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How isolation exercises compliment your workouts

08 Isolation

For the last years this type of exercises have become the go for many in the gym and even when I can´t agree with this the reason is simple, “the pump”. To look bigger faster which is not what I´m looking for.

I consider isolation exercises a great tool if you know how to use them to get the best results, for resistance training it´s a complex balance between the 3 types of exercises, variables of training (which we´re going to talk about in the next posts), and training techniques (we´re also going to talk about them in separate posts).

Isolation exercises are single-joint movements and they work one muscle at a time so you can´t lift heavy weight with this exercises. They may not be the best option to gain strength but they have their space on some workouts.

If your goal is to lose fat and get lean you can create a great workout program with just bodyweight and compound movements but if your goal is to gain muscle you can add some isolation exercises to hit weaker muscles.

While for compound movements you can lift heavy weight and work on myofibryllar hypertrophy, strength and power, with isolation movements you can´t lift heavy. You´ll be using a weight you can lift for around 12 to 15 reps, you can go a bit heavier and hit the 10 to 12 reps. In both rep ranges you´ll be working on a sarcoplasmic hypertrophy range (if you want to learn more about types of hypertrophy click here).

If you feel like a muscle group needs more work then you can use isolation exercises to give that muscle the extra work they´re missing.

There are so many isolation exercises and variations for every muscle group that it can get overwhelming, to keep it simple if you can stick with some few exercises for 2 or 3 months so that you can see your progress do it, especially if you are starting your fitness journey. You need to get familiar with the movements using lighter weight before you can add more weight and that process takes time.

When you focus on bodyweight and compound movements you may feel like some muscles are weaker or lagging and you want to work them more, for this you use isolation movements to hit those muscle specifically. 1 or 2 exercises for the weaker muscles is all you need, there´s no reason to do a lot more, if you feel like you still need more you can use some of the variables we´ll be talking about on future post or what I call advance techniques like rest pause, failure training or dropsets.

When your goal is gaining muscle you may be looking to gain muscle mass on one specific muscle so the way to do this is by adding more volume which you can do by combining bodyweight, compound and isolation exercises, you can use bodyweight and compound for heavy weight low reps and you can add 1 or 2 isolation exercises with lower weight and high reps, this way you can hit that muscle with both types of hypertrophy and more volume.

For anyone new to working out the best option is to focus on bodyweight and compound movements, start with lighter weight until you get comfortable with the exercises and start increasing weight, you can get in really good shape and build a great physique with those 2 types of movements, to lose fat faster add some cardio.

After a few months you can start to add some isolation exercises to your workouts to add more volume and variation. As you get more train you need to keep changing things constantly and isolation movements give you a lot more options.

Sticking with compound movements even when there are some variations for each exercise you may get stuck at some point, bodyweight exercises also have a lot of variations which keep your workouts challenging and fun but isolation movements have a lot more options considering that you can use them with almost all advance techniques.

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What you need to know about insulin

08 Insulin

With so many diets and a lot of contradicting information, myths and lies the best way to know what´s true, what doesn´t, what work and what doesn´t is to understand how things work. This has been my focus for the last years understanding how things work and to get in shape and sustain it hormones play an important role, one of those hormones is insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that is produced and secreted by the pancreas following the consumption of carbohydrates. When we consume carbohydrates, they are broken down into glucose which raises the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. The body cannot have a lot of glucose in the bloodstream so the pancreas secret insulin to take the excess of glucose from the bloodstream to the cells.

Carbohydrates are the primary trigger of insulin. Insulin blocks the utilization of fat as fuel and promotes its storage so when insulin is high fat is not burned, when insulin is low the body can break down triglycerides (stored fat) to be used as fuel.

When insulin is absent or the cells are not responding to it glucose is not used efficiently and therefore cannot be utilized for energy. Under these conditions carbohydrate consumption causes blood glucose levels to skyrocket.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that occurs when the hormone insulin is not working properly. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Millions of people are diagnosed and in treatment of one of this types while many others are undiagnosed.

Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas which produces insulin cannot work efficiently resulting in insulin deficiency, with this lack of insulin the cells are unable to take up glucose,  blood sugar is high but it cannot get into the cells. This type of diabetes is generally treated with insulin injections which provide the insulin that the body needs to take glucose out of the bloodstream.

Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas is still able to secret insulin, but cells are unable to respond to insulin and therefore do not allow glucose to enter. This is known as insulin resistance, it is the opposite of insulin sensitivity in which insulin easily moves glucose into cells. Individuals whit type 2 diabetes should aim to improve their insulin resistance.

In  insulin resistant cells do not respond efficiently to insulin´s signals to take up excess glucose, the pancreas secret more and more insulin to compensate for insulin resistance and manage blood glucose levels. Over time, this process leads to dysfunction and the pancreas is not able to secret insulin efficiently to maintain healthy levels of glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose then accumulates in the bloodstream which may lead to type 2 diabetes.

In both type of diabetes and even when insulin injections and other drugs are the preferred treatment, I cannot stress enough the importance of making healthy life changes including exercise and nutrition. 

The importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise and a healthy diet have a positive impact on your life and daily activities preventing some diseases and leading to a more enjoyable and meaningful life.

The hormone insulin is one of the most important when trying to lose fat and stay lean. Insulin resistance and insulin sensitivity will determine how efficient is your body at utilizing carbohydrates which can make your process simple or harder. Insulin is also related to diabetes which is a common diseases that affects more and more people.

High levels of insulin for a long period of time is unhealthy and causes may health issues, every time you eat insulin gets high so one way to keep it low is following some type of fast, you can do this by reducing meals per day, instead of 5 meals per day try 2 meals. Another way you can keep insulin low is with a low carbohydrate diet, specially keto which is high in fats, carbohydrates are the macro which spikes insulin.

High levels of insulin caused by unhealthy diets are the cause of most metabolic diseases so finding tools you can use to keep it low will give you amazing benefits.

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This fat loss tips will make everything easier


As always I´m trying to keep things simple and give you the best tools to achieve your fitness goals in the fastest, most effective way possible while helping you live a healthier life. To make things easier for you I´m sharing today some principles for fat loss that if you follow them you´ll lose fat, you´ll get results.

For this principles I will consider that you are insulin sensitive so you don´t need to be worrying about following strict diets low in carbohydrates and you´ll be burning fat efficiently.

For the nutrition aspect for fat loss the principles you need to follow are very simple: Avoid unhealthy foods, reduce calories and try intermittent fasting. This are the three principles I follow when I want to lose fat, I don´t over complicate things and don´t get stressed.


Many people are so obsessed with finding the best diet to lose weight as fast as possible, from keto to vegetarian or paleo but most of us still consume a lot of unhealthy foods. The first step and the one that is going to give you the best results is to avoid unhealthy foods as much as possible, this include sweets, junk, processed and fast food. Develop the habit of eating fresh food like vegetables, fruit, meats, fish.


You need to eat less to force your body to use stored fat for energy. The goal is to create a deficit that is sustainable, one that is enough for your body to use body fat and that you don´t feel hungry. If you feel hungry it´ll be harder to stay on a caloric deficit, also if you go to low in calories for a long period of time your metabolism slows down and your body gets in starvation making it impossible to burn fat.


With intermittent fasting you reduce insulin by eating just two times a day, this creates the perfect scenario for your body to burn fat, it also gives you the opportunity to have bigger meals and you don´t need to be thinking about food all day long. Reducing the amount of meals you have per day reduces your stress and makes your life easier, reducing stress also has a positive impact on weight loss and it´s easier to stay on a caloric deficit.

Don´t forget to eat a good amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass even when you are reducing calories, make that calories reduction come from carbohydrates. Focus on making healthy food choices to make your fat loss faster and easier, even when reducing calories helps you burn fat, if you eat healthy, nutritious food your body works more efficiently so it´s easier to lose fat than when you eat junk and processed foods.

If you can keep your diet simple by selecting some healthy meals you love and eating them over and over again it´ll be easier. You don´t need to eat the same exact meal two times a day or every day, you can make a list of your favorite healthy meals and create a meal plan for one week and just keep repeating that meal plan making some adjustments.

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The power of believing in yourself

07 BEliefs

I´ve met so many people in my life that have so many big dreams but they don´t accomplish any of those dreams. They settle to what we´re taught about living pay check to pay check and they´re really focused on what everyone around them have to say and since we´re more prone to criticize, blame and make fun of everyone else they believed they didn´t deserve anything so they stopped believing in themselves.

We all dream of having an amazing life but not everyone of us is willing to pay the price to live that amazing life, it takes so much hard work and time but what makes the difference is making the first step and to make that first step you need to be motivated enough. The way to get that high amount of motivation you need is by believing in yourself, believing it is possible.

Have you ever heard the phrase “If you don´t believe in yourself no one else will”? This is absolutely true and the reason is simple, people sense what you radiate, if you don´t believe in yourself you lack confidence and the fear and doubt that runs inside of you is what you radiate.

If you don´t believe in you, you are limiting yourself to a tone of ideas, possibilities and opportunities that this amazing life can give you. Almost all successful people from entrepreneurs to great athletes, actors and actresses, musicians they all believed in themselves even when no one else did, they set a target and work on it knowing that it could be possible and that they could do it.

What would you love to do right now and for the rest of your life if I tell you that it is absolutely possible and that you have everything you need to do it?

One of the first things you need to do and you can start right now is stop thinking of what other people say and think of you, if you want something belief it´s possible and believe that you can achieve and don´t listen to everyone around you who tells you it can´t be done or you won´t make it, do not pay attention to those comments.

Visualization is a great tool to keep you focus and motivated, you need to create a clear mental image of what you want to achieve and feel the emotions as if you already achieved it, the emotions and feelings are the key to keep you focus and working towards your goal.

If you have a dream take that big dream and set it as your ultimate goal from there you work backwards, you set monthly goals and weekly goals and create an action plan with things you need to do every day, every week and every month. Small actions every day get you closer to your goal.

Since we´ve been conditioned to doubt ourselves it can be hard to start with big goals so start with something small, we all have small goals that we want to accomplish but “we´re just waiting for the right time” or “we´re not ready yet” all this thoughts are excuses based on fear and self doubt.

I´ve seen in many people that our lifestyle also has a huge effect on our believes and how much we are able to achieve our goals, if we have unhealthy habits we have low energy, we´re not focused, we´re lazy, we are in a terrible mood and of course we don´t feel like doing anything. Developing good healthy habits like exercising, eating healthy foods, lowering stress, having good quality sleep and the right mindset makes it easier to believe in yourself. When you have a healthy lifestyle based on healthy habits you feel great and when you feel great your confidence and believe in yourself increases and this is when great things start to happen.

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How stress and junk food cravings are related

07 stress and junk food

Have you ever wonder why is it harder for you to avoid sweets, junk and foods high in sugar when you are stressed out? You are not alone, this happens to almost all of us but don´t freak out there are some tools you can use to reduce this cravings.

Most of the times when you have cravings specially for sweets and highly process foods full of sugar you are stressed out and it´s hard to control them and a couple minutes later you´re done with the entire bag of cookies or chocolate that was in front of you. You feel great for a couple of hours but then before you realize it you have cravings again, this is a vicious cycle and it´s tough to stop it.

We´ve seen in posts before that stress increases cortisol and reduces neurotransmitters that make you feel good like serotonin. When you eat junk and processed foods full of sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals the contrary occurs, this foods reduces cortisol and triggers the neurotransmitters in your brain that make you feel good. This is why when you eat them and sometime after you feel good but hours later you feel down again, stressed out, anxious and you have cravings again. This is just part of the problem.

When you are under stress your body needs energy in case you need to run (the fight-or-flight response) this can increase your hunger and stress triggers a hormone called ghrelin which control your appetite so you will have cravings specially for foods high in sugar which are the best source of fast energy that your body “needs” in that moment. Finally, stress also affects sleep, a lack of good quality sleep also increase cravings and makes it almost impossible to avoid unhealthy foods.

So if you think about it what our body is doing is what it is supposed to be doing, it is reacting to stress so it needs to be ready to save you, it needs a lot more energy so you have cravings for unhealthy foods and it stops unnecessary systems in your body. The problem is that we have a constant flow of stress day in and day out.

Most of us live with chornic stress and some of the ways we use to deal with it is by smoking, drinking, comfort food and social media which causes a lot more problems. We´ve all have difficult times in life and on a daily basis we need to deal with the teacher that don´t understand us, the kids that spend most time bullying us, the boss that hate us and never likes our job, coworkers who make our job harder, all the work and projects we need to finish, the bad relation we have we family or friends and our financial situations but the way we deal with all this is what makes all the difference.

Now, there´s another problem, every time you eat highly processed foods full of sugars, fats and chemicals the reward and pleasure center of your brain is triggered so you feel great for a period of time and sometime later this same foods make you feel depressed, anxious and you may feel guilty for eating them, you may get anxious and angry for not being able to avoid them which creates more stress.

This are some tools you can use to lower stress and keep cravings in check. Exercise is my go to, it has a lot of benefits but related to lowering stress it triggers endorphins that make you feel good and improve mood, this is why you may don´t want to hit the gym but after you´re done with your workout you feel great.

Another way to stop cravings is to keep hunger in check, if you eat highly processed foods full of sugar and chemicals you tend to be hungry most of the time, having meals high in simple carbohydrates and low in fats won´t keep you full for a long period of time so what you can do is increase healthy fats in your meals, avocado is a great option and use olive oil to cook. Also add foods high in fiber, this will keep you satiated for a longer period of time and it will reduce cravings.

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How sleep helps with muscle growth

07 sleep and muscle growth

I´ve seen many guys working so hard in the gym with a lot of volume and frequency but not giving the same attention and importance to sleep. Our body recovers while we sleep so if you want to gain muscle you need to have the right amount and quality of sleep every night.

If your goal is to gain lean muscle mass then you need to prioritize sleep and make sure that it´s good quality.

Even if you have are following the best training and nutrition program sleep is still a most, your body and muscles need to recover after you hit the gym and sleep is a crucial part of recovery. Growth hormone is key to build muscle and it´s released while you sleep, the cycles or phases of sleep impacts the release of this hormone, if you have bad sleep or you wake up growth hormone won´t be at its max which minimizes the results.

I´ve seen many people that want to gain lean muscle mass taking a lot of supplements from protein shakes, weight gainers, multivitamin, fish oils and drugs like steroids (you know by now that I don´t recommend any of this) but they don´t consider stress and sleep. You need to give your muscles the right stimulus for them to grow and then you need to give them the right amount of recovery, the best recovery time is sleep.

If you lack sleep your body won´t use the food you consume throughout the day to get daily functions done and assist in muscle recover and growth. It also affects negatively your performance in the gym, you need to give your all on each workout if you want to grow but a lack of energy and not being recover compromise your workouts and overall results.

Lack of good quality sleep can cause muscle loss and weight gain from fat, an easy way to keep things under control is with sleep. You need to eat more to grow but if your body can´t handle the extra food properly you´ll gain fat instead of muscle.

When you get good quality sleep you feel more energized so your workouts are intense and you are able to stay focused so it´s easier to maintain your eyes on the goal.

If your goal is lean muscle mass with the least amount of fat sleep can help you keep fat low while increasing muscle, it is crucial that you have control and your body works in an efficient way. All hormones, neurons, chemicals, neurotransmitters they all get triggered what you need to do is use them to send the right messages and to work to your favor.

Having good quality sleep can be affected by different things including stress and this can cause that you wake up during night. Your sleep has 3 phases and during those phases your body has several functions and things to do, if you wake up you interrupt those functions. If the internal clock of your body and its functions gets out of rhythm your body won´t recover, repair and reenergize for the next day.

What you eat before you go to bed impacts not only the quality of your sleep, also your recovery. Protein is crucial for muscle repair and muscle growth, when you go to sleep your body turns to a catabolic state so if you have a protein before you go to bed you can increase protein synthesis and maintain your body in an anabolic phase for a longer period of time. The benefits of this is that you are giving your body nutrients to recover and build muscle before you sleep so it can get the job done in a more efficient way.

Fat loss and muscle growth is simple but you need discipline, consistency and work on the 5 elements of fitness. The right training combined with proper nutrition, enough quality sleep, low stress and the right mindset is what´s going to give you the best results.

There are some simple things you can do every day to improve the quality of your sleep and also to change and develop good habits that help you achieve your goals in a simple way and live a better life.

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Why compound exercises must be the base of your programs


Last week I was talking with a friend who loves to train about the workouts and routines that we can see more frequently on gyms, we agreed that compound exercises are not getting the same attention as some years ago while isolation exercises are the way to go for most people which makes the routines long and more complex.

If your goal is to gain dense muscle mass and get stronger the answer is compound exercises. They will help you gain size and strength while keeping your workouts simple. If your goal is fat loss stick with compound movements, you can use bodyweight which can also be considered compound.

Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work several muscles at the same which gives you the opportunity to lift more weight. The more weight you can lift, the stronger you get and you gain more muscle (considering that your nutrition program is right). This type of exercises have a lot of benefits including lowering the risk of injuries (considering that you don´t let your ego get in the way), you can do more in less time and you keep things simple.

Performing compound movements with free weights (barbells or dumbbells) is the best option even when you can´t lift the same amount of weight compared to gym machines or other equipment.

My approach to training is old school, sticking with a few basic exercises with high weight and low reps and adjusting some variables according to the goal you´re working on. Since compound exercises are multi-joint movements you can lift more weight so they are the perfect option to lift more weight in a low rep range.

Compound movements also require balance and coordination so as you keep increasing the weight your performance will increase.

With compound movements you can lift heavy weight for 5 to 8 reps for hypertrophy to build dense muscle, you can go heavier in weight and lower in reps around 1 to 3 reps for strength and power. You can also lift lighter weight for 12 to 15 reps or even more.

When you are using compound movements it is simple and effective but it doesn´t means it´s easy. And since we´re working on low reps and high weight things get harder meaning maximum muscle recruitment and high nervous-system activation this is the right stimulus for muscle growth and strength. Here you need to consider recovery which is as important as your workouts the central nervous system needs more time to recover so you can´t train the same muscle group 2 days continually.

You don´t need to do a lot of different exercises for each muscle group, keep what works and eliminate what doesn´t work. If you focus on key movements you can build a great physique that is also useful, there´s no reason to look great if you can´t perform great. Our goal is to improve body composition and build a physique you are proud of and also that is useful for daily activities at your home or your job.

Compound movements along with bodyweight exercises are the best option for any fitness goal to keep your strength and make sure that you doesn´t lose muscle. You can use both for heavy weight and low reps, which is what I prefer or you can use them for low weight and high reps to work more your endurance. Going high in reps can also help you gain muscle and burn fat it´s not the same type of hypertrophy (muscle growth) but it´s a way to add variety to your workouts.

With any workout it doesn´t matter if it´s cardio or resistance the goal is to improve, every time you workout you need to make some improvement, some days it may be increasing weight, others it may be doing more reps with the same weight or if you are losing fat the goal must be to keep the same weight for the same reps. When you are in a calorie deficit it may be harder to train as hard as when you are on maintenance or building muscle.

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How carbohydrate cycling can help you achieve your fitness goals

07 Carbohydrate cycling

I know a lot of people who hate bodybuilders but no one can deny that when we talk about nutrition they really know what they´re talking about. They know different tools and strategies you can use to get in amazing shape, one of those tools is carbohydrate cycling. When I tried this tool I was amazed at how well it works, it´s great for fat loss without depleting carbs for long time and it´s great for muscle gains while staying lean.

All the tools or strategies I use and I share with you here are meant to make your life easier and give you amazing results and more importantly that you develop new good habits that lead you to a more healthy and happy life. Carbohydrate cycling is a tool you can use for either fat loss or muscle gains.

You can manipulate carbohydrates as much as you need, we´ve been told that we need carbohydrates because glucose is the preferred form of energy for our bodies, so if you reduce the amount of energy you give to your body you force it to use stored fat as energy.

This strategy can be use if you are following a balanced diet with moderate carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Of course in diets low in carbohydrates or ketogenic it won´t apply. The goal with this strategy is to lower carbohydrates at certain periods of time to lower insulin so that your body use stored fat for energy and increase carbohydrates on the right times to restore glycogen.

Carbohydrates cycling means that you increase or decrease the amount of carbohydrates you consume depending on your goal. You need to be on a caloric surplus to gain muscle and on a caloric deficit to burn fat, with carbohydrate cycling you can gain muscle without gaining to much fat and you can lose fat without losing muscle.

What you do in this strategy is to set macronutrient ratios (I will explain in other post how to set macros) and keep proteins and fats the same and you manipulate carbohydrates accordingly. To do this you´ll have three carbohydrate days being: high carbohydrate, moderate carbohydrate and low carbohydrate.

Your workout program needs to be aligned with your nutrition program, your high carbohydrate days needs to be placed on your resistance training days and your low carbohydrate days on rest days. And you also need to consider your calories.

It doesn´t matter if your goal is fat loss or muscle gains (I´ll be writing a post for each goal) the principles of this strategy are the same, you can also use this strategy for body recomposition which is losing body fat and gaining muscle and have great results.

Body recomp is one of the hardest things to do and most people will say it´s impossible and it´s actually not impossible but it takes time. For guys who are starting their fitness journey and are new to training specially weight training and following a healthier lifestyle it´ll easier to see their body changing. Gaining muscle mass and losing fat at the same time is easier when you are new to lifting weights.

If you are not new you can still do it effectively but you need to be patient, it will take more time to see results but you won´t regret it. Carbohydrate cycling is a great tool for this by manipulating carbohydrates and calories to have some low calorie/low carbohydrate days and some high calorie/high carbohydrate days.

The whole goal of this strategy and all the others I share is to make any fitness goals simple and more enjoyable so that you get amazing results and sustain them in an effortless way and this strategy is not the exception, following a low calorie diet is almost impossible for most of us, we get to a point where the calories are really low and we feel hungry all the time and we end up overeating and giving up.

Having low carbohydrate days with high carbohydrate days is the best option to make it easier for you to stick to a program without feeling hungry all the time and you are also giving your body more calories and carbohydrates when it needs them so that you train hard in the gym and it can recover afterwards.

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Why the scale is making your fat loss journey harder

06 Dont get obsessed with the scale

Most people who want to lose weight get to a point where they get obsessed with calories and the scale, that obsession get to a point where they need to count every single food they´re eating even the tiny small pieces in the plate and they weight themselves every day. This is making it harder for them to get to their goals in a mental and emotional way.

The scale is not the best tool to measure your progress because it is not accurate, we´ve talked before that our goal is to improve body composition meaning lose fat and gain or maintain muscle mass. The scale don´t consider this.

Most nutritionist and dietitians focused on height and weight to tell you what´s correct and the weight goal you are aiming for but this is based on incomplete information this is what happens when people only focus on BMI or body mass index.

If we take two people one of them is an athlete and the other doesn´t do any physical activity or we can take a bodybuilder and an overweight guys their BMI can be the same but as you can see they look different, the athlete and bodybuilder look lean, toned and with more muscle while the overweight and the person that doesn´t do any physical activity has more fat.

Your total weight needs to consider fat percentage and muscle, when we talk about fat we need to know that there´s one type of fat that is increases risk of many health problems, this is the fat that we can´t see that is around our organs, nowadays there are machines that can scan our entire body and give a more accurate weight with all the information, body fat percentage, muscle mass and the amount of fat around our belly.

As I´ve said in other posts, excess weight being from fat or muscle can cause several health problems because the body needs to work a lot more, your heart, lungs and other systems in your body need to double their work and effort.

The whole idea of improving body composition is to take as much information as possible into account to make sure that your weight goal is healthy for you. Information like gender, age, height, lean body mass percentage and body fat percentage at least are required so the scale won´t help with this.

Some of the tests you that give you all this information are expensive so one of the best tools you can use is the mirror and how your clothes fit. You can use the scale here just to have an idea, even if the scale remains the same you can look in the mirror and see your body changing.

Many people, specially girls who want to lose weight as fast as possible  only focus on the scale, if they don´t see the results they want to see and the scale moving the way they want they get discourage and in some cases they change the program and start different programs without giving enough time to see results, in other cases they give up thinking that they can´t lose weight.

It takes time to get in shape and there´ll be times that the scale doesn´t show what you want to see but you need to consider that you may have lose some fat and gain muscle so you may look leaner even when you are weighting the same.

If you get stock in the negative numbers of the scale you´re blocking your progress mentally and emotional making everything harder than it really is. It is important that you choose one program and stick to it for a certain period of time at least you need 1 month to know if that program is right or if you need to make some changes to it.

If the program is based on resistance training 3 to 4 days per week and 2 or 3 days of cardio chances are you´ll get amazing results.

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How habits create your life


Habits are small actions you do every day sometimes without thinking about them. Your habits create your life. Good habits lead to a life of success, bad habits lead to failure.

What you do every single day determine how you live, if you want to be successful create good habits that lead you to a life of success. Your day is built of habits, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep most of your daily actions are habits, you are so used to doing them that they are now part of your subconscious and you can do them even with your eyes closed, this is a routine.

Most people have poor habits that lead them to average results, following the same routine every day that keeps you comfortable in a way that you don´t have to work that much but that keeps you struggling with money and that keeps you stuck in the same place is the result of poor habits.

Bad habits will keep from achieving your goals and dreams. Habits like complaining, criticizing and blaming someone else when something didn´t go out the way we wanted is one of the worst things you can do that keep you where you are. Waking up late, not exercising, eating unhealthy food, procrastinating are all examples of bad habits that not only are leading you to health problems and diseases, also to a life of struggle. Your life will not improve until you decide to change, until you take responsibility and commit to a better life.

With good habits you are able to grow personal and professional while living healthy and enjoy life as much as possible. When you want to achieve any goal you want to sustain the results, the best way is to make it effortless, good habits are the only way to get to your goals and sustain them, good daily habits make your goals seem effortless and give you the freedom to enjoy life.

Achieving any goal is simple if you have good habits, what´s difficult is building those good habits which take time, it´s not something you can do from one day to another, you need at least one month but it can take up to 3 months for a habit to become part of our life. It´s tough to build new habits because it requires our focus and attention and with so many things that need to get done we get right back to our old habits.

To develop new habits you need to start small, for eating healthy you can start by eliminating junk food from your house and the next time you go for the grocery buy healthy, natural foods, instead of candies and cookies buy some fruit, seeds and nuts, start by doing 10 or 20 minutes of exercise, start with 10 pushups and 10 squats and make it daily. Schedule 30 minutes of your day to exercise, it will be hard the first days but do it, do not complain or make excuses. If you want to get up earlier set the alarm and live it far from your bed, once you´re up start doing what you plan.

When you start building good habits you´ll get some kind of results, you feel better and things start to be better, this motivates you to continue with this new habits until they stick.

Developing new habits and will power go hand in hand, the first weeks you will need will power to get up and do what you need to do until it becomes a routine, exercising or waking up earlier are some of the hardest habits to develop, get up and do it anyway, focus on the rewards, focus on your goal and it´ll be easier to do it.

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