods we need to start learning about the differences in whole, fresh, healthy food, we know that this healthy foods have the nutrients our body needs to function and we will divide them into macronutrients and micronutrients.

The first we´re going to learn are macronutrients, macronutrients are divided in three: proteins, fats and carbohydrates and our body needs them in big quantities. Each group has its own primarily function making all of them a crucial part of our diet.

I´ve said before that weight lose and fitness in general can be complex, the reason why is because we need to know and understand the job of each macronutrient and how our body responds, once we understand this information all fitness goals will be simple.

Knowing the job of each macronutrients is key because we need to manipulate them in certain ways to achieve our fitness goals, if we want to lose fat or gain lean muscle we´ll need to adjust our nutrition and make some slightly changes to support our goal.

For me macronutrients are far more important than calories, I don´t  consider a fitness program that only focuses on calories to be right because there are different ways to achieve the same amount of calories with different macronutrient ratios and each one will give us different results.

You may know by now that I love food, I love to cook and I consider food to be part of the culture and traditions of each country, I love traditional food and local cuisine. My approach to fitness and weight loss is to keep things simple by avoiding unhealthy, highly processed food and to stick with real fresh food. I don´t count calories, I don´t count points, I don´t weight my food to set macro ratios I just have a clear idea of the amount of food and the types of food I´m eating.

When you understand each macronutrient and have an idea of the amount of food your body needs you´ll be able to enjoy food, I hate the idea of following diets, we´re supposed to enjoy life and for me food is an important part of life but you still need to know the basics so that you can use the information and use it to achieve your goals.

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How our beliefs create our life


Have you ever asked yourself how much those our beliefs can impact our life?

For the most part of our lives our subconscious mind is the one getting us through life using our believes and values as guides.

A belief is when we accept that something is true, we´re sure and certain about it, there´s no doubt for us that it´s true. It starts with an idea that is repeated over and over which can come from our family, friends, society, our neighbors, our environment, after repeating that same idea over and over it creates a belief that is kept in our subconscious mind. With negative and painful experiences the belief is created almost automatically as a way for our subconscious to make sure that we remember that event and avoid it at all costs.

There´s a big problem with our beliefs and that is that they create our life, if we are having success in life that means that our beliefs are right and positive, but if we´re not living the way we want that means that our beliefs are wrong and negative and they are the root of the problem.

We know that we need to take the right action that lead us to our goals but our habits, actions, beliefs and values need to be in harmony and since most of the time our subconscious mind is guiding us, our actions go towards our beliefs so if we have the wrong beliefs our habits and actions are going to follow those wrong beliefs we have in our mind even when we know consciously that those actions won´t get us closer to our goals.

Our brain is lazy so it will do everything it can to avoid pain and avoid using energy this is why beliefs and habits are important for our brain, they allow it to stay safe and keep energy. Our brain will ignore everything that doesn´t align with our beliefs, this is why when we decide to start something new like a fitness program our mind gets us all the excuses of why we shouldn´t be doing it.

Developing a though mindset and changing our beliefs is that first step when we want to change something in our life

Steps to change our beliefs:

1. Identify wrong beliefs.- We need to identify the beliefs that are keeping us stuck. For this we need to ask ourselves if that belief is helping us become the person we want to be and is it helping us live the life we want to live? If the answer to this questions is “no” then we´ve found a belief we need to change.

2. Decide the new beliefs we want.- We need to make sure that the new beliefs we choose help us grow and become the person we need to be to accomplish our goals.

3. Self-aware.- We need to be aware of our thoughts and when a thought or belief that we want to change comes to our mind realize that it was part of your old beliefs and it´s not part of the new ones, accept that in the past that belief was part of our thoughts and beliefs and it guided our decisions and actions but not anymore and bring to our mind the new belief we want to replace the old belief and the one we´re working on to be part of our life.

4. Repeat the new belief over and over.- Repetition is key, we need to think and remember our new beliefs over and over until they get to the subconscious mind.

This 4 steps look very simple but doing them requires effort, take your time and start with one belief at a time, you may one to look for one certain belief that is causing a negative impact in different areas of your life so that when you replace that belief with a good one the positive impact will be seen in different areas of your life.

Now that we know the impact that our values and beliefs have in our lives and we know the steps we need to follow to change them find a piece of paper and pencil and go through the 4 steps and start changing your life now!!

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We need to have a strong reason why

5_foto with leafs

Do you have a big reason why you want to achieve that goal you have just set?

Almost every time we set a goal life will get in the way, this is normal this is life and we need to find ways to get through it, in those though, discouraging and hard moments is when we need to refocus on our goals and remember the reason why we decided to set that goal and commit to it in the first place.

Setting goals is key to get clarity in life, we need to keep challenging ourselves, learning and growing and setting goals is part of that process, they give us something to work for, something to focus on.

Setting goals can also come from wanting to change something in our lives, we may feel stuck or they may be something we don´t like, maybe we feel like we´re getting short and we´re not living as we could, we´re not living to our full potential.

For some of us we need to make a life change for health reasons or any other situation that force us to change while for others making any life change can be just a decision to live a better life. Whether it´s a decision we make to live our life to our full potential or a situation or event make us take this decision as a necessity we need to have a strong reason why, it needs to be really motivating and inspiring because it´s the one that will keep us moving forward and will keep us working as hard as we need to.

The reason why we want to achieve certain goal will also determines how long will it takes us to achieve it and for how long we´ll be able to sustain the results. If we want to lose weight for a wedding or graduation chances are that we´ll achieve our goal and look great for the day but it will be hard to maintain those results, if we want to get in amazing shape for health reasons to be able to perform at peak every single day and live our best life possible it may take us a little longer to get to our desired physique but it will be easier to maintain the results.

How to know if we have a strong reason why for our goal:

1.- It needs to move us emotionally.- The more we can get emotionally attached to our goal the better, it may be to be able to live to our full potential, to live our best life possible, to enjoy life as much as possible, it can be to spend more time with the people you love and care about, it may be to be an example for someone close to us.

2.- We need to feel fear and excitement.- The fear of getting out of our comfort and uncertainty and the excitement of what could possibly be if we work as hard we possible need to be in there, we need to feel them and we can use those emotions as a fire inside us that motivate us to take action.

When we start taking action and working on our goal the beginning is always the hardest part, but in the middle of the journey there will be also ups and downs and it´s in those thought and hardest times that we need to remind ourselves the reason why we decided to achieve our goal, the bigger our goal and the more emotional the easier it will be to get motivated and work pass the fear and pain.

If you have a goal or project you want to work on but you´ve been leaving it for later take some time today to find out the reason why you want it and go deep.

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The impact of our lifestyle


For the last years physical and mental health issues have increased and if we think about the reasons why we need to go back in time because I believe that our lifestyle are the cause of some of those problems.

If we go back in time, some years ago people used to buy real, fresh, whole foods in their local market, they cooked most of the meals and late night when everyone got back home after a day of work they sat together at the table to share food and stories, food was not available everywhere and it some places it was scarce so almost all the meals they had were cooked and prepared with whole, fresh foods. People were more active every day at home or at work many activities were done by hand and most of them needed to walk certain distances to get to their jobs and back home.

Nowadays almost all of our meals are processed foods, there´s food everywhere and it´s all loaded with sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals to make it last longer on shelves and taste delicious. Many of us don´t know how to cook and don´t have time to do it anyway, we are sedentary we spend most of our time sitting at a desk in front of a computer when we´re working or in the couch watching Tv, Netflix or any other.

Since food was scarce in some places, companies started to make process food that could last longer on shelves so that it can be accessible for more people but now it´s accessible everywhere and we´re bombarded with it, we can find process food in every corner and since we´re living a very fast pace life and many of us don´t have time and energy to cook we choose unhealthy processed foods instead of healthy and I understand it, they are cheaper and convenient. This is a huge problem, I know that in some countries it´s a lot cheaper to buy processed foods and if people don´t make a lot of money they´ll buy those foods because they need to and they can just grab packages, take some with them and eat them when they feel hungry.

We all know that our nutrition program is unhealthy and we don´t exercise as much as we need to, if we add to those the high levels of chronic stress because we don´t like our job and this includes we don´t like what we do and we´re don´t feel safe and comfortable with our coworkers, our boss doesn´t like anything we do and he gives us more activities so our to-do-list keeps increasing and if we add to this lack of sleep or poor quality sleep then we got the perfect recipe for health problems.

If we make some changes to our lifestyle to develop good habits we can prevent health problems and live a better life. Changes life exercising for 20 minutes a day, eating healthy foods and meals prepared and cooked with whole, fresh ingredients while avoiding processed foods have a huge impact on how we feel and look, if we add tools that helps us reframe any situation from a negative and stressful way to a more positive outcome we are able to make stress an ally and it can help us with any situation or project we´re working on, if we improve the quality of sleep and if we can increase the quantity the benefits we get are amazing.

We can start making changes today by following simple tools based on the 5 principles of fitness which will help us achieve any fitness goal and also live a much better life based on healthy habits which actually make it easier for us to maintain our fitness results effortlessly.

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Fitness goals

How fitness goals can change our lives.

3_foto completo

If we can change our body physically, what else can we do? To achieve any fitness goal we need discipline, and consistent hard work. It´s not about doing one workout or having a healthy meal once a week, it´s following a healthy nutrition and workout program over and over and over until we reach our goal and if we don´t have the right habits that´s what makes the journey harder but the reward amazing.

Most of us don´t have a healthy lifestyle and many of us don´t want to make some changes to it until we feel or know that something´s wrong. For many of us setting a fitness goal which the most common is weight loss is life changing.

The reason why we set a weight loss goal may be health or insecurities, but if we just think about as weight loss the chances of maintaining our weight loss results are minimum, but if we think about it as improving body composition and a life change then the results will be amazing and we are able to maintain them and keep improving.

If we set any fitness goal the right way especially when we begin our journey it will change our life, mastering fitness is the most complicated goal because we need to develop new habits which are going to replace the bad ones and that takes effort and time, every time we want to change something in our lives we need to make different choices and every time we make that new choice our mind will try to pull us back to our old habits with excuses and reasons why we can´t or why is not a good idea so we need to make a conscious effort to take action upon that new choice until it becomes a habit.

If eating healthy and exercising are not part of our lifestyle it will be hard, we go through so much physically, emotionally and mentally but those new habits will last forever and that´s what make it effortless and easy for us to maintain our results and once we achieve our desired weight we may want to gain muscle, gain strength, improve performance, etc.

When we achieve our first fitness goal our confidence increases and it leads to more accomplishments and success. If want to achieve a goal or live a successful life we need to believe in ourselves and what we do, we need that confidence and when we achieve our desired weight and get in shape we love the way we look and the way we feel and that alone increase confidence plus we believe in ourselves, we know that if we could get in shape and go through all the roller coaster of emotions then we can accomplish a lot more.

We all have the potential of achieving amazing things in our lives but most of us lack self-confidence, we have fears and doubts that pull us back along with a wrong mindset and limiting beliefs; those are the reason why we stay in the same place.

When we set a fitness goal we need to develop healthy habits that lead to a much better life and develop the right mindset, one that keep us going when things get though. When we reach our goal we get the amazing physique we set as a goal and with that we gain confidence but also at that point we have develop good habits and the right mindset to achieve many other projects, from this point on we need to keep that momentum going.

Our fitness journey is meant to help us become a better person, through developing new good habits and the right mindset we´re becoming the person that we need to be to achieve our goal and once we get there, the habits and mindset that we need to be successful and maintain those results and successful life are now installed, and now we believe more in ourselves and what we do, we have more confidence then, we keep setting bigger goals. Goals that keep us improving, learning and growing and we share those experiences by helping someone else, the best reward in life is to see someone else succeeding, the more people we help the better we feel.

We changed our life and now it´s time for us to continue growing and helping someone change their lives.

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